Which medication should I take for stomach problems?What are the Symptoms of Gastric Ulcer?Treatment of chronic superficialcommon gastritis.

Even cancerous.It has some impact on people’s lives and work.What are the symptoms of biliary inflammation due to biliary reflux?


What are the symptoms of biliary inflammation of the biliary reflux?









The biliary inflammation of the bile reflux is a comprehensive Motilit?tsst?tion of the biliary system and the gastrointestinal system.

It’s up to the bile from the bile

Tube secreted into the intestine,From the intestines to the stomachhey,A condition, who is on the surfaceche the stomach?heal spreads.Manifested as discomfort at Bl?hunger

in the,Persistent burning pain in the upper abdomen,Chest bone pain,It often increases after eatingThis is one of the more common symptoms.









A burning sensation in the stomach

Even some patients with Speiser?you have a burning feeling

Often accompanied by hernias,

Acid reflux,



Bowel movement,

Bad bowel movements,Loss of appetite and weight loss.





Gastro?sophageal reflux




Every time when I’m lying inside

Or before going to bed at night

There will be acidic liquids or foods

In general gastroesophageal reflux?sophagus to the pharynx or

Mouth?hey,This symptom occurs h?more often before sternum burns or burning pain occur.





,difficult to swallow




In the early stages it causes h?often?sophagitis, intermittent?sophagus spasm and intermittent dysphagia,In the sp?th time due to scars in the riser?listen

The burning and burning pain is gradually increasingugly,

This is a persistent difficulty swallowing.

It doesn’t eat solid food

But will block or block the xiphoid process






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