Which medication should I take for burning pain in the upper abdomen?

Wang Ouyang
Attending physician
Wenzhou People’s Hospital

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For your current situation,Burning pain in the upper abdomen should increase?The upper gastrointestinal tract is considered.Especially the stomach and the food?you have problemsSo I often feel full in my upper stomachEven painWhen young people eat very irregularly,Or if you often stay up lateIn fact, it can be a big one.have an impact on the digestive system.It is recommended for treatment in the digestive department of a regul?ren hospital.Take a gastroscope, to see,Exclude stomach ulcersen,Digestive diseases like Zw?lffectal ulcer and reflux?sophagitis,We must develop good habits in peacetimeEspecially a healthy dietleadership.

2018-11-06 20:07