What should I do, if I have gastritis?

Niu Jianhai
chief doctor
Baoding First Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

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Chronic gastritis occurs mainly?by gastroscopy,It indicates superficialpossible gastritis or non-atrophic gastritis.Many people will have this result on gastroscopy.Treatment of chronic gastritis does not generally require special treatment.If there are no obvious symptoms like abdominal pain, Discomfort in the upper abdomen, acid reflux, Belchingen, early S?feeling of activity, etc. exist,In general, no special treatment is required.The Ern?Appropriate attention should be paid to this.Once these symptoms occur,It is recommended Are taking omeprazole or pantoprazole or other proton pump inhibitors about the stomach?ure to regulate.Do you reduce gastric secretion?ure,At the same time you pay attention to the correct nutritionleadership,Don’t eat spicy irritating food,Avoid smoking and drinking,Reduce the chance of taking oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.Pay attention to the rest,Three meals are regular and quantitative.For this ?Changes in lifestyle It also helps prevent and treat chronic gastritis.

2019-03-25 20:14