What are the di?taboos of chronic gastritis?

For patients with chronic gastritis,Besides knowing the di?tetic conditioning of chronic gastritis,The Ern?The administrative taboo for this disease must also not beLet Dr. Walk over the di?inform about the taboos in chronic gastritis.


Method / step

  1. 1

    1. People with over?statements should avoid Food to eat which the stomach?stimulate urine secretion k?can.Like strong spices, Alcohol, acidic agents, etc.;

  2. 2

    2. Avoid asci.Waiting for drugsEspecially in the active phase of chronic gastritis;


  3. 3

    3. People with hydrogen chloride,Avoid to dilute the gastric juice.Vinegar, Lemon juice and sour spices should be the Di?t be added.Do you eat less hard to digest and gasf?poor food.Do you drink as little as m? After meals and after meals.resembled.

  4. 4th

    4th Avoid irregular life and congestion.Make sure you get proper rest and exercise.K?physical exercise can the motilit?t and emptying of the gastrointestinal tract f?rdern.Improvement of gastrointestinal secretion function,Improved digestion,Contribute to the recovery of gastritis;



  5. 5

    5. Food, too hard too hot, too salty, too hot, are too rough and lovely should be avoided.Mig and eat regularly,Timed quantification,Eat ?frequent smaller meals,Chew slowly,Make the food mix well with saliva,Avoid overeating.W?Choose nutritious and easily digestible soft foods as your staple diet.Eat more food, the vegetable protein? and contain vitamins.



  6. 6th

    6th Mental stress tr?gt contributes to chronic gastritis.Should be avoided.Fear and impatience in the mood,Easily causes gastric mucosal disease and gastric dysfunction?struggles.So we should have emotional stress as much as m?equal to avoid.Tension l?sen.Don’t usually get angry when you encounter thingsIn no hurryIn a hurry,Keep a good mood,It is ?u?only beneficial for the restoration of gastritis.


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