Stomach burning pain reduce fire feed therapy

  Species, getting angry

  The first fire: stomach fire

  Symptoms: gastrointestinal symptoms are burning and stomach pain, Bl?hunger Dry mouth, Bad breath, loose chair, Constipation, swollen gums and loss of appetite.There are two types of stomach fire: Deficient fire manifests itself in a slight cough, Loss of appetite, Constipation, Bl?tensions in the abdomen, red tongue and little moss. Tats?natural fire manifests itself in discomfort in the upper abdomen, dry mouth, bitter mouth and dry stools.

  Stomach fire,This is stomach fever.Regarding the irritation from wrong diets?like alcohol dependenceness, Looking for spicy food too much cream etc.Chinese medicine calls it stomach fireUsually caused by damp heat and food stagnation.Chinese medicine believes that gastric burn regulation should be the reason?protect the w?rmeaabuhr and stagnation follow.To eat modestly,Eat less too hot?eat it,Eat less sweet?eat it,Yellow and green vegetables and fruits in season should be the dietcan be added.To make up for the lack of vitamins and inorganic salts?nzen,And pay attention to oral hygiene.Regarding medication,Can Chuanlian, Wick flower, Lotus core, Ophiopogon japonicus etc. use, to relieve stomach fire.

  Fire reducing food recipe: fresh radish juice, Mung bean pulp, Watermelon.

  The second fire: anger

  Symptoms: headache, Dizziness, Tinnitus, dry eyes, dry mouth and tongue, bitter mouth and bad breath, Swelling and pain in both ribs, unstable sleep, hothe K?rper, thickened tongue coating.

  Liver burn is usually caused by?u?causes erect stimuli,Therefore it is very important Adjust emotions and stabilize emotions.Fear will add fuel to the fireMaintaining a good mood helps the ?trouble in the k?rper to regulate.Around ?to prevent troubleIt is not suitable spicy, fishy, greasy, Eat sour and fried foods.As well as mutton, Sea shrimp, fatty meat, Ebony etc.So as not to add fuel to the fire.

  Fire reducing recipe: Chuanbeimu stone sugar pear juice, Wolfberry Chrysanthemum Tea.

  The third fire: lung fire

  Symptoms: dry sore throat, Cough and chest pain, dry cough with no sputum or sticky sputum, dry mouth and nose, Hot flashes and night sweats?, hote H?nd and feete, Insomnia, red tongue.

  Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are the main skin you k?might as well eat some cooler foodHow knowhe radish, knowhe mushroom, Chinese cabbage, Celery, Spinach, Winter bamboo shoots, Bananas, Pears, ?apples, Lilies, Star fruits, Loquat,Drink more water at the same time,Eat less meat and chocolate and other high-calorie foods.

  Fire reducing recipes: pork liver and wolfberry vegetables, Luo Han Guo pork lung soup.

  Early spring fire fodder——T?same article


  Many people think, that drinking milk will make it worse“Become angry”,Cause irritability,actually,Not only won’t milk“Become angry”,It can also detoxify a fever and relieve irritability.Chinese medicine believes that milk is slightly cold.It can be practiced through yin care and detoxification“Go into the fire”effect,And milk containedlt up to 70% water.It can also reduce the water loss of the K?Refill your body through excessive sweating.It should be noted that the milk must not be frozen in ice cubes for consumption.Otherwise there will be many N?destroy nutrientsrt.


  Soybeans n?listen to yin,“Go into the fire”At the same time, it can also replenish the protein, that due to the high temperature in largeen quantities is consumed.

  Early spring fire fodder——fruit


  Not only delicious,There is also medicinal value.Chinese medicine believes that this is the case“Go into the fire”effect,It can be the heat kl?ren, Relieve fever and alleviate problems.


  Everyone likes to eat orangesHowever, food intake should not exceed 3 per day.Eating too much is nice?dlich for mouth and Z?hne.Eating too many orangesH?common symptoms such as blisters on the lips, dry mouth and tongue, Sore throat and dry stool.Common names“Become angry”.The reason is, that oranges h?here N?have nutrients,Every 1000 grams of oranges k?5820 kilojoules (1390 kilocalories) W?generate rms.After eating many oranges,The generated W?rme cannot all be converted into fat stores.Can’t be consumed in time,So accumulate“Become angry”.

  Early spring fire fodder——vegetables


  Although tomatoes can be seen all year round,The Ern?The guide is also very rich.It can also W?dissipate arms, detoxify and calm the liver“Go into the fire”.


  Of course eating chili will make you angryBut pepper contains?lt many N?nutrients.The vitamin C content of pepper per 100 grams isgt 198 mg.First among the vegetables.Vitamin B, Carotene, Calcium, Iron and other minerals are also rich.Eat chilli appropriately,Avoid getting angry and getting acne.You k?Can also lose weight.