Famous ?medical prescription for chronic gastritis

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1.Tung Chee Hwa Xiexin decoction with flavor

 [Recipe]Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 10g,Coptis 3g,Alcohol rhubarb 3g,15g whole melon,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Bamboo Ru 5g,Dendrobium 10 g,Lemon peel 10g,Bergamot 5g,Whitee peony 10g,Sweetwood 5g.

 [Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day,One serving every morning and evening.

 [Effectiveness]To alleviate the stagnation of the bowels,Stomach yin n?listen.

 [Fall]Liang,m?namely,54 years old.Pathological diagnosis of gastroscopy: chronic atrophic gastritis.Stomach pains are endlessStomach?ure is very low,Less appetite,The food swellsThin K?rper,Pale complexion,Burning stomach recently,Thirsty to drink,Dry stools.Red tongue, yellow fat coating,Pulse train.This is the stomach ache for a long time,Qi stagnates in the fire,Yinjin internal injury.First plan, to relieve the stagnant organs, around the B?to disperse themN?hear the stomach yin, to cure the cause.K?body fluids come and go,Stomach qi goes down,Self-validation.6 cans from above,The qi has passedThe pain is also relievedThe thirst is greatly reduced,I feel relieved,Food intake increases,The tongue is red and less mossy.Stomach fire is down,K?body fluid is not filled.Followed by Yangyin Tongjiang as treatment.Dendrobium 10 g,Adenophora 15 g,Ophiopogon japonicus 10 g,Ume 5g,Sweetwood 5g,Trichosanthin 10 g,Reed root 15g,Xiangfu 10 g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Alcohol rhubarb g,Lemon zest 10g.Add or subtract 12 cans from above,The burning sensation in the stomach is relieved,The pain is flat tooI still feel dry and bitter in my mouth.Stools often dry out,If you overeat feel upset stomach.Adjusted the defending side for 4 months,Stomach pain didn’t work,Taste and,He?hunger in food intake,The complexion became smoothK?rper al?ugly full.

[Notes]In this case, the main?the method of w?rme ventilation used.This method is for people with accumulated heat in the stomach, dry stool, red tongue and yellow coating.The best results.By adopting the basic rule,Can the b?to give this fire a way outThe most effective.For those with insufficient stomach yin,Dong Jianhua intends to Add or subtract Yiwei Decoction.Medical Radix Adenophora 15g,Ophiopogon japonicus 10 g,Salvia 15g,Polygonatum odoratum 20 g,Whitee peony 10g,Bergamot 10g,Su stem 10g,Lemon peel 10g,Lotus stalk 10g,Xiangfu 10 g,10 g mandarin peel,Scutellaria barbata 20g,Panax Notoginseng powder 3g (consumption).To n yin?to listen and to benefit the stomach,Pass and drop.


2.Zhu Liangchun N?hearing recipe for yin and stomach

【Recipe】 Adenophora adenophorum 12g,Ophiopogon japonicus 10 g,Fried whitee peony 15g,Xu Changqing 15 g,Raw malt 20g,Green calyx plum 8g,Phoenix clothing 4g,Shixiaosan 4 g,Ebony meat 5g,Raw licorice 5g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day.

【Effectiveness】 Soothe the Liver and Regulate the Qi,N?hear yin and stomach.

[Case]Liu,Female,62 years old.Have a history of stomach painCarved head dizziness and tightness in the chest,Full abdominal expansion,Tired and weak,Dry mouth and want to drinkLoud all the time in the H?heal.Thin fur, red tongue,Thin pulse.The syndrome is stagnation of liver qi,Inadequate stomach yin.Gastroscope showed: superficialcommon atrophic gastritis.Treatment should calm the liver and stomach.Be on topAfter 4 doses, the discomfort of the stomach area is eliminated,Moss veins are the same as before,Take another 60 doses from the top and cured,There was no abnormality?t in gastroscopy.

【Note】 Zhu Liangchun thinksSpleen and stomach are sick,See, as the forest crosses the earth,Illness in the middle palace,However, there is a difference between yin and yang,The rule is divided.When the liverwood is murky and gloomy,Injure the floor of the spleen,Zhong Jing Chuixun went first: “see liver disease,Know the liver and pass the spleen,will you take the lead at the St?strengthening of the spleen. “If Jueyang penetrates from the liver tree into the floor of the stomach,Ye Tianshili said sp?ter: “N?do you hear stomach yin,To a h?to make long horizontal lines “,Almost born from Zhongjing’s saying.This case go?rt to the latter.Use ebony meat in the recipe, fried whitee peony, n?northern adenophora, Ophiopogon japonicus,Do you take it sour and sweet?, to transform the yin,To make liverwood,It’s a wonderful way.That meanst, the method of femininity and purification.For those, those under M?nails suffer,Zhu Liangchun intends to to replenish the qi and to transport the Chinese recipe.Medicine: Raw Astragalus 20g,15 g Radix Ginseng,Albizia Julibrissin 15g,Gallus gallus domesticus 10g,Green calyx 10g,Hedgehog skin 10g,Turmeric 6 g,Jade butterfly 6g,2 g ginseng Panax notoginseng (2 parts),To replenish the qi,L?also reduce phlegm and stasis.Zhu Liangchun also intends to To adapt Qi and the Chinese side,Medicine: Raw Astragalus 30g,Turmeric 6 g,Phoenix clothing 6g,Fried Baizhu 20g,Jade butterfly 6g,Gan Song 10g,Gallus gallus domesticus 10g,Xu Changqing 15 g,Shixiaosan 10 g (pack),Hedgehog 12g,To use the qi to remove sludge, adjust the qi and neutralize it.


3.Lu Zhizheng Qinghua wet recipe

[Recipe]huo, Lotus stem 9g each,9 g almonds,Raw Coix seeds 12g,Chinese yam 15g,Bergamot 9g,15 g each of grain and malt,Green calyx 10g,Poria 12g,Fortune Teller 9g (Beat),Whitee peony 12g,Sweetwood 6g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day.

【Effectiveness】 L?shuts moist heat, soften the liver and n?hear yin.

[Case]Chen,Female,35 years old,First visit on 9. April 1981.It is said that the stomach has been sick for 16 years,After many treatments it is not cured and is unbearable.resembledThen he was sent to Guang’anmen Hospital for treatment.The patient was thinTwo threats and expansion,Irritable,Dull pain in the stomachhey,Do you have a burning sensationLoud and full,I am so worriedIf you eat heavily, will the Magenh?heal full.Especially at 4 to 6 a.m. the symptoms were significantly worsened,God is tiredSore and weak.No belching?en, Pantothens?ure,No previous history of H?matemesis or H?matochezia,Loose chairs,One line every 3 ~ 5d.Red tongue, yellow greasy fur,Number of pulses.Gastroscope showed: chronic atrophic gastritis.The syndrome is liver and stomach yin deficiency,Humidity W?rme collects,More than liver use.The treatment of moisture and w?rme is the firstSoften the liver and n?hear yin.The drug should be on top.After taking the top 11 doses,The burning in the stomach is goneLess loud,Just to be stupidSometimes dizzinessDark tongue,The moss is thin and white and slightly greasy.Number of pulses.The heat and moisture are basically goneThe disease gets betterThe method is To replenish qi and yin to n?listh, To soften the liver and stomach.Medical use: white?he dried ginseng 4,5 g,Ophiopogon japonicus 10 g,Yuzhu 9g,12g whitee lentils,Chinese yam 20g,Whitee peony 12g,Green calyx 9g,Lemon peel 9g,Ume 9g,20 g each of grain and malt,Sweetwood 6g.In the top 7 cans,Stomach pain disappeared,Occasionally swelling after eatingNagu sees an increaseLoud,The stool still does not formBut it can be 1 line a dayWhiteit and greasy moss,The pulse is weak.It worked,Go to Yuzhu from the top.Jiahuojing 10g,7 cans.After 3 consultations, all evidence is eliminated.To consolidate the effectiveness,The defender ?does not change7 more cans,1 service on 2.Follow-up after 2 years,No repeat was seen.

【Note】 This is a weak spleen and stomach.Inadequate stomach yin,Moisture stores W?rmed under,The evil of moisture and heat is the signThe sisterthe spleen and stomach relies on that is why we should first remove the moistureWhen moisture is removed, is the heat sp?real,Thenend is the liver softened and the yin gene?hears.Gan Liang moisturizes,Yi Wei Yin to improve the digestive function of the stomach.Hence the three methods of Xuanhua, Seepage gain and Gl?used together.For moisture w?choose Huai Yam, Poria coix and raw coix seeds, that are easy. Xuanhua uses almonds and Huohe stalk, to improve the lung qirdern.Improve the spleen and stomach, to kl?ren.To remove moisture, soothe the liver with bergamot, Premonition, green calyx plum,Instead of fragrant products,Um Sch?the stomach and k?to avoid body fluids, erg?nzt with whitehe peony root, Sweetwood etc., to yin to s?utter.After the heat and humidity bet?have been exercised and the rise and fall have returned to normal,Take care of the cause immediately to replenish the qi and produce fluids.Ye Tianshi said, “Too moving?lukewarm and moist soil,Deyang starts happiness,Yangming dry ground,I am at peace “.So is Yiqi Shengjin mainly?from white dried ginseng, Taizi Ginseng, Chinese yam, knowen lenses, Polygonatum odoratum, Ophiopogon japonicus etc.Always use whitee peony, Ebony, Licorice, to sweeten the yin with souren.Grains and malt help digestion in the stomach.After menstrual treatment the spleen and stomach are normal,The malaise was flat.


4thLiu Songan Wentong Shugan Hewei soup

[Recipe]荜 Cheng Ka 5g,Long dial 10g,Woody 5g,Amomum 5 g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Bupleurum 5 g,Whitee peony 10g,Agarwood 10g,Salvia 30g,Baiko 5g,10 g orange peel,Pinellia 10g,Magnolia blossom 10g,10 g roses,Turtle?tenblume 5g,Sweetwood 3g.

[Use]group soaked medicinal cold water for 30-40 minutes,20-30 minutes k?let chuckle,Remove the residue and get the juice 200ml,Inject 300 ml of water again.15 minutes k?let it chill and cook,Remove the residue and get the juice 200ml,The first roast and the second roast are mixed,200 ml every morning and evening,1 dose t?resembled.

[Effectiveness]stomach exp?relieve and relieve,Calms the liver and regulates the qi.

[Case]Ge,Female,58 years old,Medical record number 91-1049.Stomach pain for several years,With best thanks,Bl?congestion and obstruction of the abdomen,Loose chairs,Day 1 line.The pathological diagnosis of “chronic atrophic gastritis” by the affiliated hospital of Tianjin Medical College concerns?> 3 years.The effect of multiple treatments is not apparent.Stomach pains are endlessEspecially at nightFull abdominal expansion,Even the two threats are linked.Diagnosis the pulse is deep and thin,The tongue is bright red and the coating is thin and greasy.The card is a disadvantage of Cardinal Central Jiao,Qi machine reverses the chaos,Spleen and stomach are in harmony,The stomach collaterals are blocked.Yuwentongshuganhewei decoction plus attachedngte tablets 5g,3 cans.Complain about less pain on the follow-up visit,Four more doses were given.The pain eased on the third visit,The symptoms are basically goneGo to the Li Fu movie,The original 7 doses of conditioning,And ordered 1 pill,And fast raw, cold, spicy food.Visited it a few months sp?ter,No repetition.

【Note】 Liu Songan,People from Tianjin,Chief doctor.In the 1930s he studied with Shi Jinmo,With Shi Jinmo’s medical apartment, ears and eyesrbt lasted 4 years,Won the biography of Shi Jin Mo Di.Liu Songan believesZhongjiao is the cardinal of the internal organs,The spleen risesStomach is down,Tongxi is averse to warm and cold,Spleen and stomach functions are coordinated,The reason for the rise and fall of the medium?en coke gas engine,K?Can Spleen and Stomach Be Safe?Citronella and long pepper add?poor spleen and stomach,And anger in the stomachErk?dissipate and relieve pain,It’s warm and smooth Bupleurum, knowe peony, Citrus aurantium, Sweetwood calms the liver and relieves depression,Protect yin, soften the liver and relieve pain,Lifter,It should make the Qi machine harmonious,Yitong means: Amomum villosum, Baikou, dried mandarin peel, Pinellia for adultswarming of the spleen and stomach,To reduce the humidity,Did that mean evil from slime and moisture?rmen,To get rid of abundance and rubbishIt is still a general rule: wood incense, Agarwood and sage f?change the qi and the blood circulation.Remove silt and collateral,It is intended, that the clogged and uncomfortable gastric secrets flow smoothly?en.Regulate the qi and don’t forget to animate the blood.Double regulation of qi and blood,Cardinal?le k?can benefit smoothly, Magnolias, Roses and hawk flowers aromatize moisture,F?change in blood flow and spread of stasis,Calms the liver and regulates the Qi,Take its scent, to please the stomach and refresh the spleen.The spleen and stomach are restored naturally,You don’t need a starter and your stomach regulates itself.Self-regulated Ern?leadership,This clever way.Run the entire recipe throughIs the main line of pain relief in adults?rmen, Stimulate, Stimulating the spleen and filling the stomach.It w?warms the spleen and stomach, calms the liver and regulates the qi, regulates the lateral lines of the stomach collaterals,Play the force Liver and stomach tooand dredging.This recipe is Liu Songan’s effective recipe for treating stomach pain.Everyone, who has abdominal pain due to stomach problemsCan be tailored and used based on that party.


5.Zhao Qingli Yiguan Fried to taste

【Recipe】 Liaoning Adenophora 15g,12 g raw rehmannia,Ophiopogon japonicus 12g,Chinese wolfberry 15g,Taizi Ginseng 12g,Jiao Hawthorn 30g,15g ebony meat,Gallus gallus domesticus 12g,Guangmuxiang 6g,Sweetwood 3g.

[Use]decoction in water,Serve 1 time in the morning and in the evening every day.

[Effectiveness]sweet? cold n?listen to yin,And Zhongyi stomach.

[Fall]Yang,m?namely,54 years old,At 13th. April 1992 consulted a doctor.The patient suffered from stomach pain for more than 8 years.K?body weight loss,Stomach fullness and discomfort,Belchingen and choking,Stomach pain after eating,Two gastroscopic examinations showed chronic atrophic gastritis.Do you often take Chinese and Western medicine,The condition is mild and severePersistently not cured.W?During the consultation, I saw a faint, burning pain in the stomach.heal.Loud gaggingDon’t think about foodStomach fullness and pain after eating,Dry mouth and throat,Tiredness and exhaustionexam.Red tongue and little mossWeak pulse rate.The card is not enough stomach yin,Stomach k?physical loss, Treatment of Erk?ltung and yin,Hezhongyiwei; Fang Yiguanjian is used to add flavorSame formula as above,Decoction.Take 3 doses of medicine,Pain in the stomachhalls are greatly reduced,Still, Nagu is not happy.Add 15 g sauteed malt and 12 g?daily song added.Take 6 more doses,All of the above symptoms are reduced,Easily add and subtract based on the original prescription and take 30 doses,Pain in the stomachheh vanished,Eat normally,W?There was no recurrence during the 1 year follow-up.

【Note】 The stomach is Yang earth,Happy and b?se,Stomach pain for a long time,Stagnant heat hurts yin,The stomach is lostThe veins are fast and the abdominal pain is weak,Yin Deficiency and Less K?body fluid,Without the above,Hence, dry mouth is loud and so on.According to the principle “sour and sweet? transforms yin “, Zhao Qingqing,Do you take the sour and sweet?en Taizi ginseng, raw Rehmannia, Wolfberry, burnt whitemandrel, Ebony meat and liquorice, to dissolve the yin?senEs helps Liaoning Adenophora and Ophiopogon japonicus, Yin to n?hear and k?body fluids to f?turn, Gallus gallus domesticus fills the stomach again and st?rkt the K?rper, the broad scent of wood regulates the qi, to the stagnation of sour and sweet? to prevent, and f?does the vitality change?t.Combination of the above drugs,To do stomach yin?turn, n?do you hear the stomach?rper,Hence, evidence of a lack of gastric yin,The effect is very quick.


6thXu Zhiquan n?hears yin and protects the stomach soup

【Recipe】 Adenophora radiata 15g,Ophiopogon japonicus 15 g,Scrophulariaceae 12g,Dendrobium 12 g,Polygonatum 12g,Sweetwood 6g,12g ebony meat,Papaya 6g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

【Effectiveness】 Yin n?listen and protect your stomach.

【Fall】 Mou Cheng,Female,52 years old,Squad,First visit on 28th. M?1981.Suffered from atrophic gastritis for many years,In the past six months, tummy tuck, Swelling, burning pain worsens,H?bump up frequently?en,Nagoya is losing weight,The K?body is getting thinner,Mental fear and restlessness (fear of cancer),Restless at night,Palpitations and irritability,Dizzy,Dry mouth.Pulse number and string,Red tongue, little moss.The syndrome is insufficient stomach yin, Gastric dysfunction,Treatment should be Yin n?listen and benefit the stomach.Treated with: North Adenophora 30g,Ophiopogon japonicus 10 g,Dendrobium 10 g,10 g raw whitee peony,Raw licorice 3g,Ebony meat 5g,10 g raw malt,Floating wheat 30g,10 jujubes.After 5 doses from the front,Stomach burning pains are significantly reduced,The belching?en is not over yet,Sleeping at night is still badThe original recipe containslt Suluozi 5 g and Fushen 10 g.Take another 5 doses,The stomach ache is goneSleep well at nightNagu sees thoughtsA small bowl of rotten rice can be eaten with Chinese food any day.Rehearse the consequences.Radix Adenophora 15 g,Ophiopogon japonicus 10 g,Dendrobium 10 g,Polygonatum 10 g,Floating wheat 30g,Sweetwood 3g,10 jujubes,Whitee peony 9g,Ebony meat 5g,Fushing 10g,10 g raw grain buds,Phoenix clothing 3g.The patient was diagnosed and treated three times.Take 20 doses of medicine,All symptoms are curedStop taking the drug for observation afterwardsK?physical recovery,Go to work.

【Notes】 Atrophic gastritis is the most stubborn?The worst form of chronic gastritis.Is it due to atrophy of the glands in the stomach and decreased secretion from stomach?ure and pepsin.Also no free S at all?ure,This?resembles the lack of stomach yin and k?body fluid in traditional Chinese medicine.Due to insufficient stomach yin, such as B. “There is no water in the kettle,Can’t be cooked “,So I don’t think of foodBurning pain in the stomach,Dry mouth,Constipation,Red tongue and less moss,The pulse train is thin or fine.When this card is used for laxative chengqi decoction, it gets closer and closer.At Xiaodao Zhipingwei San it swells all the more, the more it leads.With the Jinlingzi San and Shixiao San for pain relief, the pain is relieved even more.With the spleen?With the six gentlemen soup you think less of food the healthier you are.It can only be Yin n?listen and benefit the stomach,To revive the yinAll symptoms are eliminated, when the K?body fluid is healthy.This recipe consists of Zhongjing’s Maimendong decoction, Ye Tianshi’s Weiwei decoction and Wu Jutong’s Yiwei decoction.Fang Zhongbei Adenophora, Scrophulariaceae, Dendrobium, Polygonatum odoratum n?hears stomach yin, raw whitee peony extracts yin and relieves pain, Ebony meat and papayas?ure sweet?en yin.All medication go?together,Play the force Yin and stomach too n?listen.But this side doesn’t make you greasy,Moist but not cool,Cheng is an effective remedy for atrophic gastritis with insufficient gastric yin.


7thZhang Jingren modified Yes nutritious gastric soup

【Recipe】 Taizi Ginseng 9g,Nansha Ginseng 9g,Dendrobium 12 g,Red peony 9g,Qingzhicao 5g,Oldenlandia diffusa 30 g,Eisenbl?tter 30g,Flat wood 15g,Inula 9g,15g on behalf of Ocher,Jiuxiang insect 5g,12. August,Xu Changqing 15 g,Fried Haw song 9 g each,Ebony meat 9g,The end of Dragon’s Blood 2g (to swallow).

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

[Effectiveness]n?hears yin and f?upsets the stomach,Regulate qi and be brisk.

[Fall]sun,Female,56 years old.Pain in the stomachhey,Like acupuncture,Full and uncomfortableNagu is losing weightH?frequent eruption?en,Loud and bitter,Loose chairs,I had blood in my stool once.After several years of illness, I’m beginning to see?ugly weight loss,The pulse train is thinThe tongue is dark purple.Fiber gastroscopy,The diagnosis was chronic superficialcommon gastritis with local atrophy.To n yin?listen and feed the stomachturn,Regulate qi and be lively,Vote above.After 4-w?The tingling sensation is greatly reduced,Abundance is easy too.Served continuously for 3 months,All symptoms disappearedHe?hte Ern?leadership,Stool as usual.

[Notes]Ye Tianshi cloud: “stomach pains repeat for a long time,There must be an accumulation of slime and silt.”Patients suffering from stomach pain h?Often with insufficient gastric yin or a blockage of the collaterals.Fiber gastroscopy will h?Often observed in atrophic gastritis or intestinal metaplasia.It is suitable Yin to n?listen and feed the stomachrdern.Do you regulate the qi and f?change blood circulation.Originally suffering from stomach pain,Like acupuncture,It’s also an overload block,Hence the inula, the ocher and the nine incense insects included in the recipe, to regulate the qi and reduce the adverse effects.Red peony root, Dragon blood, Whitethorn f?change the blood circulation, remove blood congestion and excavate collaterals.Medicine agreesTherefore, after 3 months of conditioning it goes out?rtet.


8.Zhang Jingren Sini San Plus flavor

【Recipe】 Chaihu 6g,Fried Sch?deldeck 9g,Raw Baizhu 9g,Red and whitee peony 9g each,Clear ger?constant liquorice 3g,15 g Eisenbl?tter,Flat technique 15g,15th August,Inula 9g,15g on behalf of Ocher,Make Xiangfu 9g,Bergamot 6g,Fragrant talc bud 12g,Scutellaria barbata 30g,Oldenlandia diffusa 30 g,Fried Fructus Aurantii 6g,Zhi Wumei 5g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day,1 time in the morning and in the evening.

【Effectiveness】 regulate the liver and stomach,Mudw?clean arms.

[Fall]Feng,Female,59 years old,First visit on Jan. November 1983.The patient had stomach problems for more than 10 years,Recurring pain,Recently stepped up.I had a gastroscopy in a hospital 12 days ago.Found a soybean size?en polyps on the greater curvature of the antrum.Immediate electrocautery,The gastric antral mucosa is slightly rough,It is a finegranular hyperplasia,The stomach k?mucous membrane is thin,The submucosal reticul?ren blood vessels and veins appear.Diagnosis: chronic atrophic gastritis.Engraved diagnosis: mild pain in the stomachhey,Main?in the upper abdomen,Remain incurable.bitter,H?frequent eruption?en,Nagu tr?ge,Chair pass.Pulse train,The tongue coating is thin and greasy and has a red texture.Take the photo above, around Inula, Ocher, Remove barbat and ebony plum.Jiahuai Yam 9g, fragrant lens 9g.The patient insisted taking the medicine for 1 year.Stomach pain is greatly reduced,Only when one lagsssig eats, there is still slight pain.Usually the food is satisfiedThe mind is also refreshed.A year sp?after a gastroscope follow-up examination in a hospital,Diagnosis as superficialcheek antral gastritis, atrophic gastritis,Symptom relief,The observation of gastroscope and mucous membrane ver?changes showed an improvement.

[Notes]From the clinical manifestations of this case, Analysis of symptoms such as abdominal pain, Abundance, Mouth pain and belching?en,All of them are syndromes of liver and gallbladder stagnation and heat, that penetrate the stomach, and chronic diseases, which penetrate the collaterals.So take sini powder and xuanfu instead of ocher soup, to calm the liver and stomach.Lift and adjust,Unlocked Qi machine, then fried scutellaria, red peony root, Wood, Add Oldenlandia diffusa, to remove heat and swellingF?change in blood flow and elimination of stasis.


9.Zhang Zesheng Jianzhong Flavored Soup

【Recipe】 Quan Angelica 9g,Zhiwulingzhi 9g,Chuan Guizhi 5g,H?do you knowe peony 9g,Guangmuxiang 5g,15g whole melon,Cantonese mandarin peel 6g,Fried Fructus Aurantii 9g,Franz?sian pinellia 9g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day,1 time in the morning and in the evening.

【Effectiveness】 Revitalize the blood and f?change the qiJianzhong and stomach.

[Case]dong,m?namely,47 years old.First visit on 4. June 1977: severe atrophic gastritis.A subtotal gastrectomy was performed in a hospital in January 1975.More than 2 years after the operation, there were nolle observed.3 months ago stool bleeding was tarry,Was hospitalized again.check the gastric juice analysis,Free S?ure “0”,Overall?ure “4”,The pulse is low thin and astringent,The tongue is purple.Still refused on stomach pain to dr?nong.The slime is not bad?pft,Stomach is hurt,Fadang and stomach obstruction.Same recipe as above.Take 15 doses of medicine,The stomach ache h?don’t riotRefuse, To depress pain,Dry mouth and astringent,There is still a burning sensation in the stomachhey,Heavy pulse,Whiteit moss with gray.Mucus clogs the stomach,Stomach failure decreases.Recipe: Fried Angelica 9g,Fried whitee peony 9g,You Honghua 9g,Zhiwulingzhi 9g,Single peach stone 9g,Forged corrugated cardboard 15g,Zixiangxiang 3g,Cassia seeds 15g,Whole melon 15g.Take 20 doses of medicine,Stomach pain and burning are greatly reduced,Appetite is normal.Reconstruct and consolidate gastric stasis,Add 3 g ger? To the original recipe?constant liquorice added.

【Note】 The patient’s pain is like thorns.Refuse, To depress pain,It’s slime that blocks the stomach,Upset stomach,But the epigastric pain remains unabated after the medicine,The use of individual peach stones and ger?steady Wulingzhi still has no effect.After subtotal gastrectomy I haven’t had any abdominal pain in over a year.But pl?suddenly the chair is black as tar,Heavy pulse,The tongue is purpleStomach ache refused to squeeze.Regarding the symptoms,The mucus stasis has not disappearedStomach is hurt,Re-dang and stomach obstruction.Stomach pain still occurs after the medicine,The burning is undiminishedAdd Du Honghua, fried angelica, add single peach stones and fried five lingzhi, to decrease blood stasis.Cassia Seed, Zijiangxiang, Whole Gualou k?can relieve stomach qi.”Six Fu organs are used for general purposes”,The stomach should be lowered for harmony,Take 20 doses in a row,Stomach pain is greatly reduced,The appetite has returned to normal,Fajia Zhigancao treatment before.This example shows: atrophic gastritis with mutual obstruction of mucus and stasis,Treatment is often difficultThe effect is not ideal.The patient was operated onBut the symptoms haven’t alleviatedHe?have bleeding problemschanges,Can be complicated by anastomotic ulcers.So those who cannot undergo surgerynnen,Try to treat conservativelyTo the vitality?t not too nice?digen.Recently there have been reports of F?ll of atrophic gastritis after surgery,The mucous membrane of the remaining stomach can also have certain problems.show changes.Atrophic symptoms of the rest of the stomach are quite h?ufig,Should be taken seriously.Zhang Zesheng distinguishes and treats 4 types of atrophic gastritis.For those with phlegm and moisture in the liver and stomach,Aihe Wei Huashi recipe,Recipe: Fried Cangzhu 9g,Chuanpu 5 g,Chenpi 5g,Woody 5g,Ginger Pinellia 9g,Poria 9g,Guizhi 3g,Fried whitee peony 9g,Lemon peel 9g,G?dead com?the 12g.For those with qi deficiency,It is suggested, to go to Shao Liujun Jianzhong decoction,Recipe: Lu Codonopsis 15g,Angelica 9g,Fried whitee peony 9g,Chuan Guizhi 3g,Fried atractylodes 3g,Cantonese mandarin peel 6g,Ger?constant liquorice 3g,Guangmuxiang 5g,Fried chuan cut 9g,12 g dog comb.For those with insufficient stomach yin and a fever in the liver meridian,To add flavored ginseng Di Mai Mendong soup,Recipe: Radix Adenophora 9g,Black Scrophulariaceae 12g,Ophiopogon japonicus 9g,Winter melon seeds 9g,H?do you knowe peony 9g,Ger?constant liquorice 3g,Ume charcoal 5g,12 g raw rehmannia,Calcined corrugated cardboard 25g.


10.Zhang Jize Wenyang Jianwei soup

【Recipe】 angs Dangshen 15g,Fried Baizhu 10g,Whitee peony 10g,Stir fried citrus aurantium 10g,Galangal 5 g,Orange peel 6g,Pinellia ternata 10 g,Guizhi 3g,Woody 5g,Ger?steady liquorice 3g.

[Use]decoction in water,2 servings,1 dose t?resembled.

[Effectiveness]adult?ummung the spleen yang st?strengthen the stomach and balance.

[Fall]Gao,Female,46 years old,Jinling Petrochemical employees.Gastroscopy at Nanjing Bayi Hospital on Nov. October 1990,As ?diagnosed sophagitis,Mild atrophic gastritis (stomach antrum and stomach corners),Accompanied by focal intestinal metaplasia and acute activity?t.Seek treatment immediately,Complaints of dull pain in the stomach,Inflatehen and belchingen,The stool is dry or lazy,Light Fudem,Bad sleep,Thin pulse,The tongue coating is thin and white.The differentiation of the syndrome is a qi stagnation.Use a gentle stomach method.Recipe with Wenyang Jianwei decoction,Keep taking 150 dosesThe symptoms improved significantly,Ge?changes to Weiyanling granules (the hospital provides a home-made drug for adultsflow of yang and to the shockstrengthening of the stomach).On 2. In April 1991 he went to the Bayi Hospital for another examination of the gastroscope: The diagnosis was superficial.common gastritis.The original atrophy and focal intestinal metaplasia have disappeared,The weight gain was 2,5 kg.

【Notes】 Wenyang Jianwei Decoction is based on Xiaojianzhong Decoction.It was specially developed for stomach pains with a lack of Qi stagnation.Zhang Jize believesZhong Qi is the qi of Zhong Jiao spleen and stomach,A deficiency in the spleen and stomach is a deficiency in qi.If there is not enough gas,Downturnmaintenance of the spleen and stomach functions,Abnormal delivery,Biochemical Shearexam,The qi machine cannot stretch out and stagnate.Form the syndrome of lack of qi stagnation.This recipe is cute and warm,Zhongqi advantages,Humidified gas pipe,Back and forth,To the purpose of the adult?to achieve warmth of the spleen and yang, st?open the stomach and middle.Fang Zhonglu Codonopsis, fried Atractylodes macrocephala, to get the qi?listen and close the middle?listen; Osmanthus fragrans Adultwarms the meridian, to invigorate the yang; take it, to raise the yangrmen, without hurting the yin. Galangal adultwarms the middle and removes the bodylte. Wood fragrance f?changes the qi and relieves pain. Mandarin peel and franz?sic Pinellia regulate the Qi, to reduce phlegm and reduce side effects.It plays the effect of the adultwarming of the spleen and yang, the St?strengthening of the stomach and centralization.


11.Bu Yuru Soothing Liver and Stomach Recipe

【Recipe】 Tai Codonopsis 10g,Baizhu 10g,Poria skin 30g,Sweetwood 10g,10 g orange peel,Jiao Shenqu 12g,Fried Inner Gold 6g,Lotus stalk 3g,Coptis 6 g,Evodia 8g,Lily 30g,Black medicine 15g,Inula 10g,10 g raw ocher,Winter melon peel 30g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembledTake 2 servings.

【Effectiveness】 Revitalize the spleen and stomach,Calms the liver and regulates the qi.

[Case]Li,Female,66 years old,First visit on Aug. October 1985.Main complaint: suffered from stomach problems for more than 40 years,Pain in the stomachhey,No timingHeartburn, Pantothens?ure very,Every time if the sour taste and the sweet?e eating intensified,H?frequent eruption?en,Very few thingsUsually ?afraidStool for a line for 1 ~ 2d,Time can be made.Three months ago, the gastroscope at Ritan Cancer Hospital showed atrophic gastritis.I took various medications and didn’t see any results.Diagnosis: Six impulses are thin,The tongue coating is thin and white.Dialectic: there is a discord between wood and ground, stagnation of qi causes pain.Healing: revitalize the spleen and stomach,Calms the liver and regulates the qi.20 doses of medicineHeartburn and Pantothens?ures are almost flat,Occasional beginningsll are also mild, epigastric pain is also slow.Content increase,Still burpingMouth with nutritious yin and w?go away,Punished: Taizishen 20g,Baizhu 10g,Poria cocos 30 g,Sweetwood 8g,10 g mandarin peel,Jiao Shenqu 12g,Fried Inner Gold 8g,Lotus stalk 3g,Coptis 8 g,Evodia 6g,Corydalis 10 g,Chuan Neem seeds 10g,Inula 10g,10 g raw ocher,Winter melon peel 30g,Citrus Aurantium 8g,Fried Shan Zhi 10g,Dendrobium 30 g,Ophiopogon japonicus 10 g,12 g pollen,Take more than 10 doses in a row.Pantothens?ure, Stop heartburn,In addition to stomach pain,Burp slowly,More food than beforeBut it’s not normalInstruct it to take the medicine intermittently, to prevent recurrence.

【Note】 Treat this diseaseBu Yuru likes to use Zhu Danxi’s Zuojin Wan.However, it is emphasized adjust the dosage of the second drug to different situations.The behavior?ltnis 6: 1 does not have to be adhered to.Modern research shows thatthere is no direct relationship between S?ureturbulence and stomach?ure.That meanst, those with low stomachs?ure k?nnen S?ure haveThose with high stomachs?urea content k?can also without S?be ure.Therefore, Bu Yuru emphasized the search for the root of the disease treatment.No S?ure, the S?ure makes.This patientThose, which go to atrophic gastritis?ren and S?see urinary swallowing (general atrophic gastritis,The stomach?urine secretion is significantly reduced.Therefore, when dealing with different powers,St?Do your spleen and stomach to support transportation and chemistry.Zuojin Wan, Lily soup, Inula, Ocher on behalf of Qi conditioning,Relieve stomach qi,Get the cureDon’t you do an S?ure, but S?ure h?rt by itself.


12.Mu Xuetong Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang

【Recipe】 Sheng Astragalus 30g,Angelica cock 9g,Red peony 12g,Earth dragon 9g,Chuanxiong 12g,Peach stone 9g,Safflower 9g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled30 days is one treatment.

[Effectiveness]filling up Qi, Activate blood and dredge collateral,It is accompanied by the method of reducing the stomach.

[Case]Wang,Female,39 years old,First visit on 6. May 1986.Six months ago, the patient suffered from stomach pain due to uncomfortable emotions and poor diet.leadership.feeling sick and vomitingH?frequent eruption?en.In a hospital, the treatment of chronic gastritis with vitamins, Metoclopramide, Gentamicin and traditional Chinese medicines for regulating Qi and activating the blood have no effect for several months.The gastroscopy was diagnosed as chronic atrophic gastritis a month ago.The symptoms of taking the product from the replenishment of the qi and the Ern?the yin worsen gradually?ugly.See a doctor.Symptoms: tingling of the stomachhey,Press it without a block,Liver and spleen are not reached,The tongue is dull and the fur is thin and white.The pulse is thin.A re-examination with the gastroscope was diagnosed as chronic atrophic gastritis.See the evidence in detail,There is a lack of spleen and stomach,Blockage of the stomach organs,Stomach disharmony drops.To replenish the qi, activate blood and excavate collateralThe method to heal the stomach and reduce adversity.Fang Yibu Yang Huan Wu Tang,Add Jiao Sanxian 15 g, Pinellia 15 g, Baizhu 15 g, Citrus aurantium 9 g, Add corydalis 9 g and clove 12 g.1 dose per day,Decoction in water.For the first dose mentioned above, before taking the drug, an intramuscular?Re injection of metoclopramide required.After 20 doses the symptoms of nausea and vomiting are eliminated,Increased appetite,Belchingen decreases,Still tingling in the stomachK?physical fatigue,Cannot participate in work.Then go to Pinellia and Clove from above,Add 6g whole scorpion and 6g wulingzhi.After a total of 90 doses, all symptoms were eliminated,Another examination of the gastroscope revealed a chronic superficial?common gastritis.Make honey pills from above,Take 9 g each timeStop the drug for 2 months.Follow-up in May 1987,No complaints,Can at the t?like work.

【Note】 Independent?nig of it whether stomach tingling occurs,However, there are signs of congestion such as dark purple tongue and astringent pulse.Combined with gastroscopy to diagnose chronic atrophic gastritis,Mu Xuetong believed that the method to F?Blood circulation and dredging collaterals can be used for treatment.To remove blood congestion in the stomach and intestines,Contextual communication,The stomach function returns to normal.Due to the long course of the diseasellig,Therefore, you should insist Taking medication.?Don’t change it easily.After the symptoms are eliminated, can it be converted into pills or powder, to cement the consequences.Addition and subtraction with the symptoms: add Jiao Sanxian and Shenqu, without over the Ern?reason to think add amomum and pinellia for nausea and vomiting, add corydalis and wulingzhi for stomachache and add chuanzi for stomachache.Citrus aurantium, dry mouth with ebony plums and adenophora.


13.He Hongbang Dan Zetang

【Recipe】 Danshen 25g,Zelan 15 g,Astragalus 25g,Angelica 15g,10 g orange peel,5 g donkey skin gelatin (after closingen),Whitee peony 25g,Sweetwood 10g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

【Effectiveness】 Invigorating Qi and nourishing blood,Relieve congestion and relieve pain.

[Case]Li,Female,28 years old,First visit on 21st November 1982.The patient had abdominal pain for 18 years,Intensified in the last month,Pain like a tailRefuse to squeezeAnd have a feeling of oppressionEating pains are worse,Brown in the chair,Wang’s K?body is thin and weak,Shortness of breath,Shaohua’s complexion.The tongue is dark red with largeen bruises on both sides.The pulse is heavy.Gastroscopy showed that gastric mucosal blood vessels were uncovered,The color is gray.This is a long term diseaseWasting bloodThe lining of the stomach is fed by qi and blood?hears.Cause gastric mucosal atrophy,Congestion pain.After 2 months of taking Danze Decoction gastroscopy and pathology check,The atrophy of the gastric mucosa disappeared,All pain is gel?st.After taking more than 10 cans of Guipi Decoction and donkey skin gelatin, he recovered.1 year follow-up,No repetition.

【Notes】 The stomach is the organ with a lot of qi and blood.Stomach pains are the main ones at the beginningcaused by qi.If you are late?ten, get blood points.Chronic illness due to injury to stomach collaterals as well as blood stasis and painThe so-called “long pain in the network”.On the prescription, Danshen is the main drug for activating blood and relieving congestion. Adenophora has a milder effect on activating blood and clearing congestion.And has the strength Dredge collateral and relieve pain,Combine with salvia,It may undermine the effects of congestion clearing and pain relief.rken. Astragalus replenishes the Qi.Angelica n?hears blood,It is made with donkey skin gelatine.nzt, to improve blood circulation and hemostasis. The purpose of the whiteen peony consists in the blood to gl?kill.Are you holding back yin and n?hear the blood Mandarin peels f?change the qi and invigorate the stomach.Distraction and stagnation,To relieve stomach pain, caused by stagnation of the spleen and stomach qi; Liquorice and zhongzheng,Used with whitehe peony,Takes the meaning of sweet?he S?ure on, to convert yin,Can relieve cramping abdominal pain,And gather the strength to reconcile all drugs.Combination of all drugs,Revitalize the blood circulation,Tongluo relieves pain,It containsalso contains nutritious qi and n?hearing blood, Hemostasis and nourishing blood.


14thWang Leshan Bazhen Yiwei soup

【Recipe】 Codonopsis 15g,Jiaobaizhu 15g,Poria 20g,Sweetwood 15g,Angelica 15g,Chuanxiong 15 g,Rehmannia glutinosa 20 g,Whitee peony 15g,Astragalus 50g,Coix seeds 20g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 time in the morning and in the evening.

【Effectiveness】 Invigorate the Qi and n?hear the blood.Grow muscles and benefit from the stomach.

[Case]Guo,m?namely,63 years old,First visit on 27 October 1990.The Magenh?hle of the patient and both the hypochesis are inflatedht as well as painful.Withdraw pain,Worse in the afternoon,It’s been 3 years.Diagnosis: severe atrophic gastritis, severe intestinal metaplasia with moderate dysplasia of the localized mucosal epithelium.Remedies, to get qi and blood?listen, Build muscle and help the stomachAfter taking the top 30 doses, the symptoms go away completely?ndig,The gastrointestinal examination shows nothing.inconsistencies.

【Note】 Wang Leshan treats chronic stomach problems,Do you mainly emphasize?really, to replenish qi and blood.Having enough qi and blood in the stomach eradicates all chronic diseases.Especially with chronic superficial?normal gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis, Stomach and stomachlffinger ulcer, etc. the effect is significant.This type of chronic stomach diseaseLong illness and sicknessche,Deficiency is the principle of good governance.Bazhen Yiwei Decoction consists of Sijunzi Decoction and Siwu Decoction.It has the power Qi and blood too n?listen, the K?rper to st?and strengthen the foundation.Add astragalus and coix seeds,Astragalus is the main medicinal product to invigorate the Qi and to strengthenk?rpers, to support wounds and for F?change in muscles.Coix seeds k?can relieve inflammation, Reduce pain, Drain pus and build muscle.It is the main drug for intestinal carbuncle.Both are also treatments for ulcer stage wounds due to a lack of qi and blood.A must for ulcers, that don’t heal for a long time.It has the magical effect anti-inflammatory, analgesic and ulcer healingrdern.Therefore, this recipe is very effective for chronic stomach diseases.


fifteen.Wang Zijun Huanglianzhishu Banxia Soup

【Recipe】 Coptis 6g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Baizhu 10g,Codonopsis 15 g,Pinellia 10g,Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 10g,Dried ginger 6g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

[Effectiveness]Pain difficult to relieve,Refill Qi and reduce side effects of the stomach.

[Fall]Dou,m?namely,55 years old.Suffered from stomach pain for more than a year,Given the abdominal expansion, Pain, Hiccups and decreased appetite,K?body waste.After a hospital inspection, diagnosis as chronic atrophic gastritis.More than a month of treatment,No obvious effectEat all foodFamily members practice?require treatment with Chinese medicine.A certain doctor, who has been treated for gastric yin deficiency syndromeAdd mai mendong decoction, to tasteTaking the drug for 2 weeks is also invalid.And the water floodsSwollen face,Lost in form and spiritBl?hunger pains and abdominal pain have no rest,Bad bowel movements,Short urine.Diagnosing Liver Qi Stagnation, Spleen deficiency and moisture, use the method of removing moisture and healing,Jinpingweisan plus flavor.Do you take 5 cans?dem and disappear,Light appetite,But the stomach ache remains.The tongue is dark red and the fur is thick yellow,There are W?rms of hygroscopic heatrme.Change to Coptis citrinopileus Pinellia decoction plus or minus: Coptis 9g,Fructus Aurantii 15g,Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 10g,3 g dried ginger,Codonopsis 15 g,Baizhu 10g,Woody 10g,15 g malt,G?dead com?the 15g.Increase appetite after 12 cans,Stomach pain cured,In the future, use the plus and minus treatment for the upper access for 2 months.And do qigong exercisesRestored.Follow-up for 2 years,The stomach ache did not return.checking the gastroscope: no abnormal L?sions.

【Notes】 Chronic atrophic gastritis becomes main?through emotional st?causes problems.Or because of eating?tion,Or the fluid consumption through?u?more heat and badly beautiful?digen,Causes gastric yin deficiency and illness.Symptoms are discomfort in the upper abdomen,Sometimes painWith burning pains behind the breastboneNacha is badVomiting and diarrheaBl?aches and pains,In the sp?Later on, symptoms such as anorexia, Weight loss, Fatigue and At?mie on.This recipe is made by adding and subtracting the meanings of Banxia Xiexin Decoction and Zhang Jie Youzhizhu Pill.It has the effect of sharp, to alleviate rifles, Bitterness, to reduce fever, Refill Qi and reduce side effects.This disease is h?more often with abundance, Anorexia,So go for the greasy licorice and jujube.In the case of spleen and stomach problems, it is advisable to the ventilation to supplement?nip and alleviate and benefit from top to bottom.Stomach pain from chronic atrophic gastritis,Lengthy course,Mixed with reality?t and fiction,Is in accordance with this lawHence the effect is very good.Addition and subtraction: painful drama plus woody scent,Swelling and thickening,Fill up with food and add fewer burned three immortals,Dry stools increase yellow (fried),nausea plus Huoxiang and Zhuru.


16.Jiang Wenzhao Wan pain Shu

【Recipe】 Chuan Chuan seeds 9g,Fried corydalis 9g,Fried Fructus Aurantii 6g,Fried Atractylodes 9g,Fried whitee peony 9g,Stir fry with 9g,Guangmuxiang 6g,Turmeric 9g,L?wenzahn 12g,Ger?steady liquorice 6g.

【Use】 1 dose per day,Fried in water,Served once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

[Effectiveness]activate Qi and activate blood,And stomach pain relief.

[Case]Xu,Female,46 years old,First visit on Jan. April 1991.The patient’s stomach pain recurred for more than 10 years.The fiber gastroscopy revealed a chronic superficialatrophic gastritis in the antrum.Almost tingling and burning,Impatient,Dry mouth and bitterness,If you eat less, you will in the end.The tongue is red and purple, with bruises on the sides, and the moss is small and dry, the pulse train is thin.It is suitable Yin to n?hear and silt up?sen.Regulate the qi, to relieve pain.12 g Northern Adenophora,Ophiopogon 6 g,Fried whitee peony 9g,Turmeric 9g,Chuan Neem seeds 9g,Fried corydalis 12g,Salvia 15g,Bergamot 6g,L?wenzahn 12g,12g whole melon,9. August,Gallus gallus domesticus 9g,Citron 6g,Ger?steady liquorice 6g.After taking 7 doses from above, the irritation of the peritoneum is slightly reduced,All symptoms slowed down.According to clan lawTreated for 2 months,The pain was gel?st.

[Notes]脘 The pain relief is based on Jiang Wenzhao alloy Lingzi powder, Zhishu pills and Shaoyao Gancao decoction.Among them, Jinlingzi distributes the liver and f?changes the qi,Activation of the blood for pain relief,Partial release work?rme, Zhizhu pills invigorate the spleen and stomach,Air line stagnation,Rejuvenating and refreshing work, use both cold and warm together,Tonic and reduce,It is consistent with the physiological properties of the spleen and stomach.Let it rise and fall properlyQi and blood k?can flow smoothly?en,It is the main medicine.The stomach is moisturizing and sick,Erg?with peony and liquorice decoction sour and sweet?, to dissolve yin?sen,Pain relief.It is also served with fried xiangfu erg?nzt, Guangmuxiang calms the liver and regulates the qi, to relieve pain turmeric and L?wenzahn relieve depression and f?change the serum fever.Play the force the Qi and the blood circulation to f?and relieve stomach pain.


17thXie Changren Huanglian Wendan decoction

【Recipe】 Huanglian 2g,Orange peel 6g,Ginger Pinellia 10g,Poria 12g,Sweetwood 3g,Citrus Aurantium 6g,Zhuru 6g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

【Effectiveness】 Bitter Jiangxintong,The stagnation and the middle.

[Case]Xu,Female,40 years oldWorkers.The patient suffered from stomach pain for 10 years.Deteriorated in the last 2 months,Do you feel uncomfortable independentdeprived of hunger or abundance.Belchingbut not angry,Loud and burning stomachshey,Too many food,Gastroscopy diagnosis: chronic superficialcommon atrophic gastritis.Red tongue, thin yellow coating,The pulse train is thin.Is it hot? and stagnatesGastric function testtion,The proposed Kujiangxintong Party,Huanglian Wendan decoction is the main flavor.Fried Chuanlian 2g,Light Evodia 1g,Orange peel 6g,Ginger Pinellia 10g,Citrus Aurantium 6g,Poria 12g,Sweetwood 6g,Zhuru 6g,L?wenzahn 12g,Green wood incense 5g,Corydalis 10g.After 4 cans of stomach ache?usche, Swelling and pain are significantly reduced,He?hunger in food intake,Not much rebuff?en,Stool is dry,The moss is thin and yellow.The original page is effectiveAccording to the previous method.Put 10 g of hemp seeds over it,5 cans.Even take the medicine,All symptoms are reduced,Appetite also increasesStool is soft,A l?solution per day.Before the law followedThe original party went to Yanhusuo for 5 cans.Iteration treatment,The condition basically disappearedGood ghosts,He was released in the hospital after 18 days.

【Note】 Chronic superficial?common atrophic gastritis,The main clinical symptoms are pain, Swelling, L?rm and heat.Hence the heat of the mucus which is the responsibility of the pathogenesis, Schl?frig,Gastric function testtion,The diagnosis and treatment of the Tussah-type is like a cloud: “The disease is like hunger, but not like hungerIt is painful, but not painful.Wan Zhong was ver?angry and restless,Or both burping?en as well as boredom,Allm?ugly h?I advise to drinkDull pain in the chest,Danxi said that all slime and fire suffer,Or food stagnation and heat.”Therefore the treatment should be passed but not to be stagnant.Use hard work together.Suffering can be reduced but misery can passIt’s in the middle of Jiao and clear mucus heatW?So choose Huanglian Wendan Decoction, to give flavor.Do you take the bitter K?lte of Coptis chinensis, to relieve heat and invigorate the stomach.Erchen and stomach, to l?sen,Among them means the reps?of Pinellia ginger and Rhizoma coptidis, that the hardship is alleviated and Zhuru eliminated problems.Jiangni, to stop vomiting Citrus aurantium has Qi stagnation,It also helps the ailment of Coptic.Modern studies have best?tigt, that Coptis has a broad spectrum antibacterial effect.Most people with gastritis test positive for Helicobacter pylori,This is good medicine no matter from the perspective of differentiating syndromes or diseases.According to the K?The patient’s physical structure in clinical use The severity of the heat of the mucusLook at the crowd.When the heat is strong use 3g,Use 2 g for light heat,Or synergize with other drugs,So that the mucus in the stomach is heated,The Qi machine will shut down smoothly and start working again.


18thYao Qiwei Yiqi and stomach recipe

【Recipe】 Guizhi 6g,Whitee peony 10g,Ger?constant liquorice 3g,5 jujubes,Astragalus 30g,Chinese yam 30g,Taizishen 30g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day.

【Effectiveness】 Useful temperature,And stomach pain relief.

[Case]Wang,m?namely,44 years old,First visit on Jan. M?March 1983.The patient was born on Sept. Gastroscopically examined December 1982 at the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College.The diagnosis was slight superficialCommon antral gastritis and duodenitis (atrophic).Symptoms of stomach pain,Inflatehen,How W?rme and press,The K?old is getting worse,Not thirsty,The limbs are not warm.The tongue is light and the fur is white. and slippery,Slow pulse.The syndrome is insufficient stomach yang.Give the medicine to improve the temperature, neutralize the stomach and relieve pain.Then take the original recipe as the basic addition and subtraction.After 3 months of treatment, the patient switched from inadequate gastric yin to yin and yang deficiency.The symptoms in the stomach are loud,There’s even heatBright red tongue and whiteit fur,Slow pulse.The original recipe goes to Guizhi and Jujube,Zengbei Adenophora, Polygonatum,Refill Qi and Yin n?listen,Two-pronged approach.And at any time depending on the illness?chalength,Flexible addition and subtraction,CloseLich a satisfactory effect was obtained.17th December 1983,Re-examination of the gastroscope by the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical University revealed the following: The original gastric antral mucosa was folded and clogged.Inversion to red and white? the gastric antral mucosa,Main?really red,Not much secretionPeristalsis is normal,No ulcers and new organisms were seen,The mucous membrane of the Zw?lffectum is orange and moist,No ulcers and mucous membrane hyper?mie or swelling.The original duodenitis (atrophic) has been transformed into chronic duodenitis.

【Note】 Yao Qiwei thinksChronic atrophic gastritis is an organic L?sion,Based on a weak stomach,Lung deficiency and liver depression are the main causes.Recognize in detail that this syndrome is insufficient stomach yang syndrome.Healing is K?lte to relieve temperature and relieve stomach pain,Hence the use of astragalus, Huai Yam and Pseudostellaria cylindrica, to get the effect in temperature.With whitehe peony root and ger?steady liquorice, which does ______________ mean, Relieve pain,Jujube n?hears qi and blood, protects stomach qi,Prevent long-term illness and injury and see the symptoms of yin and yang deficiency, after the disease has turned.So go to guizhi and jujubeGe?changes to Adenophora japonicus and Polygonatum odoratum, to get Qi?rdern and yin to n?listen.Playing a two-pronged effort.Use the method described above to treat chronic atrophic gastritis.Can improve clinical symptomsThe effect is satisfactory.


19thChen Zemin, Fuzi Lizhonghe Xiangsha Liujunzi Soup

【Recipe】 Fried Codonopsis, Angelica, Mandarin peel each 12g,Atractylodes, Pinellia, Paojiang, Aconite, Guangmuxiang, Corydalis 12 g each,Poria cocos 15g,Fried whitethorn song 30g each,Keren 6 g (twisted twice),Ger?constant liquorice 4g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled1 time in the morning and in the evening.

[Effectiveness]adult?rm and drive out of K?lte,St?Do your spleen and stomachRegulate qi and digest.

[Case]Luo Mou,m?namely,61 years old,Squad.He was born on 27. Admitted to hospital September 1982.The hospital number is 141311.For 4 years,The patient has repeated abdominal pain,Main?swelling and pain,With eruption?en.6 months ago due to emotional discomfort,The condition worsens after drinking,Abdominal pain worsens after eating,Burp,Hello warmI don’t like to pushLess food intake,God is weakStools are dry and thin.21d came to our hospital for gastroscopy and biopsy,He was diagnosed with chronic atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia (medical examination number: 1823393).The pulse is deep and thinThe tongue is pale and the fur is thin and white.The syndrome is the deficiency and the K?lte the spleen and stomach, to invigorate the spleen and stomach.Cure, to expand the middlermen and K?lte to disperse,Invigorate the spleen and stomach,It also has the function of the Qi and the blood circulation to f?rdern.Wei Leyi mixture taken orally,50 ml every time3 times t?resembled.The syndrome differentiation formula uses Fuzi Lizhong Hexiangsha Liujunzi decoction plus or minus,Same formula as above,Decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.Take 12 doses of medicine,The pain in swelling has improved significantly,But dry mouthLike to drink,Continue to Paojiang and Aconite.Add and subtract easily,Suitable after serving.After taking the drug up to the 5th December 1982 the symptoms disappeared,Check gastroscope and gastric mucosal biopsy again,Reported as chronic gastritis (inspection number 182469),The original atrophy of the gastric mucosa with intestinal metaplasia has disappeared.Review of gastric juice analysis: fasting salt?acid concentration,From s?increase acid-free to 48 clinical units at the beginninght,The H?moglobin test increased from 100 g / l to 120 g / l.After his release, he was in good shape.

【Note】 Atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia is complicated,According to its clinical manifestationsrt on the application area “stomach pain” and “allspice syndrome” in Chinese medicine.Its pathogenesis is main?can be attributed to a lack of spleen and stomach.The spleen (stomach) is the foundation of the acquired,The source of qi and blood biochemistry,Deficiency in spleen means inadequate biochemistry.Switch to other diseases, Spleen deficiency and moisture,Damp cloudiness and prolonged heat,It can also hurt yin.The clinical symptoms of spleen deficiency and qi stagnation as well as liver and stomach yin deficiency are h?more often.Elementk?yang deficiency or spleen deficiency and kidney,Then wet and coldClinically, a number of complicated symptoms can be observed, like the mixture of deficiency and excess, moist heat or K?lte and moisture, upper heat and lower K?lte.By combining differentiation in Chinese and Western medicine and differentiation of the syndrome to treat intestinal metaplasia,The Weileyi mix of Vajra, Hedyotis diffusa, Gecko and silkworm, the blood congestion, clear collaterals, clear heat and detox can eliminate, is used to treat inflammatory gastric oil?you have been treated with medication to stimulate the spleenand to regulate the Qi, calm the liver and relieve depression, Yin and stomach too n?or remove heat and moisture.Improve effectiveness.Practice has proven that this method works well,Not only does it have a better effect on eliminating symptoms,It also has a good effect on improving diseased tissues.


20thGao Shujun stomach tea

【Recipe】 Xu Changqing 4g,N?northern adenophora 3g,Green mandarine flowerstter 3g,Whitee peony 3g,2 g raw liquorice,Rose 1,5 g,1,5 g green tea powder.

【Use】 The decoction pieces are still used above.Decoction for 5 minutes, to replace tea (not suitable for long decoctions), or the top is made into coarse powder,sealed packaging,1 dose per pack,1-2 bags t?resembledBrew tea in boiling water.Usually 3 months as treatment duration.W?All other traditional Chinese and Western gastric medicines were discontinued during treatment.

【Effectiveness】 Yin n?hearing and regulating Qi,Soft liver and firm spleen.

[Case]Lin,m?namely,24 years old,Antrum Specialist Clinic No. 998,The hospital number is 80168,First visit on 25th June 1980.In the complaint, the upper abdomen was clogged for more than 5 years.On the 24th In May 1980, fiber gastroscopy diagnosed atrophic gastritis.The pathological examination revealed a slight atrophic gastritis.Have stomach aches and painsAccompanied by upset?en,loud,Pantothens?ure,thin,Fatigue,He was born on 2. Admitted to hospital July 1980.K?Physical examination: tenderness in the middle and lower upper abdomen (+),Thirsty to drink,Pulse number,Thin fur and red tongue.The differentiation of the TCM syndrome is of the heat deficiency type.Treatment of atrophic gastritis with deficiency W?rme formula,2 bags t?resembledBoiled water, to brew tea instead of tea.Was hospitalized for 89 days,A total of 180 packages were served,The symptoms improved significantly,The signs disappeared.On the 7th November 1980 was the fiber gastroscope as a chronic superficial?re-examined gastric inflammation.The pathological examination revealed chronic inflammation of the gastric antrum mucosa.Follow-up on 6. October 1982,The symptoms are stable,I haven’t taken any medication for over a year.Keep workingClinically classified as extremely effective.

[Notes]The cause of this disease in traditional Chinese medicine is based on various factors such as incorrect diet.leadership, internal injuries of seven emotions, Climatic fluctuations and k?physical swearingche.Causes that stomach and fu organs with K?lte and heat, Qi and blood reversal, Yin dehydration, new pathogenic diseases, etc. be mixed.therefore,Treatment usually uses the methods of harmony, Elimination, Reduction and st?remediation.It directs K?lte and w?rme off, kl?rt W?rme, removes stagnation and releases Qi.At the same time it is necessary improve liver qi.N?hear his stomach yin,So that the liver tree soothes and solidifies the spleen, restore the acquired foundation.


21.Pan Chenglian Huanglian decoction and Huangqi Jianzhong decoction

【Recipe】 Astragalus 15g,Guizhi 10g,12 g raw whitee peony,Codonopsis 15 g,Coptis 6 g,Ginger Pinellia 12g,Poria cocos 15g,10 g orange peel,Xiangfu 10 g,Salvia 15g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Ger?steady liquorice 6g.

[Use]decoction,Serve it every day1 dose t?resembled.

【Effectiveness】 to invigorate Qi and stomach,Cleans moist heat,Li Qi Tongluo.

[Case]Zhao,m?namely,50 years old.Stomach pain,Constipation or pain,Belchingvomiting and vomiting,Bowel sounds weak,Time is easy and time is hardIt’s been more than a year.The tongue coating is white and greasy with fine cracks in it,The pulse is good.Fiber gastroscopy revealed atrophic gastritis of the stomach,With pyloric ulcer.The card is weak stomachHey? and wet for a long time,Qi deficiency and blood stasis,Lead to atrophy of the gastric mucosa, Pyloric ulcer,Add Huanglian decoction and Huangqi Jianzhong decoction.Same recipe as above.Serves more than 70 cans,Do a review of fiber gastroscopy after 3 months.It indicates that the pyloric ulcer has healed well,The inflammation has not gone?changes,But the symptoms have improved significantly.After adding and subtracting Huanglian Decoction and Yigongsan,1 dose every other day,Serve for another 2 months,The symptoms resolved and the drug was discontinued.

【Notes】 This case is chronic gastritis with stomach ulcers.Although chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer are different in pathology,But the pathogenesis of the two can be closely related.Therefore, use Koptis and other medicines, to remove heat and reduce inflammation.Fried licorice for ulcer healing,But the stomach is weakIs the basic factor of the diseaseHence with ginseng and qi tonic,Guizhi Wenyun,Xia and Ling moisture,And what?nzt with mandarin peel, Citrus aurantium, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Sophora Japonica and other qi and blood.This is a treatment which takes both samples into account.After a phase of treatment,A re-examination through a gastroscope showed that the pyloric ulcer had healed well.The inflammation did not improve significantly.This means, that chronic gastritis is a stern?sick disease is.There is indeed a need for further investigation.In Erg?nzung,Pan Chenglian treats people with insufficient stomach yin.Maimendong decoction and Yiwei decoction,For recipes Taizishen 12 g, Ophiopogon japonicus 12 g, Pueraria lobata flower 10 g, Chuanshihu 12 g, Huai Yam 15 g, Coptis 6 g, Heishanzhi 10 g, Polygonatum odoratum 10 g, Corydalis 10 g, Eat?small 10 g, Salvia 15 g, Pinellia 10 g, Trif bowl 10g, ger?steady liquorice 3g.


22ndLi Zhenhua Xiangsha Wenzhong soup

【Recipe】 Dangshen 12g,Baizhu 10g,Poria cocos 15g,10 g orange peel,Pinellia 10g,Woody 6g,Amomum 8g,Magnolia 10g,10 g dried ginger,Chuanxiong 10 g,Cloves 5g,Ger?steady liquorice 3g.

[Use]Boiling twice in water,Warm clothes twice in the morning and in the evening,It is advisable, take it about 2 hours after a meal.1 dose t?resembled.

[Effectiveness]Fill up Qi and invigorate the spleen,Gentle stomach.

[Case]Wang,m?namely,54 years old,Squad,First visit on 13. April 1987.The patient suffered from abdominal pain 10 years ago due to incorrect dietleadership.Though treated many times with Chinese and Western medicine,The condition is mild and severeSymptoms worsen each time due to poor diet.and emotional discomfort.1986 was 10 menstrual gastroscopy best as chronic atrophic gastritis?does.Pathological biopsy: atrophic inflammation of the gastric mucosa with slight intestinal metaplasia.The patient fears cancer,Come to the doctor.I saw a dull pain in my stomachheal.Hello Nuanxi Press,It is very painful in the k?lte,If it hurts it connects both sides,Bl?hunger and loss of appetite,Tired limbs,Loose chairs,Walk 2 to 3 times a day,Pale complexion,K?body waste.The tongue is pale the tongue is fat and big, with tooth marks on the sides,The pulse train is thin.The syndrome is Yang deficiency of the spleen and stomach,And liver qi stagnation.Fang Xiangsha Wenzhongtang,10 g Xiangfu, Add 10 g of black medicine,Decoction in water.Second visit: take 18 doses above,The hypochondriac pain disappearedStomach pain is greatly reduced,He?hunger in food intake,Still loose chairsGo 2 times a day,In the prescription, Xiangfu and Wuyao,Add 30g Coix Seed, to stimulate the spleenRemove stains and moisture.Third visit: another 18 cans from above,Normal bowel movements,The stomach ache went awayStill tired and weakBl?hunger after dinner,Fang Zhong went to coix semenAdd 12g for every three cents,After the service.After more than 3 months of taking the drug in a good mood, good foodleadership,Normal bowel movements,The symptoms disappearedR?fair complexion,Weight gain.After reviewing the gastroscope and gastric mucosal biopsy, it indicates a slight superficialinflammation of the stomach lining.Follow-up one year laterter,Healthy K?rper,Normal life and work.

【Note】 This recipe was made from Xiangsha Liujunzi decoction.Recipes for Zhongshen, Shu, Ling and Cao to invigorate the spleen and for nutritionintroduction of qi, Chen, Xia, Xiang, Sha, Pu Li Qi and stomach, dried ginger, Clove, to expand the middlermen and K?lte to disperse and to help the stomach in transport to improve the Qi and the blood circulationrdern.Do you care about reality?t and fiction,Up and down association,Play the force To replenish Qi to invigorate the spleen, to agitate the stomachwarm and neutralize.This case go?rt to a Yang deficiency of the spleen and stomach.Liver qi stagnation,So use the addition and subtraction of this side, to adjust and be healed.In Erg?nzung,Li Zhenhua treats people with spleen and stomach yin deficiencies.Shashen n?hearing gastric soup.The recipe is: Liaoning Adenophora 20g,Ophiopogon japonicus 15 g,Dendrobium 15 g,Whitee peony 20g,Whitemandrel 15g,Zhimu 12g,Gallus gallus domesticus 10g,12 g pollen,Peony bark 10g,Ume 10g,10 g orange peel,Sweetwood 3g.


23Huang Yifeng Calms the Liver, regulates the Qi, Bitter Xin Tong Jiang Fang

【Recipe】 Gentiana 1,5 g,Light Evodia 1,5 g,5 g each for green and mandarin peel,Green calyx 9g,Make Xiangfu 9g,Amomum 2 g,Gallus gallus domesticus 9g,Ume 9g,Whitee peony 9g,5 g raw aster,Hedgehog skin 9g,15 g of malt.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day.

【Effectiveness】 Soothe the Liver and Regulate the Qi,N?te pass away.

[Case]Chen,Female,36 years old.Suffered from stomach problems for 10 years,Pain without timingThe pain worsens after fatigue.Significant weight loss in recent years,Loss of appetite,Dilation after childbirth,Belchingender pneumothorax,Sometimes tonic.The tongue is pale red the coating is thin and white and slightly greasy,The pulse is thin.Once the gastroscopy showed that there was a round ulcer in the lesser curvature of the stomach,The surfaceche is with yellow and whitecovered in moss,A little bloodThe edge is slightly raisedht,Regular shape,The mucous membrane of the stomachbody and antrum is red and white,Light weightfumes in the antrum of the stomach.Gastric ulcer and antral biopsy The pathological report was chronic atrophic gastritis.Reasons for checking,The patient is usually depressed.Huang Yifeng believes that his feelings are uncomfortableThe wood is out of lineLiver depression offends the spleen,H?hen and lows.If you plan to calm the liver and regulate the qi,Hard work,Start with qi, to heal.To be voted up above.Take 7 doses of medicine,Abdominal swelling and chest constriction are reduced,Followed the method of regulating the liver and stomach for half a year,The symptoms basically went away.The gastroscope test has improved.

【Note】 Huang Yifeng treats stomach problems,Pay more attention to the regulation of Liver Qi.Pay attention to the seven emotions.Ye Tianshi pointed out, “The liver is the source of the disease.The stomach is the place on which the disease is transmitted.”In the treatment of chronic gastritis or ulcer disease,Go to the symptoms?ren abdominal pain, Belchingen, L?rm, Pain, Pain in the mouth, Chest tightness, red tongue and narrow pulse.H?Often used light coptic (or gentian), Evodia,One hard and one hardHard work,Use green sepals (or inula) for Xiemu, green mandarin peels, knowit sandalwood, chinese neem etc., to calm the liver qi.Or use the genus Liangfuwan.All drugs match,So that the Qi machine works smoothly,Qi, Blood, Mucus, Fire, Humidity, Food and other ill k?can dissolve?sen.Illness, old slime, Spit.


24.Liu Zhiming flavored Gancao Xiexin soup

【Recipe】 Taizi Ginseng 15g,Whitee peony 12g,Pinellia 9g,Scutellaria 9g,Evodia 6g,Coptis 6 g,Huojing 12g,Lentils 12g,Amomum 6 g,Orange peel 6g,Sweetwood 6g,3 slices of ginger.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day.

[Effectiveness]adult?stimulation and replenishment of the stomach qi,Kuxintong lowers the stomach and intestines.

[Case]yuan,m?namely,52 years old,On the 15th May 1986 see a doctor.Stomach pain for more than 30 years,The beginningl haven’t stopped in the last 3 months?rt.Stomach swelling and pain expand the chest and back,Hiccup,Appetite,Chills,Do you like to eat warm food,Dry mouth and yellow moss,The pulse train is thin.Gastroscopy was atrophic gastritis.It is planned, to vote for the above adjustment.After 5 doses, calm in the stomach,Another 7 doses of stretching pain h?rten up.The top part is the pill uniform,Consolidate the effect.

【Note】 The stomach is cold in this case,Food loves heat,All are cold elephantsBut not hot?e medicine for cinnamon, Fu and dried ginger,Use only Qin, Lian and White Peony, at W?remove arms.The reason,Just dry mouth and yellow mossDoes a heat phage show?noun,K?lte see and watch heat,Though there are cold signsYujiu melts heat,The w?rmebild is heavier,It’s summer againMore than sunSo it’s still mainreally, W?rme too kl?ren,”With W?heat up the heat “,To get good results.


25.Li Shoushan tonic soup

【Recipe】 Astragalus 15g,Codonopsis 15 g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Guizhi 10g,Fried whitee peony 15g,Salvia 15g,Ger?constant licorice 10g,10 g ginger,5 jujubes,Atractylodes 15g.

[Use]Soak the medicine in water for 20 minutes before boiling.30 minutes after the first roast.let chuckle,2 After cooking 20 minutes k?let chuckle,Mix the brew for 2 times,The total amount isgt preferably 200 ml.1 dose t?resembledServe morning and evening,Take it warm 2 hours before or after eating.Depending on your condition, take 3 or 6 doses in a row.The drug was stopped for 1 day.

【Effectiveness】 Useful temperature,Perform stagnation and eliminate frills.

[Case]Chi,m?namely,66 years old,First visit on 2. November 1986.Suffered from stomach problems for more than 4 years,H?frequent stomach fullness and complaints,Fasting is particularly badNeed to be less inflated?ht eat,Spin and uncomfortable,Not hungry,Tiredness and fatigueche,Getting thinner,Loose chairs,Believe.He has been repeatedly diagnosed and treated by Chinese and Western medicine.I’ve been on pepsin and other medications for over half a year.No significant effect.Gastroscopy and pathological examination diagnosis: chronic atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia.The diagnosis of the pulse is slim,The tongue is pale red with petechiae, the sublingual veins are thick and long and the tongue coating is thin and white.The four times diagnosed joint ginseng go?rt to gastric rash syndrome.System deficiency stagnates,Caused by H?hen and lows.To cure the stagnation of qi,Refill the middle and dispose of the rifles.Addition and subtraction to the erg?the Zhong Xiaopi decoction.Recipe: Astragalus 25g,Codonopsis 15 g,Salvia 15g,Baizhu 10g,Guangmuxiang 3g,Guizhi 10g,Fried whitee peony 15g,Gallus gallus domesticus 20g,Amomum 3g,Ginger Pinellia 7,5 g,10 g orange peel,Lemon peel 15g,Ger?constant liquorice 7,5 g,Ginger and jujube are the leadersDecoction in water.Two weeks after taking the drug, all symptoms are greatly reduced.The original recipe plus and minus treatment for more than 2 months,Restoration of appetite,Weight gain,Eliminate all rascalsSecond, hire yourself.Do you continue to take Weikangfu granules (Li Shoushan’s bew?hard recipe),Consolidate.He has been treated for about half a yearreview gastroscopy and pathology,Intestinal metaplasia disappears,Has the surfacefacing gastritis.Di?t and order recovery,After stopping the drug for more than a year,Was good

[Notes]This recipe consists of Zhajin Chamber Synopsis Zhizhizhu Pills, Ginseng Decoction and Huangqi Jianzhong Decoction.Included in the prescription Codonopsis, Astragalus, Atractylodes, ger?constant sweet?wood the vitality?tSt?Do your spleen and stomachIt is the main drug for replenishing the deficiency of the spleen and stomach; combined with Atractylodes macrocephala, Li Qi Dao stagnation,Elimination and Erg?nzung,For the clarity Turbidity and the cardinal to f?turn, exp?rmt Guizhi the collaterals.Compatible with licorice, it has the effect of To sweet yangen and convert, who knowse peony and the middle and the emergency.The combination with licorice has the effect of sour, sweet?lich and yin,The two groups of drugs are used to bring yin and yang qi and blood into harmony. Danshen n?hears and activates blood.To make up for thatIt is a good drug for chronic disease treatment and entry into the collaterals, erg?with ginger and jujube as a supplement?Use to regulate the spleen and stomach.The ensemble of different drugs has a positive effect on temperature, leads to stagnation and eliminates skin rash?ge.In Erg?nzung,Li Shoushan Chuanghe Zhongxiao pee decoction, Qingzhong Xiaopi decoction.Hezhongxiaopitang n?hears the qi and invigorates the spleen.Hard work,Hezhong Kaiqiao,Medical Codonopsis 15 g, Pinellia 10 g, Coptis 3 g, Salvia 15 g, L?wenzahn 15 g, knowe peony 15 g, ger?constant sweet?wood 6 g, dried ginger 3 g.Qingzhong Xiaopi Tang Yiyin n?hears the stomach,Eliminate frills in the Qing Dynasty,Medical Radix Pseudostellariae 15 g, Ophiopogon japonicus 15 g, Pinellia 7,5 g, Bupleurum 6 g, raw whitee peony 10 g, fried gardenia 7,5 g, Moutan bowl 7,5 g, green peel 10 g, Salvia 15 g, Sweetwood 6 g.


26thMeng Baisan clearing heat and nourishing stomach soup

[Recipe]Adenophora radiata 9g,Ophiopogon japonicus 9g,Red and whitee peony 9g each,Bupleurum 6 g,Fried Sch?deldeck 10g,The stone hits 10g,L?wenzahn 15g,Scutellaria barbata 15g,Chenpi 5g,Guangmuxiang 6g,Poria 9g,Ger?constant liquorice 5g,Peony bark 9g.

【Use】 Soak in cold water for 1 hour before roasting.After roasting for the first time, cook on a slow fire for 30 minutes.It is advisable, it in a mixture of approx. To cook 300 ml,It is advisable, to fry about 200 ml twice.2 preparation mixes,Take 2 servings.1 dose per day,Take 1 hour after breakfast and dinner.

【Effectiveness】 Soothe the liver and camp,Clear heat and n?sore stomach,Do you regulate the qi and f?change blood circulation.

[Case]Li,m?namely,51 years old,First visit on 19. July 1982.Two years ago the patient often had dull pains in the stomach.heal.Bulge after eating,No pantothens?ure,I feel loud sometimesBad appetite,Loose chairs and knots,The tongue coating is thin, yellow and greasy, and the red coating sch?ls off.The pulse train is thin.Have a history of bronchiectasis,History of HBsAg (+).A gastroscopic examination 3 days ago showed that the mucous membrane of the stomach antrum was pale,congestion of the pylorus.Diagnosis: atrophic gastritis.Pathology report: (pylorus antrum) atrophic gastritis,With intestinal metaplasia.The st?Long-term use of Western medicine has no effect.Differentiate this syndrome as liver burn, which penetrates the stomach.Gastric function testtion,Qi machine is out of luckStay hot long? and wet,Stomach yin is crappy?digt.The proposed recipe r?umt W?rme ab and n?hears yin,Regulate qi and stomach.After 2 weeks of treatment with the above,The stomach pain is gradually increasing?ugly,There is still Gastric bl?hungerBurp,Do you add Oldenlandia diffusa to the sp?additional use above.After about half a year, the symptoms basically disappeared,Appetite and stool are normal,The tongue has turned pale redThe SCH?loin moss is all?grown ugly.Fried Atractylodes macrocephala, ger?constant astragalus root, Pinellia ternata, etc. until the 9th Aug 1983 added above.checking the gastroscope: the mucous membrane of the gastric antrum is slightly rough,Red and white,Main?really red,Pyloric circle; Diagnosis: surfacechlich atrophic gastritis; Pathology report: atrophic “antral” gastritis.Followed until 1986,Stable condition,No obvious complaints.Gastroscopy in September 1986: superficialcommon atrophic gastritis,No pathological examination was performed.

[Notes]This recipe is made by adding and subtracting Xiao Chai Hu Tang and Yiguan Jian.Fangzhong Bupleurum, red whitee Peony root soothes liver death, fried Scutellaria baicalensis, L?wenzahn, Scutellaria barbata, to cool the heatren, Moutan bowl, Falling rocks, to cool the blood and to f?turn, Northern adenophora, Ophiopogon japonicus n?hears stomach and yin, Guangmuxel, Porcelain, Zhigancao regulates qi and stomach.


27.Zhao Jinduo Yishen Yangwei soup

【Recipe】 Ligustrum lucidum 15g,Eclipta prostrata 15g,Chinese wolfberry 12g,Cistanche cistanche 10g,Angelica 12g,Yu Liren 9g,Lemon peel 12g,Gallus gallus domesticus 6g,20 g yam,Polygonatum 12g,Raw licorice 6g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day.

[Effectiveness]Regulate your Qi, to find happinessrdern.

[Fall]Wu,Female,43 years old.Stomach constipation for 30 years,Lately the pain is doublingIf you eat fatty, you’ll throw up.Don’t eat too much.Pale,Dizziness,Tiredness and shortness of breath,Palpitations,Chills with cold limbs?en,Dry mouth and don’t want to drink,Drinking water is dry,H?frequency of urination,Light color and thin quality?t,Dry stool,Difficulty and difficult.The tongue is light and the fur is thin and white.The pulse drops and z?keeps weak.The diagnosis was made as atrophic gastritis, Chlorhydria and iron deficiency?mie diagnosed.It is clinically identified as a lack of kidney yin and yang, loss of spleen health.Governance should be consolidated sequentially.Take care of yourself,To help transport the spleen.Vote above.Take 7 doses of the above medicine,Free chair,Abdominal stretch is reduced,Still satisfiedThin whiteit fur and pale tongue,See peeling,The pulse drops and z?keeps weak.Add 5g Baikouren to the front,Magnolia blossom 9g.After taking the drug, improved spirits,All symptoms have improved.The original recipe goes to Cistanche, Yu Liren,Add Angelica and whitee peony added for conditioning,The symptoms are gradually settling down?ugly.Then use Liujunzi Decoction and Liuwei Dihuang Decoction plus blood circulation drugs, to handle the consequences.More than a year of treatment,The symptoms are getting worse.ugly,There were no abnormalities in any of the laboratory indicators.

【Note】 Atrophic gastritis,Because of the pain in the stomachhey,The condition persists for a long timeSystemic symptoms such as At?mie, Weight loss, Fatigue and diarrhea continue to occur.The spleen is the master of the kidneys,The stomach is the heaven of the kidneys,The kidney is innateSpleen and stomach are acquired,Acquired damageIt inevitably leads to innate damage.the lead.The kidney is losing vitality?t the spleen, resulting in inadequate Kidney Yin; Water containslt no wood.Liverwood could appear premature.Why n?your kidney yin,St?strengthening of the spleen and stomach,To do the opposite of liverwood,It’s a connection which cannot be ignored in legislation.For that kind of testimonyOften add Erzhi Wan based on Yiguanjian,With double the strength of the kidneys,Combined with green mandarin peel, Turmeric and other products used to regulate the liver and relieve depression.Often works well.This certificate uses the spicy lemon peel,Instead of green skinTake it slow rather than hard to avoid injuries.All drugs match,Slowly and gradually?so that the wrath of heaven may be restored,The symptoms disappeared.


28.Zhong Xinyuan Yiqi Yangyin recipe

【Recipe】 White?er ginseng 5g,Nord five flavors 5g,Ophiopogon japonicus 9g,Chinese yam 15g,15 g whitee lentils,Dendrobium 15 g,Amomum 2 g,Gu Ya 9g,Gallus gallus domesticus 6g,Sweetwood 3g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day.

【Effectiveness】 Invigorating Qi and nourishing Yin.

[Case]Liu,m?namely,55 years old.Known for stomach problems,After a little food, the stomach h?feel full and uncomfortable.Believe and relaxBut no painDry mouth is h?ufig,The moss is thin and white,Shaojin is tender.Gastroscopy in 1984: there are sp?local and erosion points in the gastric mucosa,Diagnosed as atrophic gastritis.The disease is a lack of qi and yin and a stagnation of qi,To use Qi and Yin?listen.Vote above.Or add Adenophora, Polygonatum, Hawthorn,Or take 3 g whiteen ginseng and ged?steamed lean pork.Have been taking medicine for more than a year,Temporarily or temporarily.Gastroscopy re-examined in 1985,Atrophic gastritis gets better,See old bleeding points.After serving the top,Temporarily continued.The re-examination in the M?rz 1987 was a surfacecommon gastritis.The clinical symptoms are just dry mouth.

【Note】 Abundance of chronic stomach diseases,Caused by the decline in the lifting function.Because this case is full of qi and yin deficiency,You k?can’t rule it out?lich to relieve bl?use hangs.Gas out again,When gas is consumed, the swelling increases.And gastric juice is affected,The stomach yin is weakcher.So the treatment will be of sour and sweet?em Yin and Qi dominate.At the same time, we invest in grain sprouts, Chicken gold and other grain consumption, to find happinessrdern.Amomum villosum aromatizes moisture, f?changes the qi and relieves pain.Catching up but not stagnating.This side moves slowlyAnger regained,All symptoms are eliminated.


29Zhu Xiheng N?hearing blood and soothing gastric soup

【Recipe】 Angelica 15g,Whitee peony 15g,12 g raw rehmannia,Dendrobium 20 g,Radix Adenophora 15 g,Ophiopogon japonicus 15 g,Baizhu 10g,Sweetwood 3g,Fu Shen 12g,Turmeric 12g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

【Effectiveness】 blood n?listen and yin n?listen,Take advantage of the stomach and st?open the spleen.

[Case]Li,m?namely,40 years old.Stomach pain for more than a year,Dry mouth and thirsty,Bleeding between the Z?hens,Constipation,Loss of appetite,Light yellow,Restless at night,Burnout and Schw?che.Gastroscopically diagnosed as atrophic gastritis and mild an?mie.Was hospitalized for 3 months in a hospital in this city,Both Chinese and Western medicine,No effect,UnsettlingEspecially fear of cancer,So I came to the clinic for medical treatment.I see a red tongueMoss light,Pulse number,To get the bloodand for the decoction of the stomach plus Chuan Neem Seed 10grdern.After the medicine,Free chair,1 time in the morning,Very regularly,My thirst is greatly reducedAppetiteugly smelling,The condition is basic?really stable,Occasionally feel slight pain in the stomach.Follow-up visit: Shouyuan Fang went to Rehmannia,Add Yanhusuo 3g,After more than 2 months of treatment the symptoms resolved.

【Notes】 Atrophic gastritis is poorly treated for a long time,Moody,Dry mouth and red tongue are h?ufig,Anorexia and constipation,This is the withered blood and yin loss.”The dryness of the vegetation,Get the rainPers?similar drought,Not bloodless.”The blood in the stomach is dry,Yin fluid injury,If you do that yin n?hear m?right, do you need the blood n first?listen.Sufficient bloodThen the yin fluid recoversHealthy spleen and stomach,All symptoms k?can be eliminated.Chinese angelica and whitee peony root n?hear the blood medicine.Rehmannia glutinosa, Dendrobium, Ophiopogon japonicus and Adenophora n?hear the stomach yin.Atractylodes macrocephala and licorice n?hear the stomach and st?rken the spleen.Fushen is the first who care about the G?tter caresThe thinker is open to depressionSo use turmeric.Clinical experience,Very satisfied.


30thWang Zhenggong Xinjia Xuanfu Daizhe decoction

【Recipe】 Ming Codonopsis 12g,Dendrobium nobile 12 g,Ophiopogon japonicus 9g,Whitee peony 9g,Bergamot 4g,Inula 6g,15g on behalf of Ocher,Pregnant with wheat 30g,Zhuru 9g,Bean coating 9g,Hemp seeds 9g,Loquat?tter 6g,Chinese yam 12g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

[Effectiveness]N?hears yin and calms the liver.

[Case]Zhou,Female,28 years old,First visit on 15. M?1980.The patient was on medical tours at Haifeng Farm a year ago.Because of the discordAppearance of appetite and vomiting,Gradually vomit after eating,K?physical st?rke cannot support and reject the hospital.Income on the ward of integrated Chinese and Western medicine.After symptomatic and supportive therapy, the condition improved and was discharged.Diagnosis upon discharge: mild atrophic gastritis, functional vomiting and duodenal descending diverticulum.Soon after leaving the hospital,Vomiting again,Can only eat 50-100g per day,So that the K?body is thin,Pale,The ghost withered.Diagnosis: repeated vomiting,Less grain,Work hard,Dry stools,2-3d one line,Red tongue, less fluid,The pulse is weak and weak.Syndrome Differentiation: This is the upside down of Liver Qi.Gastric function testtion,Allm?The stomach yin was ugly worn out,Intestinal juice is boring.N?do you hear stomach yin,Hegan Jiangni.Gie?en 7 doses of the original recipe.Vomiting is less after the drug,Nagu gained weightThe mind has also improvedStool 3d line,The moss is thin and yellow the edge of the tongue is red,The pulse is still soft.Liver qi is relatively flat,Gastric vulva was not recovered,The intestinal juice is dull,Tongjiang Loss Division,Add the original hemp seeds to 15g,Add 15 g raw shouwu,7 cans.Take the above medicine for 3 weeks.The situation has improved a lot,But greasy after eating,Vomiting again,The moss is thin and red.To replenish Qi and Yin?listen,And gastric depression.Punished: Ming Codonopsis 10g,Inula 9g,15g on behalf of Ocher,Chuan Shihu 10g,Bergamot 4,5 g,10 g each of grain and malt,Bamboo Ru 10g,Ophiopogon japonicus 9g,Pinellia 9g,Gallus gallus domesticus 6g,Green calyx 3g,7 cans.Vomit,Nagu gained weightThe chair is smooth too,Get in a better moodTongue pure red,The pulse is small and stringy.Leber-Mukang is conversely stable,The spleen and stomach yin fluids gradually recovered.ugly.Shouyuan wanted to adjust the photo.Punished: Ming Codonopsis 15g,Inula 6g,代赭石 15g (煅) ,川 石斛 10g ,佛手 4g ,竹茹 9g ,白芍 9g ,谷 、 麦芽 各 15g ,鸡内金 6g ,怀 10 g yam,7 剂。

【按语】 患者 脾胃 中 气 素 亏 ,营 血 不足 ,下乡 之后 水土 不熟 ,加之 情绪 不宁 ,肝郁 不 达 ,郁 则 化 火 ,上逆 犯 脾 ,胃气 失 于 通 降 ,则 纳 食 即 吐 ; 水 谷 之 气 不能 滋生 津液 ,津 不 上 承 ,则 舌红 津 少 ,口 苦 而 干 ; 肠液 枯燥 ,则 大 便秘 结 或 栗 状 ; 脾胃 之 通 降 健 运 失常 ,水 谷 失常 无 以 滋养 脏腑 ,气血 日 衰 ,元气 益 耗 ,故 脉象 细小 无力 ,重 按 乃得。王正公 在 初诊 中 即 谓 属 胃 阴 不足 、 肝气 上逆 之 证 ,必须 滋养 胃 阴 以资 生化 ,柔肝 重镇 以 平 冲 逆。养胃 阴 之 药 避 用 滋 腻 ,降 冲 逆 须 兼 润肠 液 ,腑 浊 下行 ,胃 得 通 降。方 用 明 党参 、 怀 山药 扶 中 气 ,金 石斛 、 麦 门冬 养胃 阴 ,配以 旋覆花 、 代赭石 重镇 降逆 ,白芍 、 佛手 疏肝 理 气 ,火 麻仁 、 料 豆 衣 柔肝 而 润肠 ,怀 小 麦宁 心 和 胃 ,Zhuru and loquat leave a clear stomach ulcer.rme, to relieve vomiting.Vomiting was significantly reduced after the drug,But there are still dry lumps in the stool.In the second consultation, shouwu and hemp seeds were added, to improve the humidifying power.On the third visit, because of ?lighter food,To throw up againStill watching the previous method of addition and subtraction.After a month of treatment, he was resettled.


31.Li Liya handles the recipe from the kidney

【Recipe】 Dodder Seed 15g,Polygonatum 10 g,Evodia 10 g,Poria cocos 15g,Eucommia 10g,10 g cloves,Dendrobium 15 g,Whitee peony 15g,Codonopsis 10 g.Add aconite, Add cinnamon and dried ginger to those with kidney qi deficiency,In patients with kidney yin deficiency adenophora, Ophiopogon, Add Lycium barbarum and Rehmannia glutinosa.Add astragalus, Aconite, Radix Rehmanniae and Chinese yam added to those where both qi and yin are absent.For those with cholecystitis, add Yinchen and Scutellaria barbata,Do you combine gastric ulcer and Zw?lffectus ulcer and add Xi Lei powder.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

[Effectiveness]For the benefit of the kidney and for nutritionfrom YinSt?crack your spleen and stomach.

[Case]Liu,Female,51 years old,On 20. M?1986 saw a doctor.More than 2 years after the illness,Pale complexion,Upper abdominal stretch,Loss of appetite,Burp,Schl?frustration and tiredness,Less gas,Sore waist and knees,Chills with cold limbs?en,Diarrhea in the morning.The tongue is fat and the tongue coating is thin and white.The pulse train is thin.Gastroscopy: obstruction of the stomach lining,The gastric juice is yellow-green,Mixed with whiteen secretions,Antral mucosa colored,There are 2 thick folds on the side of the small bend,Reaching the pyloric canal,Surfacechener erosions and bleeding.Diagnosis as atrophic gastritis with mild intestinal metaplasia.The syndrome is of the Kidney Qi Deficiency type.Recipe: Dodder seeds 15g,Polygonatum 10 g,Evodia 10 g,Poria cocos 15g,Cloves 6g,Codonopsis 10 g,Dendrobium 15 g,Whitee peony 15g,Aconite 6g,Dry ginger 2g.After more than 30 doses, the above symptoms have basically disappeared.With the pan water pill in contention?ltnis above 10 g3 times each?resembledServe after 5 months.Checking the gastroscope revealed this rough mucous membrane, ?deme,At surfacecommon gastritis.

【Note】 Atrophic gastritis manifests itself pathologically as mucosal atrophy.Decreased secretion of gastric juice,Decrease the digestive and absorption functions of the stomach,There are general blacksche.Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the basis of acquired life.Kidney is the foundation of nature,The transport and chemistry of the spleen and stomach are coordinated with the function of Nagu. The continuous W?arms of kidney yang,Hence it is said that “Spleen Yang is rooted in Kidney Yang”.Zhu Nei Jing pointed out a long time ago: “The sign of the word is in the stomach,The root of 哕 is in the kidney “,Kidney,The stomach is also close.Zhang Zhicong’s physiology and pathological relationship between kidney and stomach in the Qing Dynasty had “the kidney is the stomach,His pulse is tied to the tongue”The Kidney Qi is not transferred to Yangming, but the stomach is slow “.You can see, that the up and down of the kidneys directly affects the digestive and absorbent functions of the spleen and stomach.In Erg?nzung,The kidney is a house of water and fire.Main kitchenbody fluid,The foot-Shaoyin meridians are carried by the stomach,Under normal physiological conditions K?body fluid travels along the kidneys through the stomach, so that they can?can be heard.Maintain normal physiological functions.When Kidney Yang is weakD?fuming has no strength when kidney yin is deficient,K?body fluids cannot be maintainedLoss of the stomach is considered to be atrophy.visible,The appearance, the development and the pathological ver?changes in atrophic gastritis,It is closely related to the rise and fall of kidney essence.ClinicalFor patients with atrophic gastritis,To get the kidney and yin?listen, revitalize the spleen and stomach as a basic method of treatment.On the groundCuscuta, Evodia, Eucommia ulmoides, Clove, that fills up Qi and Yang,Warm but not dry,N?hear the kidney qi, without consuming kidney yin.Help Hair and k?to grow body fluid, to do the stomach yin?listen, without stomachw?to generate rms. Polygonatum, Dendrobium and whitee peony n?hear the kidney yin.Earn money,The liquid has its source: Poria and Codonopsis invigorate the spleen and stomach.Rep?the possibility of different drugs,Erg?nzen,Benefit fully from the functions of the kidney, the yin n?hear and disturb the spleen and stomachrken.


32.Yang Zhenhua Soothing Liver and Stomach Relief Recipe

[Recipe]Bupleurum, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Angelica, Cyperus red, Poria, Malt, Corydalis, Polygonum cuspidatum, 10 g each,Whitemandrel 15g,Turmeric and zedoary 12g each,Salvia miltiorrhiza and Adenophora radix each 15g,Koptis and Sweetwood 3g each,Tian Sanqi powder 3 g (divided).

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day.

【Effectiveness】 Soothe the liver and relieve the heat in the stomach,Accompanied by silt removal.

[Case]Liu,m?namely,50 years old,First visit on Aug. September 1984.Stomach pain for half a year,In the past, the treatment effect has not been good.The gastroscope in our hospital showed atrophic gastritis (mild) and duodenitis.K?body weight loss,Tired,Burning pain in the abdomen,Fullness and discomfort,Refuse to squeezeWorse after eatingImpatient,Increase Emotional Dissatisfactionht the pain,H?frequent eruption?en,Accompanied by nauseaLoud,Bitter and dry mouth,Very bad appetite,Dry stool,Brief red urine.Red tongue, yellow coating,Pulse strings are abbreviated.The syndrome is that liver depression invades the stomach,Caused by stomach upset.over the old placePlay the method to calm the liver, W?drainage of arms from the stomach and remove congestion.The pain and swelling were reduced after the above 6 doses.Stool tone,The mouth is goneRed tongue,The moss is thin and yellowThe pulse is the same as before.After 10 doses ahead,All symptoms are significantly reduced,Increased appetite,Still swollen and painful after eating,Red tongue,Thin moss,The pulse is the same as before.The medical certificate matchesNo ?change,Go to Polygonum cuspidatum, Coptis, Bupleurum,10 g each of Jiachuan Neem and ebony plum,More than 30 cans were added,The symptoms disappeared.Zongfang entered or ingested Xiaoyao pills and Danshen compound tablets for half a year.On the 7th December 1985 he was again by gastroscopy and pathology as superficialexamined gastritis.

[Notes]This case is that it?chilled heat syndrome of liver and stomach discord,Although there is no obvious evidence of congestion,The addition of Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Tiansanqi, Turmeric and other blood-activating and stasis-relieving medicines used to treat the symptom of calming the liver and worm?rmeabgabe can increase the blood flow to the L?improve sion.Contribution to the L?solving symptoms and transforming and repairing L?sions.Hence, it is effective for clinical use.The gastroscopy has also improved significantly.In Erg?nzung,Yang Zhenhua treats patients with spleen and stomach deficiencies and Erk?ltung, Qi stagnation and moisture as well as clogging of the stomach collaterals.Erw?warm the moisture formula, to invigorate the spleen.Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Atractylodes, Malt, Zedoary, Magnolia officinalis 10 g each,6 g each of safflower, Liquorice and evodia,Amomum 5 g,Whitemandrel 15g,3 g dried ginger,Tian Sanqi powder 3g (to be swallowed twice).In patients with liver and gastric yin deficiency, Spleen Deficiency and Qi Stagnation To f?turn, n?listen to yin and soothe the liver.10 g medicinal moutan bark, knowe peony, Dendrobium, Ophiopogon, Radix Rehmanniae, Ebony, Radix ginseng and turmeric white?mandrel, Salvia and malt each 15g,Chinese wolfberry 12g,Citrus Aurantium and Frankincense 6g each,Sweetwood 3g,Panax Notoginseng powder 3g (divide).


33.Zhu Shengliang Ping Wei Tang No. 1

【Recipe】 Huoxiang stem 10g,Perilla stem 10g,Baizhu 10g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,3 slices of ginger,Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 10g,L?wenzahn 15g,Chuanxiong 10 g,Xiangfu 10 g,Corydalis 10 g,Turmeric 10 g,Coix seeds 15g,Honeycomb 10g,Codonopsis 15 g,Sweetwood 6g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day,1 time in the morning and in the evening.

【Effectiveness】 st?Strengthen the spleen and regulate the qi and stomach.

[Case]Zhou,m?namely,29 years old.At 19. In December 1987 endoscopic pathology diagnosed chronic atrophic gastritis with slight intestinal metaplasia (03418).Symptoms of stomach pain and fullness for more than 3 years,Pain has no rulesEat less, Chest tightness,Wrong chairs,bitter,Burp.Pulse small string,The moss is thin and greasy.After more than 4 months of serving, all clinical symptoms disappeared.Gastroscopic examination on 30. May 1988: The stomach lining was under bare?em eye normal, the pathology showed: superficialinflammation of the sinus lining.

  【Notes】 The cause of atrophic gastritis in young people is mainlyby factors of the living environment, emotional factors, etc. caused.Irregular Ern?aching spleen and stomach,All diseases are born.Spiritual Activity?t has a bigInfluence on the “acceptance” and “transformation” functions of the spleen and stomach.The treatment focuses on the liver and spleen.Medicines are based on the principle that the liver powder for nutrition?nutrition and stomach drugs for nutritiontakes.So got good results.Appendix: Zhu Shengliang Pingwei Decoction No. Ⅱ,Medicinal Su stem 10g,Huojing 10 g,Baizhu 10g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Guizhi 10g,Coptis 6 g,Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 10g,Chuanxiong 10 g,Turmeric 10 g,Baiko 15g,Codonopsis 12 g,Astragalus 15g,3 jujubes,3 slices of ginger,Sanyu 10 g,Sweetwood 3g,Blood flow f?Adjust the qi and stomach.


34.Liang Naijin Modified Golden Buddha Pain Relief

  【Recipe】 Taizi Ginseng 30g,Whitee peony 30g,L?wenzahn 30g,Adenophora 15 g,Ophiopogon japonicus 15 g,Whitemandrel 15g,Turmeric 15g,Bergamot 15g,Corydalis 15 g,Wulingzhi 15g,Dragon blood 3g,3 g at the end of the Panax Notoginseng (other beat),Artificial Bezoar 1g (optional).

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day,Take 2 servings.

[Effectiveness]Qi f?tearing and removing silt,N?listen to yin and remove heat.

[Case]Huang,Female,62 years old,Retired Cadre.Repeatedly for 10 years because of abdominal pain,First visit on Jan. M?March 1993.10 years ago the patient suffered h?Frequently suffering from stomach pain due to bad mood.Obviously after dinnerIt is painful,With eruption?en,As soon as the gastroscope as a surfacediagnosed with gastritisDo you often take western medicine pepsin, Stomach?Decoction and traditional Chinese medicine decoction treatment,But the symptoms left?en not after.The pain in the stomachhalls have been increasing lately.Sometimes there is a burning sensationDry mouth.After fiber gastroscopy and pathological biopsy, the diagnosis was atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia.The tongue is dark red less runny and less mossy.Thin pulse.Chinese medicine diagnoses stomach pain,The differentiation of the syndrome is qi stagnation and blood stagnation fever.Inadequate stomach yin.To heal qi and remove silt,N?listen to yin and remove heat.The recipe is as above.Take 7 doses in a row,Stomach painen after,No burning sensationIncreased appetite.After that, the original recipe was added and subtracted for 1 year.All symptoms are eliminated,The re-examination of the fiber gastroscopy and the pathological biopsy was found to be superficial.diagnosed gastritis.There was no gastric gland atrophy and no intestinal metaplasia.

[Notes]Atrophic gastritis in this case is a chronic superficial one.gastric injurynourishment and unhealed development.And because of the long-lasting qi,Involve blood,The obstruction of qi and blood leads to gastric collateral stasis.In the “Clinical Guidelines Medical Records” it meanst it: “Everything has been blocked for a long time,Blood should be sick tooThe trajectory of the cycle is self-oil?hymn,And the spicy scent regulates the qi,Xin and the Law of Blood,It is inevitable.”Liang Naijin’s patriarchal clan system created a flavored golden Buddha analgesic.Use turmeric, Bergamot, Yanhusuo, Wulingzhi, Dragon blood, Tiansanqi and other medicines for F?change of qi and blood circulation, to promote the circulation of qi and bloodrdern.Dissipate constipation,Let the blood of the camp flow?en,The silt l?stand upLuo Tong relieves pain.Certificate in Pharmacology of Chinese Medicine,The drug for F?change of qi, to the F?The change in blood circulation and the elimination of blood stasis not only have an analgesic effect.It can also regulate blood circulation,Inhibit pathogens and inflammation,Inhibiting abnormal tissue proliferation,To reverse gastric membrane atrophy, you should prevent intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia.Long-term clinical observation enabled Liang Naijin,It is found that the disease mostly with deficiency and excess? is mixed,Therefore, the treatment of the underlying disease takes place simultaneously with “Through”,Remedial method must be usedIn common to erg?nzen,Tonic and Tonic.The stomach is yang earth,The yin and yang are biasedTake yin deficiency as moreTherefore, Adenophora adenophorum, Ophiopogon japonicus, Radix Paeoniae Alba etc. used, to breed stomach yin.L?wenzahn, artificial bezoar to relieve the standing heat.Because of the mutual root between yin and yang,The yin and the liquid of the stomach k?can biochemical of the vitality?t depends on the spleennong.Hence Tai Zi Shen is used, to replenish Qi and produce Yin.All medication go?together,Execute the force the qi to f?to remove rags and silt, to replenish the qi and to n?listen, W?Eliminate arms and detox.Therefore, good results have been obtained.In Erg?nzung,Liang Naijin’s recipe for st?strengthening of the spleen and stomach for the swellingspleen and the weakenedreal stomach,Medical use: Codonopsis pilosula 30g,Baizhu 15g,Pinellia ternata 15g,Fructus Aurantii 15g,Bergamot 15g,Shichangpu 12g,Woody 12g (back bottom),Su Jing 12g,Bupleurum 12g,Scutellaria 12g,Coptis 12 g,Orange peel 6g.


35.Cardinal Chen Furu

【Recipe】 Cimicola 6g,Bupleurum 3g,Fructus Aurantii 12g,Pinellia 15g,Magnolia 15g,Woody 6g,Mandarin peel 12g,Betel nut 10g.

【Use】 1 dose per day,Boil twice in the morning and in the evening,Two months are one treatment.

【Effectiveness】 st?strengthening of the spleen and stomach,Remove moisture and silt.

[Case]Li,m?namely,56 years old,First visit on 21. July 1989.Stomach pain for 20 years,Not cured after long-term treatment with Chinese and Western medicine.H?frequent stomach pain in the past 3 years.After fiber gastroscopy and pathological tissue biopsy in a particular st?German hospital in April 1986 and May 1989 Diagnosis as chronic atrophic gastritis (active phase,Mig).Gastric bl?aches and pains,Bored,H?frequent eruption?en,The chair is loose and small,It will be difficult from time to time.The tongue is pale red with bruises on the sides, and the fur is white and greasy.The pulse train is slim.The differentiation of the syndrome is a lack of the spleen and stomach.Moisture and blood stasis,You lift?tion.To heal the spleen and stomachRemove moisture and silt.Go to the top of the orange peel and tangerine peel,Add astragalus 15 g, Atractylodes 15 g, Atractylodes 15 g, Corydalis 10 g, Turmeric 10 g and ger?constant sweet?wood 3 g.1 dose t?resembledDecoction in water.After taking 15 doses of the drugstomach pain and bl?hangs are significantly reduced,Belchingen intercropping,He?hunger in food intake,Smooth chair.The medicine was sickIncrease and loss at the top of the clan,Treated for half a yearAre all symptoms complete?thoroughly understoodThe weight gain concerns?gt 12 kg.Gastroscope and pathological tissue biopsy in a hospital in February 1990,No anomalies,W?No recurrence was noted during the follow-up examination.

【Note】 The pathogenesis of chronic gastritis,The clinical manifestations are complex,Through long-term research into chronic gastritis, Chen Furu recognized that, if pathogenic factors on the K?affect the body,Only if there are pathological ver?there are changes, like the failure of the spleen and stomach cardinal and the st?tion of lifting,Leads to the appearance of spleen and stomach diseases.If L?sions occur,It also manifests mainly?as cardinal failure,You lift?tion.What leads to cloudinessMetabolic wastelle k?cannot be disposed of in good time.Phase is cause and effect,Do you speed up the development of L?sions.According to the main pathogenesis of chronic gastritis,The basic healing is to the F?restore the ability of the spleen and stomach, the clarity to f?and reduce the turbidity.Heal the cause.Chronic atrophic gastritis,In low or none S?ure,Bacteria and viruses are easy to multiply,And co-infection.On the basis of governance,Add 1 to 2 antipyretic and detoxifying drugs as appropriate, which are very targeted and don’t destroy the stomach?ren.How L?wenzahn, wild chrysanthemum etc.A small amount of Coptis (3 g) can also be used.In rare F?it can w?drain and detoxify arms.It can also bitter and invigorate the stomach,It plays an erg?important role in the treatment of chronic gastritis as well as in the pr?vention and treatment of combined infections.In Erg?nzung,Care should be taken during treatment whether the patient has an unobstructed stool.For patients with chronic gastritis,As soon as the organs are not ventilated,Bad bowel movements,Suitable, to add a laxative to treatment,Do you use rhubarb for hot?e node,Citrus aurantium and betel nut are used for Qi stagnation.Keep the chair smooth,F?useful for the lifting and lowering functions of the spleen and stomach,Can greatly improve effectiveness.


36.Zhuang Zhaokun Pain and Diarrhea Basic Recipes

【Recipe】 Baizhu 18g,Whitee peony 12g,Chenpi 9g,Windproof 12g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Bupleurum 10 g,Ume 10g,Codonopsis 10 g,Coix seeds 15g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembledTake twice in the morning and twice in the evening.

【Effectiveness】 Prop up the ground and hold back the wood,And the stomach helps with transportation.

[Case]Li,m?namely,51 years old.Complaints of irregular upper abdominal pain with fullness in the chest and flanks,Chair 7-8 times a day,The appetite decreased significantly,But no symptoms of H?matemesis, Melena and low fever,An?mie,The surfacelocal lymph nodes are not palpated,No rash on the K?skin,The sclera is not yellow.Heart and lungs (-),Soft belly,1,5 cm below the edge of the liver,3,5 cm under the sword,Spleen(-),There was no ?that in the lower limb?en.Laboratory examination: normal blood and urine routine,Chair is loose and mushy,Liver function is normal.The analysis of gastric juice showed a low stomach?ure on.Gastroscopy was diagnosed as chronic atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia.Oral monkey mushroom, Metoclopramide, Gentamicin and other medicines,The effect is not good.7 to 8 times t?resembled because of diarrhea,And invited Zhuang Zhaokun for a consultation.First visit: the patient’s thoughts are heavy,Moody,Both chests are uncomfortableInflatehen,If you have belching?see Do you feel comfortable,Relieved abdominal pain after defecation,Pain is diarrheaLoose chairs,Sometimes I feel myself falling analNo pus or blood.Shaorong,Red tongue,The pulse train is thin.The symptom is the liver tree, that increases the spleen,Go against the stomach.To heal the ground and hold back the woodAnd the stomach helps with transportation.Recipe for pain and diarrhea,Add 10 g of Fructus Aurantii each, Bupleurum, Wumei and Codonopsis added.Coix seeds 15g.Take more than 10 doses in a row.The fever is greatly reduced.W?During the follow-up visit, the patient is instructed to Take astragalus and mushrooms, to improve immune function.

[Notes]Atrophic gastritis go?rt to the extent of the TCM stomach pain.The stomach is the sea of waterTo lower the price of harmonyToday the liver is outhe operation,Offend the stomach and multiply the spleen,Extension,Abdominal pain and diarrhea caused byTo treat the liver and spleen with pain and diarrhea,All symptoms of diarrhea are eliminated,The food intake increased sharply.


37.Zhao Shaoqin Xuanfu Daizhe decoction ge?changes

[Recipe]inula flower 10g,10 g ocher (first roast),10 g each for green and mandarin peel,Cicada scales 6g,Whitee dead silkworm 10g,Sliced turmeric 6g,Fried Fructus Aurantii 6g,Angelica dahurica 6g,Windproof 6g,Mao and reed root 10g each.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day,Take 1 time every morning and evening.

【Effectiveness】 Soothe the liver and reduce the side effects,Set the air machine.

[Case]stomach pain for more than 5 years,Gastroscopy was considered superficialdiagnosed gastritis.Stomach pain after eating the present disease,Uncomfortable burping?en,Full abdominal expansion,The complexion is dull and blotchy.The pulse chain is thin and heavyRed tongue,Whitethere moss.Differentiation of liver depression over a long period of time,Go against the stomach.First use the air conditioning method,The stomachache h?rten after the drug gradually?ugly on.Consciously poor digestion,The Magenh?hull gets full after dinner,Uncomfortable burping?en,The pulse is still falling.Still use the air conditioner.Chuan Neem seeds 6g,Corydalis 6g,Su Ye 10g,Huoxiang 10 g,Xiangfu 10 g,Fried Fructus Aurantii 6g,Bitter platycodon 10g,Jiao Sanxian 10 g each,Water saffron seeds 10g,Rhubarb 1g.After 7 doses the abdominal pain is healed,The abdominal expansion is also reduced.Consciously lethargy.The pulse is thinAccording to Shen Ru,Red tongue and whiteit fur.Unclear liver and gall bladder moisture,Still use the liver and gallbladder removal method.Nepeta charcoal 10g,Windproof 6g,Chuan Neem seeds 6g,Corydalis 6g,Fried Shan Zhi 6g,Yinchen 10 g,Perrin 10 g (lower back),Huoxiang 10 g (lower part),Jiao Sanxian 10 g each,Water saffron seeds 1g.After 7 cans of Schl?frizziness is significantly reduced,Improved spirits,Just the lower limb?en are tired and weak,Dry stools.Liver and gall bladder w?rme is getting?ugly reduced,Still use the original page, to move forward and retreat.Perrin 10 g (lower back),Huoxiang 10 g (lower part),Su Ye 10g,10 g each for green and mandarin peels,Fried Shan Zhi 6g,Yinchen 10 g,Jiao Sanxian 10 g each,Water saffron seeds 10g,Thick belly skin 10g,Betel nut 10g,Rhubarb 3g.After 7 doses The stool is dry and hard,Start once a week.Ver?annoyed and toleratedumt,Stomach pain and swelling are all cured,The mind is good too.Stagnation and heat of the liver gall bladder have long beenIt’s ChangxiaHey? and wet,Are you still using the Qinghua wet bulb?rmemethod.Yinchen 10 g,Gardenia 6g,Bupleurum 10 g,Scutellaria 6g,Chuan Neem seeds 6g,Perrin 10 g (lower back),Huoxiang 10 g (lower part),Thick belly skin 10g,10 g each for green and mandarin peel,Talc 10g,Rhubarb 5g.Stool smooth after medicine,Good food and sleep,Pulse and tongue as usual,Stomach pains never occurred,Then the drug was stopped for observation.And asked him careworth eating,take more exercise,To improve the k?physical fitness.

【Note】 stomach pain for more than 5 years,Repeated use of Chinese and Western medicines is not effective.According to Zhao Shaoqin’s impulse symptoms such as falling strings, Belchingen and colorful complexion it is broken for a long time because of liver qi stagnation,Go against the stomach.Throw in an air regulator for lifting and spreading.To relieve liver depression,The effect of pain relief.And after the first visit, the Magenh?hle never appeared again.Dialectical: The Shen Xian pulse condition is a typical pulse condition of liver depression.The pulse is fallingI know?, that it’s angerThe cord regulates liver depression,His complexion is also a sign of qi stagnation.This sign is h?more common among introverts,People, who like to sulkWomen are h?more often,Treat it from the stagnation of the liver.The use of windproof drugs in the prescription,Deeper,A dehumidification,The so-called moisture,Help the wind to calm him down the second is to rise the sun.He?hen you Qingyang, to f?turn, three should calm the liver,Wind medicine uses sharp,Is the joy of the liverThe so-called “Liver Yu San,”Easy to eat and distribute” too.Traditional pain relievers are not used in the prescription,And those relieve the pain,Governance is at the root.


38.Zhai Jisheng Lianggui Hewei soup

【Recipe】 Evodia 3g,Coptis 10 g,Magnolia 10g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Black medicine 10g,Guangui 6g,Ginger 6g,Lotus leaf 6g,Bergamot 12g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

【Effectiveness】 st?rk the spleen and w?warm your stomach,Smooth qi.

[Case]Bi Mou,Female,55 years old,First visit on Jan. April 1992.The Magenh?hle has had recurrent swelling and pain for more than 10 years.Intensified in spring and autumn.There’s no obvious pain patternMade a gastroscope to surfaceshow likely gastritis.Taking Chinese and Western medicines,Symptom relief is not obvious.The symptoms have worsened in the last 1 years,Pantothens?ure,Fear of K?lte,How hote drinknke,Hiccup,Bad Ern?leadership,Both sides are full and uncomfortableSticky mouth,Bad stool.Bright red tongue, thin whiteit fur,The pulse train is thin.Zhai Jisheng considered liver depression and spleen deficiency,To the stomach?uremethod availablermen,Fu Lianggui Hewei decoction with Zhebei, calcined corrugated cardboard and long pepper.After taking 7 doses Symptoms are significantly reduced,Stomach painen after,Targeted,Abdominal stretch is reduced,Reduced pantothens?ure,Still cold in the stomachheal.Add roses and salvia, about the effect of the regulation of Qi and F?change in blood circulationrken.After 7 more doses the symptoms basically disappeared,Awareness is goodThe Magenh?hle is comfortable,Good Dit.To consolidate the effectiveness,Continue to use the original 5 doses, to restore power.

【Note】 Zhai Jisheng,A native of Yiyuan County, Shandong,Chief doctor.He was accepted as a student by Mr. Shi Jinmo in the 1930s.Under her husband’s teaching for decades,Study hardShi Jinmo’s rich experience and academics inherited,And some innovations and improvements.Lianggui Hewei decoction is the basic recipe in Zhai Jisheng’s medical case.Fangzhong’s Evodia is a little dryIt can affect the stomach and liver.rmen,Can it also stagnate?open, Coptidis has bitter k?lte and gives W?curb the drought of Evodia, the reps?equality of the two drugs relieves bitterness,Also known as Zuojinwan.Magnolia officinalis and Fructus Aurantii k?can fallWarm and breathlessDehumidification and dehumidification,It has a good effect on the regulation of the qi flow.Wuyao, Liangjiang, Guangui spicy scent is warm,It has the function to agitate the stomachrmen and Erk?to drive out To relieve pain and to?open.The lotus leaf and bergamot smellTo regulate the qi in the stomach,It has a particularly good effect on gastric stagnation syndrome.The entire recipe underscores the clinically magical effect of “easy, but not firmly “.


39.Hu Yongsheng Homemade Hewei Soup

【Recipe】 Codonopsis 15g,Baizhu 10g,Poria cocos 15g,Ger?constant liquorice 10g,Guangmuxiang 5g,Safflower 5g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

【Effectiveness】 tonic without stagnation,Go without breakingManage the spleen and help the stomach.

[Fall]Cao,m?namely,36 years old.For 4 years the stomach area has had dull aches and pains,In good times and in crime, especially when you are tired or unsure?lten,Pale complexion,Tired K?rper,Limbs are not warmReversal of gas choking,Not eating enoughPalpate the abdominal area for softness.Pale tongue,The pulse is weak.Gastroscopic as chronic superficialdiagnosed atrophic gastritis.The differentiation of the syndrome is gastric insufficiency and Erk?lungs pain.Put the original recipe from Hewei Tang.Healed after taking 8 doses continuously.

【Note】 Heweitang is based on Sijunzitang,Support Zhongqi,Adjust the spleen and stomach.Most patients with epigastric pain, that occur in the clinic, however, last a long time.Time is easy and time is hardNot cured for several years.The stomach and fu organs carry three meals a day.No rest and quietL?longer lengthsions,The Qi loses its balanceBlood lost its balanceAs a result, qi and blood stagnate,Even endogenous ulcers,The pain is endless.


40Qi Jingru Buzhong Yimu Calming Recipe

[Recipe]Taizi Ginseng 10g,Poria 10 g,山药 10g ,Angelica 10g,Whitee peony 10g,10 g mandarin peel,10 g date seeds,Yejiaovine 15g,Angelica 5g,Sweetwood 3g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day.

[Effectiveness]tonic and suppress wood,N?hear the mind and calm the mind.

[Case]Liu,m?namely,37 years old.Magenbl?hunger and pain for almost 5 years,Gastroscopy as a chronic superficialdiagnosed gastritis.Take Liansu Yin, Wendan decoction, Chaihu Shugan powder and other recipes one after the other,However, stomach pain still occurs from time to time.Irregular pain,Include two threatsAccording to the rules,Looks yellow and tiredVer?annoyed and irritable,Pain in the back of the head,Sleep soundly at night.Red tongue, thin whiteit fur,The pulse is slow and soft with small strings in the guan part.Liverwood cut stomach,Damaged in the gas?digt,It shouldn’t heal the liverWhen taking yangming.After 5 doses the number of stomach pain episodes is significantly reduced,Sleep better at night.The original recipe goes back to seeds and night vines,Add 10 g Baizhu and 3 g Amomum villosum.Treated for 2 months,The stomach pain disappeared.

【Note】 Stagnation of the liver attacks the stomach,Kvarri,Stomach qi must be weak,If you are taking a liver sedative You should not,It should be on the add?useful center based.Such patients have symptoms of liver and stomach stagnation, like stomachache, Expansion of the two sides and worsening of emotional depression.There are also signs of a deficiency such as swelling, that do not heal for a long time Joy of printing, Lack of food, mental fatigue, etc.Hence the ancients said, “The liver should not be cured.”Take Yangming”.This case go?rt about this card.Taizi Ginseng, Poria, Chinese yams invigorate the spleen and the Qi n?hear?maintenance of the anti-liver tree, Angelica, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Ziziphus, Yejiaoteng n?hears blood and ying,N?hear the mind and calm the mind.All drugs match,Restore the spleen and stomach,Liver and stomach coordination,Then the evidence of Yuk-Boden disappeared.


41.Shi Guangji Wenwei decoction and Huahan Dan

  (1) Wenwei soup

【Recipe】 Angelica 15g,Whitee peony 15g,Guizhi 10g,Aconite 6g,10 g dried ginger,Magnolia 6g,Cangzhu 15 g,Peach stone 10g,Safflower 6g,Fried Fructus Aurantii 6g,Poppy seed bowl 6g,Evodia 10g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

[Effectiveness]adult?rm and drive out of K?lte,Revitalize the blood circulation,To get qi and moistureturn,Besides swelling and pain relief.

  (2) Huahan pill

【Recipe】 White?he pepper 15g,90 g dried ginger,Ginger 60g,Cinnamon 60g,Pepper 15g,15 g fried citrus aurantium,Make Xiangfu 30g,Poppy seed bowl 30g.

【Application】 The drug is OK and OK,Use rice dough as a pill,Like the size of a soybeanPut it in a cool and dry place and dry it completely?from.Put it in the bottle and seal it?en it for the sp?use.5 pills every time3 times t?resembled.Serve after 7 days He?ask for 1 pill every timeIncrease day by day,After taking, until the stomach feels warm and feverish,Take 1 pill every timeLose weight day by day,Still reduced to 5 tablets,Then continue to serve until the end.

[Effectiveness]adult?rm and drive out of K?lte,Zhenyang helps happiness.

[Case]Liu,m?namely,52 years old,Squad,First visit on Jan. September 1997.Main complaint: For more than 20 years, when the Magenh?hey is painful.History: The pain in the stomach?hle started in 1955.Repeated treatment and repeated offenses.Chronic gastritis was diagnosed in western medicine in 1969.After treatment with traditional Chinese and Western medicine everywhere,Stomach pains keep getting worse.The patient was thinPale complexion,An?mie showLack of energy,There are obvious sensitive areas in the upper abdomen,Stomach pains are mild and severe,Recurring,Eat 150 ~ 200g per day,No pantothens?ure,Chair like sheep dung,Cold limbs.Pale tongue, knowit fur,The pulse is tight.Western medicine diagnosis: chronic gastritis with a slight ulcer.Differentiation of the TCM syndrome: lack of spleen and stomach,Cold condensing qi stagnates.Treatment method: warm stomach and K?to dispel lte,Stagnation,Unlock the chair.Recipe: Wenwei decoction.Korean ginseng 10g,15 g raw whitee peony,Angelica 20g,Guizhi 20g,20 g dried ginger,Aconite 6g,Evodia 6g,Cangzhu 15 g,Peach stone 10g,Safflower 6g,Magnolia 6g,Fried Fructus Aurantii 6g,10 g poppy seed bowl,Alcohol rhubarb 10g.After taking the above 3 doses,Pain in the stomachhalls are reduced,The Ern?currency increasesThe remaining evidence is the sameThe top poppy seed bowl is reduced to 6 g.After taking the above 6 doses,Pain in the stomachhalls are significantly reduced,Normal bowel movements,Go upstairs to drink rhubarb.After 21 doses, pain in the stomachheh vanished,The food intake increased to approx. 500g per day,Weight gain more than 1 kg,The complexion is r?become normalGive 1 dose of Hua Han Dan,Take good care of yourself.Visited in February 1978,K?physical fitness,The weight increased from 45 kg to 60 kg.The stomach disease did not recur.

【Note】 In this case, due to chronic gastritis, spleen and stomach injuries,Lack of blood,As a result, the K?rper thin, the spleen is weak for a long time,Hurt the spleen yang,Line fault,Then constipation.The main recipe is Wenwei Decoction,He?hen the dosage of guizhi and dried ginger.To the power of the adult?to increase the yanghen, receivedcheck the dosage of Angelica,Erh?hen the wine rhubarb,Add Korean ginseng, about the vitality?t to st?rken.To help Qi and Fu Lei,Restore Yang Qi,A lack of spleen is healthy,All evidence is self-healing.


42.Zhao Qingqing Jiawei Chaihu Shugan San

【Recipe】 Bupleurum 12g,Whitee peony 15g,Citrus Aurantium 12g,Magnolia 12g,Clove 12g,Cloves 6g,Green bowl 12g,Gallus gallus domesticus 12g,Sweetwood 3g,3 slices of ginger,6 red dates.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

【Effectiveness】 Soothe the liver and relieve depression,Regulate the qi and stomach.

【Fall】 Shen,Female,53 years old,First visit on Nov. April 1991.The patient has a history of gastric disease,A few months ago I had a stomach ache with him because of my horn,Even the two threats are linked,Gastroscopy has chronic superficialshown gastritis.Have treated Chinese and Western medicine,The condition is mild and severeThe delay?nourishment has not healed.The Magenh?The patient’s whole was full of swelling and pain.Combine the two threatsInconclusive?ability,H?frequent eruption?en,Appetite.Pale tongue, thin whiteit fur,The pulse train is thin.This is a stagnation of the liver qi.Evidence of a stomach injury,Treat the Liver and Relieve Depression,Regulate qi and stomach.Vote above.Take 3 doses of medicine,Pain reduction,Still losing your appetite.Add 12 grams of Divine Comedy and 15 grams of malt.6 more cans,Zhu Zheng Xiping.To consolidate the effectiveness,He also asked him To take Xiangsha Yangwei pills, to regulate the consequences.Healed for more than a month.For half a year there was no repeat in the follow-up examination.

[Notes]The source of various diseases, Rhinoceros, said: “stomach pain,B?se dry gastrointestinal disease is also. but the liver gas is especially worse.Sexual violence with liverwood,And also Zhengke.”The abdominal pain of the original suffering is the reversal of the liver qi.Caused by the stomach and spleen.Zhao Qingqing advocated that drugs shouldn’t be rigid,It is not suitable to get tiredTherefore, use Chaihu Shugan powder, at Chuanxiong Pak, Qingpi, Clove, Gallus gallus domesticus etc. to remove and soothe the liver and stomach Sharp but not dry,Regulate the qi, without hurting the yin.So that the liver depression is comfortable,Pain k?can be stoppedIt also regains strength by stinging the stomachrkt and supports the transport.


43.Pan Cheng Lian a small chest and Ju Yue Wan

【Recipe】 Coptis 10g,Ginger Pinellia 12g,12g whole melon,Make 10g of Xiangfu,Cangzhu 10 g,Heishan Zhi 10g,Citrus Aurantium 10g,Poria cocos 15g,Corydalis 10 g,Chuanxiong 10 g,Ger?steady liquorice 6g.

[Use]decoction,Serve 1 dose every day t?resembled.

【Effectiveness】 L?sheds moist heat and midrange.

[Case]Wang,m?namely,48 years old.Often complained of discomfort in the upper abdomen after eating,Belchings pain between,It’s been more than 2 years since the disease broke outMore than excitement or by K?lte aggravated.The k?physical exam has moderate seriousnessleadership,The stomach is soft with intestines?wash.The tongue coating is slightly yellow and greasy,The pulse is sp?t.Fiber gastroscopy revealed superficialcheek gastritis,The biopsy reported inflammation of the mucous membranes.The syndrome is a damp heat block in the stomach, Qi-St?tion,It is intended to be used as a means of eliminating damp water.rme and used to neutralize qi.As above,After 15 doses the upper abdominal pain has subsided?rt,Relief from bastard,The tongue coating becomes thin and greasy,The pulse is slow.Then subtract Yanhusuo and Chuanxiong from the original square.Add codonopsis, Baizhu, etc. added.Go in and out with the cardKeep serving more than 50 cans.All symptoms resolved and the drug was discontinued.

【Note】 From the perspective of clinical manifestations It can be assumed that surfacechal gastritis a symptom of damp heat blockage in the stomach and qi-st?tion is.Rhizoma coptidis from Xiaoxianxiong decoction will h?often used, at W?remove rme and reduce inflammation.Ginger pinellia moisture to relieve phlegm,The whole melon is greased for decoction.Although the drug is not severe,Can get into the stomachCleans moist heat,Eliminate frills,It is, in fact, a good recipe for mucosal inflammation.In this case it will be every time when it gets worse because of emotions,It h?Obviously related to qi stagnation.Because of the long illness,Weak stomach,Hence, Ju Yue Wan is used, to regulate the qi machine.You can see, that after the abdominal pain is gone,Switch to the four gentlemen to invigorate the stomach and help the center, break the rest.


44.Liao Jinbiao Zhigancao decoction

[Recipe]12 g each.constant liquorice and dendrobium,Codonopsis, Radix Rehmanniae, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Whitespike 15 g each,Ejiao (Yuanhua), Ophiopogon japonicus, Lily, Bergamot tablets 10 g each,7 jujubes.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose per day,Once in the morning and once in the evening.

【Effectiveness】 Invigorate the Qi and f?change the blood.Spleen yin n?listen.

[Case]Liu,m?namely,37 years old,At 16. Seeking a doctor in September 1984.Stomach pain and illness,8 years,R?ntgen barium meal perspective suggests chronic gastritis,Gastric juice analysis is low stomach?ure,Gastroscopy was superficialcommon gastritis.The evidence showed that the chest?how fire burnedPain,Burp,Dry mouth,Schl?to get frig and easily tired,Mentally withered,Doorge limbs,K?body weight loss,Dizziness and insomnia,Dry stool,One line for 2 ~ 3d.Pulse lowering and covering,The tongue is r?daily and dry.The differentiation of the syndrome is a lack of qi and blood.Insufficient spleen yin.After taking 7 doses as above, there is pain in the stomach.heal like fire and has ceased?rt.The remaining certificates are gradually increasing.ugly from.After adding and subtracting this side,Serve 3 months,More than 90 cans in total,The symptoms go away completely?ndig,The Ern?currency increases,Weight gain,Finally recovered.

【Note】 Liao Jinbiao thinksThe disease usually has a long course,K?physical swornche,Chronic Digestive Disordersstruggles,Lack of blood,Regarding the type of disease,Indeed, it is a degenerative disease with functional decline.Acquired St?tion,Insufficient qi and blood biochemistry,Allm?ugly in vitality?t loseFor a long time,The five internal organs are relatedQi and blood are of the same origin,Yin and Yang are mutually beneficialdlich,Physiologically k?can you f?turn,Pathologically they must influence each otherOver time,It leads to the proof of the voidIt’s a sickness with inadequate bowels Qi and blood, Yin and Yang deficiency and functional dysfunctionstruggles.Zhigancao Decoction focuses on the Ern?introduction of yin and yang.Many clinical facts show that the Yinshang-K?body fluid is drained.Is there often sun?the,It is often difficult to produce pure and specific food for Yin.The use of Zhigancao Decoction to treat this disease (atrophic gastritis) is very compatible.Add and subtract with the card,Very good results.


45.Yin Tong Yu soup

[Recipe]Danshen 30g,Sandalwood 10g,Amomum 10 g,Chuan Neem seeds 12g,Corydalis vinegar 15g,10 g raw cattail yellow,Fried wuling fat 12g,Panax Notoginseng Powder 6g (to consume),10 g each of frankincense and myrrh,White and powder 6g (consume),Sü?wood 6g.

[Use]decoction in water,1 dose t?resembled.

[Effectiveness]Regulate Qi and activate silt Remove silt and make new.

[Case]Zhang,m?namely,38 years old,Squad.Suffered from stomach pain for more than 7 years,For the past 2 weeks he has been suffering from stomach pain due to bad emotions,The pain is on the left under the xiphoid process,The pain is goneAnd it hurts like a knifeRefuse to squeezeThe pain worsens at night.Dark tongue,The moss is thin and white,The pulse is heavy.Gastroscopy was chronic gastritis.Chinese medicine diagnoses stomach pain,The card is qi stagnation and blood stasis.Cure, to regulate qi, Remove silt and relieve pain,Remove silt and remake.12 g Perfumidae, 10 g muxiang, 10 g Citrus aurantium, Top with 12 g bupleurum and 10 g green rind.After taking the medicine for a course,The pain is greatly reduced, after taking the drug for 2 G?nge,The clinical symptoms completely disappeared?ndig,After gastroscopyThe L?sion disappeared,Basic repair of the gastric mucosa.To consolidate the effectiveness,Ask him to make a treatment.After 3 years of follow-up, no recurrence was seen.

【Note】 Weifu Zhuyu soup is a combination of Danshen Yin, Jinlingzi San and Shixiao San.Danshen drinksnk can live and stagnate,It can regulate the stomach qi, Jinlingzi powder regulates the Qi, activates blood stasis and relieves pain, Shixiao powder f?changes blood circulation and relieves pain.Wusanqi, Frankincense and Myrrh are used to improve blood circulation and remove congestion. Baiji powder and licorice act on muscle growth.It can repair the gastric mucosa f?rdern.All medication go?together,Play the effect Regulate qi, Activate Schlick, Remove silt and create new ones.


Stomach burning pain reduce fire feed therapy

  Species, getting angry

  The first fire: stomach fire

  Symptoms: gastrointestinal symptoms are burning and stomach pain, Bl?hunger Dry mouth, Bad breath, loose chair, Constipation, swollen gums and loss of appetite.There are two types of stomach fire: Deficient fire manifests itself in a slight cough, Loss of appetite, Constipation, Bl?tensions in the abdomen, red tongue and little moss. Tats?natural fire manifests itself in discomfort in the upper abdomen, dry mouth, bitter mouth and dry stools.

  Stomach fire,This is stomach fever.Regarding the irritation from wrong diets?like alcohol dependenceness, Looking for spicy food too much cream etc.Chinese medicine calls it stomach fireUsually caused by damp heat and food stagnation.Chinese medicine believes that gastric burn regulation should be the reason?protect the w?rmeaabuhr and stagnation follow.To eat modestly,Eat less too hot?eat it,Eat less sweet?eat it,Yellow and green vegetables and fruits in season should be the dietcan be added.To make up for the lack of vitamins and inorganic salts?nzen,And pay attention to oral hygiene.Regarding medication,Can Chuanlian, Wick flower, Lotus core, Ophiopogon japonicus etc. use, to relieve stomach fire.

  Fire reducing food recipe: fresh radish juice, Mung bean pulp, Watermelon.

  The second fire: anger

  Symptoms: headache, Dizziness, Tinnitus, dry eyes, dry mouth and tongue, bitter mouth and bad breath, Swelling and pain in both ribs, unstable sleep, hothe K?rper, thickened tongue coating.

  Liver burn is usually caused by?u?causes erect stimuli,Therefore it is very important Adjust emotions and stabilize emotions.Fear will add fuel to the fireMaintaining a good mood helps the ?trouble in the k?rper to regulate.Around ?to prevent troubleIt is not suitable spicy, fishy, greasy, Eat sour and fried foods.As well as mutton, Sea shrimp, fatty meat, Ebony etc.So as not to add fuel to the fire.

  Fire reducing recipe: Chuanbeimu stone sugar pear juice, Wolfberry Chrysanthemum Tea.

  The third fire: lung fire

  Symptoms: dry sore throat, Cough and chest pain, dry cough with no sputum or sticky sputum, dry mouth and nose, Hot flashes and night sweats?, hote H?nd and feete, Insomnia, red tongue.

  Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are the main skin you k?might as well eat some cooler foodHow knowhe radish, knowhe mushroom, Chinese cabbage, Celery, Spinach, Winter bamboo shoots, Bananas, Pears, ?apples, Lilies, Star fruits, Loquat,Drink more water at the same time,Eat less meat and chocolate and other high-calorie foods.

  Fire reducing recipes: pork liver and wolfberry vegetables, Luo Han Guo pork lung soup.

  Early spring fire fodder——T?same article


  Many people think, that drinking milk will make it worse“Become angry”,Cause irritability,actually,Not only won’t milk“Become angry”,It can also detoxify a fever and relieve irritability.Chinese medicine believes that milk is slightly cold.It can be practiced through yin care and detoxification“Go into the fire”effect,And milk containedlt up to 70% water.It can also reduce the water loss of the K?Refill your body through excessive sweating.It should be noted that the milk must not be frozen in ice cubes for consumption.Otherwise there will be many N?destroy nutrientsrt.


  Soybeans n?listen to yin,“Go into the fire”At the same time, it can also replenish the protein, that due to the high temperature in largeen quantities is consumed.

  Early spring fire fodder——fruit


  Not only delicious,There is also medicinal value.Chinese medicine believes that this is the case“Go into the fire”effect,It can be the heat kl?ren, Relieve fever and alleviate problems.


  Everyone likes to eat orangesHowever, food intake should not exceed 3 per day.Eating too much is nice?dlich for mouth and Z?hne.Eating too many orangesH?common symptoms such as blisters on the lips, dry mouth and tongue, Sore throat and dry stool.Common names“Become angry”.The reason is, that oranges h?here N?have nutrients,Every 1000 grams of oranges k?5820 kilojoules (1390 kilocalories) W?generate rms.After eating many oranges,The generated W?rme cannot all be converted into fat stores.Can’t be consumed in time,So accumulate“Become angry”.

  Early spring fire fodder——vegetables


  Although tomatoes can be seen all year round,The Ern?The guide is also very rich.It can also W?dissipate arms, detoxify and calm the liver“Go into the fire”.


  Of course eating chili will make you angryBut pepper contains?lt many N?nutrients.The vitamin C content of pepper per 100 grams isgt 198 mg.First among the vegetables.Vitamin B, Carotene, Calcium, Iron and other minerals are also rich.Eat chilli appropriately,Avoid getting angry and getting acne.You k?Can also lose weight.

What are the di?taboos of chronic gastritis?

For patients with chronic gastritis,Besides knowing the di?tetic conditioning of chronic gastritis,The Ern?The administrative taboo for this disease must also not beLet Dr. Walk over the di?inform about the taboos in chronic gastritis.


Method / step

  1. 1

    1. People with over?statements should avoid Food to eat which the stomach?stimulate urine secretion k?can.Like strong spices, Alcohol, acidic agents, etc.;

  2. 2

    2. Avoid asci.Waiting for drugsEspecially in the active phase of chronic gastritis;


  3. 3

    3. People with hydrogen chloride,Avoid to dilute the gastric juice.Vinegar, Lemon juice and sour spices should be the Di?t be added.Do you eat less hard to digest and gasf?poor food.Do you drink as little as m? After meals and after meals.resembled.

  4. 4th

    4th Avoid irregular life and congestion.Make sure you get proper rest and exercise.K?physical exercise can the motilit?t and emptying of the gastrointestinal tract f?rdern.Improvement of gastrointestinal secretion function,Improved digestion,Contribute to the recovery of gastritis;



  5. 5

    5. Food, too hard too hot, too salty, too hot, are too rough and lovely should be avoided.Mig and eat regularly,Timed quantification,Eat ?frequent smaller meals,Chew slowly,Make the food mix well with saliva,Avoid overeating.W?Choose nutritious and easily digestible soft foods as your staple diet.Eat more food, the vegetable protein? and contain vitamins.



  6. 6th

    6th Mental stress tr?gt contributes to chronic gastritis.Should be avoided.Fear and impatience in the mood,Easily causes gastric mucosal disease and gastric dysfunction?struggles.So we should have emotional stress as much as m?equal to avoid.Tension l?sen.Don’t usually get angry when you encounter thingsIn no hurryIn a hurry,Keep a good mood,It is ?u?only beneficial for the restoration of gastritis.


The experience content is for reference only.If you have a specific problem l?(especially in the areas of law, Medicine etc.),It is recommended that you consult extensively with professionals in related fields.
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Menopause k?can cause a burning sensation in the stomachDo you sometimes still have hiccups?What to eat.

Drink mineral water while eating, Juice or other drinknke?If you drink a lot and fill your stomach, the digestive juice is diluted. The lower the concentration of the digestive juice, the more severe the hiccups.
Recommendation: It is best to No water or other drinks when eating?nke to drink
Have you ever taken the fizzy headache pills in case two?Some tablets, like aspirin, give when running?dissipate carbon dioxide in water. This carbon dioxide can cause hiccups.
Suggestion: take gel, w?while taking aspirin and other medications, that are easy to bubble. It can be bige coal?break open urebubbles and turn them into small bubbles, which are easily absorbed by the blood and quickly burst in the stomach.
Situation three do you like kohlens?ancient drinksnke?The pressurized gas from the champagne bottle or cola can comes out of the digestive system with the same force
Suggestion: Do you forget this type of drink?thank. Don’t you drink drinks?nke with straws. Don’t chew gum. These things fill the digestive system with excess air and cause hiccups.
Situation 4 Is there something that she ?makes you afraid?If you are in a state of mental stress does your K’s need for oxygen increase?rpers. As a result, like a fish, it will mechanically suck in a lot of air with your mouth, causing hiccups.
Suggestion: add oxygen with a glass of oxygenated cocktail or oxygenated mineral water
Situation 5 Did you get hot?en coffee or hot?drank tea?
Scientist from the University?t of Salt Lake City in the USA have proven that the steam from hot?he soup and hot?en drinknken with a bigen amount of air in the K?rper is sucked. To the hot?to let things cool down quickly, k?Can you go to the K?blow body. This also creates a lot of air in the K?rper sucked.
Suggestion: wait until the hot?e soup and that ise drinknk are cooler, before you drink
Situation six eating too fast?After eating at a fast food restaurant I often have hiccups. When I’m in a hurry to eat I breathe in a lot of air.
Suggestion: do not wipe out the food on the plate at once — eat empty and chew slowly, to get enough time to eatlisten. Do not rush
Situation 7 Did you talk too much while eating?This situation can also cause hiccups
Suggestion: It is best to Eat calmly while eating. If you have hiccups, k?Can you take your breath as often as you can?like to stop. Swallow the food 2-3 times, when you go to the n?next hiccups, take a deep breath and repeat the above actions
Situation eight makes a strange smell when hiccups?When the hiccups occur, the stomach makes a gurgling gur?usch. If the peculiar smell is sour, indicates this that the stomach?ure is too strong if it is bitter, indicates this that the bile has increased greatly; if she’s lazy (lazy eggs), the food paste associated with hydrogen sulfide is blocked in the stomach for a long time.Hydrogen sulfide
Suggestion: See a doctor to treat such hiccups those with diseases like stomach, Intestines, Liver, Gallbladder, etc. together?nong.
In addition, there are some methods with which you get the hiccups as fast as m?like to finish k?can. For example, if you have a teaspoon?Eat sugar and swallow it dry (without water), k?you can effectively stop the hiccups after a few minutes, because sugar in the mouth uses the original nerve impulse to block the diaphragm?changes.When the membrane muscles contract intermittently and hiccups occur, k?Press the second joint of the middle finger with your thumb for about 10 seconds, to treat hiccups.

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What should I do, if I have gastritis?

Niu Jianhai
chief doctor
Baoding First Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Good at:He is good at diagnosing and treating various acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases, acute and chronic liver diseases, Cirrhosis of the liver, Liver cancer, alcoholic liver disease, drug-induced hepatitis, Autoimmune liver diseases, Gallstones and other diseases.

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Chronic gastritis occurs mainly?by gastroscopy,It indicates superficialpossible gastritis or non-atrophic gastritis.Many people will have this result on gastroscopy.Treatment of chronic gastritis does not generally require special treatment.If there are no obvious symptoms like abdominal pain, Discomfort in the upper abdomen, acid reflux, Belchingen, early S?feeling of activity, etc. exist,In general, no special treatment is required.The Ern?Appropriate attention should be paid to this.Once these symptoms occur,It is recommended Are taking omeprazole or pantoprazole or other proton pump inhibitors about the stomach?ure to regulate.Do you reduce gastric secretion?ure,At the same time you pay attention to the correct nutritionleadership,Don’t eat spicy irritating food,Avoid smoking and drinking,Reduce the chance of taking oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.Pay attention to the rest,Three meals are regular and quantitative.For this ?Changes in lifestyle It also helps prevent and treat chronic gastritis.

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There are twolffectal ulcer. How to treat a burning sensation in the stomach after eating chili



I have Zw?lffectal ulcer,I forgot something with a slight refluxI ate chili some time agoI have a burning sensation in my stomachIt is made easier after eatingI always feel stuffy in my throatIn the past, omeprazole workedBreastfeed nowAnxiety, Taking medicationBut what should I do, if it’s too uncomfortable (female,twenty years old)

Dr. Si Zesheng

Hello,Why do you feel mainly now?really uncomfortable?



A burning sensation in the stomachIt’s so bad, that I feel as my throat comes out.The back is not comfortableNeck is stuck like something



Feel better at night



Something will be better



Breathe out and feel how your stomach trembles

Dr. Si Zesheng

Is there an acid refluxheartburn

Dr. Si Zesheng

Just eat something to get better,Very typical symptoms of a Zw?lffectal ulcer



I know? nothing about acid reflux.But the stomach burnsIt will be in the throat tooThe back will be uncomfortablehiccup



Better at nightBetter during the day,One bite is much better

Dr. Si Zesheng

Okay,How old is the child



But after 2 to 3 hours you will feel it againBurn like a fireYour stomach will tremble when you exhale



2 months



I’m?want to know what’s wrong with me



I have Zw?loffinal ulcers and reflux



This has happened beforeIt’s also like something that’s in the throatGastroscopy

Dr. Si Zesheng

Three drugs,Catch up on breastfeeding,Taking medication requires caution

Dr. Si Zesheng

Are you the case of Zw?lffectal ulcer and reflux?sophagitis



In this case, the heart feels uncomfortable

Dr. Si Zesheng

Usually light di?t,Eat regularly,Don’t eat spicy food



I feel, how my stomach trembles



Exhale especially



Why is this shaking?

Dr. Si Zesheng

Does heart disease exist in normal times?




Dr. Si Zesheng

Is the heart rate fast?Is the blood pressure high?



I throw motherhoodno problem



Heart rate is not fast,75 usually sleep within 60

Dr. Si Zesheng

Does the stomach hurt?Is there a gastrointestinal cramp?I have the feeling, my stomach is shaking



Throwing maternity for 2 months,When the blood pressure is highIf you are pregnant with heart problemsIt must w?must be checked during operation


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Dr. Si Zesheng

?H, ?Hm

Dr. Si Zesheng

Are you breathing faster now?



No,I know? Not, that there’s a lack of blood it’s still not good to rest.It’s still about stomach burnThe heart doesn’t hurt or itch.Not fast,Very regularly,I can w?during the activity?t don’t feel.Especially when I lie down at night I occasionally feel like to jump regularly and pl?really something h?rter to jump



I am not breathing too fast



Nothing special feelingJust burn

Dr. Si Zesheng

Take time for an electrocardiogram to realize, whether there is an arrhythmia.In addition, there is heartburn,Take care of childrentired,Bad food,Bad rest,Can cause gastrointestinal disorders and complaints

Dr. Si Zesheng

You k?What are your eating habits?Change and rest first



The EKG is OK,The blood routine is fineUrine is fine

Dr. Si Zesheng

Ten people have nine M?gene,The stomach is enough?hearsDrink more millet gruel, to nourish your stomachlisten

Dr. Si Zesheng

I checked it beforehand



I wondered, whether it was psychologicalMy heart is after almost a crashA sneeze scared me

Dr. Si Zesheng

How long has this situation been?



EKG,Blood routine,The urine routine was checked 2 days ago



Heart has a week

Dr. Si Zesheng

You said, that sometimes it feels like a jerky jumpI’m afraid, it is caused by an irregular heartbeat

Dr. Si Zesheng

I therefore propose to review an EKG



The more you fear the more?you feel more anxious.The more gest?rt



Is the arrhythmia serious?

Dr. Si Zesheng

Oh oh,Don’t lie down after you eatDo it for a while



Am i serious now

Dr. Si Zesheng

Heart rhythmtion,Heavy and light



Is the arrhythmia serious?

Dr. Si Zesheng

Minor arrhythmias are irrelevant



I feel, that it is also related to my qi and blood?ngt,Throwing motherhood is a little blood loss,H?nd and feete are cold every day

Dr. Si Zesheng

The psychological effect will also feel the heart beating violently,For example in the middle of the night



Lack of blood,Heart and soul will not be enough



Can’t feel it during the dayAt night,The more i am alone the more m?I want to feel my pulse

Dr. Si Zesheng

Okay,Plus breastfeeding,Take care of childrenI have to feel tired or something

Dr. Si Zesheng

You are at home



I’ll do an electrocardiogramThe doctor said, I don’t have a good breakIt’s too tired

Dr. Si Zesheng




Not,But I looked at the two childrenSleep well at nightCan’t sleep during the dayBurning panic in my stomachI am just afraid, not to get sick.Only silent heartIt feels hardSweating and hot,Cold H?nd and feete,Very cold



The more I think about it the more uncomfortableNothing happened during the day



Why i don’t know,If there is a heart problem it will definitely take a long timeBut it feels as if he were the time?heal

Dr. Si Zesheng

1.Distract attention,When alone at nightFind someone that you can chat with.2.Do you pay attention to the Ern?leadership,Avoid spicy food,Don’t eat cold ones.Eat lightEat more fruits and vegetables.Ern?st?rken,Pay attention to rest 3.Cold H?nd and feete,keep warm.Especially w?during menstruation,Don’t touch cold water,Do not let the fan and air conditioner blow on themselves

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From the perspective of Chinese medicine, there are 6 symptoms of atrophic gastritis

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, atrophic gastritis has the following symptoms
1. Symptoms of atrophic gastritis with stagnation of qi and congestion of blood
A needle-like tingling sensation in the stomachhey,The pain is goneAbundance, black chair,The complexion is black and yellow,The tongue is purple or has petechiae,Thin yellow tongue coating,Pulse cord or fine astringency.
2. Symptoms of atrophic gastritis with stagnation of the liver and stomach qi
Swelling, Pain or obstruction in the stomachhey,Can be connected with both ribs,Often through discomfort, Vomiting and Pantothens?ure aggravated,H?bump up frequently?en,I feel a full stomach after eatingOr nausea and vomiting red tongue,The tongue coating is thin and white,The pulse is slow.
3. Symptoms of atrophic gastritis of the spleen and stomach with moist heat
There is a burning sensation in the stomachhey,Pain and discomfort,A feeling of hunger Emptiness and burning in the stomach; Belchingen,Sticky mouth and bad breath,Thirst, Love cold,Head heavy as a wrap,Chest tightness and throat tightnessfriteness,Thin stool or poor bowel movements.
4th Symptoms of atrophic gastritis with spleen and gastric qi deficiency
There is a dull ache in the stomachhey,Endless,The pain is reduced after eating, the abundance after eating,Belchingen, decreased appetite, hothe and oppressive stomach, thin or empty stool,Long and clear urine, Lack of energy,The complexion is yellow and white, the tongue coating is thin and white or white and greasy,The pulse is deep and thin.
5. Symptoms of atrophic gastritis with spleen and stomach deficiency and Erk?ltung
The Magenh?it is stuffy and clogged,There’s a dull ache Loss of appetite, the stomach is warm and oppressive,The discomfort worsens with K?lte,After eating warm food, the pain is relieved, after eating there is a feeling of bl?hungerVomiting water or water h?rt after drinking,Fatigue,Sprachw?rter,Chills with cold limbs?en, thin stool, fat and tender tongue,There are tooth marks on the sideThe tongue coating is thin and white,The pulse is thin or sp?t.

6th Symptoms of atrophic gastritis with a deficiency of gastric yin
There is a faint burning pain in the stomachThere is also a burning sensation behind the sternum,The stomach feels like hunger Emptiness and burning; Loss of appetite,Dry mouth and throat, but don’t want to drink waterBelchingen, like to eat sour,K?body weight loss,Ver?annoyed and hot?, dry stool,Red tongue and shaojin,No tongue coating,Number of pulses.

Which medication should I take for stomach problems?What are the Symptoms of Gastric Ulcer?Treatment of chronic superficialcommon gastritis.

Even cancerous.It has some impact on people’s lives and work.What are the symptoms of biliary inflammation due to biliary reflux?


What are the symptoms of biliary inflammation of the biliary reflux?









The biliary inflammation of the bile reflux is a comprehensive Motilit?tsst?tion of the biliary system and the gastrointestinal system.

It’s up to the bile from the bile

Tube secreted into the intestine,From the intestines to the stomachhey,A condition, who is on the surfaceche the stomach?heal spreads.Manifested as discomfort at Bl?hunger

in the,Persistent burning pain in the upper abdomen,Chest bone pain,It often increases after eatingThis is one of the more common symptoms.









A burning sensation in the stomach

Even some patients with Speiser?you have a burning feeling

Often accompanied by hernias,

Acid reflux,



Bowel movement,

Bad bowel movements,Loss of appetite and weight loss.





Gastro?sophageal reflux




Every time when I’m lying inside

Or before going to bed at night

There will be acidic liquids or foods

In general gastroesophageal reflux?sophagus to the pharynx or

Mouth?hey,This symptom occurs h?more often before sternum burns or burning pain occur.





,difficult to swallow




In the early stages it causes h?often?sophagitis, intermittent?sophagus spasm and intermittent dysphagia,In the sp?th time due to scars in the riser?listen

The burning and burning pain is gradually increasingugly,

This is a persistent difficulty swallowing.

It doesn’t eat solid food

But will block or block the xiphoid process






, Bleeding and an?mie


Which medication should I take for burning pain in the upper abdomen?

Wang Ouyang
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For your current situation,Burning pain in the upper abdomen should increase?The upper gastrointestinal tract is considered.Especially the stomach and the food?you have problemsSo I often feel full in my upper stomachEven painWhen young people eat very irregularly,Or if you often stay up lateIn fact, it can be a big one.have an impact on the digestive system.It is recommended for treatment in the digestive department of a regul?ren hospital.Take a gastroscope, to see,Exclude stomach ulcersen,Digestive diseases like Zw?lffectal ulcer and reflux?sophagitis,We must develop good habits in peacetimeEspecially a healthy dietleadership.

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How can gastro?sophageal reflux can be cured?After noon every evening,Unexpected burning,stand up.


How can gastro?sophageal reflux can be cured?After noon every evening,Unexpectedly.


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67 years old

2014-11-03 16:24:42
State description (beginning, Main symptoms, Ver?changes in symptoms, etc.):

How can gastro?sophageal reflux can be cured?After noon every evening,Unexpected burning,Symptoms relieved after getting up,Belchingen when burning,Are you taking prazole drugs h?for at least 2 hours.Then burn again (a burning sensation but no acid reflux,I know? Not, whether it is about?expression is.

Previous treatment conditions and effects:

I had erosive protuberance gastritis in September.Has hyperplasia,Hospitalization for microwave treatment under gastroscopy.

What kind of help m?do you want:

The drugs used in the past year include pantoprazole, Lansoprazole, Rabeprazole, Omeprazole and other prazole drugs, as well as new rehabilitation fluid.But she k?Can’t that discomfort at night?sen,Remedy for help

I have to ask questions

  • What kind of medicine is effective for erosive gastritis?Straight
  • Stomach pain,Back pain,Erosive gastritis,Acid reflux,Burp,Mouth.
  • Pain in the upper abdomen,Acid reflux,Burp,Had a gastroscope 3 years ago,Yes.
  • Erosive gastritis.Acid reflux after breakfast.Gastrointestinal discomfort in the abdomen.?I.
  • over?statement, Stomach pain, Bad breath, erosive gastritis


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Chen Xiaojun

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Problem analysis:Hello: Gastro?sophageal reflux has less dinner at first,After eating it takes two hours To rest
Suggestionge:Reflux gastritis of the feeder?listenThe drug can be used with Livzon Dele, Clarithromycin capsules, Amoxicillin capsules, Rabeprazole capsules

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Zhang Qianlong

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Expertise: lymphadenitis,Recurring headaches,Vitamin A deficiency neuropathy,Surfacecheek gastritis,Erosive gastritis,Inflammation of the biliary tractZw?lffectal ulcer,Chronic colitis,Reflux?sophagitis,Chronic gastritis

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Problem analysis:Hello,If gastritis is accompanied by erosion,It is best to use a combination of Chinese and Western treatment.You k?can use medication, which the stomach?inhibit urinary secretion.Medication, which protect the stomach lining.
Suggestionge:Can be used, to break downWhen the blo?hen it is obviousYou k?can use Shugan Jianwei pills,Weisu capsule for treatment.Do you eat a light di?t,Eat less raw and cold spicy food,Stop?ren to smoke and alcohol.

2015-06-03 16:46:14

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Zhang Jianqiang

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Expertise: fungal vaginitis,Irregular menstruation,Geb?cervical erosion

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Condition analysis: Cholecystitis is mostly due to irregular dietslead back,Induced by bad lifestyle habits and other factors
Suggestionge:Do you want a low fat diet?t,Di?t with low cholesterol.It is recommended Ursodeoxychols?take ure or Xiaoyanlidan tablets to relieve symptoms.Severe anti-inflammatory treatment and surgical treatment.Note that overeating is absolutely forbidden.Avoid fatigue,Keep the chair smooth.

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Cui Shufen

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Problem analysis:Hello,Consider the symptoms of acute gastritis,Can cause stomach painInflatehen,Acid reflux,nausea,Symptoms such as heartburn,You k?Can temporarily take amoxicillin capsules.
Suggestionge:Omeprazole, a medication, that the stomach?inhibits urine secretion,Gastric motility?t drug domperidone treatment,Are you looking for an easy diet?leadership,Do not eat raw, cold, hard, spicy dishes.

2014-07-11 16:43:14

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Condition analysis: Hello erosive gastritis go?rt to the category of old stomach diseases,Is your situation main?caused by the moisture and heat of the spleen and stomach.
Suggestionge:The acid reflux caused by the cloudy gas cannot be reduced.Burp,Common drugs are difficult to cure,The treatment is mainlyin the usual rest,Eat regularly,Eat less fatty, high-sugar, spicy, fried foods, Coffee and Other Irritating Drinksnke.Eat more carbohydrates,Protein and vitamins,K?physical movement st?rken,Hold your mind and k?rper happy.I wish you a fast recovery!

2013-05-10 20:12:23

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Li Wupei

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Expertise: internal medicine

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Condition analysis: Do you eat three meals a day at regular intervals?ndDon’t eat spicy food at normal times.It’s okay, Eat easier to digest foods.
Suggestionge:Medicine: Amoxicillin,Kratoxin prolonged-release tablets,Hydrotalcite tablets,Omeprazole,Domperidone etc.

2013-08-02 13:08:23

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Peng Xiuming

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Condition analysis: Gastritis,Most patients are usually asymptomatic or have varying digestive disorders.struggles.Like pain in the upper abdomen Loss of appetite, Fill after meals, acid reflux,Bad breath etc. In severe F?llen k?Can symptoms like An?mie, Weight loss, Glossitis and diarrhea occur.Individual patients have stomach pain,Gastric bleeding.
Suggestionge:Are you taking any medicine that the stomach?inhibits urine secretion.Like H2 receptor inhibitors,ppi etc.,It is best, getting a prescription from a doctor.Pay attention to lifestyle habitsQuit smokingren and drink less.Pay attention to food hygiene.Do not eat spoiled and moldy foods.Do not take any medication which the gastrointestinal tract sch?digen.Certain drugs for Erk?lungs and rheumatoid arthritis such as aspirin, Indomethacin, Butylbenzene, Paracetamol,Prednisone etc.,Dest?rt the gastric mucosal barrier.

2015-06-13 05:54:57

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