Menopause k?can cause a burning sensation in the stomachDo you sometimes still have hiccups?What to eat.

Drink mineral water while eating, Juice or other drinknke?If you drink a lot and fill your stomach, the digestive juice is diluted. The lower the concentration of the digestive juice, the more severe the hiccups.
Recommendation: It is best to No water or other drinks when eating?nke to drink
Have you ever taken the fizzy headache pills in case two?Some tablets, like aspirin, give when running?dissipate carbon dioxide in water. This carbon dioxide can cause hiccups.
Suggestion: take gel, w?while taking aspirin and other medications, that are easy to bubble. It can be bige coal?break open urebubbles and turn them into small bubbles, which are easily absorbed by the blood and quickly burst in the stomach.
Situation three do you like kohlens?ancient drinksnke?The pressurized gas from the champagne bottle or cola can comes out of the digestive system with the same force
Suggestion: Do you forget this type of drink?thank. Don’t you drink drinks?nke with straws. Don’t chew gum. These things fill the digestive system with excess air and cause hiccups.
Situation 4 Is there something that she ?makes you afraid?If you are in a state of mental stress does your K’s need for oxygen increase?rpers. As a result, like a fish, it will mechanically suck in a lot of air with your mouth, causing hiccups.
Suggestion: add oxygen with a glass of oxygenated cocktail or oxygenated mineral water
Situation 5 Did you get hot?en coffee or hot?drank tea?
Scientist from the University?t of Salt Lake City in the USA have proven that the steam from hot?he soup and hot?en drinknken with a bigen amount of air in the K?rper is sucked. To the hot?to let things cool down quickly, k?Can you go to the K?blow body. This also creates a lot of air in the K?rper sucked.
Suggestion: wait until the hot?e soup and that ise drinknk are cooler, before you drink
Situation six eating too fast?After eating at a fast food restaurant I often have hiccups. When I’m in a hurry to eat I breathe in a lot of air.
Suggestion: do not wipe out the food on the plate at once — eat empty and chew slowly, to get enough time to eatlisten. Do not rush
Situation 7 Did you talk too much while eating?This situation can also cause hiccups
Suggestion: It is best to Eat calmly while eating. If you have hiccups, k?Can you take your breath as often as you can?like to stop. Swallow the food 2-3 times, when you go to the n?next hiccups, take a deep breath and repeat the above actions
Situation eight makes a strange smell when hiccups?When the hiccups occur, the stomach makes a gurgling gur?usch. If the peculiar smell is sour, indicates this that the stomach?ure is too strong if it is bitter, indicates this that the bile has increased greatly; if she’s lazy (lazy eggs), the food paste associated with hydrogen sulfide is blocked in the stomach for a long time.Hydrogen sulfide
Suggestion: See a doctor to treat such hiccups those with diseases like stomach, Intestines, Liver, Gallbladder, etc. together?nong.
In addition, there are some methods with which you get the hiccups as fast as m?like to finish k?can. For example, if you have a teaspoon?Eat sugar and swallow it dry (without water), k?you can effectively stop the hiccups after a few minutes, because sugar in the mouth uses the original nerve impulse to block the diaphragm?changes.When the membrane muscles contract intermittently and hiccups occur, k?Press the second joint of the middle finger with your thumb for about 10 seconds, to treat hiccups.

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