I h?re often, what the?Tell Older Generations About Heartburn!

Heartburn is a burning sensation in the stomach or behind the breastbone.It often extends up from the lower part of the sternum,Is that h?most common symptom of gastro?sophageal reflux disease,In medicine it is called heartburn.

Right between chest and stomachWhere can you find one of the most important muscles?nnen,Maybe you don’t even know that you have it: the lower lock?muscle of the feeder?hear (LES).

If it works normally,This type of organization plays an important role in helping with eating.But if there is a problem with the lower clasp?muscle of the feeder?there areIt will be the main cause of heartburn,Heartburn basically everyone experiences it at some point in their life.

Although people have been treated for heartburn?have fumedBut the incidence rate is increasingAnd is one of the h?most common stomach diseases in the world.When the symptoms of heartburn become more regular and intense,Like twice or more a week,It is m?resembled that you already have a gastro?have developed sophageal reflux disease (GERD).

But what caused this symptom?How can it be cured?

Heartburn starts at the crossroads of the gastro?sophagus, the as lock?muscle of the lower feeder?hear is called.This smooth, well developed lower claspmuscle of the feeder?Your has complex dendritic control.Connect with brain Heart and lungs.When food comes out of the feeder?I get into the stomachThe job of the muscle is to prevent, that it flow back?t.Contraction of the lower claspmuscle the feeder?listenSqueeze the stomach entrance,And create a high pressure zoneThis prevents that digestive?ure leaks.

When the lower lockmuscle of the feeder?do you hear relaxed or gradual at the wrong moment?ugly weakcht,It becomes an inappropriate lid,Let the area decompress.That way flow?in the stomach?ure or even great?e pieces of food back in the feeder?hear.

This is because of some long-term eating habits.Foods like caffeine and peppermint contain ingredients that which has a relaxing effect on the lower claspmuscle of the feeder?you have k?can.Caused, that it is not working properly.Other acidic foods,If citrus fruits and tomatoes,Will it also stimulate the feeder?hear yourhen,Backflow into the feeder?hre.

But the researchers found that eating isn’t the only trigger?ser.Smoking also carries risks,Because the nicotine in cigarettes can also damage the lower lock?muscle of the feeder?relax,Excessive alcohol consumption can also?have a similar effect.Pregnant women also experience more heartburn,Due to the increasing stress from the F?do,And the level of certain hormones in your K?rper can lead to that the anti-reflux barrier on the gastro?sophageal transition is interrupted.

There is no bigthere problem with occasional heartburn.But if heartburn occurs regularly,Blackcht the lower claspmuscle of the feeder?hear over time,Are you always releasing more stomach?ure in the feeder?get there.When there is no effective treatment,Over time,Heartburn oozes st?good stomach?ure out,Forms scar tissue,The scar tissue narrows the?sophagus tube,Make food harder to swallow.Continuous reflux can also damage cellsdigen,Cause Barrett-?sophagus disease,And do you bring the risk of Speiser?ear cancer.

Fortunately,Heartburn can usually be treatedMedication k?nnen stomach?Effectively neutralize or reduce ure.In extreme f?llen,You k?can also perform operationsTo the lower claspmuscle of the feeder?stop tightening to relieve pain.

im t?resembled lifeWe k?nnen reflux, by reducing certain food intake, do not smoke and maintain a healthy weight.Prevent Heartburn.With proper maintenance, it can also help us the lower lockmuscle of the feeder?your repair.


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