Gastrointestinal burning sensation,Heartburn,hiccup

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Zhang Fengyun Kaifeng Central Hospital   chief doctor

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2019-10-10 21:06:22 I m?about to complain

      based on your description,Should you have gastrointestinal st?have strugglesDo you have to pay attention to your diet?pay attention.Au?he not sharp, sharp, to eat cold or raw,Also make sure not to eat food, the acid reflux and bl?cause problemscan.Usually more exercise,At the same time with medication,Are you taking proton pump inhibitors and Motilit?one for the entire digestive tract.


Wang Ying, 9. Taiyuan People’s Hospital   Deputy chief physician

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2019-10-10 21:06:50 I m?about to complain

      Hello,Depending on the situation you describe I think since the medical history was several months ago,You should go to the hospital on time,Do abdominal color Doppler ultrasound and gastroscopic exams, as well as other exams.Do you run to Best?the diagnosis by appropriate treatment,Habits,Eat on time,Light and easily digestible foodsleadership,Do you avoid K?lte,Fatty and spicy food,Quit smokingand restrict alcohol?thankAre you maintaining emotional stability?t

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Wu Huajuan attending physician

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      Condition analysis:
      Hello,Considering that there is something with bad eating habits, Habits and infections has to do withI have to go to the hospital in timeTimely processing is better
      Can it use drugs like gastric protection and gastric suppression?urinary secretion can be treated.Pay attention to a slight, regular and easily digestible mealsleadership,Don’t smoke or drinkDon’t overeatDon’t eat spicy irritating, cold food
      The above is for “gastrointestinal burn,Heartburn,Hiccups ”suggest?ge for this question,hope it helps youI wish you good health!

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I’ve been staying up late latelyThe doctor suggested what medication to look at

2019-10-10 21:07The doctor replied:

Like omeprazole and bismuth aluminate,Are you looking for an easy diet?leadership,Pay attention to the rest, to avoid fatigue and to stay up late.Don’t overeatDo not eat spicy cold or irritating food


Dongyuanyuan Dongying Rongjun Hospital   doctor

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2019-10-10 21:03:10 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Hello!After reading your description,Heartburn, Have hiccups and other symptomsIt will be main?caused by gastritis.
      You k?You can take omeprazole and domperidone for treatment.It is best, to go to the hospital for a gastroscopy.Do you usually look out for a light di?t,Avoid raw cold, greasy, spicy and other irritating foods.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits appropriately,Drink more water.


Yue Guangping chief physician

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2019-10-10 21:09:43 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      After reading the situation you described,There are two situations to consider.The first,M?men must first gastro?consider sophageal reflux disease,The main symptom of this disease is acid reflux and heartburn.Taking proton pump inhibitors,For example, omeprazole is effective in treatingIt can be diagnosed.
      Another second situation is: If taking omeprazole has no effect,It is necessary, the M?Functional dyspepsia diagnosis should be considered.Main?because of symptoms, caused by nervousness?t and fear are causedNeed, Taking medication who the gastro?regulate sophageal function,Like trimebutine and other treatments,Anti-anxiety treatment is needed if necessary.