Gastric bile reflux,What to watch out forWhat food can you eat?

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The main symptom of acid reflux is the stomachBurning,2113Ie “burn5261Heart”,Serious illness can beCan leadCaused Speiser?ear cancer.4102and soneedAttract attentionfrom,but1653There is such a situation who do not go through “what to eat”?changes.It is through t?same routines and that?changing trivial bad habits in life, who can be cured?nnen!

Caused by abnormal valve operation

When we eatThe food starts from the mouthAre you moving through the risers?listen down,Then it enters the stomach.Food goes all the way through the feeders?listenWhen you go in the stomachThrough a single trapCalled the lower lockmuscle of the feeder?listenThis piece of muscle is a one-way valve between the feeder?hear and the stomach.

under normal circumstances?ndWhen we swallowThe trap door?opens.After the food gets into the stomach,This muscle valve is closed again.If the muscle valve is not working properly,Will produce acid reflux symptoms.Because of the abnormal?opening and closingens of the valveL?eat the food in the stomach and the stomach?ure back to the feeder?hre flow?en.

The first symptom of acid reflux is “vomiting gas”.But it’s easy to be ignored.Other typical symptoms are a burning sensation in the heart,And the reflux of stomach?ure in the mouth or throat,Sp?ter the patient experienced pain or red chest pain when swallowing food.I often think, that it is a sore throat or heart disease.It is often found that the feeder?hear through stomach after the doctor’s visit?ure has been corroded to bleed the ulcer.

It is not advisable, to eat two hours before bedtime

Wang Weimin, a scientist at the university?t from Hong Kong, who is responsible for the investigation of acid reflux, pointed out that when people often eat two hours before bed,Causes gastric ptosis,To the clasprelax muscles,A condition, in the stomach?ure in the feeder?hre flow?t.

The ?Doctors believe that in recent years the number of F?ll of acid reflux increased,The reason is: people’s lives are getting hectic and crappy?ftigt, they eat irregularly,Eat too late?t dinner or have a habit of having dinnerThen I fell asleep, when i was fullWhen you lie on your back in bed can the stomach?ure flow back easier?en.

For example, because of the behavior?According to the working hours of some types of occupation I usually have dinner after 10 p.m. after i went homeGo to bed less than two hours after eatingThe result is acid reflux.

Other symptoms of acid reflux include burning and pain in the chest, and discomfort which by hot?e and acidic substances are caused, that flows from chest to throat?en.Complications of this disease are ulcers of the feeder?listenSometimes cause bleedingFormation of a narrowing of the lower end of the feeder?listenCause difficulty swallowing,Or cause that this ?sophagus epithelium through the S?ulenepithelium of the stomach is replaced.Beginningllig for cancer.Some cause a cough,Hoarseness and even asthma attacks?ll.

Improve your lifestyle habits and sit back and relax

The symptoms of acid reflux k?can through?Lifestyle change will be improved.If you don’t eat anything two hours before going to bed,Raise your head while you sleep.

A scientist from the university?t Hong Kong, Li Jinquan, who was responsible for the investigation, reminded the patient: food, which the mucous membrane of the feeder?stimulate your must be reduced, like wine Coffee and fatty foods.

Acid reflux can sometimes be controlled by drugs to control symptoms of nausea.When you give a patient a stomach?give urehemmer,But if the symptoms persistYou need an operationTo effectively relieve symptoms.