From gastric cancer to gastric canceryou Have to look!!I regret it!

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Chinese medicine teaches you Chinese medicine,Secret Recipes of Chinese Kr?utemedicine.

One in handRare!

The so-called “ten stomach and nine diseases”,It is said that 9 out of 10 people have stomach problems!

The h?The most common disease in gastric diseases is gastritis. im t?resembled lifeWhen people fail to eat and that t?respect equal lives,It is very beg?llig for gastritis.As h?Most common digestive system diseaseGastritis can generally be divided into two categories: acute gastritis and chronic gastritis.Among patients with gastric diseases, diagnosed in the outpatient gastric endoscopy department,More than 80% of patients suffer to varying degreese from chronic gastritis.

For people with gastritis,Especially for some old gastritis patients,I am very worried, that stomach cancer will occur at some point!Naturally,Gastritis does not develop pl?additive to stomach cancer.bellyCancer occurs mainly?from normal gastric mucosal epithelial cells to cancer cells.This is a step-by-step processBefore developing stomach cancer,Need a process of pr?kanzer?sen ver?go through changes,Everyone needs to look closely at this process.

There are four steps from gastritis to stomach cancer!

Chronic superficialcommon gastritis

Chronic atrophic gastritis

Intestinal metaplasia, Dysplasia

Stomach cancer

Chronic superficialcommon gastritis 

Chronic superficialgastritis is a very common problem.common “stomach disease”!As long as you are undergoing a gastroscopy,Almost without exception, the easiest diagnosis is made: chronic superficial?common gastritis.

Chronic superficialcherical gastritis is a disease with chronic superficialinflammation of the lining of the stomach.Is a h?common digestive system disease,It’s a type of chronic gastritis.In other words,Chronic superficialreal gastritis is a far cry from gastric cancer.

Atrophic gastritis

Atrophic gastritis,As the name indicates,It is a manifestation of chronic inflammation of the stomach far,The cause of atrophic gastritis is unclearBut it mostly happens?older peopleThe stomach lining ages with age.20% of chronic gastric diseases are atrophic gastritis.Atrophic gastritis doesn’t all turn into gastric cancer.It’s just the chance that atrophic gastritis turns into gastric cancer.Something h?than normal.With correct treatment The protective measures takentakes are good,Most patients with chronic atrophic gastritis are not cancerous.

Intestinal metaplasia, Dysplasia 

Intestinal metaplasia refers to the replacement of gastric mucosal epithelial cells with intestinal epithelial cells.Called bowel metaplasia (short bowel metaplasia),Is a relatively h?ufiges Ph?noun,Especially at ?elderly people.”Intestinal metaplasia” is often called pr?kanzer?se L?sion viewed.In other words, it has not yet reached the stage of cancerBut if it evolvesIt is the early stage of stomach cancer. 

Naturally,Not every intestinal metaplasia will lead to stomach cancer.It’s just that the stomach is up to this pointBe moreWatch out,Active treatment,H?r on, throwing your stomach,It is quite m?resembled to avoid the development of stomach cancer.At the same time,It is important, to check the gastroscope regularly.

Learn these tricksTake care of your stomach


Develop healthy eating habits

ONE.Eat regularly,Timed quantification

Irregular Ern?for a long time,H?frequent pathological reactions occur in the gastric mucosa,For a long time.The function of the gastric mucosa gradually decreases.ugly,Can Ern?leading?cause chronic gastritis.

B. B. B.Adequate Ern?leadership

(A) Low Salt Tue?t:Avoid High Salty Di?th.The salt content in our traditional dietvalue is too highA salty dietcan damage the protective mucous membrane of the stomach you make the stomach lining free and easily damned?find and contact carcinogens,Therefore should the t?constant salt intake under 10 g can be controlled.About 6 g is adequate.

(B) Avoid foods which contain nitrosamines can?nnen:Nitrosamines are clear carcinogens,Pickled and ger?contain smoked foods h?Often carcinogens such as nitrosamines and benzopyrene.So as little as m?was like eating.Not just for quick talking,But sorry!

(C) Eat more fruits and yellow and green vegetables:Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins,Since the cause of stomach cancer is likely related to nitrosamine compounds?ngt,Vitamins k?can block the synthesis of nitrosamines in the stomach,This helps To prevent stomach cancer.

(d) Eat More Dairy Products:Eat more milk and dairy products.Because of the vitamin A contained in milk,Helps repair the mucosal epithelium,The incidence of gastric cancer is correlated h?Often negative with the consumption of dairy products.

(e) Stop?drinking and smoking:It is clear now that smoking is a risk factor for stomach cancer,And the degree of risk h?related to the amount of smoking.It h?is more related to age, in which smoking began.Strong alcohol can clog the stomach lining, Swelling and excessive secretion.Do you often drink hard alcohol,Can cause successive proliferative gastritis → atrophic gastritis,Even stomach cancer.

(f)Not too hot? eat:Chinese like to eat hot food,But the Di?t shouldn’t be too hot? his,Otherwise the stomach lining will be burned.The mucous membrane multiplies under W?rmestimulation continues.The thickened mucous membrane becomes less and less sensitive to thermal stimulation.Such a vicious circleCan b?strange ver?cause changes.

(G) Storing the refrigerator:The study foundWith the widespread use of refrigerators?thankThe incidence of gastric cancer has decreased significantly.Keep food fresh,Avoid powdery mildew,Reduce the toxins produced by microorganisms and molds.But also pay attention to the storage time.

( h ) Do not eat overnight:Leafy green vegetables such as vegetables and spinach,Green beans, Broad beans etc.Keep coming back to the potChlorophyll is anf?suitable for chemical reactions,Produce degradable components,Easy to cause cancer.

( i ) Fr?ugly mood:Try, avoid overwork,Always ensure you get enough sleep and a good mood.Try, Adapt your mindset,Relieve mental pressure,Are You Effectively Improving Immunity?t.


Do You Treat Benign Stomach Oil?active

ONE.Add?useful for gastric Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection:The risk of gastric cancer in HP-infected patients is six times higher than in HP-negative people.HP can produce ammonia in the stomach,Ammonia can stomach?neutralize ure,Nitrate in the stomach can be converted to nitrite in a slightly alkaline environment.Nitrite binds with second?ren amines in food to nitrosamines.Nitrosamines are powerful carcinogens.

B.Pr?kanzer?se L?Actively treat sions:Certain diseases are pr?kanzer?se L?sions of stomach cancer,Like gastric polyps, Stomach ulcers, atrophic gastritis,About 10% of patients k?can develop stomach cancer.Patients with pernizi?what kind of thing?mie have a h?here incidence of stomach cancer than the average person 21.9 times.Therefore, we must pay attention to the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases.Prevent stomach cancer from occurring.


Active screening

Early detection of stomach cancer,The 5-year survival rate can be up to 90%.Therefore, early detection Early detection and treatment of gastric cancer is very important.Regular gastroscopy review is required for high-risk groups of gastric cancer.Go to the risk groups?ren:

  • If you have a history of chronic gastritis over 40 years,Those, the lately digestive st?had struggles;

  • Have gastrointestinal anastomosis for more than 10 years,Atrophic gastritis,Intestinal metaplasia,Epithelial dysplasia of the gastric mucosa,Gastric polyps,Pernizi?se An?mie;

  • Long-term alcoholism and smoking,Those, the one salty foodleadership, ger?prefer smoked foods and less fresh vegetables;

  • Mental stimulation and long-term depression, People with a family history of stomach cancer, etc.