What should I look out for with gastroenteritis?

Niu Jianhai
chief doctor
Baoding First Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Good at:He is good at diagnosing and treating various acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases, acute and chronic liver diseases, Cirrhosis of the liver, Liver cancer, alcoholic liver disease, drug-induced hepatitis, Autoimmune liver diseases, Gallstones and other diseases.

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You’ve been under pressure latelyI didn’t eat rightAs a result, gastroenteritis appeared,The doctor m?right, that you watch out.Do you pay more attention to the pers?similar hygiene,H?nde, touch the uncooked meat,Poultry,Fish etc.,Wash your Hbefore or after.Wash the used utensils and utensils in hot?em water.Has a disinfecting effect.Fresh food should sp?ter be cut and stored.Cooking utensils such as knives,The cutting board should h?be cleaned frequently.And keep it dryTo prevent the growth of bacteria, to spread bacteria,Contaminate other food.Fresh vegetables and fruits must be rinsedIf the pesticide is not clear,Take it, to cure the disease.
1,Do not eat unclean fruits.2,Don’t eat irritating foods.3.Pay attention to food hygiene,Wash your Hnde h?ufig,Pay attention to the hygiene of dishes,Ease and comfort must be placed separately.

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Hello,Gastroscopy is superficialcheek gastritis,What does ph mean behind it?.


Hello,Gastroscopy is superficialcheek gastritis,There’s a pH behind it.


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Hello,Gastroscopy is superficialcheek gastritis,What does ph mean behind it?This means, that you have been infected with Helicobacter pylori?You k?can take western medicine, if you are taking traditional Chinese medicine

I have to ask questions

  • My family checked the PH w?during the active phase of chronic superficialcommon gastritis, which was a plus.
  • Hello!Today I took a gastroscopeSaid it is a deep gastritis,.
  • ,The chest and throat back pain was diagnosed as non-atrophic gastritis by gastroscopy.
  • I’m?want to find out whether it is gastritis
  • 8 year old Helicobacter pylori infection, gastritis, Duodenitis?Child.
  • gastritis


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Shi Yanyan

Title: Deputy Head Physician

Jinzhou Central Hospital
Internal Medicine

Expertise: diagnosis and treatment of gastric ulcers,Complications of liver cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy, upper digestive tract.

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According to your description, the M?a surfacegastritis infection with Helicobacter pylori more likely.Helicobacter pylori can be treated with oral western medicine.Generally three antibiotics plus stomach?uresuppressants.It is recommended go to the gastroenterological clinic to dispense medication.Hope my help is useful to you.Good luck.

2014-12-02 23:07:02

Cheng Zeting

Title: attending physician 

Expertise: TCM treatment advice for difficult diseases

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Problem analysis:Hello,It is believed, that gastritis is caused by moist heat in the spleen and stomach.Gort to the category of old stomach diseases,Common drugs are difficult to cure,If not treated in a timely and correct manner,The condition will gradually?develop ugly,Causes more damagethe ones on the stomach lining,Lead to a long-term unhealed condition,Even worse,Not cured in the long term and even cancerous.The long-term clinical practice of Chinese medicine has amassed many unique treatment methods.Wonderful and practical,Save money and convenience,The effect is clear.
Suggestionge:For gastritis it is recommended black vitriol, black date, Walnut kernel, Gardenia, Angelica, Amomum, Magnolia, three-sided, Pangolin, Cunqu, Malt, upper nail, lower nail, Safflower, Hainan Shen, To use iron gall powder, Propolis, Honey, Beeswax etc.Quick results,The effect is clearMany patients will not have relapse after healing.The combination of these drugs can cleanse the moist heat of the spleen and stomach, improve gastrointestinal function,F?change in gastrointestinal motility?t,Quickly repair the gastrointestinal mucosa,To wash away the cloudy gas in the stomachTo recover quickly.

2019-09-21 21:06:52

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askWhat does my family mean if PH in the active phase of chronic superficial?natural gastritis is a plus?

Wang Hui

Title: Doctoral Member

Expertise: cardiovascular, high blood pressure

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Condition analysis: PH plus sign means Helicobacter pylori positive,Which is infected with Helicobacter pylori,It is now believed that Helicobacter pylori is one of the factors that cause gastritis.
Suggestionge:Since it is an active period of chronic gastritis,It is best, having anti-Helicobacter pylori treatment.For specific medications, contact the hospital doctor.A treatment lasts 7 to 10 days.

2012-11-21 12:10:39

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askHello!Today I took a gastroscopeSaid it is a deep gastritis,Stomach?ure PH (++.

Li Zhiyong

Title: Doctor

Expertise: internal medicine,Especially good for upper respiratory infections

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Problem analysis:Surfaceual gastritis refers to a chronic superficialinflammation of the lining of the stomach.The cause of the disease varies,But because of alcoholDrink strong coffee,Or because of biliary reflux,Or caused by Helicobacter pylori infection.
Suggestionge:Those affected k?different strengths of the digestive tracthave struggled.Discomfort in the upper abdomen after eating,It’s a dull pain,Can of Aufsto?be accompaniednausea,Pantothens?ure,Occasionally vomitingGeneral symptoms are mild,Some even have no obvious symptoms,It can w?can be found during gastroscopy.

2014-11-08 16:05:34

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ask,Chest and throat pain was demonstrated gastroscopically as non-atrophic gastritis. Helicobacter pylori 21,3.

Qi Jinghu

Title: attending physician

Expertise: hepatitis,Liver failure,Second?re bili?re cirrhosis,Intrahepatic cholestasis,Portal cirrhosis,Cirrhosis of the liver,Fatty liver,Drug-induced liver disease,Alcoholic liver disease,Hepatic encephalopathy

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Problem analysis:Chronic atrophic gastritis is main?by autoantik?causes physical illness.Upper abdominal pain k?can occurAcid reflux,Heartburn,Symptoms such as belching?en.If it’s not well controlled for a long time, it can cause stomach cancer
Suggestionge:Do you pay attention to regular meals?leadership,Avoid consuming spicy foods,Eat more fruits and vegetables,Avoid consuming foods rich in sugar,Quit smokingand restrict alcohol?thankAt the same time omeprazole can be taken orally,Treatment with colloidal pectin bismuth,When accompanying a Helicobacter pylori infection, triple therapy should be used for radical healing

2014-02-13 08:13:52

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askI’m?want to find out whether it is gastritis

Yan Lubing

Job title:

Expertise: high blood pressure, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases

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Problem analysis:Hello,After your consultation, it is still chronic gastritis.You k?Can have a gastroscopy.
Suggestionge:Have to take medication.In this case, symptomatic treatment is recommended.You k?nnen domperidone tablets, Take Weikangling capsules and omeprazole capsules.Do you eat au?eat small meals and eat regularly.Ben?give symptomatic treatment.

2014-10-06 10:29:24

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ask8 year old Helicobacter pylori infection, Gastritis, Duodenitis?The son always talks about himself.

Wang Jizhong

Title: Doctor

Expertise: gastroenteritis.The child has a feverCardiovascular disease

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Condition analysis: Hello,There are many reasons, why children get gastritis.Must go to a normal hospital for examination and treatment.
Suggestionge:Chronic Gastritis Is Chronic Inflammatory L?sion of the gastric mucosa, which is caused by the repeated penetration of various pathogenic factors into the epithelium of the gastric mucosa.Due to the regeneration and transformation of the mucous membrane,Closelich are the contents shrinking?rent glands.The child’s current situation is relatively serious.Like stomach ache nausea, Bl?hangs etc.You k?can use western medicine for quick symptomatic treatment, then traditional Chinese medicine for slow conditioning.The most important is, on the rules of life, a reasonable Ern?Pay attention to exercise and moderate exercise.I wish the baby healthy and happy!

2013-06-17 04:38:21

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Zhang Qing

Job title:

Expertise: Pneumococcal Pneumonia,Pulmonary embolism,Lung infection,Build up of a sick syndrome,Lung abscess,Lung infection,Pulmonary cryptococcosis,Venereal disease of the skin

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Hello,Chronic gastritis go?rt to the category of old stomach diseases.Common drugs are difficult to treatIf it is not treated promptly and correctly,The condition will gradually?ugly develop.Amoxicillin has no greate effect.The long-term clinical practice of Chinese medicine has amassed many unique treatment methods.It is recommended Walnut kernel, Gardenia, Angelica, Amomum, Magnolia, three-sided, Pangolin, Cunqu, Malt, upper nail, lower nail, Safflower, Hainan Shen, Iron gall powder, Propolis, Honey, To use beeswaxWait for treatment,Quick results,The effect is clearWithout side effects,Can Chronic Gastritis Completely?heal well.

2014-12-18 21:53:51

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Everyone is looking for:Hello,Gastroscopy is superficialcheek gastritis,What does ph mean behind it?.
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How to treat a burning sensation in the stomach when you eat spicy or spicy things



As soon as I eat something spicy or hot,I have a burning sensation in my stomachIs it a stomach problem?How to treat!Thank you?n!(m?namely,36 years old)

Doctor Wang Jing

Hello,I suggest, You take a gastroscope, to see



The gastroscope was done earlier in the year and said, it is a surfacecommon gastritis

Doctor Wang Jing

Is there any treatment?



Got omela



I didn’t pay too much attention sometimes to eat and sometimes not to eat.But now I find that when I eat something spicy or spicy,Burning in the stomach



It is better, drink plenty of water

Doctor Wang Jing

The treatment recommendations must be regular, to be effective



What are the symptoms of western medicine?

Doctor Wang Jing




Is this?

Doctor Wang Jing




So not eat the original omela?Someone else asked me Lizhu Dele to eat?

Doctor Wang Jing

Can continue to take

Doctor Wang Jing

Suggest omeprazole plus amoxicillin



Do you want dinglin

Doctor Wang Jing

Dodoline for 2 days



OK!Thank you?n

Doctor Wang Jing

I’m glad, To answer youPlease give a very satisfactory rating,And follow my homepageThank you?n

Tip: diseases vary from person to person,The consultation papers of others are for reference only.There are risks associated with unauthorized treatment.

Consultation time: 06.05.2015

What medicine does gastritis need, to get better?

Selected?long answers (9)

Wang Yufen
chief doctor
Dongzhimen Hospital, University?t for chinese medicine in beijing

Good at:Use Chinese medicine to treat gastrointestinal disorders.Like stomach ulcer, Gastritis, Reflux?sophagitis, functional dyspepsia, Ulcerative colitis, chronic diarrhea and other diseases.In-depth research and extensive clinical experience in chronic liver disease, Cholecystitis, Pancreatitis and depression

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Gastritis is divided into acute gastritis and chronic gastritis.Chronic gastritis can turn into chronic superficial?Chronic gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis can be divided.The treatment of acute gastritis is main?chal conservation.Generally edible and digestible foods like porridge or soft and rotten pasta,At the same time oral medication, which the stomach?Inhibit acids and protect the gastric mucosa.If the gastritis is chronic, it should be treated according to the type of gastritis.The g?Common drugs are drugs which protect the stomach lining.Chronic atrophic gastritis is forbidden, To use medication, which the stomach?inhibit ure.Therefore have to?Doctors on systemic drugs direct treatment according to the type of gastritis.

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Han Dong
Attending physician
Zaozhuang Mining Group Central Hospital

Good at:Diagnosis and treatment of various kindsmien, Leukopenia, Thrombocytopenia, Thrombocytosis, multiple myeloma, Leuk?mie, allergic purpura, etc.

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Hello,Stomach disease is the main?chlich Di?regulation,Therefore a Di?t therapy very important.Poor gastrointestinal function is often caused by pers?causing similar bad habits.It is recommended to eat regularly,Avoid overeating,Eat more fruits and vegetables,Avoid spicy food,Stop?ren to smoke and alcohol.Eat less fattyJunk food etc.Correct k?Exercise helps with digestion.Second, keep in a good moodAvoid tension,overused,And staying awake all night and so on can have good gastrointestinal function.

2018-10-24 11:53


Tao Xin
Deputy chief physician
Nanxiang Hospital, Jiading District, Shanghai

Good at:Diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases such as cardiovascular and respiratory departments.

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Hello,Gastritis can take omeprazole,Domperidone,Livzon Dele came to combine the treatment,And you need to pay attention to the regularity of three meals,Don’t overeatTake care and check regularly.Always make sure avoid spicy food, the fatty K?lte stimulates.For example smoking and drinking,Strong tea coffee,Eat more wolfberry, knowen mushroom and jujube, to nourish your stomachlisten.Erk?don’t youAdjust your mood to improve.

2017-12-13 12:19


Zhong Shenghua
Attending physician
Fuzhou First People’s Hospital

Good at:Good for urological diseases,Like treating cryptorchidism, Urinary tract infections, Stones, Prostatitis, etc.For various respiratory diseases such as lung infection, Pulmonary tuberculosis, Lung tumors, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Bronchial asthma have a lot of experience.

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Gastritis is a very h?frequent illness,Most of its occurrence is caused by Helicobacter pylori infection.Has a bigen influence on the t?like life of the human K?rpers,Ben?get early medication and food for treatment.For patients are the drugs used to protect the stomach?run, the stomach?inhibit urinary secretion and avoid eating spicy foods,And do you eat a regular Di?t,Light and easily digestible Di?conditioning.

2017-12-13 12:19


Lin Yunpeng
Second People’s Hospital in Fujian Province

Good at:Medical diseases,Especially good for diseases of the digestive system.

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Hello,Chronic gastritis is chronic inflammation of the lining of the stomach, which is caused by various causes.Main?caused by Helicobacter pylori.It can be divided into three categories: non-atrophic, atrophic and special types of gastritis.
There are main?the following treatment optionsopportunities:
1. Helicobacter pylori eradication.Main?suitable for people with Helicobacter pylori infection,To the h?frequently used drugs go?ren a proton pump inhibitor (such as Rabeira, Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Pantoprazole etc.), two antibiotics (such as clarithromycin, Amoxicillin, Metronidazole), Moxifloxacin, etc.) Sometimes k?Depending on the situation, bismuth agents (such as bismuth potassium citrate, colloidal pectin bismuth, etc.) can be added.The course of treatment concerns> Usually 10-14 days.
2. Gastric mucosal protectants.It is suitable for those with mucosal erosion or obvious digestive system symptoms.H?often used, like Rebate, Aluminum phosphate gel, Hydrotalcite, etc.
3. Chinese medicine.Suitable for long disease course,People with obvious side effects after taking Western medicine,It can be combined with traditional Chinese medicine for treatment with integrated Chinese and Western medicine.Traditional Chinese medicine decoction needs to be treated on the basis of syndrome differentiation.To the h?Often used Chinese patent drugs go?ren Weisu granules, Fengliaochangweikang, Weilening, Qizhiweitong granules and so on.
Last but not least,Ben the stomach ailment?Does a three-point treatment and a seven-point reap?leadership.Eat regularly,Avoid raw, cold, hardness, spicy and pickled foods.The conditionally feasible gastroscopy or the detection of Helicobacter pylori have the severity of the L?sion best?does.
I wish you good health.

2017-02-18 16:28


Yu Xue
Fuqin Community Health Service Center, Jinniu District, Cheng you

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Hello,After this, What did you say.There are different types of gastritis.If you have acute gastritis,You k?Take Weiyankang capsules

2017-02-18 16:17


Zhang Zhaoxin

Wei County Hezhao Health Center

Good at:I graduated from Hebei Medical University,Good for digestive diseases,Experience in integrated Chinese and Western medicine.

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In this case you have to exclude with three and with seven.en.It is recommended Eating easily digestible foods at normal times.Life should be regularEat small meals and chew slowlyCooperate with Morodan,It is better, to treat Chinese medicines like gastric care pills

2017-02-18 16:13


Zhang Yanyan
Liaocheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Good at:Gyn?ecology and P?diatry,Hypertension,diabetes

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Hello,In this case k?Call Weisu granules or Weikangling etc. eat.Do you also pay attention to the easy Ern?leadership,Do not eat spicy and cold.

2017-02-18 16:12


Wang Jianfei
Daxinzhai Hospital of Funing County

Good at:Am i in the prim?damaging clinical work?ftigt,Good in the examination and treatment of common diseases in the internal and?u?eren P?diatry

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Acute gastritis needs antibiotic treatment,Chronic gastritis can be treated with omeprazole capsules and colloidal bismuth pectin capsules

2017-02-18 16:12


20180504 Yangshengtang videos and notes : Wei Wei,Spleen and stomach,Stomach cancer,Gastritis,Umei Baijiang soup

20180504 Yangshengtang Videos and Notes: Wei Wei,Spleen and stomach,Stomach cancer,Gastritis,Umei Baijiang soup

Ver?Publication time: 2018-05-05 07:00:13
Author: 100 Years of the Health Network
Source: Bainian Health Net
Where the column: Yangshengtang video
Yangshengtang 2018 video collection
Core content: Wumei Baijiang soup Yangshengtang video

This page containsAccording to the complete video series and key notes from Beijing’s Yangshengtang satellite television program from Jan. May 2018.The G?ste areWei Wei.The subject is“Adjust the raising and lowering of the spleen and stomach”.Main?do not ignore spleen and stomach diseases,How to properly treat spleen and stomach diseases,And other related content,Bainian Health.com offers online viewing of the entire video series and an introduction to the main content (notes on program highlights).

Wei Wei: Director of the Spleen and Stomach Department, Wangjing Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

As the saying goes“Ten people nine m?gene”,Enough, to see, that the number of patients who suffer from spleen and stomach diseases, very big? is.Spleen and stomach diseases do not only suffer from a major?en number of patients,In addition, there are situations in which diseases are easily neglected?and long-term diseases are difficult to cure.Experts remind usThe spleen and stomach are the basis of acquired life,Is the center of the human K?circulatory system,Long-term suffering from spleen and stomach diseases,Not only is the risk of cancer high,And it will be functionalother organs in the bodycauseWhen minor illnesses are not cured, this can easily lead to disaster.So don’t ignore it.Director Wei Wei, Health Club expert in this issue,Mr. Lu Zhizheng, a master of traditional Chinese medicine,Explainren on site for you——”Adjust the lift and protect your spleen and stomach.”

More than a handred viewers took part in the survey,The results show that more than 70% suffer from spleen and stomach diseases.30% have been sick for more than 10 years,This h?is closely related to the high pr?valence of gastric cancer in China in recent years.On-site patients share their experience of illness,What are the reasons for the repeated failure not heal for ten or twenty years?How to properly treatPrevent the unhealed long-term condition?

Mr. Lu Zhizheng, the first group of Chinese medicine masters in China,Good at regulating the spleen and stomach, to different hardto treat difficult diseases“Hold the middleTransport around”,It repr?presents the core idea of Lu Laos treatment,und“Yiqingzhi,Back and forth”It is Lu Laos rule.Director Wei inherited Lu’s old ideas,Combined with langj?extensive clinical research,Summarizes the recipe for regulating the lifting and lowering functions of the spleen and stomach.Banxia Xiexin decoction with sharp?opening and bitter reducing effect,It is the classic recipe from “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”,According to the features of modern widespread disease, with the addition and subtraction of drugs to regulate emotions and cleanse the spleen and stomach,When treating various spleen and stomach diseases in Chinese and Western medicine,Better healing effect achieved.

Jiajian Banxia Xiexin decoction mainly aims?on the symptoms of the spleen and stomach k?lte and heat.Suitable for the treatment of atrophic gastritis and peptic ulcer diseases,With bowel disease caused by dysregulation, director Wei also brought with him the traditional experience of Lu Zhizheng Lu——Ume Baijiang soup,And that t?like conditioning powder to maintain health and spleen,Classic traditional formula,Four unique health powders,Is there a more efficient production method?How do you use the t?like conditioning?


Image: Wumei Baijiang Soup

Information on expert visits:

Wei Wei——Wangjing Hospital of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Monday morning and Thursday morning (expert clinic),Wednesday morning (Special Needs Clinic);

Notes: The emergency caused?changes in outpatient time, of the outpatient location, of the outpatient type (outpatient general, Expert or special needs) and the registration fee.Please note the hospital announcement on the same day.

20180504 Yangshengtang Videos and Notes: Wei Wei,Spleen and stomach,Stomach cancer,Gastritis,Umei Baijiang soup

Core content: Wumei Baijiang soup Yangshengtang video

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N?next post: 20180505 Yangshengtang Video and Notes: Wang Hongmo,Color advice,Qi stagnation and blood stasis,Fuzi Lizhongwan

Gastro?sophageal reflux

Table of Contents

  1. 1
    Clinical manifestations
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4th

Basic information

do not    To weigh
Gastro?sophageal reflux disease
English name
gastro?sophageal reflux
Treatment department
H.?frequent foci of disease
H?common causes
?sophagus anti-reflux barrier, ?sophagus-S?ure clearance, ?sophagic mucosal defense function and other abnormalities
H?common symptoms
Heartburn, acid reflux,Painful swallowing, Difficulties swallowing,Hoarse,Throat discomfort or foreign k?feeling etc.

Gastro?sophageal refluxClinical manifestations

1.Heartburn and acid reflux
Heartburn is a burning sensation behind the breastbone and under the xiphoid process.Appears more than an hour after a meal,It can occur when you lie flat bend over or increase abdominal pressureht.The contents of the stomach that flows back into the mouth?t, is often angry, what is known as acid reflux.Acid reflux is often accompanied by heartburn,It is that h?most common symptom of this disease.
2.Pain and difficulty swallowing
Swallowing pain k?nnen with heavier?sophagitis right?sophagic ulcers occur.It is caused by acid reflux, of the sensory nerve endings under the?sophagus epithelium stimulates.Can reflux also stimulate mechanoreceptors and spasmodic pains in the esophagus?cause her.In severe F?There may be a strong tingling sensation.Shine backwards Waist, Shoulders and neck,Looks like angina.Owing to ?sophaguskr?fumble or functional st?struggles,Some patients have m?may have difficulty swallowing.And if ?sophistic stenosis occurs,The difficulty swallowing continued to increase.
Regurgitation stimulates the lining of the throat can cause pharyngitis,Hoarse,Throat discomfort or foreign k?body feeling.Inhaling the airways may cause coughing, Cause asthma, this type of asthma has no seasonality?t,Paroxysmal coughing and wheezing occur h?often open at night.Individual patients have repeated aspiration pneumonia,Even pulmonary interstitial fibrosis occurs.

Gastro?sophageal refluxdiagnosis

The clinical manifestations of the gastro?Sophageal reflux are complex and not specific.It’s tough, solely on the basis of clinical manifestations between physiological gastro?sophageal reflux and pathological gastro?differentiate sophageal reflux.Comprehensive diagnostic technology currently needs to be introduced.Any clinical discovery of inexplicablerecurrent vomiting, Dysphagia, recurrent chronic respiratory infections, refract?rem asthma, Growth delay?fermentation, recurrent suffocation, Apnea and other symptoms should the M?the possibility of a gastro?Consider sophageal reflux.Must be in different situationsW?select the necessary auxiliary examinations,To make the diagnosis?run.

Gastro?sophageal refluxtreatment

1.General treatment
?Lifestyle changes should be considered a fundamental measure. used for treatment.Raising the head of the bed 6 to 8 inches is a simple and effective method.This can use gravity, to the S?uref?ngerf?ability to improve while sleeping.Reduce the n?reflux.Fat, Chocolate, Tea, Coffee and other foods reduce the LES pressure.It should be appropriately restrictedbe nkt.Patients with gastro?sophageal reflux should stop smoking and alcoholren.Avoid Eat 3 hours before bedtime.It can also do the n?reduce any reflux.25% of patients k?can improve your symptoms, after following the above habits?have changed.
2.medical treatment
When the reflux symptoms aren’t caused by a?lifestyle change can be improvednnen,Systemic drugs should be started.
(1) H.2Blockers H2Blockers are currently the main drugs for the clinical treatment of gastro?sophageal reflux.These drugs compete with histamine for H on parietal cells2Receptor and bind to it,Histamine inhibit stimulates the S?urine secretion from parietal cells,Do you reduce the stomach?urinary secretion,This will make the sch?detrimental effects of reflux fluid on the lining of the feeder?your decreased,Symptom Relief and F?the healing of the damage?the mucous membrane of the feeder?hear.
  Four H2-receptor blockers are currently clinically widely used.N?probably cimetidine, Ranitidine, Famotidine and nizatidine.
(2) proton pump inhibitors Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) through non-competitive and irreversible antagonism,Inhibition of the proton pump in the parietal cells,Produces more H.2Receptor blockers have st?rkere and l?longer lasting s?uresuppression effects.Presentare they due in clinical practice?Commonly used drug omeprazole, Lansoprazole and toprazole.
(3) F?drug abuse Gastro?sophageal reflux is a motilit?tsst?tion,There are often abnormal motilit?t the feeder?hearing and stomach,H2If treatment with RAS and PPI is ineffective,Advertising material k?can be used.The effectiveness of prokinetics in treating GERS is?Similar to H2RAS.The effect of dysmotilit?tssymptomen like Bl?throats and bumps?en is however significantly better than that of S?urinhibern.For example metronidazole, Domperidone, Cisapride, Zosulpiride, Erythromycin and so on.
(4) Mucosal Protectors 硫糖铝 作为 一种 局部 作用 制剂 ,服用 硫糖铝 对 胃食管反流 症状 的 控制 和 食管 炎 的 愈合 与 标准 剂量 的 H2RAS 的 疗效 相似。但 亦有 学者 认为 ,硫糖铝 对 胃食管反流 无效。
  铝 碳酸镁 能 结合 反 流 的 胆酸 ,减少 其 对 黏膜 的 损伤 ,并 能 作为 物理 屏障 粘附 于 黏膜 表面。现已 在 临床 上 广泛 应用。
(5) 其他 药物 现 认为 TLESR 是 造成 反 流 的 主要 病理 生理 基础 ,很多 研究者 正 致力于 寻找 能 降低 TLESR 的 药物 用于 治疗 胃食管反流。其中 阿托品 和 吗啡 是 最早 针对 TLESR 的 药物。Baclofen 有望 成为 胃食管反流 治疗 的 有效 药物。
(6) 联合 治疗 抑酸 剂 治疗 无效 ,且 经 食管 测压 证实 有 食管 动力 异常 的 患者 可 试用 促 动力 药 联合 抑酸 剂 治疗。2 ~ 3 级 食管 炎 患者 经 西咪替丁 联合 西沙 必 利 治疗 后 ,症状 的 缓解 及 食管 炎 的 愈合 均较 单 用 西咪替丁 为佳。
3.并发症 的 治疗
胃食管反流 常见 的 并发症 有 食管 狭窄 、 食管 溃疡 、 食管 缩短 及 Barrett’s 食管 等。对于 轻微 的 食管 狭窄 ,可以 通过 饮食 限制 及 药物 (PPI) 治疗 改善。短期 单纯性 狭窄 可以 用 Teflon 扩张 器 治疗 (如 Hurst — malonney) ,必要 时 可行 支架 置入 治疗。部分 患者 亦可 行 外科 抗 反 流 手术。
对于 食管 溃疡 ,通常 需要 大 剂量 PPI 和 黏膜 保护 剂 的 治疗。Barrett’s 食管 是 胃食管反流 严重 的 并发症。因其 有 恶变 的 可能 ,应 进行 内镜 随访 及 活检 以 早期 发现 异型 增生 及 腺癌。当 患者 有 低 度 异型 增生 时 ,可采用 大 剂量 的 PPI 治疗。中 重 度 异型 增生 或 出现 结节 状 增生 时 可行 内 镜下 激光 、 电 凝 、 离子 凝固 术 甚至 局部 食管 切除。
4th外科 手术 治疗
凡 长期 服药 无效 或 需 终身 服药 者 、 或 不能 耐受 扩张 者 、 或 需 反复 扩张 者 都可 考虑 行 外科 手术。
  腹腔镜 下 抗 反 流 手术 的 问世 为 临床 医师 提供 了 一种 新 的 手术 治疗 方法 ,有些 临床 医师 已将 腹腔镜 手术 作为 抗 反 流 手术 的 首选 方法 之一。


1.obese people get?lower abdominal pressure and cause reflux.Therefore, avoid high-fat foods, the reflux f?rdern.Lose weight.
2.Eat smaller meals,Do not eat within 4 hours of bedtime.To minimize stomach contents and pressure at night,If necessary, raise the head of the bed 10 cm.This is very important for reflux, if you lie on your back at night.Use gravity um sch?harmful substances from the feeder?hear to remove.
3.Do you avoid different movements and K?postures, who keep abdominal pressure for a long time in lifehen.IncludingLich wearing tights and tight belts,Prevent reflux.
4thStop?to smoke and drink,Eat less chocolate and coffee.

Interpret the knowledge behind the entry
    • A voice of youth
      Member of the China Popular Science Writers Association,Health science

      Treatment of gastro?sophageal reflux disease,Here is the method

      Simply put,Gastro?sophageal reflux disease is a chronic disease in which the stomach contents due to the sweat?chung of the k?body’s own defense mechanism and the decrease in F?ability of the feeder?listen S?to remove ure, back to the feeder?hre flow?t, which leads to discomfort and / or complications.Gastro?sophageal reflux disease is h?ufig,And it will be bige bring inconvenience to life,We should know how we should treat it

    • A voice of youth
      Member of the China Popular Science Writers Association,Health science

      Acid reflux,Heartburn,Either lovesick or pregnancyHaha,You think too much

      Simply put,Gastro?sophageal reflux disease refers to a chronic disease of symptoms and / or complications, caused by the backflow of food in the stomach into the feederyour caused.It has a bigInfluence on people’s standard of living.


Ten Chinese Patent Medicines for Treating Gastritis

  For now,There are many Chinese patent medicines available for the treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis.The main ones are as follows::

  (1) Wenweishu capsules

  Composition of medicine: Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Hawthorn, Astragalus, Cistanche etc.

  Function: St?strength and strengthstrengthening of the foundation,The stomach aw?rmen and the stomach n?listen,F?change of qi for pain relief,Help the sun to wake uprmen.

  Indications: Treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis and epigastric diseases.respiratory pain from chronic gastritis,Bl?hung,Burp,Appetite,Chills,Blackche and other diseases.

  (2) Yin Deficiency Stomach Pain Granules

  Drug composition: Radix Adenophora, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra, Sweetwood etc.

  Function: Yin n?hearing and stomach f?turn,Relieve pain.

  Indications: Is there a mild burning pain in the stomach?heal applied, caused by insufficient stomach yin.Dry mouth,Anorexia, Choking and other symptoms,Clinically it will mainly be?for the treatment of chronic superficialnormal gastritis, atrophic gastritis, Used for gastric ulcer and other diseases.

  (3) Yangweishu capsules

  Drug composition: Codonopsis, Polygonatum, Scrophulariaceae, Wumei, Atractylodes, Cuscuta etc.

  Function: St?strength and strengthstrengthening of the foundation,N?hear yin and stomach,Regulate the medium cola,Qi elimination.

  Indications: For the treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis and stomach pain caused by chronic gastritis.Warm H?nde, Fü?e and heart,Dry mouth,bitter,Anorexia and other st?struggles.

  (4) Deficiency and stomach pain granules

  Drug composition: whitee peony root, dried ginger, Codonopsis, SweetWood, Jujube etc.

  Function: stomach exp?to relieve pain andInvigorate the spleen and qi.

  Indications: For weak spleen and stomach,Stomach pain,Like temperature and press,Severe pain in Erk?or on an empty stomach.Diseases like Zw?lffectal ulcer and chronic atrophic gastritis.

  (5) Sanjiuweitai

  The composition of the medicine: Sanya bitter, Mulberry, knowe peony root, Habitat, Incense.

  Function: anti-inflammatory and analgesic,Regulate the qi and invigorate the stomach.

  Indications: surfacecheek gastritis, erosive gastritis, atrophic gastritis and other types of chronic gastritis.

  (6) Monkey mushroom discs

  Drug composition: Hericium erinaceus.

  Function: anti-inflammatory and analgesic,Support justice.

  Indications: Chronic atrophic gastritis, Stomach ulcer, Stomach cancer, Feeder?ear cancer etc.

  (7) Weinaian capsules

  Medicinal composition: astragalus, Panax Notoginseng, synthetic bezoar, Mother-of-pearl powder.

  Function: filling up Qi and revitalizing the spleenPeace of mind,F?change of qi and blood circulation,Anti-inflammatory and muscle-producing.

  Indications: chronic superficialcheek gastritis, atrophic gastritis, Stomach and stomachlffectal ulcers.

  (8) Weikangling capsules

  Drug composition: Drugs with eight flavors how white?e peony root, SweetWood, Yuanhu and Notoginseng.

  Function: soften the liver and stomach,To disperse blood stasis and stop bleeding,Relieve pain,F?ulnis and grow anew.

  Indications: Suitable for acute gastritis, chronic superficialcheek gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis, Gastric ulcer and gastric bleeding.

  (9) stomach?hearing granules

  Medicinal composition: astragalus, Radix Paeoniae Alba, chinese yam, Cyperus rotundus, Codonopsis, SweetWood, Mandarin peel, etc.

  Function: the stomach n?hear and revitalize the spleen,Regulate qi and zhong.

  Indications: Chronic atrophic gastritis.

  (10) Compound Weileshu Oral Liquid

  Composition of medicine: Hericium erinaceus concentrate, Royal jelly, Honey etc.

  Function: Use the five internal organsDigestive aid,Do You Improve The Immunit?t of the K?rpers.

  Indications: used for stomach ulcers and gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis, Weakness of the spleen and stomach?chesyndrome and recovery period from gastrointestinal diseases applied.

  (Internship Editor: Chen Zhanli)

【Gastroenteritis】 P?diatric gastroenteritis

Causes of gastroenteritis

Children under five are in the autumn and winter seasons,Symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea occur H?often onMost often this situation is gastroenteritis caused by rotavirus.Rotavirus is the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis in children.It makes up 5-10% of all p?diatric gastroenteritis and 10-50% of all hospitalized children with diarrhea.The usual route of infection for gastroenteritis is Eating unclean food or drinking contaminated water.Or close contact with the patient.

Causes of gastroenteritis in children:

Children due to lack of immunity?t and relatively poor hygiene,The risk, to get sick with the disease, is h?here.Although it is a bige there are number of other pathogens, which can cause gastroenteritis in children?nnen,However, the incidence is significantly lower than that of the pathogenic source of bacteria and viruses.

1. Viral infection

Viruses, the h?often cause gastroenteritis, include rotavirus, Norovirus, Adenovirus and astrovirus.Rotavirus is the leading cause of gastroenteritis in children.And all over the world, poor or rich.70% of gastroenteritis in children is caused by viruses.But most adults have been exposed to rotavirus beforeSo there is immunit?t.

2. Bacterial infection

In children’s gastroenteritis, bacterial infections account for 15% the h?The most common bacteria are Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Shigella and Campylobacter jejuni.

Generally, because of this cause, children with gastroenteritis develop the disease from eating food contaminated with bacteria.Vegetables, Fruit and groceries, of whom it was found that they contain bacteria, include uncooked fresh meat, Chicken, Seafood, Eggs, growing sprouts, unpasteurized milk, Softnessse and juice from fruits and vegetables.

3. Parasite?re infection

A wide variety of protozoa can cause gastroenteritis.At the h?most common is Giardia lamblia,Infections with Am?ben and Cryptosporidium have also been reported.As a kind of pathogenThey account for about 10% of the causes of gastroenteritis in children.

4th infection

Infection will take place from drinking contaminated water.Or it happens by some pers?similar object?can be used together.must be aware ofFeeding with a bottle which is not properly disinfected, can also cause infections in babies.

5. Non-infectious

There are many factors the one not infectious?se cause gastroenteritis.Some of the h?The most common causes are: drugs (such as nonsteroidal anti-infectivit),Foods (such as lactose in humans, who cannot tolerate hunger) and gluten (in people with Z?liac disease).

Some plants produce w?during the growth process toxins.It can also cause gastroenteritis,Like yew, Winch and horse chestnut etc.All contain toxins,And the shoots of potato tubers,It’s also poisonous.

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Symptoms of gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis is a gastrointestinal st?tion, which is characterized by inflammation of the stomach and small intestine.Generally speaking,Bacterial gastroenteritis is more serious,It is also anf?lliger for gastrointestinal bleeding and intestinal perforation ruptures.Also complications of peritonitis.

Acute gastroenteritis usually starts pl?really,The main symptoms are nausea, Vomit, Fever, Abdominal pain and diarrhea.Vomiting is h?ufig,The main symptoms are the following five points.

1. Diarrhea: acute onset,H?frequent nausea and vomiting,Severe abdominal painH?frequent diarrhea,Mostly w?sweet stools,May contain undigested food,A small amount of slimeEven blood etc.

2. Fever: have h?often fever, A headache, general malaise and symptoms of intoxication in varying degrees?.

3. nausea and vomiting: people with severe vomiting and diarrhea,Can dehydration, Have acidosisEven shock etc.

4th Abdominal crampsfumes, Abdominal Sensitivity: The k?physical signs of the sick child are not obviousZ?locality in the upper abdomen and around the umbilical cord,No muscle tension and rebound pain,Darmger?are more hyperactive.

5. Loss of appetite, uncomfortable crying.

Diarrhea is defined as softer or w?Wet stool and raised stoolhard bowel movements.So compare it to the baby’s previous chair pattern.It is normal, that breastfed babies do each other several times?equal to relieve.

And from the type of chair it can be concluded that it is viral or bacterial gastroenteritis.With viral gastroenteritis, the stool is usually w?sweet and soft.It is less likely that blood or mucus appear, but it is more likely that bacterial gastroenteritis in the stool shows mucus and blood.And even if you eat lessL?keep getting bloodshot phlegm many times,This can also be differentiated from viral gastroenteritis.

If the baby has severe diarrhea or vomiting,There is blood Mucus or pus in the stoolPersistent abdominal pain or crying or persistent high fever poor mobility or even loss of consciousness, etc.You need to see a doctor immediately.See the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.Because of severe gastroenteritis,It can still cause serious complications like bowel perforation or sepsis.

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Gastroenteritis check

The infection route of acute gastroenteritis leads via the f?cal-oral transfer.That meanst, Eating food, contaminated with bacteria or viruses (such as meat, Eggs, Dairy products),Or do you get infected by touching contaminated objects?nde, Pets or door?ger.For children with acute gastroenteritis,?Doctors generally perform the following checks:

1. Clinical symptoms

The symptoms of children are main?more than three times a day?was like diarrhea.The diagnosis of diarrhea in children should be based on the number of stools in normal conditions.Viral enteritis often causes w?Wet or mushy stools.In severe F?It can be pulled more than 20 times a day,Bacterial enteritis stools are often bloodshot, slimy and particularly smelly.

In addition to diarrhea,It may be vomiting, intermittent abdominal pain around the navel (intestinal colic) and fever.Bacterial enteritis abdominal pain is often more severe,Severe vomiting and diarrhea k?nnen to dehydration, Shock, Electrolyte st?struggles, Hypoglyc?mie and intussusception.Also complications like Kr?fumes,Bacterial infection can still cause Hirschsprung’s disease, Cause bowel perforation or spread to other organs.

2. Chair culture

check the children’s stool, to determine the cause.General routine inspections include stool analysis and stool culture,The examination of the stool culture usually takes three days.

3. Blood test

At the same time it can also be theen blood k?rperchen, the inflammation index, Sodium, Potassium, Testing chloride and other electrolytes in the blood of sick children.Take it as a reference for the severity of the disease.

4th In addition, the doctor observes the condition of the sick child, to decide whether a R?An abdominal examination or an ultrasound scan of the abdomen should be performed.

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Treatment of gastroenteritis

First of all,Mild gastroenteritis,It can heal on its own without treatment.But im t?like life Acute gastroenteritis is the h?Most common in childhood gastroenteritis.The following describes the treatment of acute gastroenteritis:

1. Pay attention to the fluid exchange.Avoid dehydration

Do you look out for the Ph?Noun of dehydration: whether the child urinated less (fewer baby changing diapers),Crying without a doornen,Dry skin without elasticity?t,The sunken fontanel in front of the baby.Independentnig of it whether you have an intravenous?received this injection,You k?You can buy electrolyte water for diarrhea, so that children can drink it as boiling water?can.

If the child becomes unconscious or dehydrated,An intravenous?This injection is very necessary.However, oral rehydration therapy is still a good method of rehydration.Drinkrich in simple sugars,Like soda,Juice etc.,Not recommended for children under 5 years of age.Because they can make diarrhea worsecan.If there is no specific oral rehydration oil?sung or the taste is bad,Ordinary water can also be used.If there are any cluesNasal tube can also be used in children to supplement fluidsuse.

2. Do you pay attention to the Ern?leadership,Keep breastfeeding

Breastfeeding babies are recommended to continue their usual feeding methods.

S?babies, who are fed with the formula, continue feeding the formula immediately after ORT rehydration.You k?try the H?lfte the milk to brew (ie the concentration is around the H?lfte diluted).If the diarrhea does not improve within 3-7 days,It may be necessary lactose-free milk powder (ie available in stores?regular medicated cleansing milk powder) under the direction of a doctor.

3. Antiemetics

Antiemetics k?Can help with vomiting in children,However, be sure to take it as directed by your doctor.Ondansetron has some use,A single application can reduce the need for intravenous?sen liquids, Reduce hospital stays and vomiting.The use of ondansetron, however, may increase with the increase.have probability connected?ng, that children will be hospitalized again.If clinically necessary,The intravenous?se L?The ondansetron solution can also be taken orally.Metoclopramide can be effective.

4th Antibiotics

Antibiotics are usually not used for gastroenteritis.However, it is recommended to use it when the symptoms are particularly severe or when anf?Often bacteria are found or a bacterial infection is suspected.The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends antibiotics for children with blood in their stools and a fever.

5. Antidiarrheal drugs

Children k?Cannot use anti-diarrheal medication – this maybe honest.Antidiarrheal drugs have a theoretical risk of complications,Although clinical experience shows that this M?equality is unlikelyIt is not recommended if you have blood in your stool or diarrhea with a fever.Loperamide is an opioid analogue,Will h?Often used for the symptomatic treatment of diarrhea.However, loperamide is not suitable for use in children.Because this drug can cross the child’s immature blood-brain barrier,Cause poisoning.Gastroenteritis in children is much more complicated than gastroenteritis in adults.You need to see a doctor.

Hospitalization index for gastroenteritis in children

If a sick child has a persistent high fever, that not l?disappears for more than 48 hours,Combined with vomiting and severe diarrhea,There are more than 10 runslle per day,Should be hospitalizedDue to diarrhea, severe dehydration (significant weight loss and significant reduction in urine output?es), associated with Tr?nausea and loss of appetite,Ineffective treatment with drugs and electrolytes should also be hospitalized.

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What to eat for gastroenteritis

Every autumn and winter is the main time for children, to get gastroenteritis.How to eat the child with gastroenteritisWhat should parents watch out for?Let’s take a look!

1. Mealtime

A few hours after stomach symptoms subsided,You k?let’s start to supplement the sick children?use.Congee is the best among easily digestible foods.However, do not drink tea, Coffee, Lemon juice, Orange juice and other sour drinksnke.In order not to irritate the stomach and intestines,Again causes vomiting.

Most gastroenteritis k?can within three days?heal ugly, when symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea go away.Patient k?can many?eat older foods,But still don’t eat irritating things.

2. The Di?t is main?really easy

?Doctors usually recommend that children with serious illnesses to fast fast, and suggest, depending on the situation, that children 6-8 hours or even l?should fast longer (preferably, if they are intravenous at the same time?se injections).Will not dehydrate),If afterwards there is no severe vomiting, no bl?hunger or no abdominal painTry to eat.

In general, advanced foods are relatively easily liquid and semi-liquid.Like rice soup, Porridge, fresh juice,He?are you coming?ugly some protein foods,But avoid fatty and fried foods,And you should eat a small amount in the beginningAfter gastrointestinal function is restored,I just started eating normallyAnd watch out for rest.Do you eat w?Avoid protein-rich and high-fat foods such as eggs and milk during treatment.In order not to increase the gastrointestinal strainhen.The fruit part suggests that you?eat apples k?nnen,To relieve the symptoms of diarrhea.

3. Di?t therapy

①Garlic porridge: take 30 grams of garlic,Businesslt and hacked,100 grams of japonica rice,Add 1000 ml of water,Cooked in porridge,Warm clothes earlier or later?ter.

② Purslane porridge: Use 90 grams of fresh purslane.Or dry 30 grams,Add 100 grams of japonica rice, to cook porridge,Take it in the morning and in the evening.

③ Yam and lotus seeds Japonica congee: 30 grams of yam,20 grams of lotus seeds,100 grams of rice porridge,Take it in the morning and in the eveningIt has the effect To disturb the spleen and stomachand stop diarrhea.

4th Reference recipes for children with acute gastroenteritis

The Di?t and breakfast for children with acute gastroenteritis: millet soup, thin lotus root powder, Erg?nzung: almond cream,Ged?steamed egg pudding, knowhe congee, Pork floss, ged?steamed cake dinner: lotus root?rke,Skimmed milk, ged?steamed pudding, Cake.

Dinner: lotus root noodles.

Di?t-lunch for children with acute gastroenteritis: ged?steamed fish, Mashed potatoes, Lotus paste, ged?fumed br?tchen, add?Extra meal: almond cream,Cooked meatb?llchen and winter melon energy?Use: skimmed milk,Rotten rice porridge, ged?steamed pudding.

Extra meal: lotus root noodles,Small pasta with tomatoes and eggs.

Di?t and dinner for children with acute gastroenteritis: muesli with whiteem rice, Meal: almond cream,Egg noodles, vegan braised tofu out of the mouth, vegan fried carrot schnitzel addition: skimmed milk,Millet gruel, ged?fumed br?tchen, ged?steamed wuchang fish, fried vegetable zucchini.

Dinner: almond cream.

5. Ern?for the reason?tze

Pay attention to regular and quantitative: do not overeat,Three meals a day should be eaten on time,And it is not advisable eating too much.Small snacks k?can be added between meals,But not too much,So as not to affect the dinner?good.

Pay attention to softness, F?ulnis and digestion: the staple food should be thoroughly boiled and boiled, so that it becomes soft and lazy.Easy to digest and absorb,Eat less coarse and raw fiber,Eating must take careto be properly preparedRich in N?nutrients.   

Keep it Fresh and Light: All types of food should be fresh,It shouldn’t be stored for long.Do you eat light and?lous meals.Light meals are easy to digest and ingest,It is also f?essential for the healing of gastric diseases.   

Pay attention to the cooking methods: the suitable cooking methods are D?fumble, Cook, Stew, Stew, Braising and cooking.It is not suitable Cooking methods such as frying, Roast meat, R?uching and roasting.Because the dishes processed by these methods are not easy to digest.

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Pr?vention of gastroenteritis

First of all,Parents should knowThe immune response caused by rotavirus can affect the n?not absolutely prevent the next infection.After a natural infection,The protection against future infections concernsgt approx. 40%,The future protection against rotavirus infections and diarrhea will be approx. 75%,That is how many children get 2 to 4 rotavirus infections.

Prevention is better than cureParents take preventive measurestook,Do you give children an extra?additional protective layer:

1. Rotavirus vaccine.Since this is not due to an improvement in the hygienic environment or h?frequent ho?washing can be prevented,Therefore, the most effective way is to prevent rotavirus, a vaccine.The side effects caused by the vaccine are very minor.With the exception of a small number of babies, which in a short time fever, Diarrhea, Vomiting or restlessnessNo other significant side effects,So it’s a safe vaccine.

2. Drink clean water.A good supply of uncontaminated drinking water and good sanitation?re facilities k?can reduce the infection rate in gastroenteritis.

3. Wash your Hnde h?ufig,Do you pay attention to the pers?similar hygiene.The study foundWhether developed or developed,Some pers?similar methods (like H?ndwash),All k?Can the incidence or pr?reduce the valence of gastroenteritis by at least 30%.Therefore, parents should cultivate the hygiene concepts of children from a young age.Develop the habit h?often H?to wash.

4th Breastfeeding can reduce the incidence and duration of gastroenteritis.

5. Avoid food and water pollution.Parents have to be carefulDishes used by children must be disinfected and cleaned.And do you notice this in the Ern?direction:

(1) Dairy products and processed fish and meat foods,If left at room temperature for too long,It is inappropriate to eat.

(2) Watch out for foods that are heated in the microwave.The temperature in the middle is hot? enough to eat.The microwave itself cannot stop bacteria.

(3) Do not eat foods who are suspected that they are unsanitary.Especially unlicensed grocery storesfte,Improperly handled seafood and raw fish sushi.

(4) Pay more attention to travel to other places.Because of the different types of bacteria,The resistance of the intestine will be less.

(5) Chilled boiled meat should be whole before eatingbe cooked thoroughly.

(6) If it is determined that the Beh?older with canned food?is digtOr the food inside is differentIt should be discarded.

(7) The expiration date of dairy products cannot be ignored.

(8) Don’t eat potato sprouts.

(9) The chemical-containing bottles should beKeep out of the reach of children at home.

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Chronic superficialTraditional gastritis has been painful every day for six months.Will it be added?.


A total of 4?doctors

Because I can’t give adviceThe advice?ge and physician drug recommendations are for reference only


Yan Jianzhong

Title: Doctor

Shizhuang City Health Center, Huojia County
Internal Medicine

Expertise: cold,Lung infection,Tracheitis,Chronic bronchitis,Bronchopneumonia,Lung.

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Problem analysis:This situation can be due to chronic gastritis, which leads to a decrease in stomach digestion.Caused by a long-term decline in bowel digestion,When the gastritis recovers,The diarrhea symptoms will recover on their own,
Suggestionge:The urea breath test needs to be checked (check for Helicobacter pylori infection,The h?The most common cause of poor gastritis treatment is Helicobacter pylori infection.If we understand the current stateThen w?choose the right medication according to the disease,

2015-10-28 10:02:12


Tang Tairong

Title: Doctor

Yongfu Staff Hospital
Chinese medicine

Expertise: stomach disease,Spleen and stomach disease,Lung infection,cold,Bronchitis,Bronchial asthma,?afraid.

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Problem analysis:Female,27 years old,Depending on your situation, you should use the M?consider the possibility of gastrointestinal inflammation caused by the consumption of unsanitary food etc. caused.It is recommended to give compound berberine plus Chen Xianglu Bailu as treatment
Suggestionge:I suggest, You pay attention to food hygiene on weekdays,Avoid cold, spicy and fatty foods, etc.

2015-10-28 10:03:29

Cheng Zeting

Title: attending physician 

Expertise: TCM treatment advice for difficult diseases

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Online advice

Problem analysis:Hello,The surfacepossible gastritisrt to the category of old stomach diseases.Common drugs are difficult to cure,If not treated in a timely and correct manner,The condition will gradually?develop ugly,Causes more damagethe ones on the stomach lining,Lead to a long-term unhealed condition,Even worse,Not cured in the long term and even cancerous.The long-term clinical practice of Chinese medicine has amassed many unique treatment methods.Wonderful and practical,Save money and conveniently.
Suggestionge:With surface?common gastritis is recommended traditional chinese black vitriol, black jujube, Walnut kernel, Gardenia, Angelica, Amomum, Magnolia, three-sided, Pangolin, Cunqu, Malt, upper nail, lower nail, Safflower, Hainan Shen, to use.Iron gall powder, Propolis, Honey, Beeswax and other combined treatments,Quick results,The effect is clearMany patients will not have relapse after healing.

2019-08-06 01:16:20

Free advice


Yu Haijiang

Title: attending physician

Chongde City Health Center, Mingshui County
Internal Medicine

Expertise: oncology, Internal Medicine

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Problem analysis:Hello,Dep?ng of the condition and symptoms, who you Erw?have notIt seems, that the condition has not been well controlled for half a year.But now i can’t say that the condition will worsen
Suggestionge:But it seems, that you also had the treatment effect, who is not very goodYou k?can also bring a gastroscope to the hospital, to check your current condition.And depending on the examination situation, it can be symptomatic treatment,Usually it’s better to have reasonable living and eating habits

2015-10-28 10:02:29

Atrophic gastritis is really S?urine deficiency?

  Mr. Zhang had a gastroscope two days ago,Atrophic gastritis was noted.check it online,Mr. Zhang was afraid of cold sweat?: Atrophic gastritis is a “prelude” to stomach cancer!Is not it .?

  Mother Wang had atrophic gastritis for many years,Took a lot of medicineBut the gastroscope has been checked many times”Shrinkage” does not seem to be improving.She was very confusedCan Atrophic Gastritis Be Cured?

  Uncle Li has just been diagnosed with chronic atrophic gastritis.The doctor asked him a drug to suppress the stomach?ingesting urine secretion.Uncle Li doesn’t understandMany books say: patients with atrophic gastritis are lack of stomach?ure,Is This Medicine Wrong?.

  Chronic atrophic gastritis is a h?Common digestive system disease.Because it is related to the occurrence of stomach cancer?ngt,Many patients consider it a “flood beast”: some people have since suffered from heart disease,Always worried about cancer some people seek medical treatment everywhere,I hope, the disease completely?heal well.actually,Atrophic gastritis is not so terrible how people think.As long as regular treatment and aftercare m?are equalThe likelihood of cancer is very small.

  Fact 1: Only a small number of atrophic gastritis will develop into gastric cancer

  Chronic atrophic gastritis is a h?common digestive system disease, which is characterized by atrophy of the gastric mucosal glands.It accounts for 10% to 20% of chronic gastritis.The disease occurs h?more common in people of average and?older age.The incidence rate increases with age.Main?manifested as loss of appetite, nausea, Belchingen, Heartburn,Continuous or intermittent fullness or dull pain in the upper abdomen,A small number of people may have upper gastrointestinal bleeding, Weight loss, At?mie and other diseases.There are two types of chronic atrophic gastritis: autoimmune (type A) and multifocal atrophy (type B).Gastroscopy and gastric mucosal biopsy are the most reliable?sweetest diagnostic methods.

  What is the likelihood of cancer in chronic atrophic gastritis?I currently believe that the prognosis for most chronic atrophic gastritis is good,Few become cancerous (most studies have shown that the cancer rate does not exceed 3%).There is a point the exp?It is worth noting: As soon as the gastric mucosa shows atypical hyperplasia,The likelihood of cancer has increased significantly.Some scholars found that 75% of patients with severe gastric mucosal dysplasiaIf nothing is doneWill progress to early stomach cancer within 8 months.

  Fact 2: The wider the extent of the “intestinal metaplasia”,Je h?forth the cancer risk

  In histology, there are two types of gastric mucosal atrophy: one is metaplastic atrophy,Intestinal metaplasia (intestinal metaplasia) or pseudopyloric gland metaplasia, the second is non-metaplastic atrophy; that is simply atrophy.The classification of intestinal metaplasia is not yet uniform,Generally divided into four subtypes: fully?permanent metaplasia of the small intestine, incomplete?permanent metaplasia of the small intestine, complete?permanent colon metaplasia and incomplete?permanent colon metaplasia.Past,The academic community believes that one incomplete?enduring colorectal metaplasia a?heres risk for stomach cancer.However, more emphasis is now placed on the extent of the intestinal metaplasia.That meanst, the wider the distribution of the intestinal metaplasia,Je h?forth the risk of stomach cancer.

  Fact 3: Most atrophic gastritis disorders are related to Helicobacter pylori (Hp) infection

  The occurrence of chronic atrophic gastritis h?sucks?related to the imbalance of attack and defense repair factors in the stomach.HP infection is the main factor of attack.It was best?tigt, that more than 80% of patients with chronic active gastritis have an HP infection in the gastric mucosa, in most gastritis the distribution of Hp in the stomach is consistent with the distribution of inflammation, get a long-term infection with Hp?The likelihood of atrophy and intestinal metaplasia of the gastric mucosa is significant.In Erg?nzung,Autoimmunite?t, gastroduodenal reflux,And some external factorsB. Alcoholism, Taking certain antipyretics and analgesics, Consumption of irritating foods, etc. k?nnen gastric mucous membranecause.

  Fact 4: Atrophic gastritis can be asymptomatic

  Many people think,Atrophic gastritis is a more serious stomach disease.Of course, there will be more obvious symptoms of discomfort.not really,The patient’s symptoms are not directly proportional to the gastroscopic findings and pathological results.In other words,Patients with no obvious symptoms k?may have more severe atrophic gastritis, on the contrary,People with significant symptoms have m?possibly no atrophy of the gastric mucosa.

  Fact 5: Patients with atrophic gastritis are not necessarily “angry”

  Many patients with atrophic gastritis believe that the stomach lining has shrunk,The stomach?urine secretion is reduced,So you need something S at normal times?ure add,Otherwise the digestive function will be impaired?important.If the doctor recommends taking antacids,You will have doubts about the correctness of the doctor’s treatment – you are already missing S?ure,Why do we need the S?suppress urine secretion?Is that a misunderstanding?knowledge.Tats?really,Many patients with atrophic gastritis are not “angry”.But “too much S?ure “.There are two reasons: ① stomach?ure is excreted by parietal cells in the stomach and in the stomach floor.Patients with atrophic gastritis in the antrum have m?probably not too little stomach?urinary secretion.Some are too many.②Even patients with low stomach?urinary secretion,Because of the Sch?dilation of the mucous membrane of the stomach?sophagus-Zw?lffectum,Even with a little stomach?urestimulation,Can also cause obvious symptoms of discomfort,In addition to the use of drugs to protect the mucous membrane,It is also necessary To use medication, which the stomach?partially inhibit urine secretion or the stomach?neutralize ure.Naturally,The dosage and course of treatment must capture the scale.

  Fact 6: “Shrinkage” is not terrible,Regular follow-up care is important

  On the one hand, to improve the detection rate of early-stage gastric cancer,On the one hand, to control patients’ medical expenses,Currently most experts believe that: patients without intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia of the gastric mucosa can undergo endoscopic and pathological examinations every 1 to 2 yearsnnen; Patients with moderate to severe atrophy and bowel metaplasia, found in a biopsy, k?once j?be checked regularly; patients with mild mucosal dysplasia,It can be shortened to once every six months, depending on the endoscopy and clinical conditions. Patients with severe dysplasia must re-examine gastroscopy immediately.If necessary, surgical treatment or local treatment with endoscopy is required.

  Fact 7: There Are Good M?ways to treat atrophic gastritis

  1.Independentnig of the causeAll patients should stop smokingand avoid alcohol.Avoid medication, which the gastric mucosa sch?digen.Avoid Food and drinknke to eat, which irritate the stomach lining.How too mad too sweet, too salty, spicy, too hot, too cold,As well as strong tea, Coffee etc.,Eat regularly,Eat less fried, ger?smoked and pickled foods,Don’t eat rotten foodEat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

  2.Eradication of Hp: can help reverse gastric mucosal atrophy and intestinal metaplasia.

  3.Erg?use of vitamin A, E, C and trace element selenium: May reduce the risk of stomach cancer.The trace element selenium has a certain effect on the prevention of stomach cancer.But overuse (like 3200 micrograms / day,(Duration 1 year) has certain liver and kidney toxicity?t,The appropriate dosage and treatment,Must be studied further.

  4thFols?ure supplementation: examinations best?do these people with hheren fols?27% and 33% of those with low fols?uresreflect in cardiac cancer and non-cardiac gastric cancer.The research and application of fols?ure in the treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis in 10 years have best?tigt, thatFols?ure can improve the histological status,Make the incidence of stomach cancer significantly lower than the control group.

  5.Drink more green tea and eat more garlic: green tea, which is rich in tea polyphenols, can reduce the risk of atrophic gastritis, which develops into stomach cancer.Allicin can reduce the incidence of gastric cancer in atrophic gastritis, caused by HP infection to decrease.

  In Erg?nzung,Some Chinese medicines also have certain therapeutic effects on atrophic gastritis.

(Internship Editor: Li Susu)