Can gastritis be sweet?eat something?

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Niu Jianhai
chief doctor
Baoding First Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Good at:He is good at diagnosing and treating various acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases, acute and chronic liver diseases, Cirrhosis of the liver, Liver cancer, alcoholic liver disease, drug-induced hepatitis, Autoimmune liver diseases, Gallstones and other diseases.

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Chronic superficialcheek gastritis,It has something to do with irregular living and do.It is recommended take a combination of Chinese and Western medicine for treatment.Do you avoid to?Chest spicy and fatty foods.Under ?Oral medicine and Chinese medicine are used for dialectical treatment under medical guidance.The improvement of t?like life and foodLeadership is the main thing.Patients with gastritis k?nnen sweeteat foods appropriately,Don’t be too much.Three-point treatment,Seven point conditioning.

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Zhang Hongfang
Deputy chief physician
Medical practice of the Hebei Vocational College of Art

Good at:Hypertension,Cardiovascular disease,Arrhythmia,Myocarditis,Gastritis,Stomach ulcer,Cirrhosis of the liver,Gastrointestinal bleedingDigestive diseases such as colitis,Rheumatism and immune system diseases, etc.

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Hello,Depending on the situation you describecan easily lead to an excessive stomach?lead to urinary secretion.Not good for the stomach lining.Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis shouldn’t be too sweet?Eat sweets and acidic foods.But Luo Han Guo,Wolfberry,The sugar content is not very high,You k?can eat something appropriately.Limit your intake of honey and glucose,If you find out?are oldPay attention to the rest,Drink more water.

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Yao Xuehua
Deputy chief physician
Shengli Petroleum Administration Hospital of Longkou Base Management Center

Good at:Hypertension,Coronary heart desease,Hyperlipid?mie,Gastritis,Enteritis,Lung infection,Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions such as bronchitis and bronchial asthma

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Gastritis often manifests as stomach pain,feeling sick and vomitingThe stomach is uncomfortable.Usually through wrong harvest?causeTherefore, patients with stomach problems in their Ern?be careful.When the stomach is upsetDon’t eat sweeten thingsIf there is no stomach?ure gives more,You k?Can also eat something appropriately.Luo Han Guo Goji Berry Honey,Glucose can also be adequately eaten.

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Good doctor pharma
Sichuan Good Doctor Panxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Hello,For patients with gastritis it is correct less sweetthings to eat.Avoid to irritate the stomach.Second, active Erk?treat lungs,It is recommended easy to eat,Do you have some porridgeEat more fresh vegetables and fruits and light, easily digestible and nutritious foods.Regular meals,Avoid staying up lateAvoid sharp, raw, cold, greasy, greasy, dry and hard foods.Do you give symptomatic drug treatment to the st?Enhancement of the spleen and stomach in a timely manner according to your specific symptoms and signs

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National Health Management Center
Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

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Hello,Chronic gastritis is a chronic inflammation of the lining of the stomach, which is caused by various causes.At the h?most common are chronic superficialcommon gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis.Its main clinical manifestation is loss of appetite,Upper abdominal discomfort and dull pain,Burp,Pantothens?ure,nausea,Vomiting etc.Slow course,Repeated attacks and difficult to heal.Helicobacter pylori is the source of its recurrence.Ogilvy (with omeprazole gastro-resistant tablets) can provide permanent pain relief and ulcer healing for?rdern.Can protect and repair the stomach lining.Patients with superficialcherish gastritis k?can eat some glucose,High sugar foods like sweet?Liquids and sucrose are not recommended.17041125

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Whose chronic superficialnormal gastritis is cured,Come and help me?

I went to the hospital for gastroscopy. The doctor said, nothing is normal.Sp?ter wrote the report on chronic superficialcheek gastritis,But I’m more than two months old now and it’s still not good.It started with a dull stomach ache,It does not hurt anymore,But when I eat something my stomach becomes uncomfortable.What should I do,How long it will take, to get better?
Under surfacesuffered from severe gastritis,Empathize!
1.Have faith in the healing,Depression and despair will make the condition worse!

2.Congee,Ged?fumed br?tchen are the staple food.Go on!I can’t get a discounthave sweetness while eating.Otherwise all previous efforts will be lost!

3.Meal times and working and rest times are fixed,Even an irregularity can cause that the pain comes back!

4thSmoke,Lik?r,H?r on, stay up all night!

5.Medicine cannot be taken indiscriminately!

When your own feelings for the disease deepenI can not wait any longer, one more thing to add:
6thDo you pay attention to the effects of weather?changes to the state.For me pers?When the weather gets cold the condition obviously worsens.Adulttemperature is normal again,Even if a moderate amount of tobacco and alcohol is a gross diethas lead this has little effect!(About that,In my 30-y?experience in finding a doctor,There was never a doctor who remindedNot sure, whether it is universal)
But i very much hope To inspire people with the same disease!
I am a woman,27 years old,Little employees.In August of this year I felt the fullness of the upper abdomen, that I had never seen before.But I thought, it was a bit of a problem back then.I didn’t careIt took me more than a monthIt’s almost every dayAfter breakfast in the morning I don’t feel much.But after lunch the upper abdomen is w?swollen during lunch break.I can’t sleep well after napping.I didn’t digest it until four or five in the afternoon.Sometimes it isn’t even digested at night.After eating at night, it lasts until bedtime.Sometimes, if you don’t eat do you have the feeling that it will rise when it is time.Feeling very uncomfortableHas seriously affected my life.
In October I went to the People’s Hospital for registration.I did a gastroscope and an examination for pylori infection,The result is a chronic superficialcommon gastritis and Helicobacter infection.The doctor said, this is a very h?common disease.Especially Helicobacter pylori,More than 70% of people have this germ,For the above two diseases, the doctor prescribed me an antiseptic for 2 weeks.The doctor told me I should eat regularly.And don’t give up if you feel bitter while eating.The medicine for these two weeks got me almost 1.Cost 000 yuan (I suggestIs it reliable?ssiger, to return to a small town to see a doctor.The price of drugs in Shenzhen terrified me.
The process of taking medication is painful,Because of the bitternessWoke me up at nightIn addition, the doctor reminded me that you have softer foods for this disease, Must eat tobacco and alcohol, as well as those with strong flavors.Never eat too much!!!!
I didn’t feel well for the first two weeksAt this point the mouth was too bitter and I couldn’t help it as a bowl of snail pasta to eat.So was the upper abdomen w?still full during this time,Just a little reliefI went two weeks sp?ter for a follow-up visit to the hospital.The doctor prescribed medication for 3 weeks,The medicine, that I took this time was closednot so bitter.
I’ve been eating this piece for the past three weeks and I’m paying special attention to it.Eat slowly,Try to be 70% to 80% fullOften cook and drink porridge (you knowI hate porridge the most),Spicy and don’t you dare eat again,After a week,Maybe the previous drug action worked,There are no discomforts in the upper abdomen,Two weeks sp?ter,Oh shit?e!!!I discovered, that I had miraculously lost 4 pounds!!And it feels a lot better.
Write so much nonsense!Let me summarize: slowly chew and eat,Don’t eat too muchEat ?frequent smaller meals,Food l?chew longer,The taste is lighter.Breakfast must be richerBack in August I was under pressureSo the three meals are irregular,Often can’t eatI had the feeling, that my stomach was not very comfortable at the time.I advise young people againDo not use your youth to bet tomorrowThe K?rper is the most important thing.
And in addition!!Don’t you think that you can do it recklessly?nnen, when you feel better.Relapse easily,I’ve been eating a little too much these daysThere’ll be a little repetition soonSo ah ~~~ the stomach needs to be raised for a long time ~~~
I shared more than 3.000 yuan for this stomach problem in Shenzhen,The silver that knowsen flowers has disappeared ~~~~


Now is the 20th February 2017 Did a pylori testThe inspection report showed negativeThere is no problem at allso . Follow the doctor’s adviceThere is nothing wrong with that.

Chronic gastritis is closely related to bad lifestyle habits.Good living habits are very important.

Once chronic gastritis has been diagnosed,Go to a regular hospital for treatment right away.

Let’s take a look at the chronic superficialcommon gastritis.

That stomachIt’s like a thick bige inheritance bag,Two mouths up and downThe entrance is with the feeder?connected,CallCardia,The exit is with the Zw?lffectum connected,CallPylorus.

If you like this big?e pocket cut,This pea pod isStomach wall.Take a microscope, to see,There is more than one floor.

The innermost layer,Is the mucosal layer,Gastritis is inflammation of the layer of the mucous membrane.

Take a closer look at the layer of the mucous membrane.There are also layers.

The innermost layer is the epithelial layer,Mainly responsible for the secretion of mucus,It is, like putting a layer of lubricant on your stomach.Otherwise, the stomach and food will rub dry,What happened to the fire?

Below the epithelial layer is the intrinsic layerAll glands, which secrete gastric juice, are hidden here.Continuously produces gastric juice.

Knock on the boardFocus On This: Chronic gastritis mostly occurs in these two layers.

First ignitedIs the epithelial layer, that has the closest contact with food,form”Chronic superficialcommon gastritis“.

Then,What causes chronic superficial?common gastritis?

An inflamed stomachThis is miserableNot puffed up red?ht beJust to be mad that his face turns green.Check out the main m?rder to:

The M?rder number one: Helicobacter pylori infection.

About 60 to 80% of patients with chronic gastritis are infected with Helicobacter pylori.One can say, that this is the h?the most common cause of chronic gastritis.

What does Helicobacter pylori look like?It’s nothing special,Just one turn the a few black?nze pulls.

The manner, in the K?to penetrate is quite normal.That meanst, “Bacteria” are imported from the mouth.With food,Mixed with meals,Through our dirty little H?nde,Are you just stepping into the human K?rper so.

To be fairThis guy really didn’t mean to do anything in the stomachIt’s just that it hits the urea in food,I can’t help it than releasing ammonia and carbon dioxide.

This ammonia is a weak base, when it hits water.Who is the lining of the stomach?Born in the stomach?ure,W?in gastric juice,When it comes to alkali, it will die in minutes.

After the gastric mucosa has been damaged?is digtRelease inflammatory substances,This causes the lining of the stomach to become inflamed.

As long as this Helicobacter pylori lives,Continuously produces ammonia,Comes with alkaline protective cover,No matter how strong your stomach?ure isIt can’t do much harm.

That long?ammonia,But it has cost the lining of the stomach.Helicobacter pylori is not eliminated for a day,The lining of the stomach cannot escape the fate of inflammation.

The second M?rder: The secretion of gastric juice and the gastric protective mechanism are not balanced.

How does the stomach digest food?Correct,Is gastric juice,Because gastric juice containslt stomach?ure and various digestive enzymes.

Then the problem comes backI eat a piece of pork bellyWhy gastric juice can digest pork belly,But won’t my stomach digest?You won’t tell meThe pork belly is cookedMy stomach is raw.Haha,Just kidding.

Tats?really,When the stomach meets gastric juice, it is digested.

but,The stomach has a very strong regenerative function,every minute,The surfacesurface of the stomach can be about 500.Produce 000 new cells,Rumors,A new stomach can grow in three days.

Naturally,The stomach will not go into battle shirtless or crouch with gastric juice.You have a protective coverIt’s called “the stomach’s protective mechanism”.

If the gastric juice is honest,If the case is safer,To keep balance,The stomach is relatively happy.

but,If there is too much gastric juice,Or the cover isn’t strongThe stomach and gastric juice are not in contact,Yes,It’s inflammation.

M?rder number three: reflux of Zw?contents of the intestine.

In the N?hey of the pylorus of the stomach,Do you have a strong muscle group?Medically called pyloric sphincter.

He is specifically responsible for one thingMake sure, that the stomach contents from here to the Zw?lffectum leads.But things in the Zw?lffinger intestines must not run into the stomach.

In other words,Food is a single line from the stomach to the mouthlffectum,Can’t returngo often.

When the food goes downAgain from Zw?lffectum to the stomach,But the st?poor digestive system?Fats such as bile and pancreatic juice are brought here.The gastric mucosa has never seen this situation before,Really hurtThis is how the inflammation occurs.

Look at these three M?rder to: Helicobacter pylori,The secretion of gastric juice and the gastric protective mechanism are not balanced,Return foodufig,Do you really want them?ten?

As for,Why does Helicobacter pylori appear in the stomach?Why does a good gastric juice excrete too much?Why does the gastric protection mechanism pl fail?really?These are closely related to everyone’s life.

Im t?resembled lifeWhat little details that you didn’t pay attention to k?can chronic gastritis trigger?sen?

the first variety,Bad hygiene.

Helicobacter pylori is a major cause of chronic gastritis.A healthy stomach is free from Helicobacter pylori,There are only two M?opportunities like it in your k?body can penetrate.

Instead of eating contaminated water and food,Is distributed in the mouth through the saliva,How do you mix pers?similar object?like dishes and toothbrushes,Therefore it is important on the pers?Similar hygiene to be observed.

“My wife just discovered Helicobacter pylori.Can i still kiss her””

When you are healthyYou get infected when you play with a kiss.

The best, what you should do is go to the hospital for an examination.If you haven’t been hired yet,Are you waiting, until it kills the bacteria?has tet before you kiss her.If you unfortunately also Tr?ger areThen t?put the bacteria together and kiss them again.

If someone is infected with Helicobacter pylori at home,It is recommended that the whole family will check it out together,The safest treatment together!

The second category,Bad eating habits.

“The work is too crappy?ftigt,Every time i have to wait until my stomach growls hungry before I remember to eat.Accidentally eat and support.””

Is this the legend?re V?llerei.Originally,eat on time,Food neutralizes the stomach?ure,Reduce the Sch?digestion of the gastric mucosa by the stomach?ure.But you’re too hungryThe stomach is emptyStomach?ure continues to stimulate the lining of the stomach.

Then you ate againThis will overstretch the stomach,A lot of food stays in the stomachDo you stimulate the stomach?urinary secretion,It hurts my stomach again.This has been practiced for a long timeThe stomach has no choice than to ignite.

“People eatYou pourt just in your mouth,Swallow it almost without chewing.””

Slow chewing is good for digesting food.It can also increasehte saliva secretion for?turn,Protect the stomach lining.

Food, not complete?be chewed thoroughly, k?can affect the stomach abruptly.The Z?without your mouth are not easy to use,Actually let me use meat to grind here?Time flies,The gastric mucosa is anf?llig for inflammation.

Eat before bed and like to eat too cold, too hot, too harsh and other irritating foods.It’s easy too to good the stomachdigen,Lead to the appearance of chronic gastritis.

Better for the stomacheat on time,Eat regularly,Chew slowly,The Ern?nutrition is light and nutritious.Just treat it wellYour stomach will tell you with actionsIt is really very good and caring.

third,Drinking and smoking.

“How can you eat without drinking?Do you smoke, when there is not enough alcohol.That bite of meatA sip of wineThe days of a cloud of cigarettesThat’s cool!””

Tobacco and alcohol,Sch?directly touches the gastric mucosa,It is an important factor the gastritis trigger?st.

Do you want to stay away from chronic gastritis,H?r on drinking and smoking,Must be!

fourth,Long-term psychological stress.

“The mortgage, Cost of living, Children’s lessons,Money is used everywhereThe company dischargedyou still have employeesLife is like walking a tightrope. HeyMy stomach hurts again!””

Chronic mental stress,Not only does it stimulate gastric juice secretion and sch?digt the stomach lining.It also makes the gastric lining vasoconstriction and isch?mie,Easy to induce inflammation.

Be sure to, Relieve stress,Avoid prolonged mental stress.Keep a nicegood moodI am not being called with chronic gastritis.

Indeed from a certain perspective,Chronic gastritis is caused by the fact that we don’t care too much about the stomach?grope.The stomach will stay with you foreverSch?do you what you have right now!

Once again:Chronic gastritis is closely related to bad lifestyle habits.Good living habits are very important.

Once chronic gastritis has been diagnosed,Go to a regular hospital for treatment right away.Insist on treatmentN?keep listening to your stomach.

The content refers to the article with the detailed video:

The three real culprits of chronic gastritisRight next to youYou must never have thought that you want to prevent chronic gastritis?Do these 4 points,Your stomach is safe

Without invitationOre?hl me of my situation

Always been a health conscious personHabits,No bad habitsLight taste,Do not smoke,Drink occasionally,Love to playThe k?Physical fitness has always been good

Chronic gastritis with erosion was found last June,Start the recovery,After four or five months there is a significant improvement,It was long ago, that there is no sign of discomfort.It was healed.So chronic gastritis isn’t terrible.Compared to other stomach problems, this is already mild.Perseverance will be effective.

My experience, to get sickDon’t watch

last year,The class, that I brought with me catches up with third year high school.As a class teacher, the pressure is imaginable.In life,The daughter-in-law went abroad at the end of February, to study there.In the past, the family was almost exclusivelydepend on hernig,Now it is essentially taken care of by the housekeeping,Children str?men.

That’s actually okayLet’s live alive.Who knows, what is up?There is a problem with my parentsThe old man had a lung tumor in his chest.rper,?anxious and worriedFortunately, the biopsy is benign,Fortunately in misfortuneVarious examinations and operations in the sp?older timeIn a hurry.

I can’t let go of workOne is the lack of teachersNobody can take overSecond, I took it for three years.last momentDo not worry, to give it to othersYou need the bigBear your head yourself.

I’m feeling tired, after thinking about it for half a year.Fortunately, the results are encouraging.The daughter-in-law finished her education and was appointed?rdert.The child is responsibleThe old man recovered very well after the operation,The students are even more pleasantly surprised.Top ten in class,Four in my classIncludingfirst of all,Psychologically very calming.

Stomach sickness is probably the only regret.Once the college entrance exam is over, immediately became a complete?ndige k?physical examination carried out.After all, those six months were too thinI often feel tired and tiredFood is not fragrantnausea and acid reflux,I still have a stomach ache from time to timeVery concerned.

N?hear your stomach and look right here,Exchange of experiences

The result of the k?physical examination was subordinates?plus chronic gastritis.Summer vacation only,If I have time, to think about it, my stomach to n?listen,Slowly sorted out a number of related to the Ern?feeding of the stomach,The effect is still good.

First of all,The most important thing is definitelySeek medical treatment,The erosive type like me is severe with chronic gastritis.At that time, the doctor prescribed omeprazole and mosapride.And the doctor’s advice is also usefulThe precautionary measures mentioned by the doctor?still have to be taken into account.If you should follow the doctor’s advice, you must follow the advice of the doctor.

ThenGroomed back to health,This is very important.The problem with the Ern?currency is not great,My eating habits are relatively healthy,I am also a typical Jiangsu and Zhejiang taste,Small ver?change.But some foods the stomach n?listen, come into contact a lot,Some are still highly recommended.Like Hericium erinaceus, raw peanuts, ancient pure lotus root powder, Honey, Pumpkin, Yam etc. are all good stomach foods.Well worth trying.

Here we have to push down the old pure lotus root powder,As a class teacherEarly reading and sp?self-study are inevitable.Breakfast and dinner are often rushedIt is usual, not having time to eatA bad stomach is a taboo.So I made old pure lotus root noodles in the office,Use it as a meal replacement, if you damn?are satisfied.Hangzhou has the most lotus root noodles,It is also normal that lotus root meal the stomach n?hears.The lotus root noodles, made with ancient techniques, are the best,There are no additives like instant lotus root flour,The content of lotus root meal is not guaranteed.The most important thing is convenience,The gastric care effect should be good,It will be more convenient after eatingThere will be no nausea or acid reflux?en give.

MoodAlso very importantI will get stomach problems and mental stress is the main reason.As for nowI took first grade high schoolThere’s still pressureBut in the normal rangeNo pressure and no reality?t,What’s more it’s a lot easier than in high school.Good mood and appetite are good,The K?body is naturally healed.

There are still a few leftmassageMay play a part in providing reliefThis is the mainfor chronic gastritis,The ones in it?You can find acupuncture points on BaiduBaidu has illustrations.

①Press the Yongquan acupuncture points on both sides with the belly of your thumb up to your toes.From easy to difficultRub each point for 2 minutes.

②Press and rub the Zusanli acupuncture points on both sides for 3 to 5 minutes at the same time with your thumbs, to have a feeling of pain in the acupuncture points and to the side of the footkn?chel to radiate.

③The rubbing method,After lying on your back and your H?have rubbedPut a palm onche on the stomach?heal and rub clockwise for 3 to 5 minutes.

Last but not least,finish?end,The Ern?feeding of the stomach h?sucks?a healthy lifestyle.Includinglich Ern?leadership, Move, Work and recreation, etc.Simple and easy,It’s difficult to say,The key h?depends on the degree of pers?natural self-discipline.In a nutshell, chronic gastritis is not a serious disease.By my own efforts, there will be a good day.

You k?can drink a small amount of alcohol at the moment,Eat less spicy,I feel 90% restoredThe symptoms almost disappearedReason?it does not have any real impact on life.When this is doneThen my surfacenormal gastritis okay.

It took two yearsExperienced various symptoms of gastritis,Various complications,Jedi sleepgt back,Restore step by step.

Say something, that people don’t like to h?ren.Exclude yourself?rely on the hospitalIt will be very difficult to recover.The reason for this conclusionBased on the general psychology of the following levels.

1.No long-term psychological preparation for treatment.As soon as it exceeds a certain timeFor example three months for the topicWill panic.

2.Understanddraw attention to the effects of medication on your condition.I did not know, that there are many factors which affect stomach diseases.The ineffectiveness of drugs will trust in?Doctors lose.

3.After the loss of confidenceThe anxiety caused by the disease can lead to that the sick students change their judgment?lose genes.Do you know all kinds of Baidu,Are you following some suggestions?ge blind to stomach enlargement.

4thAll kinds of Baidu on information are mixed,At this point I’ll look more and more suspiciousThe more I look the more chaotic,Can’t do it alone.

5.Then I’ll use my own Baidu concept to cover meAll kinds of guessworkDifferent k?physical examinations.

6After the diagnosis or leave it aloneOr another round of drug trials.

This way I throw it for a yearThe surfaceproper gastritis is properly prepared,?sophagitis with almost k?physical fitness,Enteritis is not unm?resembled.

Then who is responsible for your worsening illness?Let me be objectiveTalk about different roles.yourself,?doctors,Baidu and other network environments,Enthusiastic internet users.

1.Your biggest problem is that you no independent?poor analytical thinkinghave skills.for example,Online millet porridge n?hears the stomach,You eat every dayDoes it fit,You didn’t think about it until you are full and hungry, when you drink porridge.Liquid food is too full and easy to vomit.Getting hungry easilyThe Ern?leadership cannot keep up.These advantages and disadvantages are not taken into account.Whenever you have a good suggestion?ren, don’t have a head.

2.I pers?I actually think that the psychological support of the doctor for the patient is insufficient.Or there was no trust in the patientJust prescribe medication,It has limited effects on anxiety-type stomach diseases.The national conditions determine the medical treatment on the flie?tape.This doctor is having trouble too.

3.The network environment is not well managed.It is easy, To cause fear and distrust.

4thEnthusiastic internet users force the limit.The patient does not have the F?ability independenthard to thinkWho gives experience does not understand a specific analysis of specific topics.The bull’s head is not right.

In summary,Not being able to independentpoor to analyze and think is the original sin of your stomach disease, which is getting worse!!!This is not truest,Nobody can help you.

The ?trouble should end it.

Here are some of my perssimilar psychological rehabilitation trips,Interested students decline / p / 72

Cold stomach,Hiccup,A burning sensation in the stomachAfter special meals.

Other answer

Instructions: Hello,It is recommended to eat regularly,Concomitantly use omeprazoleDomperidone treatment.If it doesn’t work after treatment,It is recommended perform an upper gastrointestinal gastroscopy or barium meal exam. 

Ying b    2017-08-08 08:09

Condition analysis: Hello,Are you considering gastritis which by a schw?right gastric motility?t is caused.You k?Weikangling capsules, Take morpholine tablets or Sanjiu Weitai capsules.Also pay attention to the t?like Ern?management and health care,And pay attention to exercise and rest,Adjust the mental state.Life is regularFixed meals and ration meals,Keep a good mood,Sound Health.

Doctor Wang Jianzhong    2017-08-08 08:02

Condition analysis: Depending on your condition, the burning sensation in the stomach isHiccups are still caused by chronic gastritis. Suggestionge: I suggest You eat regularly,But too hungryDo not eat spicy, raw and cold dishes.You k?You can use prokinetics and antacids such as cisapride and Daxi under the guidance of a doctor.Can the proprietary?Ren 39 Weitai treatment can be combined

La la la baby    2017-08-08 07:59

Condition analysis: Hello,In general, for many people it is normal to burp after eating.If it’s after a meal h?frequent hiccupsThe main reason is that the spleen and stomach are not transported well. It is even more related to the stomachYou k?can use some medication, to stun the spleen and stomachrken,Like Muxiang Shunqi San.If you are not sure k?You can opt for a gastroscopy.

Dim    2017-08-08 07:59

Condition analysis: Hello,Based on the information you provided,You k?nnen surfacehave gastritis,But should you insist on treatment?go to local hospital,Notice whether there is an HP infection.When anti-HP treatment is required. Suggestionge: Hello,My advice isYou k?nnen surfacehave gastritis,But should you insist on treatment?go to local hospital,Notice whether there is an HP infection.When anti-HP treatment is required.

Ye Liza    2017-08-08 07:43
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I have chronic gastritisBut I haven’t had stomach problems for a long time.Every time I eat red beans and barley.


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Because I can’t give adviceThe advice?ge and physician drug recommendations are for reference only

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Deng Rongkun

Title: Doctor

Liaocheng People’s Hospital
Internal Medicine


Expertise: diagnosis and treatment h?common diseases in gastroenterology.

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Case analysis:Three points of stomach disease h?of the treatment and seven points of the dietfrom.The Di?t must the stomach n?listen,Eat ?frequent smaller meals,Don’t eat cold foodStop?to smoke and drink,Don’t you eat too cold or too hot?en food.Keep a good mood,Emotionally stable,check the gastroscope regularly.
Suggestionge:It is recommended Omeprazole for the suppression of S?ure and Livzon to protect the lining of the stomach

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Hao Jian

Title: Doctor

Bengbu Third People’s Hospital
Internal Medicine

Expertise: Good at treating h?common diseases in cardiology

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Problem analysis:After this, What did you say,You have a history of chronic gastritisUpset stomach after consuming red beans and barley.Such foods are not easy to digest,It is not recommended for patients with stomach problems.
Suggestionge:It is recommended to go to the hospital to go to the gastroenterology department.Are you looking for an easy diet?leadership,Easy to digest,Application of oral s?anti-urinary drugs to protect the gastric mucosa.

2015-06-01 11:13:51

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Yang Guangdong

Title: Doctor

Cangzhou Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Hebei Province
Internal Medicine

Expertise: ascites due to liver cirrhosis,Cirrhosis of the liver,Liver damage,Dyspepsia without ulcer,Reflux.

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Problem analysis:H?r on, to eat red beans and barley,Stomach sickness h?sucks?from rearing!Be sure to take care of yourself.
Suggestionge:Most patients with bad stomachs eat wrongly,Will be uncomfortableMust be on Tuesdays?t pay attentionH?r on drinking and smoking,Don’t eat cold fatty or poorly digestible.

2015-06-01 11:15:23

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Jia Junliang

Title: Doctor

Daming County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Internal Medicine

Expertise: internal medicine,

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Problem analysis:Hello,Your condition may be chronic gastritis,Most of them have nausea Vomit, Bl?hunger Stomach pain, acid reflux, Heartburn, induced or exacerbated after eating.
Suggestionge:ProposeIt was clearly diagnosed that antacids and drugs against gastrointestinal motilit?t should be used regularly.Are you looking for a digestible diet?leadership.Soy products k?can the stomach?stimulate urinary secretion and worsen the onset of symptoms.Optional barley porridge di?t therapy.

2015-06-01 11:15:44


Zhang Ling

Title: attending physician

Wulaga City Health Center, Jiayin County, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province
Internal Medicine

Expertise: high blood pressure, Diabetes, Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular?re diseases

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Problem analysis:Hello,According to the description of your condition,Considering that it is through stomach?irritation can be caused,It is advisable, timely review and treat.
Suggestionge:It is recommended Pay attention to light and easily digestible foods.Avoid spicy food,You k?Can symptomatic treatment with medication be wished?hlen, which the stomach?inhibit urinary secretion.As,Omeprazole,Pectin bismuth and so on.

2015-06-01 11:13:12


Li Qiufeng

Title: Doctor

Hezhao Community Health Center, District Wei
Internal Medicine

Expertise: diagnosis h?more often and more oftenfrequently occurring diseases of the cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestive and nervous systems.

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Problem analysis:Hello!24-y?my wife,Should it be wrong?lie,Red bean barley porridge is not easy to digest,Does this lead to an excessive stomach?urinary secretion.Sch?degrade the stomach lining,Cause gastritis,Digestive system disorders such as stomach ulcers.
Suggestionge:It is recommended to concentrate on light and warm dishes.Avoid to be cold and hard.Digestible food.It can be taken about the stomach?to inhibit urinary secretion,Drugs to protect the lining of the stomach,Like omeprazole,Livzon Dele,Amoxicillin, etc.,If n?tig, go to hospital for gastroscopy, to make the diagnosis?run.

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What kind of medicine should I be taking if I have heartburn and upset stomach after eating?

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Zhou Min Feicheng Mining Center Hospital   Deputy head nurse

Good at: coronary artery disease,Gout,Diabetes,Chronic gastritis,Dysmenorrhea and other nursing advice

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2015-12-02 19:57:03 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Your situation is generally viewed as a symptom of an inflammation of the stomach.Related to Di?t
      It is recommended when taking Jin Aokang and Amoxicillin capsules on the light dietto pay attention to the taboo, spicy and irritating foods


Meng Lijun The first affiliated hospital of Xinxiang Medical College   Attending physician

Good in: chronic gastritis,Stomach ulcer,Reflux?sophagitis,Acute and chronic cholecystitis cirrhosis of the liver

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2015-12-02 19:58:53 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Hello!According to your description,Do you have an excessive stomach?urinary secretion,I suggest, They treat it with drugsDo you also pay attention to the conditioning of the Ern?leadership.
      In view of the current situation,It is recommended Oral use of lansoprazole for treatment.Do you look for a light and easily digestible diet at the same time?leadership,It is best, take antihypertensive drugs after meals.So as not to irritate the stomach.

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Yu Lihong Harbin Sixth Hospital   chief doctor

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2018-06-25 06:08:35 I m?about to complain

      Hello,based on your description,It is recommended that you are going to the gastroenterological department of a formal examination?public hospital in the top 3.Identify cause and symptomatic treatment,Take the medication at the same time as directed by the medicationat,Eat light and easily digestible foods,Low fat and low salt dietsleadership,Avoid spicy food intake.
      The above applies to “What kind of medicine should I be taking if I have heartburn and upset stomach after eating?”” Suggestion?ge for this question,hope it helps youI wish you good health!


Li Lei, doctor

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      Condition analysis:
      This situation can be reduced by taking domperidone, Milks?urebacterial tablets etc. be treated.
      It is also recommended Vitamin C For Conditioning Ern?to take nutritional products: it containslt antioxidants,Detoxification effect,Reduce mental stress, f?change collagen synthesis,Do you improve gastric motility?t.


Luo Yongping doctor

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2015-12-02 19:57:45

      Condition analysis:
      Consider your situationThey are due to symptoms caused by chronic gastritis.
      It is recommended Taking famotidine and weikangling for treatment.Just stay in a good mood.


Cui Lei, doctor

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2015-12-02 20:08:50 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Hello,The symptoms, that you describe are digestive diseases,The first consideration is gastritis, caused by excessive stomach?urinary secretion is caused.In Erg?nzung,There is also the M?possibility of Helicobacter pylori infection
      You need to go to the hospital for a gastroscope,Take a test for Helicobacter pylori,After diagnosis, use drugs, which the S?to inhibit the slime?Protect ute and resist Helicobacter pylori

What fruit is good for gastritis

  Nowadays due to various bad eating habits,The gastrointestinal function of many people has been severely damaged.digt,So, what kind of fruit is good for gastritis?


Method / step

  1. 1

    Eat some yellow fruitsSuch as: citrus fruits, Mango, Persimmon, Papaya, Watermelon, Apricot,These fruits contain beneficial elements like carotene and lycopene.


  2. 2

    Fruits containing vitamin C,Such as: red dates, Kiwi fruit, Whitemandrel,These fruits contain a lot of natural vitamin C,Isn’t it just Ern?management functions,It can also prevent sepsis,It is a natural antioxidant.

  3. 3

    Red fruits,Such as: grapes, black currants, Raspberries, Strawberries,These fruits contain anti-aging and anti-cancer effects.

  4. 4th

    Eat some dried fruits,Dried fruit k?can they be used for the human body?rper necessary uns?saturated fat?uren erg?use.In general,Fruits are only supposed to support conditioning,It has to be with Di?t be combined.


Precautionary measuretook

  • Eat nuts carefully,After the nuts from the K?rper were recorded,Sometimes the human K?not breathing normally,Will easily cause death from asphyxiation.
The experience content is for reference only.If you have a specific problem l?(especially in the areas of law, Medicine etc.),It is recommended that you consult extensively with professionals in related fields.
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What to eat Chinese patent medicine for stomach insufficiency and heat

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  Chinese patent medicine is convenient to carry and take,32313133353236313431303231363533e78988e69d8331333330323935Well received by patients.If the patient is the proprietary?re chinese medicine w?holds,First of all,Should just K?lte, Heat, Distinguish deficiency,real,Then w?choose medication, that are suitable for the this way,To get a good therapeutic effect.

  1.Hanning abdominal pain

  The patient’s stomach pains H?ring with?Erk?ltung ”together.How to take cold or cold products.That kind of stomach ache go?rt to Hanning stomach pain,It is characterized by severe abdominal pain,How W?rme and warm?rme,When you get warm the pain is relieved,The K?old is worseOr how hot?e drinknke.usually,The principle of treatment for this type of stomach pain is to to agitate the stomachrmen and K?lte to disperse.Regulate the qi, to relieve pain.Chinese patent medicines such as Wenweishu capsules, Xiangsha Yangwei pills, Zhongjing Weiling tablets and pomegranate Jianwei powder k?can be used.

  Precautionary measuretook: ① Do you take w?Do not use cold products during medication. ② Pay attention to local W?rme. ③ stomach pain such as burning, Dry mouth, etc. should not be ingested.

  2.stomach pain

  Patients usually add to spicy and fatty products,For a long time the W?rme in the human bodybe suppressed.Most of the stomach pains in such patients are stomach pains.arm pain.It is characterized by burning pain in the stomach.hey,Heartburn,Pantothens?ure,loud,Dry mouth,bitter,Or like cold drinks?nke,Or accompanied by dry stools and so on.usually,The principle of treatment for this type of stomach pain is to W?relieve stomach pain,Weilikang granules, Fengliaochangweikang granules, Zuojin pills and other drugs k?can be used.

  In Erg?nzung,”W?rme “and” N?sse “are in the K?rper accumulated,At this moment,Add?In addition to the above symptoms, patients are usually faced with symptoms such as swelling and constipation, strong hitfrigkeit des K?rpers, greasy mouth, Thirst, but don’t want to drink etc. accompanied.Wangshi Baochi pills k?can be used appropriately,Better results k?can be achieved.

  Precautionary measuretook: ① It is advisable to w?Eating light products while taking the drug.Avoid sharp and greasy products. ② It is not advisable to w?Take nutritious Chinese medicines while on medication. ③ Use with caution on people with loose stools.

  3.Qi stagnation abdominal pain

  Clinically provenLong-term or short-term dysphoria can also cause stomach pain.Such patients usually have depression, Anxietynde, Nervous?t or light?trouble etc.It gort to Qi stagnation and stomach pain,It is characterized by stomach pain,H?frequent eruption?en,Or cause stomach pain or aggravation, when you are emotionally unhappy.The principle of treatment for this type of stomach pain is to to calm the liver and regulate the qi.And stomach acheQizhi Weitong granules, Liuwei Anxiao capsules, Shugan Zhitong pills or Weisu granules k?can be used.

  Things that require attention: ① Keep in a good mood,It is not fortrouble, Depression or Nervousness?t suitable. ② Avoid cold and greasy products w?during medication. ③ correct k?physical movement.

  4thDeficiency and abdominal pain

  usually,People with long-term stomach illness or weak?cherem K?rperbau,Or stomach pain?elderly patients,Gort to deficiency and cold stomach pain.This type of stomach pain treatment is relatively long,Characterized by dull abdominal pain,Like temperature and press,Pain worsens when fasting,It can be alleviated after eatingSpit out water,Or accompanied by tiredness,The H?nd and feete are not warm,Loose chairs and so on.The principle of treatment is the adultwarming of the spleen,And stomach acheYou k?between Weifuchun, Wenweishu granules, Yangwei granules, Jianweiyuyang tablets, Xiangsha Liujun pills and other drugs w?heal.

  Note: ① Avoid cold and greasy products w?while taking the drug. ② People with stomach pain such as burning sensation and dry mouth should not take it ③ Keep warm.

  Add?in addition to the above stomach painlte, Stomachw?rme, Qi stagnation, Deficiency and cold stomach pain,There are still syndromes like stagnant Ern?leadership, mixed K?lte and heat as well as mixed M?nails and excesses.For K?lte and heat,Symptoms of Mixed Reality?t and falsehood,The medicine must be taken correctly under the guidance of a doctor.In Erg?nzung,Diabetes patients should Chinese patent medicines with sugar pr?Use this preparation with caution.

  It takes seven maintenance points to cure stomach pain

  After stomach pain occurs,In addition to timely and correct medication?sen treatmenthrung and t?ensure the same care.First, in terms of the Ern?leadership,Based on the basic principles of “eat less, eat more “and” chew enough “,To reduce the burden on the stomach,Helps with digestion.Do you avoid irritating foods and drinks?nke.IncludingLich strong tea, Coffee, fried, spicy food etc.When stomach pain and pantothens?ure are seriousThe intake of sour and sweet?en foods should be reduced,To avoid aggravating stomach irritation,At Magenbl?hunger h?frequent eruption?en etc.Eat less soy products, Taro, Sweetpotatoes etc.Second, in terms of emotions,Don’t be too nervouss, depressed right?afraid.Because the stomach is an organ that is very easily influenced by emotions,This is why you should calm your mood.The third is correct k?physical exercise,Divert the “excessive” attention to the stomach,It also helps to improve the treatment effect.

  special memory

  Patients with the following diseases: Ben?are you doing one?medical guidance or further examination?To find out the cause and severity of the diseaseren:

  ① those whose symptoms have not improved after long-term medication,Or those with worsened symptoms ② those with worsening symptoms, ③ those who have lost significant weight recently, ④ those who have a family history of digestive disorders ⑤ those the other systemic diseases such as diabetes, High blood pressure, have chronic kidney diseaseOr take other medication: ⑥Women or children w?during pregnancy.

Gastric bile reflux,What to watch out forWhat food can you eat?

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The main symptom of acid reflux is the stomachBurning,2113Ie “burn5261Heart”,Serious illness can beCan leadCaused Speiser?ear cancer.4102and soneedAttract attentionfrom,but1653There is such a situation who do not go through “what to eat”?changes.It is through t?same routines and that?changing trivial bad habits in life, who can be cured?nnen!

Caused by abnormal valve operation

When we eatThe food starts from the mouthAre you moving through the risers?listen down,Then it enters the stomach.Food goes all the way through the feeders?listenWhen you go in the stomachThrough a single trapCalled the lower lockmuscle of the feeder?listenThis piece of muscle is a one-way valve between the feeder?hear and the stomach.

under normal circumstances?ndWhen we swallowThe trap door?opens.After the food gets into the stomach,This muscle valve is closed again.If the muscle valve is not working properly,Will produce acid reflux symptoms.Because of the abnormal?opening and closingens of the valveL?eat the food in the stomach and the stomach?ure back to the feeder?hre flow?en.

The first symptom of acid reflux is “vomiting gas”.But it’s easy to be ignored.Other typical symptoms are a burning sensation in the heart,And the reflux of stomach?ure in the mouth or throat,Sp?ter the patient experienced pain or red chest pain when swallowing food.I often think, that it is a sore throat or heart disease.It is often found that the feeder?hear through stomach after the doctor’s visit?ure has been corroded to bleed the ulcer.

It is not advisable, to eat two hours before bedtime

Wang Weimin, a scientist at the university?t from Hong Kong, who is responsible for the investigation of acid reflux, pointed out that when people often eat two hours before bed,Causes gastric ptosis,To the clasprelax muscles,A condition, in the stomach?ure in the feeder?hre flow?t.

The ?Doctors believe that in recent years the number of F?ll of acid reflux increased,The reason is: people’s lives are getting hectic and crappy?ftigt, they eat irregularly,Eat too late?t dinner or have a habit of having dinnerThen I fell asleep, when i was fullWhen you lie on your back in bed can the stomach?ure flow back easier?en.

For example, because of the behavior?According to the working hours of some types of occupation I usually have dinner after 10 p.m. after i went homeGo to bed less than two hours after eatingThe result is acid reflux.

Other symptoms of acid reflux include burning and pain in the chest, and discomfort which by hot?e and acidic substances are caused, that flows from chest to throat?en.Complications of this disease are ulcers of the feeder?listenSometimes cause bleedingFormation of a narrowing of the lower end of the feeder?listenCause difficulty swallowing,Or cause that this ?sophagus epithelium through the S?ulenepithelium of the stomach is replaced.Beginningllig for cancer.Some cause a cough,Hoarseness and even asthma attacks?ll.

Improve your lifestyle habits and sit back and relax

The symptoms of acid reflux k?can through?Lifestyle change will be improved.If you don’t eat anything two hours before going to bed,Raise your head while you sleep.

A scientist from the university?t Hong Kong, Li Jinquan, who was responsible for the investigation, reminded the patient: food, which the mucous membrane of the feeder?stimulate your must be reduced, like wine Coffee and fatty foods.

Acid reflux can sometimes be controlled by drugs to control symptoms of nausea.When you give a patient a stomach?give urehemmer,But if the symptoms persistYou need an operationTo effectively relieve symptoms.

Can I take out insurance against gastritis?en?

Can I take out gastritis insurance?en?

gastritis can generally be divided into two types: acute and chronic gastritis.Acute: The first two are h?more often divided into acute erosive gastritis, acute purulent gastritis and acute erosive gastritis.Acute gastritis is generally resolved after healing from the standard k?rper covered.Chronic: h?frequent chronic superficialcheek gastritis, chronic erosive gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis.Chronic atrophic gastritis goes h?often associated with an intestinal metaplasia.Intestinal metaplasia is an indicator of sch?digestion of the gastric mucosa.It is also an important epithelial ver?Change in chronic atrophic gastritis.It can occur in small intestinal metaplasia (ie completely?permanent intestinal metaplasia) and colon metaplasia (ie incomplete?permanent intestinal metaplasia).

Helicobacter pylori HP infection is a major cause of chronic gastritis.It h?is closely related to the appearance of atrophy of the gastric mucosa, Intestinal metaplasia, Dysplasia and even stomach cancer together.Chronic superficialcheek gastritis,The switch-on time is l?nger,No other symptoms,

Life insurance, Standard k?rper for critical illnesses,Au?he health insurance.

The overall prognosis of a chronic superficialCommon gastritis with small bowel metaplasia is relatively good.Can be combined with an HP infection for a comprehensive assessment.If HP is negative,Or those whose HP has become negative after regular treatment,You k?Consider a slight increase in anderwriting.Chronic atrophic gastritis with small bowel metaplasia,Or colon metaplasia,The likelihood of rejection is high.

should be okay,But it is m?resembled that the stomach area is excluded. anything else shouldn’t be a problem

Before answering this question from the subject,Let’s make it clearThere are four main types h?common stomach diseases: acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, Gastric ulcer and gastric polyps.

Many people think, that there is nothing as long as there is no startll of stomach problems.So I don’t care at all.

Tats?Most stomach diseases are chronic diseases.Leave it aloneAll year round,Can cause more serious diseasesFor example, stomach cancer is increasing.worsened by atrophic gastritis.

Out of this consideration, insurance companies, the control of stomach problems is also strict.

Then,How do I buy insurance if you have stomach problems?Let’s break down the disease situation.One after the other:

1. gastritis

On critical health insurance,As long as it is not chronic atrophic gastritis,Or autoimmune gastritis,In general k?Call directly for Darwin No. 1, Beidufen No. 1, Kanghuibao Ultimate Edition, Kangle e Health C and Kangle Life 2019 vote.

On health insurance,If it was just a chronic superficial?is dangerous gastritis, There are no abnormalities such as ulcers or erosions involved.It should m?be the same to insure normal micro health insurance.

On life insurance,Damai Dingshou, Ruiteruihe and Aixiangzui did not ask for the relevant information on the health notifications for these three products.You k?Can insure normally.

2. Gastric ulcer

On critical health insurance,If it’s just a simple soreAnd has been healed for more than half a year,Helicobacter pylori will be eradicated,It will be donetzt, that you’re usually Darwin No. 1, Beidufen No. 1, Kangle Esheng C and Kangle Yisheng 2019 k?can.

If more than 2 years have passed since the last illness,Gastroscopy pathology showed no small intestinal metaplasia,Or be diagnosed with or may be stomach cancer,You k?You can also insure Xingyue Critical Illness normally.

On health insurance,If more than 2 years have passed since the last illness,Under conservative treatment without surgery,No bleeding, At?mie, Obstruction or malignant transformation,It should m?be the same to insure normal micro health insurance.

On life insurance,Damai Dingshou, Rui Teri and He Aixiang are still very friendly,Asked unrelated mattersYou k?Can insure normally.

3. Gastric polyps

On critical health insurance,If the surgical pathological result is benign,You k?try Ruitai Ruiying, Xinai Critical Illness and Kanghuibao flagship version to insure.

On health insurance,When the operation l?has been healed for less than 2 years,The pathology report is benign,Gastrointestinal endoscopy within the last six months also showed normal,And it’s not a family?re intestinal polyposis.It will be donetzt, that the micro health insurance can be covered normally.

After more than 2 years of healing remove polyps,Pathological examination is benign,Without repetitionYou k?try to insure the health insurance of Ping An e.

Speaking of life insurance,I can’t help it than me of the three products from Barley Dingshou, To boast of Ruiterihe and Aixiang.The health report did not ask about gastric polyps,You k?can be sure to insure.

above,For reference.

If you have other insurance problems,You k?You can download the Cainiao Finance app.1 yuan, to join a member,So k?You can always ask Caibao questions!Direct / promo

The pace of life of modern people is getting nearlyer and faster,Many people eat irregularly,Hungry and full.

A long time ago,Various stomach pains and stomach problems also follow.

undgastritisIs one of the h?most common stomach problems,

If you h?frequent abdominal pain, Complaints, acid reflux etc. to have,Can be caused by gastritis

For different peopleThe reaction of the K?rpers can also be different.

Some people have only mild gastritis,There will be obvious symptoms.

There are also a small number of peopleUntil it develops into stomach ulcers or even stomach cancer,Will feel uncomfortable.

that’s why,If you usually have stomach problemsPrudent,It is better, go to the hospital for an examination.

Do you have gastritis,What kind of insurance can I buy?

Carevalid selected?holds,I have selected the following online retail products for friends?holds, who suffer from gastritis:

Just say the conclusion:

Critical Illness Insurance: Darwin No. 1, Beidufen No. 1, Kanghuibao flagship version,As long as it is not chronic atrophic gastritis or autoimmune gastritis,It can be insured directly.

Health insurance:: Wei Medical Insurance and Lexiang Lifetime also have the M?opportunity, take out normal insurance?en.However, the verification will be relatively strict.Add?in addition to the health insurance requirements,It is also necessary no stomach ulcers, Gastric bleeding Perforations, etc. to have.

Term life insurance: Most product status reports have no corresponding inquiries.For example the three gorges love follows Barley Dingshou and Rui Terry.If other problems arise as well,Then k?you can buy it directly.

and so,If it’s just acute gastritis,Or chronic non-atrophic gastritis,

And no other anomaliesAll have the M?opportunity, to insure yourself normally.

If it is chronic atrophic gastritis,It will be harder apply for online insurance.It is recommended to insure offline,Many insurance companies have tried.

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“Insurance plan”: Insurance planning systems for the different needs of families with an annual income of 50.000, 100.000, 200.000 and 500.000.

“Illness Underwriting”: Brief guide to insuring h?common diseases such as hepatitis B, Kn?tchen, High blood pressure and diabetes.

“Social Security Handbook”:Detailed interpretation of reimbursements and pensions from health insurers across the country,The most comprehensive social security user guide on the network!

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10. A comprehensive inventory of WeChat insurance,This is the cheapest!

Friends with stomach problems must have experienced itOnce you have gastritis, is it basically difficult To relieve stomach ulcers.Easy to repeat.Let’s take a look at the h?most common stomach problems.How do I properly insure patients with stomach problems?

1. What are the h?most common stomach diseases?

Many friends do not pay special attention to stomach problems.I think, it w?re sch?n, just take some medicine.In the end, a small illness turned into a serious illness.The h?most common stomach diseases areGastritis and peptic ulcer,When the situation is seriousCloselich k?They can develop into stomach cancer.

2. Why do I get stomach problems?

There are two mainchall pathogenic factors for h?Common stomach diseases:Eating habits and Helicobacter pylori infection.

◆ eating habits

in China,Special regional dishes such as barbecue, Hot pot, Bacon, Sausage, Cucumbers etc.Most people like to eat.however,This type of food has a h?higher salinity,Too many food,Damn?strengthens the gastric mucosal barrier,He?do you start?liability for carcinogens,Causes a high incidence of gastric cancer.

◆ Helicobacter pylori

50% of the people in the world are tr?ger of Helicobacter pylori,And in China this behavior?ltnis will h?be here.According to the World Health Organization report, the Helicobacter pylori infection rate in China is around 60%.According to the current Chinese 13.Calculated from a Bev?a reduction of 600 million,over 800 million people.

As shown below,Can cause Helicobacter pylori infectionChronic gastritis, Peptic ulcer, Gastric cancer and gastric malignant lymphoma.

3. H?frequent stomach problems,How do I insure?

Different insurance,There are different requirements for different diseases,K?you can usually assureH?sucks?depends on the health notification and the subscription terms.The degree of difficulty in applying for insurance is as follows:Gastric polyps>Gastric ulcer>Gastritis.

Since the accident insurance is not linked to an illness,Independentnig from the accident,A health notification is generally not required.You k?can you w?hlen, the health insurance report of the life insurance generally does not include stomach diseases,If there is no relevant investigation?medical history or hospital history,You k?You can also buy directly:

(Huagui Barley Dingshou Health Notice)

Health insurance and health insurance are subject to certain restrictions.Restrictions on the insurance of gastric diseases.Different products focus on different thingsLet’s take a look at the health report first:

As can be seen from the above figure:

  • For gastritis:If it is not atrophic gastritis,No abnormal examination or hospitalization,Reason?really k?Both health insurance and health insurance can be insured;
  • For stomach ulcers:The critical health insurance warnings have related questions: Ping An e Health Insurance has related inquiries in health insurance;
  • For gastric polyps:Health insurance in health insurance 2.0 don’t askIn health insurance k?Can you enjoy the e-Health 2019 release and long-term medical coverage from WeChat Insurance?en.

In general,It is not easy, To insure patients with stomach problems.But there are still options:

  • Accident insuranceThe mildestEligible for direct purchase;
  • Term life insurance,For example, Huagui Barley did not ask about stomach diseases.Friends, who have more serious stomach problems or complications k?can take this into account.
  • Health insurance, Health insuranceIt’s relatively friendly against h?to insure common stomach problems.For severe chronic illnesses, it will be relatively difficult to insureIt is recommended try the products of several insurance companies.Or offline products for underwriting.

Insurance is not a life-saving straw.It can only transfer part of the risk in the life process,K?Physical health should be our greatest goal.and so,Keep good living habits,Vital.

I hope, today’s answer is helpful to you.Welcome too, to share with friends in need.If you have any further questions about applying for health insurance,Can clickConsult now,Yuansijun answers questions online.

[Written at the end]

I am Yuansi Jun,Focus on the interpretation of insurance conditions,Evaluate insurance products,Configure insurance plan,Assistance in settling claims w?during the whole process.

Complex insurance clauses,Obscure,If you have any questions, k?Please leave Yuansi a message in the comments below.I will do my best, to answer your questions Avoid detours and avoid to get into the box!

Which medicine is better for heartburn and?trouble

Which medicine is better for heartburn and?trouble

  Problem Analysis: This friend should first understand of which the lack of spleen and stomach speaks.Spleen deficiency and moisture,Spleen deficiency and moisture,Refers to the two dialectical methods of spleen deficiency and moisture, and moisture and spleen yang.1.Spleen deficiency and moisture refer to the pathology of spleen deficiency and internal moisture blockage.The spleen transports water and moisture,To the K?to make the body liquid for the stomach,A lack of spleen results in poor transportation and poor chemistry.Cause stagnation of moisture; Stagnation of moisture,Suggestionge: This in turn hinders the transport and transformation of the spleen.The main symptoms are reduced diet.leadership,The stomach is full of constipationStool diarrhea,Or even nausea and vomiting,Sticky mouth or thirsty how hot?e drinknke,Schl?friability of the limb?en,Or even swelling,Thick and greasy tongue coating,Slow pulse and so on.H?more common in chronic gastroenteritis

  Instructions: excessive?trouble is main?caused by irregular life.Depressed mood causesThere is a saying in Chinese medicine: “The liver is the main target”.Therefore ?u?Do you feel exuberant irritability?common in some eye symptoms.For people who are angryLongdan Xiegan pills are the best choice,Although there were reports some time ago that?taking the drug affects kidney function?will benefit “,But do not worry,As long as it l?longer time not in largeingested in quantities is it safe. In Erg?nzung,Xiongju Shangqing Pills have a W?cleaning table,The effect, To dispel wind and relieve painTo relieve headache caused by liver burn,Tinnitus symptoms work well,

  Problem analysis: Hello,High bilirubin levels indicate some degree of damage.end of the liver.Is associated with biliary diseases,Whether there is cholecystitisGallstone,Conditions like cholestasis.And strenuous exercise,Too tired latelyHave eaten fatty food or alcoholSome drug factors k?can lead to that bilirubin’s opinions and suggestion?ge increasedht: It is recommended to check the Doppler ultrasound of the belly color.All hepatitis excepthe liver and gall bladder diseases.RestAdequate Ern?leadership,Should avoid alcoholDo you prevent overwork and avoid the use of anti-liver disease drugs?the.The Di?t should be easy
  The above is for “heartburn and irritability, what kind of medicine is better?”” Suggestion?ge for this question,hope it helps youI wish you good health!

  Problem analysis: Hello,What did you say,General deficiency and er?maintenance of the spleen and stomach,lush,You k?can take some Chinese medicines appropriately,Do you watch your diet in peacetime?learn and improve it slowly. Suggestionge: It is recommended that the spleen and stomach are cold.Can be takenBuzhong Yiqi pills,Or shenlingbaizhu powder for enhancement,lush,Can be takenLongdan Xiegan pills to improveUsually exercise,Drink it with wolfberry, American ginseng gei?sheet, soaked in water,Don’t eat spicy foods often

  Problem Analysis: Your Symptom Goes?rt to the syndrome of violent liver burn and invasion of the stomach in Chinese medicine.Liver master,A st?liver fire leads to dry eyes, and the stomach causes heartburn and symptoms of pantothens?ure.Shugan Jianwei pills k?can only calm the liver and invigorate the spleen.Can?do not reduce anger,Of course it doesn’t work.Suggestionge: The best way is oral decoction treatment,You k?can for treatment in that?go to local chinese medical hospital.When using Chinese patent medicine, it can be treated by oral administration with tablets from Jiawei Xiaoyao San and Weifuchun.
  The above is for “heartburn and irritability, what kind of medicine is better?”” Suggestion?ge for this question,hope it helps youI wish you good health!

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