Can I take out insurance against gastritis?en?

Can I take out gastritis insurance?en?

gastritis can generally be divided into two types: acute and chronic gastritis.Acute: The first two are h?more often divided into acute erosive gastritis, acute purulent gastritis and acute erosive gastritis.Acute gastritis is generally resolved after healing from the standard k?rper covered.Chronic: h?frequent chronic superficialcheek gastritis, chronic erosive gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis.Chronic atrophic gastritis goes h?often associated with an intestinal metaplasia.Intestinal metaplasia is an indicator of sch?digestion of the gastric mucosa.It is also an important epithelial ver?Change in chronic atrophic gastritis.It can occur in small intestinal metaplasia (ie completely?permanent intestinal metaplasia) and colon metaplasia (ie incomplete?permanent intestinal metaplasia).

Helicobacter pylori HP infection is a major cause of chronic gastritis.It h?is closely related to the appearance of atrophy of the gastric mucosa, Intestinal metaplasia, Dysplasia and even stomach cancer together.Chronic superficialcheek gastritis,The switch-on time is l?nger,No other symptoms,

Life insurance, Standard k?rper for critical illnesses,Au?he health insurance.

The overall prognosis of a chronic superficialCommon gastritis with small bowel metaplasia is relatively good.Can be combined with an HP infection for a comprehensive assessment.If HP is negative,Or those whose HP has become negative after regular treatment,You k?Consider a slight increase in anderwriting.Chronic atrophic gastritis with small bowel metaplasia,Or colon metaplasia,The likelihood of rejection is high.

should be okay,But it is m?resembled that the stomach area is excluded. anything else shouldn’t be a problem

Before answering this question from the subject,Let’s make it clearThere are four main types h?common stomach diseases: acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, Gastric ulcer and gastric polyps.

Many people think, that there is nothing as long as there is no startll of stomach problems.So I don’t care at all.

Tats?Most stomach diseases are chronic diseases.Leave it aloneAll year round,Can cause more serious diseasesFor example, stomach cancer is increasing.worsened by atrophic gastritis.

Out of this consideration, insurance companies, the control of stomach problems is also strict.

Then,How do I buy insurance if you have stomach problems?Let’s break down the disease situation.One after the other:

1. gastritis

On critical health insurance,As long as it is not chronic atrophic gastritis,Or autoimmune gastritis,In general k?Call directly for Darwin No. 1, Beidufen No. 1, Kanghuibao Ultimate Edition, Kangle e Health C and Kangle Life 2019 vote.

On health insurance,If it was just a chronic superficial?is dangerous gastritis, There are no abnormalities such as ulcers or erosions involved.It should m?be the same to insure normal micro health insurance.

On life insurance,Damai Dingshou, Ruiteruihe and Aixiangzui did not ask for the relevant information on the health notifications for these three products.You k?Can insure normally.

2. Gastric ulcer

On critical health insurance,If it’s just a simple soreAnd has been healed for more than half a year,Helicobacter pylori will be eradicated,It will be donetzt, that you’re usually Darwin No. 1, Beidufen No. 1, Kangle Esheng C and Kangle Yisheng 2019 k?can.

If more than 2 years have passed since the last illness,Gastroscopy pathology showed no small intestinal metaplasia,Or be diagnosed with or may be stomach cancer,You k?You can also insure Xingyue Critical Illness normally.

On health insurance,If more than 2 years have passed since the last illness,Under conservative treatment without surgery,No bleeding, At?mie, Obstruction or malignant transformation,It should m?be the same to insure normal micro health insurance.

On life insurance,Damai Dingshou, Rui Teri and He Aixiang are still very friendly,Asked unrelated mattersYou k?Can insure normally.

3. Gastric polyps

On critical health insurance,If the surgical pathological result is benign,You k?try Ruitai Ruiying, Xinai Critical Illness and Kanghuibao flagship version to insure.

On health insurance,When the operation l?has been healed for less than 2 years,The pathology report is benign,Gastrointestinal endoscopy within the last six months also showed normal,And it’s not a family?re intestinal polyposis.It will be donetzt, that the micro health insurance can be covered normally.

After more than 2 years of healing remove polyps,Pathological examination is benign,Without repetitionYou k?try to insure the health insurance of Ping An e.

Speaking of life insurance,I can’t help it than me of the three products from Barley Dingshou, To boast of Ruiterihe and Aixiang.The health report did not ask about gastric polyps,You k?can be sure to insure.

above,For reference.

If you have other insurance problems,You k?You can download the Cainiao Finance app.1 yuan, to join a member,So k?You can always ask Caibao questions!Direct / promo

The pace of life of modern people is getting nearlyer and faster,Many people eat irregularly,Hungry and full.

A long time ago,Various stomach pains and stomach problems also follow.

undgastritisIs one of the h?most common stomach problems,

If you h?frequent abdominal pain, Complaints, acid reflux etc. to have,Can be caused by gastritis

For different peopleThe reaction of the K?rpers can also be different.

Some people have only mild gastritis,There will be obvious symptoms.

There are also a small number of peopleUntil it develops into stomach ulcers or even stomach cancer,Will feel uncomfortable.

that’s why,If you usually have stomach problemsPrudent,It is better, go to the hospital for an examination.

Do you have gastritis,What kind of insurance can I buy?

Carevalid selected?holds,I have selected the following online retail products for friends?holds, who suffer from gastritis:

Just say the conclusion:

Critical Illness Insurance: Darwin No. 1, Beidufen No. 1, Kanghuibao flagship version,As long as it is not chronic atrophic gastritis or autoimmune gastritis,It can be insured directly.

Health insurance:: Wei Medical Insurance and Lexiang Lifetime also have the M?opportunity, take out normal insurance?en.However, the verification will be relatively strict.Add?in addition to the health insurance requirements,It is also necessary no stomach ulcers, Gastric bleeding Perforations, etc. to have.

Term life insurance: Most product status reports have no corresponding inquiries.For example the three gorges love follows Barley Dingshou and Rui Terry.If other problems arise as well,Then k?you can buy it directly.

and so,If it’s just acute gastritis,Or chronic non-atrophic gastritis,

And no other anomaliesAll have the M?opportunity, to insure yourself normally.

If it is chronic atrophic gastritis,It will be harder apply for online insurance.It is recommended to insure offline,Many insurance companies have tried.

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Friends with stomach problems must have experienced itOnce you have gastritis, is it basically difficult To relieve stomach ulcers.Easy to repeat.Let’s take a look at the h?most common stomach problems.How do I properly insure patients with stomach problems?

1. What are the h?most common stomach diseases?

Many friends do not pay special attention to stomach problems.I think, it w?re sch?n, just take some medicine.In the end, a small illness turned into a serious illness.The h?most common stomach diseases areGastritis and peptic ulcer,When the situation is seriousCloselich k?They can develop into stomach cancer.

2. Why do I get stomach problems?

There are two mainchall pathogenic factors for h?Common stomach diseases:Eating habits and Helicobacter pylori infection.

◆ eating habits

in China,Special regional dishes such as barbecue, Hot pot, Bacon, Sausage, Cucumbers etc.Most people like to eat.however,This type of food has a h?higher salinity,Too many food,Damn?strengthens the gastric mucosal barrier,He?do you start?liability for carcinogens,Causes a high incidence of gastric cancer.

◆ Helicobacter pylori

50% of the people in the world are tr?ger of Helicobacter pylori,And in China this behavior?ltnis will h?be here.According to the World Health Organization report, the Helicobacter pylori infection rate in China is around 60%.According to the current Chinese 13.Calculated from a Bev?a reduction of 600 million,over 800 million people.

As shown below,Can cause Helicobacter pylori infectionChronic gastritis, Peptic ulcer, Gastric cancer and gastric malignant lymphoma.

3. H?frequent stomach problems,How do I insure?

Different insurance,There are different requirements for different diseases,K?you can usually assureH?sucks?depends on the health notification and the subscription terms.The degree of difficulty in applying for insurance is as follows:Gastric polyps>Gastric ulcer>Gastritis.

Since the accident insurance is not linked to an illness,Independentnig from the accident,A health notification is generally not required.You k?can you w?hlen, the health insurance report of the life insurance generally does not include stomach diseases,If there is no relevant investigation?medical history or hospital history,You k?You can also buy directly:

(Huagui Barley Dingshou Health Notice)

Health insurance and health insurance are subject to certain restrictions.Restrictions on the insurance of gastric diseases.Different products focus on different thingsLet’s take a look at the health report first:

As can be seen from the above figure:

  • For gastritis:If it is not atrophic gastritis,No abnormal examination or hospitalization,Reason?really k?Both health insurance and health insurance can be insured;
  • For stomach ulcers:The critical health insurance warnings have related questions: Ping An e Health Insurance has related inquiries in health insurance;
  • For gastric polyps:Health insurance in health insurance 2.0 don’t askIn health insurance k?Can you enjoy the e-Health 2019 release and long-term medical coverage from WeChat Insurance?en.

In general,It is not easy, To insure patients with stomach problems.But there are still options:

  • Accident insuranceThe mildestEligible for direct purchase;
  • Term life insurance,For example, Huagui Barley did not ask about stomach diseases.Friends, who have more serious stomach problems or complications k?can take this into account.
  • Health insurance, Health insuranceIt’s relatively friendly against h?to insure common stomach problems.For severe chronic illnesses, it will be relatively difficult to insureIt is recommended try the products of several insurance companies.Or offline products for underwriting.

Insurance is not a life-saving straw.It can only transfer part of the risk in the life process,K?Physical health should be our greatest goal.and so,Keep good living habits,Vital.

I hope, today’s answer is helpful to you.Welcome too, to share with friends in need.If you have any further questions about applying for health insurance,Can clickConsult now,Yuansijun answers questions online.

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I am Yuansi Jun,Focus on the interpretation of insurance conditions,Evaluate insurance products,Configure insurance plan,Assistance in settling claims w?during the whole process.

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