Can gastritis eat chestnut?K?Can you eat chestnut for gastritis?

Almost nobody has stomach problems nowIt’s just a matter of sizeThen the hard fruit of the chestnut,K?Can patients with gastritis eat it?It is good, Eating chestnuts for gastritis?Let’s introduce it in detail below!


Can gastritis eat chestnut

Stomach diseases are not uncommon in life.Some diseases of the stomach k?Can be called gastric disorders.Gastritis (acute and chronic) is one of the h?most common stomach diseases.Many people suffer from gastritis for some reason.The effects on health are very great.For gastritis patients,T?like Ern?is very importantCan chestnuts be eaten for gastritis?

Can eat less

Whether acute gastritis or chronic gastritis, It’s okay, to eat less chestnuts.Moderate consumption also has certain benefits for the k?physical recovery.But it’s best to eat boiled chestnuts.This makes digestion easier.The reason, why we should eat and cook less, is that patients with gastritis a restricted?have poor digestion and chestnuts are not easy to digest.It is necessary, the irritation of the stomach as often as m?equal to reduce.

Gastritis di?t

In general, acute gastritis requires timely medical treatment.Only when the state is stable k?Can you eat some liquid in moderation?to eatWhen your K?rper improved to a certain extent, k?You can consume semi-liquid food.But all foods should be spicy and fatty.Chronic Gastritis Should a Regular and Balanced DietMaintain leadership.Never overeatAlso avoid all kinds of irritating foods (too cold, hot, angry, spicy, greasy etc.) and eat less difficult to digest foods.

Precautionary measuretook

Acute gastritis is usually caused by incorrect diets.caused.Like unsanitary or irritating food,Therefore minimizes the t?like Ern?gastrointestinal irritation.Chronic gastritis is a h?ufige St?tion of the digestive system.Irrational Ern?Leadership is also one of the causes of the disease.In general, do not just eat very irritating and indigestible,Tobacco and alcohol are also best avoided.Naturally,If the stomach has no obvious symptoms of atrophy, k?You can drink a small amount of alcohol.


The benefits of eating chestnuts

Chestnut is a favorite food of many friends,There are also many recipes for using chestnuts as a medicine in Chinese medicine.Chestnuts are usually boiled,But chestnuts eaten raw are also very good for the kidneys.For middle-aged and?The elderly, eating some raw chestnuts in the morning and evening can effectively n?listen.Treat back pain.

The chestnut is sweet and sticky, rich in food,Known as “K?nig the thousand fruits “.It is also called “ginseng fruit” abroad.In our country there are many M?opportunities Diseases with chestnuts to n?hear and heal.But most people eat it cookedAs everyone knows,The Effects of Eating Raw Chestnuts on Foodthe kidney is better.As early as the Tang Dynasty, medical scientist Sun Simiao said that chestnut “is the fruit of the kidney,Kidney disease should be eaten “.He also said in “A Thousand Gold Recipes · Shizhi”: “The raw food,Very difficult to treat waist and feete.”Emphasizes the use of” raw “.

Middle-aged people and?elderly people,As Yang Qi gradually?ugly decreased,Not only will there be pain in the waist and knees, Limb pain?en,It can also be loose Z?give or even fall out,These are manifestations of insufficient Kidney Qi,If you start from the kidney,Early pr?vention,Eating raw chestnuts is one of the m?similar methods.Every morning and evening, chew the fresh chestnuts in your mouth,White to the swallowen pulp,And then swallow slowlyYou will be able to to achieve a good healing effect.When middle-aged and?older people develop the habit of eat 5-10 pieces of air-dried raw chestnuts every morning and evening,There may be kidney deficiency, Effectively prevent and treat waist pain and leg pain.

It should be notedPeople with a bad spleen and stomach shouldn’t eat more than 5 pieces.Chestnuts are rich in soft fiber,The glyc?mix index is lower than rice,As long as no sugar is added to the cooking,People with diabetes k?Can it also be in measure?taste it.


Several taboos in the Ern?induction of gastritis

1.Avoid smoking

By studying the smoking status of 200 patients with chronic gastritis, it was found that the recurrence rate of gastritis patients, who didn’t smoke was only 38.3%,The recurrence rate of gastritis patients, they smoke, but is at 61.7%,Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis should stop smokingren.To facilitate the early healing of gastritis.

2.You should take yogurt regularly

One of the h?Most common symptoms of chronic gastritis is Bl?and diarrhea.Some patients have no apparent effect from taking medication,And after taking kefir,The symptoms quickly disappeared.Once yogurt is stopped,Symptoms of Bl?hunger pangs and diarrhea come back take yogurt again,The symptoms went away again.that’s why,Patients with chronic gastritis should take yogurt.Kefir is fermented milk,It beh?Isn’t it just the original Ern?leading to,Is it also rich in milk?urebacteria, Lactase, Milks?ure etc.Helps digestion,It is very suitable for chronic gastritis.

3.Avoid chili

Someone examined 200 healthy people with a gastroscope.And examined their eating habitsAmong them 126 people like to eat chili,73 people don’t eat chili.The result of gastroscopy is that the incidence of gastritis in people who don’t eat chili is significantly lower than in people prefer the chilli.In particular, the incidence superficialnatural gastritis is obviously minor.So patients with chronic gastritis,It is best, not to eat chili.

4thAvoid w?To drink soda while eating

Soda is a kohlens?ancient drinknk, which is very rich in carbon dioxide.After drinking soda,It will be the W?rme in the K?eject body from mouthen,Can the K?help rper to digest and absorb,So is soda the best drink?nk, to prevent heat stroke and antipyretics in summer.But if it’s a gastritis patient,Do you drink soda w?while eating,It is SCH?dlich for the K?rper.Because when you drink sodaThe stomach?ure is diluted and diluted,Bad for digestion,And the carbon dioxide in soda can make slime?stimulate ute,Do you reduce the stomach?urinary secretion,Affect the formation and production of pepsin,This weakens the digestive function of the stomach.cht.In Erg?nzung,Soda water containedlt also sodium bicarbonate,It can stomach?neutralize ure,The S?urine content in the stomach decreases,The digestive function of the protease is slow.cht.and so,For patients with chronic gastritis, like drinking soda w?while eating,There are unpleasant symptoms such as Bl?hunger and pain.that’s why,Patients with chronic gastritis should avoid w?To drink soda while eating.

5.Avoid raw peanuts

Peanuts have a h?here N?hrwert,Good for the human bodyrper,People call it longevity fruit and longevity fruit.But for patients with chronic gastritis,But it is not suitable for consumptionEspecially raw peanuts,Patients with gastritis k?can severe digestive disorders after eatingcause problems.Mis?disclose symptoms of gastritis.The fat and protein found in raw peanutsWithout high temperature treatment,Different digestive enzymes in the K?rper have no influence onIt is easy, Digestive?to cause struggles.

6thAvoid too cold hotit and hard food

Cold dishes and drinksnke,Cannibalism can stomach cramps?cause fumes,Vasoconstriction of the lining of the stomach,Isn’t it inflammable?changing, overheated food and drinksnke,After swallowing it burns or directly irritates the lining of the stomach.Gastritis patients’ food should be moderately soft and hard.Too hard and rough foods Vegetables with raw fiber, fried or grilled foods,After eating, it can increase the burden on the mechanical digestion of the stomach.hen,The gastric mucosa is damaged by frictiondigt,Mis?Do you have inflammatory oil?sions of the mucous membrane.

It’s almost mid-autumn again,Sending moon cake w?During the mid-autumn festival it has been our custom since ancient times.But this weather is still very hot? with autumn tigers,How should we store moon cakes?K?Can moon cakes be kept in the refrigerator?How long k?Can mooncakes be stored in the refrigerator?

K?Can mooncakes be stored in the refrigerator?


Keep mooncakes in the refrigerator.Indeed, this approach is wrong.

The shelf life of mooncakes after cooling is in fact l?be longer.But moon cakes are made with ingredients like flour, ?l, Refined sugar and nuts.And baked goods?ck,If you put it in the fridge, this still affects the taste.This is because that under low temperature conditionsThe matured st?rke releases water,Grow oldMake moon cakes hard and taste worse.

But not all moon cakes k?cannot be put in the refrigerator.Just like the popular snowy moon cakes,It must be frozen and preserved,Take it out when you m eat it?right.

The right way Store mooncakes

Low temperature,Ventilation,shadow

Since mooncakes are rich in raw materials,Like pasta,Granulated sugar,Sugar,Walnut,Black sesame,There are also many flavors,Cream,Fruits and vegetables etc.Unn?good to say the filling of moon cake,Like bean pasteSesame,Shrimp,Green tea etc.These excessive Ern?determined that the moon cakes should be kept at a low temperature.Ventilation,In the shade.

Naturally,To be stored separately.


Use a refrigerator

Not all moon cakes are suitable for keeping in the refrigerator.But because the moon cake filling is differentSome need to be kept in the refrigerator,Like ice skinMinced meat.Attention,Whilst saving,Adultavoid using plastic wrap for packaging.At the same time, the temperature must be regulated,It shouldn’t be too low.

Contact with rats, etc. prevent

When saving moon cake,Must M?prevent use,Cockroaches and other things touch moon cake.Moon cakes are closedreally sweetities,Will definitely attract these creaturesEverything has to be encapsulatedAren’t you too close when saving?llig.If necessary,T?te the cockroaches in the house in advance.

How to save the ge?opened moon cake

The moon cake was taken apartI haven’t finished eating.It is a pity, to lose itHow can this be done?

First: you k?may consider to wrap it up with fresh tape.Put it in the fridge,But eat it as fast as m?resembled.

Second: cut into slices,Boil and drink porridge.After all, there are a lot of ingredients in mooncakes,Make a soup with whole grains,It’s still pretty good.

Moon cake tasting


Moon cake festival,Every family eats moon cake.but,Eating moon cake is also exquisite:

1. Do you eat salty first and then sweet?.If it’s sweet?e and salty moon cakes,It should be salty first and sweet in order to be triedOtherwise it won’t taste good.
Second, try moon cake with tea.If you eat too much moon cake, you get greasy.If you have a cup of light tea (scented tea is appropriate),To eat and drink,The taste is even more wonderful.
Three, Moon cakes should be appropriate.Moon cakes contain a lot of sugar and?l,Eating too much can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort.Especially ?elderly people, Children or people with poor gastrointestinal function,When eating, pay more attention toMust be in Ma?be en.
Fourth, eat fresh moon cakes.W?During the festivals, people often buy many moon cakes at the same time.However, mooncakes tend to after l?To spoil longer placement.Food poisoning is easy to occur after eating.that’s why,Mooncakes are best to buy and eat.