Are Xiangsha and Weiwan at surfaceeffective gastritis?

Are Xiangsha and Weiwan on the surface?effective gastritis?2018-01-03 15:58:58

Etiquette:Surfacecheek gastritis, Dyspepsia, Bl?hunger stomach pain

My sister was screwed with it a while ago?ftigt, to take the career test.Mentally nervous?ser and?more anxious,At the same time, eating is not very regular,I often order takeout or buy fast food like burgers.My sister always felt that the food has accumulated in the appetite for the past ten days after eating.Gastric bl?pain and abdominal pain are severeAnd often digestive problems?struggles,Only take domperidone tablets for improvement.Since stomach pain lately h?have become more frequentI had to do gastroscopy and other inspectionsThe doctor diagnosed superficialcheek gastritis,I prescribed several boxes of frankincense sand and stomach pills,Said this drug is very effective for st?Increase in the spleen and appetite for the stomach.

What is the disease:Surfacecommon gastritis

The main symptoms:Digestive?struggles,Inflatehen,stomach pain

Take medicine one:Fragrant sand and stomach pills

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Approval Number: National Medicine Zhunzi Z11020860

Manufacturer: Beijing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Indications: stimulation of the spleen and appetizing,Line gasification stagnation.Used for weak spleen and stomach,Loss of appetite due to indigestionstruggles,Bl?aches and pains in the abdomen,Sour and loud,Irregular bowel movements.Fecal incontinence

Medication Instructions:Take before meals,6 grams every timeTwice a day.

Advantages and disadvantages of drugs:
Xiangsha and stomach pills are Chinese patent medicines.It can be used to treat superficialnormal gastritis, weak spleen and stomach, Abdominal pain and bl?hunger functional dyspepsia and constipation.Mild drug,The contained mandarin peels, Whitemandrel, Amomum villosum and other ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine k?Can the spleen and stomach be effective?and increase gastrointestinal secretionhen.Relief of gastrointestinal inflammation.

Dosing cycle:2 ~ 3 weeks

Side effects:Xiangsha and stomach pills have no side effects and side effects.

Precautionary measuretook:
Note that Xiangsha and Weiwan only superficially?can treat gastritiscan.For patients with reflux?sophagitis and stomach ulcers,Clinically it is recommended to take gastro-resistant capsules and belladonna aluminum magnesium tablets in combination with omeprazole.The drug should not be used by pregnant women.And to better protect and repair the gastric mucosa,It should be taken before meals.

Effect of drugs:
My sister said that she took a course of frankincense sand and stomach pills,It was long ago, that I have no stomach pain and no bl?have more hunger.It feels very useful Treat gastritis.

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