What should you look for in your diet?respect?

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What Should You Look For In Your Ern?pay attention to?


To lead:

The symptoms of heartburn and bl?hungerI believe, many people have seen it beforeActually, that’s the stomach

A manifestation of the disease.If you have this symptom,Will feel uncomfortableCan’t eat


Shadow of time


The symptoms of heartburn and bl?hungerI believe, many people have seen it beforeActually, that’s the stomach problem

A form of expression.If you have this symptom,Will feel uncomfortableCan’t eat



Will it affect your health over time?good.What should I look for in the Ern?for heartburn and bloatwatch out?

Let me give you a specific introduction.



, Food should be nutritious, easily digestible soft foods w?hlen,Eat more plants



Food rich in vitamins.You k?can boiled millet, Eat congee,


Goat milk, Yogurt, Whitek?se,

Kefir.If the symptoms are severe,Eat something soft


Sex food,Like rice soup, Avocado, Banana,

Potatoes and pumpkins.Will place


There are mashed vegetablesCook again.occasionally,Eat something ged?steamed vegetables

Dish,How red


Radish, Carrots and Broccoli.



The amount of food indicates the size and burden of the stomach strain


The heaviness.overeat

lots,The stomach has a heavy workload and a heavy burden,On the stomach


Very inconvenient.Eating too littleInsufficient workload,belly

Weak Activity?t


Will make stomach pain worse.It is generally recommended that better to have breakfast.Having lunch


Eat a little more

It is a good idea, eat less dinner.



Avoid high-fat, irritating foods: high-fat foods, Alcohol,


Sugar and Chocolate Club

Do you relax the lock?muscle,Cause reflux,and so


If you have symptoms of heartburn,Should avoid this

Something to eat,also


Avoid raw, cold, spicy and other irritating foods.



Do not eat raw and cold foods.Eat cold food,Can Erk?cause lungs in the stomach,


Qi and blood stagnation,vomit

Spit out water or acidic water,Stomach pains get worse.Avoid drinking


Soda, Cola and spicy food.

Avoid bigen fish, bigthere meat and fried products.The Di?t should be light and tasty.


Because of the greatin fish and meat,Fat too

the sum,Not easy to digest and absorb,Easy to curl


Stomach pain.



Avoid tobacco and alcohol.When excessive drinking can lead to stomach constipation and water


swollen,Even erosion,

I h?re often, what the?Tell Older Generations About Heartburn!

Heartburn is a burning sensation in the stomach or behind the breastbone.It often extends up from the lower part of the sternum,Is that h?most common symptom of gastro?sophageal reflux disease,In medicine it is called heartburn.

Right between chest and stomachWhere can you find one of the most important muscles?nnen,Maybe you don’t even know that you have it: the lower lock?muscle of the feeder?hear (LES).

If it works normally,This type of organization plays an important role in helping with eating.But if there is a problem with the lower clasp?muscle of the feeder?there areIt will be the main cause of heartburn,Heartburn basically everyone experiences it at some point in their life.

Although people have been treated for heartburn?have fumedBut the incidence rate is increasingAnd is one of the h?most common stomach diseases in the world.When the symptoms of heartburn become more regular and intense,Like twice or more a week,It is m?resembled that you already have a gastro?have developed sophageal reflux disease (GERD).

But what caused this symptom?How can it be cured?

Heartburn starts at the crossroads of the gastro?sophagus, the as lock?muscle of the lower feeder?hear is called.This smooth, well developed lower claspmuscle of the feeder?Your has complex dendritic control.Connect with brain Heart and lungs.When food comes out of the feeder?I get into the stomachThe job of the muscle is to prevent, that it flow back?t.Contraction of the lower claspmuscle the feeder?listenSqueeze the stomach entrance,And create a high pressure zoneThis prevents that digestive?ure leaks.

When the lower lockmuscle of the feeder?do you hear relaxed or gradual at the wrong moment?ugly weakcht,It becomes an inappropriate lid,Let the area decompress.That way flow?in the stomach?ure or even great?e pieces of food back in the feeder?hear.

This is because of some long-term eating habits.Foods like caffeine and peppermint contain ingredients that which has a relaxing effect on the lower claspmuscle of the feeder?you have k?can.Caused, that it is not working properly.Other acidic foods,If citrus fruits and tomatoes,Will it also stimulate the feeder?hear yourhen,Backflow into the feeder?hre.

But the researchers found that eating isn’t the only trigger?ser.Smoking also carries risks,Because the nicotine in cigarettes can also damage the lower lock?muscle of the feeder?relax,Excessive alcohol consumption can also?have a similar effect.Pregnant women also experience more heartburn,Due to the increasing stress from the F?do,And the level of certain hormones in your K?rper can lead to that the anti-reflux barrier on the gastro?sophageal transition is interrupted.

There is no bigthere problem with occasional heartburn.But if heartburn occurs regularly,Blackcht the lower claspmuscle of the feeder?hear over time,Are you always releasing more stomach?ure in the feeder?get there.When there is no effective treatment,Over time,Heartburn oozes st?good stomach?ure out,Forms scar tissue,The scar tissue narrows the?sophagus tube,Make food harder to swallow.Continuous reflux can also damage cellsdigen,Cause Barrett-?sophagus disease,And do you bring the risk of Speiser?ear cancer.

Fortunately,Heartburn can usually be treatedMedication k?nnen stomach?Effectively neutralize or reduce ure.In extreme f?llen,You k?can also perform operationsTo the lower claspmuscle of the feeder?stop tightening to relieve pain.

im t?resembled lifeWe k?nnen reflux, by reducing certain food intake, do not smoke and maintain a healthy weight.Prevent Heartburn.With proper maintenance, it can also help us the lower lockmuscle of the feeder?your repair.


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Can gastritis eat chestnut?K?Can you eat chestnut for gastritis?

Almost nobody has stomach problems nowIt’s just a matter of sizeThen the hard fruit of the chestnut,K?Can patients with gastritis eat it?It is good, Eating chestnuts for gastritis?Let’s introduce it in detail below!


Can gastritis eat chestnut

Stomach diseases are not uncommon in life.Some diseases of the stomach k?Can be called gastric disorders.Gastritis (acute and chronic) is one of the h?most common stomach diseases.Many people suffer from gastritis for some reason.The effects on health are very great.For gastritis patients,T?like Ern?is very importantCan chestnuts be eaten for gastritis?

Can eat less

Whether acute gastritis or chronic gastritis, It’s okay, to eat less chestnuts.Moderate consumption also has certain benefits for the k?physical recovery.But it’s best to eat boiled chestnuts.This makes digestion easier.The reason, why we should eat and cook less, is that patients with gastritis a restricted?have poor digestion and chestnuts are not easy to digest.It is necessary, the irritation of the stomach as often as m?equal to reduce.

Gastritis di?t

In general, acute gastritis requires timely medical treatment.Only when the state is stable k?Can you eat some liquid in moderation?to eatWhen your K?rper improved to a certain extent, k?You can consume semi-liquid food.But all foods should be spicy and fatty.Chronic Gastritis Should a Regular and Balanced DietMaintain leadership.Never overeatAlso avoid all kinds of irritating foods (too cold, hot, angry, spicy, greasy etc.) and eat less difficult to digest foods.

Precautionary measuretook

Acute gastritis is usually caused by incorrect diets.caused.Like unsanitary or irritating food,Therefore minimizes the t?like Ern?gastrointestinal irritation.Chronic gastritis is a h?ufige St?tion of the digestive system.Irrational Ern?Leadership is also one of the causes of the disease.In general, do not just eat very irritating and indigestible,Tobacco and alcohol are also best avoided.Naturally,If the stomach has no obvious symptoms of atrophy, k?You can drink a small amount of alcohol.


The benefits of eating chestnuts

Chestnut is a favorite food of many friends,There are also many recipes for using chestnuts as a medicine in Chinese medicine.Chestnuts are usually boiled,But chestnuts eaten raw are also very good for the kidneys.For middle-aged and?The elderly, eating some raw chestnuts in the morning and evening can effectively n?listen.Treat back pain.

The chestnut is sweet and sticky, rich in food,Known as “K?nig the thousand fruits “.It is also called “ginseng fruit” abroad.In our country there are many M?opportunities Diseases with chestnuts to n?hear and heal.But most people eat it cookedAs everyone knows,The Effects of Eating Raw Chestnuts on Foodthe kidney is better.As early as the Tang Dynasty, medical scientist Sun Simiao said that chestnut “is the fruit of the kidney,Kidney disease should be eaten “.He also said in “A Thousand Gold Recipes · Shizhi”: “The raw food,Very difficult to treat waist and feete.”Emphasizes the use of” raw “.

Middle-aged people and?elderly people,As Yang Qi gradually?ugly decreased,Not only will there be pain in the waist and knees, Limb pain?en,It can also be loose Z?give or even fall out,These are manifestations of insufficient Kidney Qi,If you start from the kidney,Early pr?vention,Eating raw chestnuts is one of the m?similar methods.Every morning and evening, chew the fresh chestnuts in your mouth,White to the swallowen pulp,And then swallow slowlyYou will be able to to achieve a good healing effect.When middle-aged and?older people develop the habit of eat 5-10 pieces of air-dried raw chestnuts every morning and evening,There may be kidney deficiency, Effectively prevent and treat waist pain and leg pain.

It should be notedPeople with a bad spleen and stomach shouldn’t eat more than 5 pieces.Chestnuts are rich in soft fiber,The glyc?mix index is lower than rice,As long as no sugar is added to the cooking,People with diabetes k?Can it also be in measure?taste it.


Several taboos in the Ern?induction of gastritis

1.Avoid smoking

By studying the smoking status of 200 patients with chronic gastritis, it was found that the recurrence rate of gastritis patients, who didn’t smoke was only 38.3%,The recurrence rate of gastritis patients, they smoke, but is at 61.7%,Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis should stop smokingren.To facilitate the early healing of gastritis.

2.You should take yogurt regularly

One of the h?Most common symptoms of chronic gastritis is Bl?and diarrhea.Some patients have no apparent effect from taking medication,And after taking kefir,The symptoms quickly disappeared.Once yogurt is stopped,Symptoms of Bl?hunger pangs and diarrhea come back take yogurt again,The symptoms went away again.that’s why,Patients with chronic gastritis should take yogurt.Kefir is fermented milk,It beh?Isn’t it just the original Ern?leading to,Is it also rich in milk?urebacteria, Lactase, Milks?ure etc.Helps digestion,It is very suitable for chronic gastritis.

3.Avoid chili

Someone examined 200 healthy people with a gastroscope.And examined their eating habitsAmong them 126 people like to eat chili,73 people don’t eat chili.The result of gastroscopy is that the incidence of gastritis in people who don’t eat chili is significantly lower than in people prefer the chilli.In particular, the incidence superficialnatural gastritis is obviously minor.So patients with chronic gastritis,It is best, not to eat chili.

4thAvoid w?To drink soda while eating

Soda is a kohlens?ancient drinknk, which is very rich in carbon dioxide.After drinking soda,It will be the W?rme in the K?eject body from mouthen,Can the K?help rper to digest and absorb,So is soda the best drink?nk, to prevent heat stroke and antipyretics in summer.But if it’s a gastritis patient,Do you drink soda w?while eating,It is SCH?dlich for the K?rper.Because when you drink sodaThe stomach?ure is diluted and diluted,Bad for digestion,And the carbon dioxide in soda can make slime?stimulate ute,Do you reduce the stomach?urinary secretion,Affect the formation and production of pepsin,This weakens the digestive function of the stomach.cht.In Erg?nzung,Soda water containedlt also sodium bicarbonate,It can stomach?neutralize ure,The S?urine content in the stomach decreases,The digestive function of the protease is slow.cht.and so,For patients with chronic gastritis, like drinking soda w?while eating,There are unpleasant symptoms such as Bl?hunger and pain.that’s why,Patients with chronic gastritis should avoid w?To drink soda while eating.

5.Avoid raw peanuts

Peanuts have a h?here N?hrwert,Good for the human bodyrper,People call it longevity fruit and longevity fruit.But for patients with chronic gastritis,But it is not suitable for consumptionEspecially raw peanuts,Patients with gastritis k?can severe digestive disorders after eatingcause problems.Mis?disclose symptoms of gastritis.The fat and protein found in raw peanutsWithout high temperature treatment,Different digestive enzymes in the K?rper have no influence onIt is easy, Digestive?to cause struggles.

6thAvoid too cold hotit and hard food

Cold dishes and drinksnke,Cannibalism can stomach cramps?cause fumes,Vasoconstriction of the lining of the stomach,Isn’t it inflammable?changing, overheated food and drinksnke,After swallowing it burns or directly irritates the lining of the stomach.Gastritis patients’ food should be moderately soft and hard.Too hard and rough foods Vegetables with raw fiber, fried or grilled foods,After eating, it can increase the burden on the mechanical digestion of the stomach.hen,The gastric mucosa is damaged by frictiondigt,Mis?Do you have inflammatory oil?sions of the mucous membrane.

It’s almost mid-autumn again,Sending moon cake w?During the mid-autumn festival it has been our custom since ancient times.But this weather is still very hot? with autumn tigers,How should we store moon cakes?K?Can moon cakes be kept in the refrigerator?How long k?Can mooncakes be stored in the refrigerator?

K?Can mooncakes be stored in the refrigerator?


Keep mooncakes in the refrigerator.Indeed, this approach is wrong.

The shelf life of mooncakes after cooling is in fact l?be longer.But moon cakes are made with ingredients like flour, ?l, Refined sugar and nuts.And baked goods?ck,If you put it in the fridge, this still affects the taste.This is because that under low temperature conditionsThe matured st?rke releases water,Grow oldMake moon cakes hard and taste worse.

But not all moon cakes k?cannot be put in the refrigerator.Just like the popular snowy moon cakes,It must be frozen and preserved,Take it out when you m eat it?right.

The right way Store mooncakes

Low temperature,Ventilation,shadow

Since mooncakes are rich in raw materials,Like pasta,Granulated sugar,Sugar,Walnut,Black sesame,There are also many flavors,Cream,Fruits and vegetables etc.Unn?good to say the filling of moon cake,Like bean pasteSesame,Shrimp,Green tea etc.These excessive Ern?determined that the moon cakes should be kept at a low temperature.Ventilation,In the shade.

Naturally,To be stored separately.


Use a refrigerator

Not all moon cakes are suitable for keeping in the refrigerator.But because the moon cake filling is differentSome need to be kept in the refrigerator,Like ice skinMinced meat.Attention,Whilst saving,Adultavoid using plastic wrap for packaging.At the same time, the temperature must be regulated,It shouldn’t be too low.

Contact with rats, etc. prevent

When saving moon cake,Must M?prevent use,Cockroaches and other things touch moon cake.Moon cakes are closedreally sweetities,Will definitely attract these creaturesEverything has to be encapsulatedAren’t you too close when saving?llig.If necessary,T?te the cockroaches in the house in advance.

How to save the ge?opened moon cake

The moon cake was taken apartI haven’t finished eating.It is a pity, to lose itHow can this be done?

First: you k?may consider to wrap it up with fresh tape.Put it in the fridge,But eat it as fast as m?resembled.

Second: cut into slices,Boil and drink porridge.After all, there are a lot of ingredients in mooncakes,Make a soup with whole grains,It’s still pretty good.

Moon cake tasting


Moon cake festival,Every family eats moon cake.but,Eating moon cake is also exquisite:

1. Do you eat salty first and then sweet?.If it’s sweet?e and salty moon cakes,It should be salty first and sweet in order to be triedOtherwise it won’t taste good.
Second, try moon cake with tea.If you eat too much moon cake, you get greasy.If you have a cup of light tea (scented tea is appropriate),To eat and drink,The taste is even more wonderful.
Three, Moon cakes should be appropriate.Moon cakes contain a lot of sugar and?l,Eating too much can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort.Especially ?elderly people, Children or people with poor gastrointestinal function,When eating, pay more attention toMust be in Ma?be en.
Fourth, eat fresh moon cakes.W?During the festivals, people often buy many moon cakes at the same time.However, mooncakes tend to after l?To spoil longer placement.Food poisoning is easy to occur after eating.that’s why,Mooncakes are best to buy and eat.

Stomach burns,How to fix weak H?feet and feete treated

Caring doctortrainee

Ask TA

Ta helped3484People

Condition analysis:The stomach disease is with three and seven Ern?discussed.It is recommended to eat regularly,Adequate Ern?leadership,Take Morodan or Kuaiwei tablets for treatment.

Response time: 15.01.2016

Caring doctordoctor

Ask TA

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Condition analysis:Hello,This situation should be over?utterance are causedYou k?can drugs like omeprazole, Xiangsha Yangwei pills, etc. try out.Do you usually look out for a light di?t,Avoid raw, cold and spicy dishes.

Response time: 15.01.2016

Caring doctorResidents

Ask TA

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Condition analysis:Hello, Combined with your symptoms are the symptoms caused by gastritis,K?physical swornche, that occurs Orally, Ginseng spleen pills, Omeprazole, Amoxicillin,look here

Response time: 14.01.2016

Caring doctordoctor

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Condition analysis:The situation you describe can be the cause of gastritis.It is recommended Taking omeprazole and hydrotalcite tablets for treatment

Response time: 14.01.2016

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Condition analysis:Hello,This condition is caused by gastritis,Quadruple therapy is recommended for the treatment of gastritis.Omeprazole, Bismuth pectin, Metronidazole, Amoxicillin k?can be used for treatment,Eat more fruits and vegetables, to supplement vitaminsnzen,Eat and Eat Regularly,Exercise actively, around the K?body resistance to increasehen.

Response time: 2016-01-16

What kind of medicine is effective for chronic gastritis?Sometimes a burning sensation in the stomach

Doctor’s response area


Zhang Meijiao Dalian Central Hospital   Attending physician

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2017-08-12 11:49:43 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      The current situation mainly affects?life conditioning,You k?take omeprazole,Plus cisapride,Perform symptomatic improvement,
      Usually eat regularly,Three meals a day,Dinner discount,Especially dinner,Control your intake of fatty foods,


Wang Qingchun Jinan Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital   Deputy chief physician

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2018-07-22 10:17:17 I m?about to complain

      Hello,Do people with chronic gastritis have to eat easily and easily?listen.Eat less raw, cold, spicy and fatty food, to stimulate,Eat regularly,Drink less,Don’t overeatAre you taking trimebutine maleate,Rabeprazole can be treated.

See more about What medicine to take for heartburn. The doctor replied >>


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      Hello,I’m glad, To answer youWhether there is gastritisWhat kind of gastroscopy can be used for medical treatment?It h?depends on whether there is a Helicobacter pylori infection.Do you always pay attention to the Ern?leadership,Eat less hardSpicy food
      The above is for “What Kind of Medicine is Good for Chronic Gastritis!”Sometimes there is a burning sensation in the stomach”.hope it helps youI wish you good health!


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      Condition analysis:
      Hello,Is a manifestation of chronic gastritis,It is recommended to diagnose a gastroscopy.You k?You can take omeprazole capsules and gastritis granules as well as Xiangsha Yangwei pills for treatment.
      Also make sure not to eat cold and indigestible foods.Don’t eat hot peppers and other irritating foods.Eat regularly,Can’t be hungry and fullDon’t you drink drinks?like strong tea and coffee.The Di?t should be easyDon’t be too greasy, etc. Everyone needs attention.


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2017-08-12 11:49:52 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      In chronic gastritis it is recommended Oral tablets coated with omeprazole and Livzon Dele.To stop aches and painsProtect the stomach lining.
      Eat regularly,Must have breakfastIt is best, not to add meals at night,Eat less raw, cold, spicy and fatty pickled products.


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      Condition analysis:
      Your condition is classified as under the category of chronic gastritis,excessive food or erk?It is also the cause of the disease
      Patients with gastritis should get serious easily?listen.It is recommended Taking omeprazole capsules or lansoprazole capsules which the S?Inhibit acids and protect the gastric mucosa.


Gao Qianjin, doctor

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2017-08-12 11:50:45 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Hello,According to the situation you described, it is a gastric fever.Complaints through?sophagitis,It has something to do with eatingstruggles to do
      Hello,In such a situation, I recommend taking rabeprazole enteric coated tablets.Kangfu Xinye,Altan Wuwei Pills Treatment,Do you pay attention to light meals?leadership,Eat more digestible foodsDo not eat raw or cold,Greasy,Spicy food
      The above is for “What Kind of Medicine is Good for Chronic Gastritis!”Sometimes there is a burning sensation in the stomach”.hope it helps youI wish you good health!


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      Condition analysis:
      Hello, According to the symptoms you described, gastritis is superficialdivided gastritis and erosive gastritis, chronic gastritis go?rt to the former
      Are you taking lansoprazole,Amoxicillin,Do you pay attention mainly?on the dietleadership,Don’t eat raw or cold,spicy food,Eat regularly and quantitatively,Erk?you don’t


Liu Ying, one ?public foodmanagement advisor

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2017-08-12 12:06:56 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Hello,Gem your above Erw?A burning sensation in the stomach is directly related to chronic gastritis.
      Stomach Diseases Are Usually Persistentsquare,It is currently recommended Taking amoxicillin.Drug treatments such as omeprazole,Do you also pay attention to the Ern?leadership,Avoid poorly digested and irritating foods.

Gastrointestinal burning sensation,Heartburn,hiccup

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      based on your description,Should you have gastrointestinal st?have strugglesDo you have to pay attention to your diet?pay attention.Au?he not sharp, sharp, to eat cold or raw,Also make sure not to eat food, the acid reflux and bl?cause problemscan.Usually more exercise,At the same time with medication,Are you taking proton pump inhibitors and Motilit?one for the entire digestive tract.


Wang Ying, 9. Taiyuan People’s Hospital   Deputy chief physician

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      Hello,Depending on the situation you describe I think since the medical history was several months ago,You should go to the hospital on time,Do abdominal color Doppler ultrasound and gastroscopic exams, as well as other exams.Do you run to Best?the diagnosis by appropriate treatment,Habits,Eat on time,Light and easily digestible foodsleadership,Do you avoid K?lte,Fatty and spicy food,Quit smokingand restrict alcohol?thankAre you maintaining emotional stability?t

See more about Heartburn di?t. The doctor replied >>


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      Condition analysis:
      Hello,Considering that there is something with bad eating habits, Habits and infections has to do withI have to go to the hospital in timeTimely processing is better
      Can it use drugs like gastric protection and gastric suppression?urinary secretion can be treated.Pay attention to a slight, regular and easily digestible mealsleadership,Don’t smoke or drinkDon’t overeatDon’t eat spicy irritating, cold food
      The above is for “gastrointestinal burn,Heartburn,Hiccups ”suggest?ge for this question,hope it helps youI wish you good health!

2019-10-10 21:07

I’ve been staying up late latelyThe doctor suggested what medication to look at

2019-10-10 21:07The doctor replied:

Like omeprazole and bismuth aluminate,Are you looking for an easy diet?leadership,Pay attention to the rest, to avoid fatigue and to stay up late.Don’t overeatDo not eat spicy cold or irritating food


Dongyuanyuan Dongying Rongjun Hospital   doctor

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      Condition analysis:
      Hello!After reading your description,Heartburn, Have hiccups and other symptomsIt will be main?caused by gastritis.
      You k?You can take omeprazole and domperidone for treatment.It is best, to go to the hospital for a gastroscopy.Do you usually look out for a light di?t,Avoid raw cold, greasy, spicy and other irritating foods.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits appropriately,Drink more water.


Yue Guangping chief physician

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      Condition analysis:
      After reading the situation you described,There are two situations to consider.The first,M?men must first gastro?consider sophageal reflux disease,The main symptom of this disease is acid reflux and heartburn.Taking proton pump inhibitors,For example, omeprazole is effective in treatingIt can be diagnosed.
      Another second situation is: If taking omeprazole has no effect,It is necessary, the M?Functional dyspepsia diagnosis should be considered.Main?because of symptoms, caused by nervousness?t and fear are causedNeed, Taking medication who the gastro?regulate sophageal function,Like trimebutine and other treatments,Anti-anxiety treatment is needed if necessary.

Are Xiangsha and Weiwan at surfaceeffective gastritis?

Are Xiangsha and Weiwan on the surface?effective gastritis?2018-01-03 15:58:58

Etiquette:Surfacecheek gastritis, Dyspepsia, Bl?hunger stomach pain

My sister was screwed with it a while ago?ftigt, to take the career test.Mentally nervous?ser and?more anxious,At the same time, eating is not very regular,I often order takeout or buy fast food like burgers.My sister always felt that the food has accumulated in the appetite for the past ten days after eating.Gastric bl?pain and abdominal pain are severeAnd often digestive problems?struggles,Only take domperidone tablets for improvement.Since stomach pain lately h?have become more frequentI had to do gastroscopy and other inspectionsThe doctor diagnosed superficialcheek gastritis,I prescribed several boxes of frankincense sand and stomach pills,Said this drug is very effective for st?Increase in the spleen and appetite for the stomach.

What is the disease:Surfacecommon gastritis

The main symptoms:Digestive?struggles,Inflatehen,stomach pain

Take medicine one:Fragrant sand and stomach pills

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Indications: stimulation of the spleen and appetizing,Line gasification stagnation.Used for weak spleen and stomach,Loss of appetite due to indigestionstruggles,Bl?aches and pains in the abdomen,Sour and loud,Irregular bowel movements.Fecal incontinence

Medication Instructions:Take before meals,6 grams every timeTwice a day.

Advantages and disadvantages of drugs:
Xiangsha and stomach pills are Chinese patent medicines.It can be used to treat superficialnormal gastritis, weak spleen and stomach, Abdominal pain and bl?hunger functional dyspepsia and constipation.Mild drug,The contained mandarin peels, Whitemandrel, Amomum villosum and other ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine k?Can the spleen and stomach be effective?and increase gastrointestinal secretionhen.Relief of gastrointestinal inflammation.

Dosing cycle:2 ~ 3 weeks

Side effects:Xiangsha and stomach pills have no side effects and side effects.

Precautionary measuretook:
Note that Xiangsha and Weiwan only superficially?can treat gastritiscan.For patients with reflux?sophagitis and stomach ulcers,Clinically it is recommended to take gastro-resistant capsules and belladonna aluminum magnesium tablets in combination with omeprazole.The drug should not be used by pregnant women.And to better protect and repair the gastric mucosa,It should be taken before meals.

Effect of drugs:
My sister said that she took a course of frankincense sand and stomach pills,It was long ago, that I have no stomach pain and no bl?have more hunger.It feels very useful Treat gastritis.

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From gastric cancer to gastric canceryou Have to look!!I regret it!

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Chinese medicine teaches you Chinese medicine,Secret Recipes of Chinese Kr?utemedicine.

One in handRare!

The so-called “ten stomach and nine diseases”,It is said that 9 out of 10 people have stomach problems!

The h?The most common disease in gastric diseases is gastritis. im t?resembled lifeWhen people fail to eat and that t?respect equal lives,It is very beg?llig for gastritis.As h?Most common digestive system diseaseGastritis can generally be divided into two categories: acute gastritis and chronic gastritis.Among patients with gastric diseases, diagnosed in the outpatient gastric endoscopy department,More than 80% of patients suffer to varying degreese from chronic gastritis.

For people with gastritis,Especially for some old gastritis patients,I am very worried, that stomach cancer will occur at some point!Naturally,Gastritis does not develop pl?additive to stomach cancer.bellyCancer occurs mainly?from normal gastric mucosal epithelial cells to cancer cells.This is a step-by-step processBefore developing stomach cancer,Need a process of pr?kanzer?sen ver?go through changes,Everyone needs to look closely at this process.

There are four steps from gastritis to stomach cancer!

Chronic superficialcommon gastritis

Chronic atrophic gastritis

Intestinal metaplasia, Dysplasia

Stomach cancer

Chronic superficialcommon gastritis 

Chronic superficialgastritis is a very common problem.common “stomach disease”!As long as you are undergoing a gastroscopy,Almost without exception, the easiest diagnosis is made: chronic superficial?common gastritis.

Chronic superficialcherical gastritis is a disease with chronic superficialinflammation of the lining of the stomach.Is a h?common digestive system disease,It’s a type of chronic gastritis.In other words,Chronic superficialreal gastritis is a far cry from gastric cancer.

Atrophic gastritis

Atrophic gastritis,As the name indicates,It is a manifestation of chronic inflammation of the stomach wall.so far,The cause of atrophic gastritis is unclearBut it mostly happens?older peopleThe stomach lining ages with age.20% of chronic gastric diseases are atrophic gastritis.Atrophic gastritis doesn’t all turn into gastric cancer.It’s just the chance that atrophic gastritis turns into gastric cancer.Something h?than normal.With correct treatment The protective measures takentakes are good,Most patients with chronic atrophic gastritis are not cancerous.

Intestinal metaplasia, Dysplasia 

Intestinal metaplasia refers to the replacement of gastric mucosal epithelial cells with intestinal epithelial cells.Called bowel metaplasia (short bowel metaplasia),Is a relatively h?ufiges Ph?noun,Especially at ?elderly people.”Intestinal metaplasia” is often called pr?kanzer?se L?sion viewed.In other words, it has not yet reached the stage of cancerBut if it evolvesIt is the early stage of stomach cancer. 

Naturally,Not every intestinal metaplasia will lead to stomach cancer.It’s just that the stomach is up to this pointBe moreWatch out,Active treatment,H?r on, throwing your stomach,It is quite m?resembled to avoid the development of stomach cancer.At the same time,It is important, to check the gastroscope regularly.

Learn these tricksTake care of your stomach


Develop healthy eating habits

ONE.Eat regularly,Timed quantification

Irregular Ern?for a long time,H?frequent pathological reactions occur in the gastric mucosa,For a long time.The function of the gastric mucosa gradually decreases.ugly,Can Ern?leading?cause chronic gastritis.

B. B. B.Adequate Ern?leadership

(A) Low Salt Tue?t:Avoid High Salty Di?th.The salt content in our traditional dietvalue is too highA salty dietcan damage the protective mucous membrane of the stomach lining.ren.Do you make the stomach lining free and easily damned?find and contact carcinogens,Therefore should the t?constant salt intake under 10 g can be controlled.About 6 g is adequate.

(B) Avoid foods which contain nitrosamines can?nnen:Nitrosamines are clear carcinogens,Pickled and ger?contain smoked foods h?Often carcinogens such as nitrosamines and benzopyrene.So as little as m?was like eating.Not just for quick talking,But sorry!

(C) Eat more fruits and yellow and green vegetables:Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins,Since the cause of stomach cancer is likely related to nitrosamine compounds?ngt,Vitamins k?can block the synthesis of nitrosamines in the stomach,This helps To prevent stomach cancer.

(d) Eat More Dairy Products:Eat more milk and dairy products.Because of the vitamin A contained in milk,Helps repair the mucosal epithelium,The incidence of gastric cancer is correlated h?Often negative with the consumption of dairy products.

(e) Stop?drinking and smoking:It is clear now that smoking is a risk factor for stomach cancer,And the degree of risk h?related to the amount of smoking.It h?is more related to age, in which smoking began.Strong alcohol can clog the stomach lining, Swelling and excessive secretion.Do you often drink hard alcohol,Can cause successive proliferative gastritis → atrophic gastritis,Even stomach cancer.

(f)Not too hot? eat:Chinese like to eat hot food,But the Di?t shouldn’t be too hot? his,Otherwise the stomach lining will be burned.The mucous membrane multiplies under W?rmestimulation continues.The thickened mucous membrane becomes less and less sensitive to thermal stimulation.Such a vicious circleCan b?strange ver?cause changes.

(G) Storing the refrigerator:The study foundWith the widespread use of refrigerators?thankThe incidence of gastric cancer has decreased significantly.Keep food fresh,Avoid powdery mildew,Reduce the toxins produced by microorganisms and molds.But also pay attention to the storage time.

( h ) Do not eat overnight:Leafy green vegetables such as vegetables and spinach,Green beans, Broad beans etc.Keep coming back to the potChlorophyll is anf?suitable for chemical reactions,Produce degradable components,Easy to cause cancer.

( i ) Fr?ugly mood:Try, avoid overwork,Always ensure you get enough sleep and a good mood.Try, Adapt your mindset,Relieve mental pressure,Are You Effectively Improving Immunity?t.


Do You Treat Benign Stomach Oil?active

ONE.Add?useful for gastric Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection:The risk of gastric cancer in HP-infected patients is six times higher than in HP-negative people.HP can produce ammonia in the stomach,Ammonia can stomach?neutralize ure,Nitrate in the stomach can be converted to nitrite in a slightly alkaline environment.Nitrite binds with second?ren amines in food to nitrosamines.Nitrosamines are powerful carcinogens.

B.Pr?kanzer?se L?Actively treat sions:Certain diseases are pr?kanzer?se L?sions of stomach cancer,Like gastric polyps, Stomach ulcers, atrophic gastritis,About 10% of patients k?can develop stomach cancer.Patients with pernizi?what kind of thing?mie have a h?here incidence of stomach cancer than the average person 21.9 times.Therefore, we must pay attention to the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases.Prevent stomach cancer from occurring.


Active screening

Early detection of stomach cancer,The 5-year survival rate can be up to 90%.Therefore, early detection Early detection and treatment of gastric cancer is very important.Regular gastroscopy review is required for high-risk groups of gastric cancer.Go to the risk groups?ren:

  • If you have a history of chronic gastritis over 40 years,Those, the lately digestive st?had struggles;

  • Have gastrointestinal anastomosis for more than 10 years,Atrophic gastritis,Intestinal metaplasia,Epithelial dysplasia of the gastric mucosa,Gastric polyps,Pernizi?se An?mie;

  • Long-term alcoholism and smoking,Those, the one salty foodleadership, ger?prefer smoked foods and less fresh vegetables;

  • Mental stimulation and long-term depression, People with a family history of stomach cancer, etc.

I’m five months pregnantThere is always a burning sensation from the stomach to the throat,What’s happening

I’m five months pregnantThere is always a burning sensation from the stomach to the throat,What’s happening

  Condition analysis: stomach fever is the main?partly through food, causes spicy and thick taste,Stomach fire is wealthy,Or b?this heat offends the stomach,Or qi depression from fire.Fiery inside,Stagnation of qi and blood in the stomach and fu organs,Therefore, the abdominal area burns and is painful,Heat b?se hurt K?body fluid,Is thirsty and prefers cold drinks?nke,Fire can T?EliminateIt’ll clear the grain and be hungry when the liver fires the stomach,It’s sour and loud Huo Xie has an inflammation on the meridian,Bad breath,Swollen gums,Blood etc.Yangming fever or injuryThen constipation and R?tion,Red tongue and yellow fur,The number of slippery pulses.
  Suggestionge: 1. Eat some yellow fruits: Yellow fruits have a h?higher carotenoid content.Has an antioxidant physiological activity?t,For example, citrus fruits contain Mango, Persimmon and apricot β-carotene,Papaya, Watermelon and red grapefruit contain lycopene.
   2. Natural vitamin C fruits: red dates, Kiwi, Whitemandrel, Citrus and other fruits are rich in vitamin C,Doesn’t just have a normal Ern?management function,Prevent sepsis,And it’s a natural antioxidant.
   3. Dried fruit k?Can’t be less: Dried fruits (such as walnuts) contain a lot of unsound?saturated fat?acids and vitamin E,Can that be for the human K?rper necessary uns?saturated fat?uren erg?nzen,Vitamin E is also an antioxidant.

  Condition analysis: Hello,Consider gastritis or peptic ulcer disease,It is recommended the further gastroscopy to best?run.General and hot or cold food,Spirits,It is caused by irritating drugs or Helicobacter pylori infectionPatients with chronic gastritis must first be hospitalized for treatment.Kl?ren you what caused the disease.Then w?choose the right medication according to the cause.If necessary, test whether it is caused by Helicobacter pylori infection.Once diagnosed, develop a treatment plan.You k?Can omeprazole + amoxicillin capsules + clarithromycin + Debitai granules take?take medical advice.Generally it takes 2 to 4 weeks.Pay attention to the t?like Ern?management and health care,And pay attention to exercise and rest,Adjust the mental state.Life is regularFixed meals and ration meals,Stay away from tobacco and alcohol,Keep a good mood,Don’t have too much psychological stress.

  Condition analysis: after a woman becomes pregnant,The placenta secretes chorionic gonadotropin.Suppresses gastric secretion?ure.Decrease in stomach?urinary secretion,Are you heavily reducing activity?t of digestive enzymes,Does this affect the appetite and digestive function of pregnant women?important.At this moment,In pregnant women, symptoms such as nausea, Vomiting and loss of appetite.Some women,More sensitive to this hormone,Vomiting may occur at the time of labor,You don’t have to worry too muchrelax.
  Suggestionge: early pregnancy reaction is not a disease,It is the physiological response of pregnant women which cannot adapt quickly to pregnancy?can.Usually from the 6th Pregnancy week,It all disappeared?ugly after 12 weeks.We k?can it through Di?t adapt.
  The above is related to “I’m five months pregnant,There is always a burning sensation from the stomach to the throat,What’s happening?”Suggest?ge for this question,hope it helps youI wish you good health!

  Condition analysis: Hello,This symptom includest a reflux?sophagitis does not exist.Reflux?is sophagitis an inflammatory disease of the feeder?listen by the contents of the stomach and the Zw?lffectum is caused which in the feeder?do you flow back?en.Endoscopically it shows the Sch?cleaning of the mucous membrane of the feeder?listenImmediate erosion of the feeder?Hear and / or ulcers of the feeder?hear.Reflux?sophagitis can occur in people of any age,The morbid?t in adults increases with age.Middle-aged people and?elderly people, Obesity, Smoke, Are Drinking and Mental Stress Groups at Risk of Reflux?sophagitis.
  Suggestionge: It is recommended that you go to a normal hospital in time for the examination, if your condition is severe.For the treatment,So as not to delay the best time for treatment?gladly.Unn?cause serious damageI wish you a fast recovery!

  Condition analysis: Vomiting in early pregnancy is a normal physiological Ph?noun.Don’t be too nervouss,Usually has little impact on health,It doesn’t affect the babyNo treatment is required.Just stay in a good moodEmotionally stable,Just watch out for the rest.Always hungry, k?Can you eat smaller mealsEat more fresh fruits and vegetables,The Ern?hrung should be as reasonable as m?be alike.Most people are pregnant after 3 months,These symptoms k?can disappear on their own.
  Suggestionge :: Of course, if you vomit particularly badly,Pregnant women, who vomit what to eatIt is recommended go to hospital for treatment.To avoid electrolyte st?to causeIf necessary, be hospitalized for infusion conditioning.
  The above is related to “I’m five months pregnant,There is always a burning sensation from the stomach to the throat,What’s happening?”Suggest?ge for this question,hope it helps youI wish you good health!

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What are the symptoms of a burning sensation in the stomach around 11 p.m. on these two days?

The consultation protocol was written by Dr. Chun Yu put togetherReduce summary
Problem Description:

Hello doctorBurning in the stomach around 11 p.m. on these two days,What are the symptoms (m?namely,23 years old)

Analysis and recommendations:

It is recommended to avoid spicy and fatty raw and cold food in the future.If you have severe heartburn k?You can take omeprazole capsules.Hydrotalcite tablets.



Hello doctorBurning in the stomach around 11 p.m. on these two days,What are the symptoms (m?namely,23 years old)

Doctor Yang Juan

Hello,Do you eat spicy or do you drink alcohol?



Eat chili

Doctor Yang Juan

It is recommended avoid spicy and fatty cold food in the future.For severe heartburn k?You can take omeprazole capsules.Hydrotalcite tablets.



OK, Thank you

Doctor Yang Juan

You’re welcome!I wish you a speedy recovery!I hope, rate my answer correctly too k?nnen, if I have time.At the same time k?Can you also pay attention toYou k?You can get advice if you have any questions.

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