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Stomach irritationuch is a kind of disease term in Chinese medicine.Simply put, this is also a type of stomach ailment.Many people in life have long long suffered from stomach problems.All kinds of drugs were usedReason?I actually don’t see any effect.One can say, that the disease is very persistent?is chunky.The reason for this situationIt h?still sings with the t?resembled eating habits.Then,What Protected Chinese Medicine should I take if I have a noisy stomach?

Loud stomach what a protected chinese medicine

The loud stomach is the main thing?by excessive stomach?causes urinary secretion and slowing of gastric movement.The treatment mainly used?a proton pump, about gastric secretion?ure to inhibit.Use some drugs at the same time, which the gastric motilit?t f?turn, to speed up gastric emptying.It can also be treated with some Chinese patent medicines.

1. Qi stagnation and stomach pain granules and Shugan Zhitong pills

It can calm the liver and regulate the qi.It can relieve stomach painIt is suitable for symptoms such as bad emotions, Fullness of the sternum and ribs, caused by the penetration of Liver Qi into the stomach, Stomach pain, Pain in both ribs, L?rm and nausea.Compared to Qi stagnation and stomach pain granules, Shugan Zhitong Pills,Emphasis on pain relief.

2. Shugan pills and Chenxiang Shuqi pills

Compared to Qi stagnation and stomach pain granules,Focus on calming the liver and regulating the qi.And the st?strength of the stomach is weak,It will be main?used for the pain of the fullness of the two ribs,Both have stomach pains loud and angry, nausea and vomiting.

3. Add flavored Zuojin Wan

Suitable for stagnation of Liver Qi,Chest fullness caused by burning stomach over time,Burning pain,Irritable,The disease Belchingen and S?urswallow.Avoid cold, spicy, fatty and other foods w?during medication.Pregnant women and those who are weak and have no heat shouldn’t take it.

4th Weisu granules

It has the effect to regulate the qi, Bl?reduce hunger and relieve stomach pain.Suitable for foreignndische b?se invasion,Irregular Ern?management etc. lead to stagnation of the gas.Gastric function testlung and fullness of the lower stomachhey, Pain, Belchingen and poor bowel movements.

5. Wenweishu and Weiqi pain relievers

Suitable for stomach pain from Erk?ltung.But K?lte is in inner K?lte and?u?ere bodylte divided.When applying, a clear distinction must be made betweenWenweishu is made from Wenweitang in “about the spleen and stomach”.It is suitable for stomach pain, which by lack and K?lte of the spleen and stomach. The Weiqi Zhitong Pill can regulate Qi and Erk?dissipate solutions.The effect of calming the stomach and relieving pain,It is suitable for stomach pain, Aufsto?en, Hiccup, Eat?stanchions etc., the by Erk?lungs diseases are caused.

6th Yuanhu Pain Relief Granules

Suitable for long-term stagnation of Liver Qi,From qi to bloodStomach pain from stagnation of qi and congestion of blood.

Through the above introduction, I hope that all patients have a clear understanding of the medicine and can use it under the guidance of their doctor?can.Take care of your own health.W?While taking medication, people should read the instructions and carefully follow the doctor’s instructions.If you can’t drinkDo not take fatty, spicy food etc.that’s why,People need to understand the contraindications of the drug, before taking the medicine.And make proper and appropriate use of drugs.If you feel unwell after taking the medicine,Consult a doctor in good time.

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Liu YujieChief Physician of the Gyn?ecology
Hospital: Chaoyang Second Hospital

Indications: hypertension w?during pregnancy,Amniotic fluid embolism,Spontaneous abortion,Candidal vaginitis,.details>

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How to treat chronic gastritis with the occasional burning sensation from stomach pain



Stomach pain,Occasionally scorching,Gastroscope was taken more than a year ago,Chronic gastritis (m?namely,33 years old)
I saw the doctor these two days

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Hello,Is there an acid refluxHeartburn?



Occasional burning

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Have you ever been treated?

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Maybe the gastritis has come backIt can also be a stomach ulcer,To the best?A gastroscopy is carried out to confirm the diagnosis,But the treatment is the sameIt’s just a different course



He?opens Yijunkang,Rebel file,Drotaverine



A gastroscope was taken a year agoM?Would you like to take another photo now?



No acid reflux

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

The condition has changed in more than a year?changes,If you don’t m?right, k?You can also perform diagnostic treatment.Take the medicine directlySymptom relief is effectiveIt is recommended continue taking rabeprazole in combination with hydrotalcite treatment.The treatment consists in Continue to take the medicine for 2 to 4 weeks after symptoms have been relieved



Okay,Thank you doctor.I pers?actually prefer sport,Jog every nightWeekend footplay ball,But the nature of the work determines that I have to sit all dayIt’s bad for the stomach or?



I go to work every dayAt least ten thousand stepsUnexpectedly, the stomach is still sick

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Many jobs now require long hours of sittingOf course f?movement changes gastrointestinal peristalsis,Digestion st?rken,It is recommended not sitting for long immediately after eating.Take a walk or exercise before you sit



I’ve got a stomach ailment in the past two weeksI am listless in everythingNot as good as beforePooh.

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Ern?currency change,Do you eat a regular light Di?t,Avoid sharp stimulation,Greasy,Stop?to drink



Will Occasional Heartburn From Stomach?ure caused?

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Okay,An irritation to the stomach?ure has a burning feeling

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Rabeprazole inhibits the stomach?urinary secretion



Ate once today,I don’t feel much misery yetchange



It works fine online



the strange thing isWhy doesn’t the doctor prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs?I didn’t have time to ask today

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Gastritis does not need to take anti-inflammatory drugs

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Antibiotic treatment is required in combination with Helicobacter pylori infection



How long does rabeprazole normally work?

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Rabeprazole generally takes about three days to work.If the symptoms are more severe, k?You can take one capsule in the morning and in the evening.Better results



Stomach?suppress ure,Let the stomach lining repair itself,Is that the principle?

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Correct,The principle of gastric mucosal injury is main?the stomach?urinary secretion.Do you stimulate and corrode the stomach lining itself, causing damage?the



Thank you doctor.

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

You’re welcome



correct,?doctors,Can chronic gastritis be cured?

Doctor Xie Jiaojiao

Can be healedBut it’s easy to relapseHas a lot to do with eating habits

Tip: diseases vary from person to person,The consultation materials of others are for reference only.There are risks associated with unauthorized treatment.

Consultation time: 26.04.2016

What kind of medicine is good for heartburn?

What Kind of Medicine is Good for Heartburn?2016-04-22 15:22:00

Etiquette:Chronic reflux gastritis acid reflux burn

I have had poor gastrointestinal function since I was young.It’s more serious now than it was before.As long as you eat spicy food feel a burning sensation in your chest.feel bad.Saw the doctorLet me do a gastroscopyHe said, that the lining of the stomach is somewhat blocked and red,Consider chronic reflux gastritis,He prescribed me pantoprazole capsules,1 capsule each timeIt only needs to be taken once a dayThe effect is very goodAfter 1 week of eating, symptoms are relieved.

What is the disease:Chronic reflux gastritis

The main symptoms:Acid reflux,Burning feeling

Take medicine one:Pantoprazole Sodium Enteric Coated Capsules

see details
?looking for similar drugs

Reference price$ 38.From 00

Ecommerce price$ 38.From 00

Approval Number: National Medicine Standard H20052417

Manufacturer: Fuzhou Minhai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Indications: This product is suitable for active gastric ulcers (gastric and Zw?lffectal ulcers),Reflux?sophagitis and Zoe syndrome.

Medication Instructions:Pantoprazole capsules,1 capsule each timeOnce a day.

Advantages and disadvantages of drugs:
Pantoprazole Sodium Enteric Coated Capsule is a slow release drug.He can slowly dissolve?sen, after it has dissolved in the intestine?st has.It has the characteristics of a continuous action.This medicine can inhibit the functioning of the cell wall of the stomach lining.It is especially important the secretion of stomach?to reduce ure in the cell wall.After the stomach?ure is reduced,The irritation of the gastric mucosa is reduced,The burn decreases.

Dosing cycle:1-2 weeks

Side effects:There are no obvious adverse side effects.

Precautionary measuretook:
After taking this medicine k?You can no longer eat acidic foods.This increasesht irritation of the gastric mucosa,Causes acid reflux symptoms to worsen.Avoid spicy food,This kind of food is very irritating to the throat,It is also more irritating to the gastrointestinal tract,Can the original symptoms be?rken,It can also worsen the inflammatory response.Should try as easy as m?was like digesting food,There are no foods that are irritating to the gastrointestinal tract.

Effect of drugs:
After 1-w?taking the drug S?ure reflux symptoms are reduced,I’ve been taking it for 2 weeksS?urereflux and heartburn symptoms are much betterAnd the chest pain no longerThere is no burning sensation.

Warm Reminder: The above medication experience was originally created by internet users.for reference only,Reproduction prohibited without permission,T?ter need to be investigated

Guidelines for Primrdieingnose and treatment of chronic gastritis (2019)

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I. overview

(1) definition

Chronic Gastritis is Chronic Inflammation or Atrophic L?sion of the gastric mucosa, which is caused by various causes.The essence is that the epithelium of the gastric mucosa is repeatedly damagedis digt, to destroy the mucous membranechange.CloseLich lead to an irreversible atrophy of the correct gastric glands,Even disappear.The disease is easy to repeatImpairedaffect the quality of life?t of patients to varying degrees?e.

(2) epidemiology

Chronic gastritis is the h?most common disease in prim?ren gastroenterological clinics.Most patients with chronic gastritis lack clinical manifestations.Hence the exact pr?valence difficult to determine in natural populations.The incidence of chronic gastritis is different in L?Change and regions very different.Its incidence h?is related to Helicobacter pylori (Helicobacter pylori,Hp) The epidemiology of the infection overlaps,And it increases with age.

(3) classification

The classification of chronic gastritis is not yet uniform.The International Classification of Diseases-11 (ICD-11) emphasizes the?tiological classification of gastritis.However, since the main risk of chronic gastritis is cancer,The risk of gastric cancer varies with the extent and severity of the gastric mucosal atrophy.Hence, histological classification and endoscopic classification of gastritis are still required.

1.Classification based on?tiology:

HP infection is the leading cause of chronic gastritis,Chronic gastritis can be divided into HP gastritis and non-HP gastritis.The classification of?Tiology is helpful in the treatment of chronic gastritis.

2.Classification based on endoscopy and pathological diagnosis:

Divided into two categories: atrophic and non-atrophic.

3.Classification based on the distribution of gastritis:

It is divided into three categories: antral-based gastritis, Stomach k?rper-based gastritis and pangastritis.Main gastritis, especially in patients with gastric mucosal atrophy,The risk of stomach cancer is increasedht, the stomach?urinary secretion is increased in patients with gastric antrumht.The risk, to suffer from stomach ulcers, increases.

4thththth.Classification of special types of gastritis:

IncludingLich chemical, more radioactive, lymphatic, granulomat?ser, eosinophils and other infectious diseases.

2. ?tiology and pathogenesis

(1) causit, Incentives or risk factors

1.HP infection:

Is the main cause of chronic gastritis,Almost all patients with HP infection have active inflammation of the gastric lining.Long-term infection can lead to atrophy of the gastric mucosa and intestinal metaplasia in some patients.Even dysplasia and stomach cancer.

2.Ern?management and environmental factors:

Too cold too hotes, rough, irritating food and other bad eating habits k?nnen too Sch?which lead to the stomach lining.Epidemiological studies show that a high salt content in the dietNutrition and the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables are closely related to atrophy of the gastric mucosa, an intestinal metaplasia and stomach cancer.

3.self immune:

Autoimmune gastritis is a chronic atrophic gastritis, caused by autoimmune mechanisms.The patient produces autoantics?against various components of the stomach tissue.In Northern Europe h?more often,There are few reports in our countryIt can be caused by other autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease, Type 1 diabetes, Vitiligo, Hair loss, Psoriasis etc. be accompanied.

4.other factors:

Bile reflux, Platelet aggregation inhibitors, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and other external factors, Alcohol and other external factors are also relatively h?common causes of chronic gastritis.Gastritis due to other infectious?se, eosinophils, lymphocytic, granulomat?This gastritis and other autoimmune diseases are relatively rare.

(2) pathogenesis

1.HP infection:

HP has flagella,Can get to the stomach lining through the mucous layer in the stomach,Release urease, to decompose urea and generate ammonia gas, to maintain a neutral environment around bacteria.Hp causes Zellsch?caused by ammonia production and secretion of vacuolar toxin A (VacA), Cytotoxin-related genes (cagA) Protein can cause a strong inflammatory reaction, its bacterial cell wall can also be used as an anrun, to induce an immune response.These factors k?Can lead to chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

2.Zw?lffectum-gastric reflux:

Is it related to abnormal gastrointestinal motilit?t, Liver and biliary tract diseases and obstruction of the distal digestive tract which is caused by various reasons.Long-term reflux can weaken the barrier function of the gastric mucosa.chen.

3.Drugs and Poisons:

Taking NSAIDs / aspirin,It can damage the stomach lining.digen, by directly damaging the stomach liningdigt or inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins.This leads to chronic gastritis and even gastrointestinal bleeding.Alcohol consumption can cause gastric mucosa?causeEven erosion and bleeding of the stomach lining.The combined effects of alcohol and NSAIDs lead to a st?poor girldigestion of the gastric mucosa.

4.self immune:

The K?rper produces autoantik?against various components of the stomach tissue, such as B. Antique?body against the intrinsic factor (which cause vitamin B)12thththMalabsorption),Anti-parietal cell antique?rper (destroy?ren parietal cells, the stomach?secrete ure),Do you cause Sch?the one at the relevant organization or function?struggles.

5.Age and eating environment:

The mucous membrane?older people can degenerative ver?show changes.Reduce the repair and regeneration function of the gastric mucosa.Abnormal epithelial proliferation and atrophy of the gastric glands.High salt content and lack of fresh vegetables and fruits in the dietleadership,Excessive nitrate and nitrite in water and soil and an imbalance in the proportion of trace elementsltns h?are also related to gastric mucosal atrophy and intestinal metaplasia.

3. Diagnosis, Differential diagnosis and referral

(1) diagnosis

Gastroscopy and histopathological biopsy examination are the main methods for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of chronic gastritis.

1.Clinical manifestations:

Chronic gastritis has no specific clinical manifestations,Most have no obvious symptomsThe symptoms ?u?ern mainly?in digestive tractsuch as pain in the upper abdomen, Bl?tensions in the abdomen, early S?feeling of activity, Belchingen etc.Some are also affected by mental and psychological symptoms like anxiety?and depression.Psychological factors aggravate h?Often the clinical symptoms of patients.The severity of the symptoms is not entirely correct?in good agreement with endoscopic findings and histopathological grades.With autoimmune gastritis k?Typical clinical symptoms cannot appear for a long time.At?Mia and vitamin B are often the first symptoms12Deficiency is the main cause?neurological symptoms.


Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy is the primary method for diagnosing chronic gastritis.It is of greatem worth, assess the severity of chronic gastritis and rule out other diseases?en.Sickusers with diseases k?Can do an endoscopy for newly diagnosed patients.To understand the stomach lining,And excludes tumors and other diseases?en.

As the most basic L?sions of chronic gastritis inflammatory reactions (congestion, Exudation) or atrophy,that’s why,It makes sense, Divide chronic gastritis into chronic non-atrophic gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis.It is also f?essential for the unit of pathological diagnosis.Chronic non-atrophic gastritis can under endoscopy mucosal r?services, Cause roughness or bleeding.It can to?demen, Congestion, Exudations, etc. come. Chronic atrophic gastritis manifests itself endoscopically as red and whitee mucous membrano.Whitee phase is the main thingThe folds are flattened the blood vessels are transparent, accompanied by granules or knots?tchen.

A magnification endoscopy in combination with a pigment f?or an electronic f?Coloring can clearly show the microstructure of the stomach lining.Can guide the biopsy siteIt has a reference value for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of gastritis and the early detection of intraepithelial neoplasias and intestinal metaplasias.Chronic atrophic gastritis under magnification endoscopy has characteristic abnormalitieschanges toIt is manifested in an enlargement of the pit of the stomach and a sp?local distribution.

3.Histopathological examination:

It is important to diagnose chronic gastritisThe biopsy should be performed depending on the condition and need.2 ~ 3 yuan k?can be taken in clinical practice,Biopsy in the antrum, Horn and stomach k?rper, scientific research should relate to the new Sydney standard,Take 2 pieces each in the antrum and the stomach,1 piece of gastric horn, add?additional biopsy at verd?chtige L?sions.The observation of pathological sections should use the “visual simulation evaluation method”.The content of the observation includes 5 histological reports.changes and 4 degrees,5 histological ver?changes, n?probably HP infection, chronic inflammation (infiltration of lymphocytes, Plasma cells and monocytes), Activity?t (neutrophil infiltration), Atrophy (reduction of the right glands) and intestinal metaplasia; 4 grades There are 4 grades (0,,,) from none, light, medium and difficult.?doctors k?can combine pathological results and endoscopic findings, about the extent? and the extent? from L?to judge sions.

Chronic gastritis is an operational context for the assessment of gastritis (operational context for the assessment of gastritis,OLGA) / operative link to assess gastrointestinal metaplasia (operative link to assess gastrointestinal metaplasia,The OLGIM) system is the classification and staging standard for the degree and extent of the inflammatory reaction of the gastric mucosa and the atrophy / intestinal metaplasia.It is based on a semi-quantitative assessment method for the degree of inflammation and atrophy / intestinal metaplasia by the New Sydney System of Gastritis.The gastritis stages are used to show the extent and degree of atrophy of the gastric mucosa.Linking the histopathology of chronic gastritis with cancer risk,Offer ?Doctors provide more intuitive information, to predict the progression of the disease and measuretook to formulate disease management.See table 1 and table 2.

Table 1 Chronic gastritis operable gastritis assessment (OLGA) staging associated with gastric cancer risk 

Atrophy of the antrum (includingat the angle of the stomach)

Gastric atrophy


Light (1Minute)

Moderate (2Minute)

Strong (3Minute)






Light (1Minute)





Moderate (2Minute)





Strong (3Minute)





Table 2 Operable intestinal metaplasia assessment (OLGIM), which is linked to the risk of gastric cancer for chronic gastritis

Intestinal metaplasia of the gastric antrum (includinglich gastric horn)

Intestinal metaplasia


Light (1Minute)

Moderate (2Minute)

Strong (3Minute)






Light (1Minute)





Moderate (2Minute)





Strong (3Minute)





4.Laboratory inspection:

(1) HP detection:

HP infection is the number one cause of chronic gastritis.Routine testing is recommended for patients with chronic gastritis.H?Commonly used HP detection methods are divided into invasive and non-invasive methods.Invasive methods require that gastric mucosal samples are taken for testing through a gastroscope.It mainly includesa rapid urease test, a Gef?Colored microscopic examination of gastric mucosal tissue sections and a bacterial culture.Non-invasive method using13ththC or14ththC-urea breath test (HP urea breath test,HP-UBT) is the first choiceIs the best way to evaluate the results after eradication treatment,Has been widely usedThe interference of antibacterial drugs, Bismuth means and s?However, suppressive drugs should be avoided. Alternatively, the monoclonal stool antigen test can be used. The serological test is only used in special cases.llen used.Like epidemiological investigation, Bleeding ulcer, Gastric mucosa-associated lymphoma of the lymphoid tissue (MALT), severe atrophy of the gastric mucosa.

(2) pepsinogen (pepsinogen, PG) Ⅰ, Ⅱ and gastrin-17 (gastrin-17,E-17) Detection:

Contribution to the diagnosis of chronic atrophic gastritis.PGⅠ is the template?shore of pepsin,PGⅡ is excreted by the main cells and mucous cells of the fundic glands, PGⅡ is excreted by the fundic glands.The pyloric glands in the gastric antrum and the Brunner glands in the proximal diaphragmlffectum k?can also be secreted.When it shrinksSerum PGⅠ and PGⅡ levels decreased,The PGI decreased more significantly,The behavior?The ratio of PGⅠ / PGⅡ decreases accordingly.Gastrin-17 is secreted by G cells in the antrum of the stomach.Its secretion is mainlydue to the pH value in the stomach, affects G-cell counts and food.PGⅠ, PGⅠ / PGⅡ ratioltnis is decreasing,He?high serum G-17 levels,It suggests that the stomach mainly?is stunted if the behavior?ltnis of PGⅠ and PGⅠ / PGⅡ is normal,Serum G-17 levels drop,Request, that the atrophy of the gastric antrum is the main cause, for total gastric atrophy Both PG and G-17 decreased.Therefore, determining PG and G-17 helps determine the extent and degree of atrophy of the gastric mucosa.

(3) Serum Anti-Parietal Cell Antique?rper, intrinsic factor antiquity?rper and vitamin B.12Level determination:

Helps diagnose autoimmune gastritis.The most sensitive serum biomarkers are antiparietal cell antiquity?rper.A positive antiparietal antique?However, rper is not a specific indicator of autoimmune gastritis.It can also occur with other autoimmune diseases.

(2) differential diagnosis

In patients with chronic gastritis k?can digestive tractscomplaints such as discomfort in the upper abdomen, Pain, acid reflux and bl?problems occur.It must be from stomach ulcer, Stomach cancer, chronic cholecystitis, Gallstones, Liver and pancreatic diseases can be distinguished.Gastric ulcer often manifests as pain in the upper abdomen,It has periodic and rhythmic properties,Often accompanied by acid reflux, early stomach cancer often has no obvious symptoms,In the advanced stage k?nnen pain in the upper abdomen, Vomiting and melena occur.Vomiting blood yourself; Patients with gallbladder stones have h? After meals and at night?Frequent pain in the upper right abdomen.Include the backWas paroxysmal.

Gastroscopy, hepatobili?rer and pancreatic ultrasound, abdominal CT or magnetic resonance, biochemical blood test, Tumor markers, etc. k?Can help with diagnosis and identification.For alarm symptoms such as anorexia, Weight loss, At?mie, H?matemesis or melena, Jaundice etc.Especially those the ?are older than 45 years, who have had symptoms recently or have worsened should carry out the above examinations in a timely manner.

(Three) complications

1.Upper gastrointestinal bleeding:

Black stools may occur when chronic gastritis is accompanied by erosion of the gastric mucosa.Even vomit blood.

2.Stomach cancer:

Chronic gastritis,Especially those with persistent HP infection,Some k?can you?ugly atrophy, Intestinal metaplasia, Dysplasia,There is some risk of stomach cancer.Atrophic gastritis, which is dominated by the stomach,Especially the heavy onesThe risk of stomach cancer is significantly higherht.Cohort studies show that the j?annual cancer rate in chronic atrophic gastritis 0 re?gt.1%.

3.Gastric ulcer:

Gastritis dominated by antrum,Often have h?here amounts of stomach?urinary secretion,Beginningllig for Zw?lffectal ulcers, gastritis dominated by the stomach,Decreased barrier function of the gastric mucosa,The M?The likelihood of gastric ulcer increases.

(4) diagnostic process

Patients with chronic gastritis have h?Often no clinical symptoms.Symptoms and lack of specificity?t,It is therefore difficult diagnose through clinical manifestations.The diagnosis must be based on gastroscopy and pathological examination of the gastric mucosa.The latter in particular are more valuable.Endoscopic diagnosis of specific types of gastritis requires a combination of?tiology and pathology.The diagnostic process is shown in Figure 1.

illustration 1 The diagnostic process of chronic gastritis in prim?medical and healthcare facilities

(5) Condition assessment

Chronic gastritis patients should their?tiology and types, their histopathological diagnosis, their psychological and sleeping conditions?nd etc. evaluate.Support in the development of individual treatment and aftercare plans?ne.

(6) Referral recommendations

1.General transfer:

(1) poor response to empirical treatment,Patients whose symptoms have not improved significantly.

(2) patients, exclude symptoms of dyspepsiamust which through organic, systemic or metabolic diseases.

(3) Those who are undergoing endoscopic minimally invasive treatment or surgical treatment?run.

2.Emergency transfer:

Those, the red flags like anorexia, Weight loss, At?mie, H?have matemesis or melena.

Fourth, treatment

The aim of treatment is eliminate the cause, relieve symptoms, improve the histology of the gastric mucosa, the quality of life?t improve and prevent recurrence and complications.

(1) lifestyle intervention

?Eating changes and lifestyle adjustments are an important part of treating chronic gastritis.Advise patients easy to eat,Avoid irritating, rough foods,Avoid excessive coffee, heavy drinking and long-term smoking.For patients the anti-platelet agents, NSAIDs,Whether the drug should be discontinued should the benefits and risks weigh?gene.W?choose as needed.

(2) Drug treatment:

The individual treatment should be according to the?tiology, the type and clinical manifestations of the patient.He?Do you have the mucous membrane defense?skills,The F?The basis of treatment is to change the healing of the injured mucous membrane.

1.Cause Treatment:

(1) HP-positive chronic gastritis:

Eradicating HP is beneficial for gastric mucosal repair.Significant improvement in the inflammatory response of the gastric mucosa,Prevent or delay?like the occurrence and development of gastric atrophy and intestinal metaplasia.It can even partially reverse the shrinkage.The currently recommended eradication treatment is the bismuth quadruple regimen: proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and bismuth, two antibacterial drugs.must be aware ofThe resistance rate of Hp to clarithromycin, Metronidazole and levofloxacin (includingthe resistance rate to several drugs) is high.The rate of resistance to amoxicillin, Tetracycline and furazolidone is still very low.Most areas in China are areas of high antibiotic resistance.The recommended course of treatment for empirical bismuth quadruple therapy is> 14 days.Unless, local examinations best?run, that the 10-t?good treatment is effective (eradication rate)>90%).

(2) Chronic gastritis with biliary reflux:

An inadmissibility?possibility of the pyloric sphincter leads to that the bile flows back into the stomach?t.Blackcrush or crush?Renew the barrier function of the gastric mucosa.Treatment may use prokinetic drugs and / or gastric protectants, the gallens?bind ure.Prokinetic drugs such as domperidone (10 mg / time, 3 times / day),Mosapride (5 mg / time, 3 times / day) etc.; Hydrotalcite (1 g / time, 3 ~ 4 times / day) can bile?bind ure,St?strengthening of the gastric mucosal barrier,Do you reduce or eliminate gastric mucosa?the, caused by reflux of bile.Ursodeoxychols?ure can other bile?reduce ure in the bile,Do you relieve the toxicity?t from Gallens?urs for cells,Protect the stomach lining.

(3) Drug-related chronic gastritis:

Do you evaluate to?chst, whether the patient can discontinue related drugs according to the treatment purpose of the patient’s use of the drug. In patients who take the medicine over al?need to take a longer period of time, HP testing should be done Those who who are positive should be exterminated,And understandDo you think the treatment is S?uresuppression and protection of the stomach lining depending on the condition or severity of symptoms.PPI is the drug of choice for the prevention and treatment of digestive injuries associated with NSAIDs.Better than H.2Receptor antagonist (H.2RA) and mucosal protectants.H?Commonly used PPIs are omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Pantoprazole, Esomeprazole, Rabeprazole, Ilaprazole and so on.Long-term use should be avoidedAnd watch out for the side effects of PPIs.

2.Symptomatic treatment:

Those, the main symptoms of which are burning in the abdomen or pain in the upper abdomen,PPI or H k?Can be selected depending on the condition or severity of symptoms?be held2RA, Antacids, Gastric mucosal protectants.The protective agent for the gastric mucosa has the function of the stomach?neutralize ure and protect the gastric mucosa.F?essential for the healing of mucosal injuries,Generally divided into exogenous (such as sucralfate, Hydrotalcite, etc.) and endogenous (such as teprenone, Rebamipid tablets, etc.).Among these, endogenous mucosal protectants have more extensive effects,Can the defense function of the mucous membrane be increased?hen,It is the basis for the treatment of chronic gastritis.

When abundance Belchingen, early S?feeling of activity, nausea etc. the main manifestations areAdvertising media such as Mosaprid and Itoprid k?selectedbe held.

Digestive enzymes k?Can be used for fullness of the middle upper abdomen and anorexia associated with food.Such as Aspergillus oryzae pancreatin tablets, compound azinamide gastro-resistant tablets, compound digestive enzymes and so on.The effects of digestive enzymes in combination with prokinetic drugs are more evident.

Patients with psychological and psychological factors such as anxiety?and depression, which are ineffective and poorly effective in conventional treatment, k?Can you use antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs?received.Clinically h?Commonly used drugs include tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as paroxetine.Should start with a small dose,Watch out for adverse drug reactions.Such drugs are slow to set in.Explainbe patient with the patient,Improve compliance.How anxiety and depression symptoms are more obviousPatients should be instructed See a mental health specialist.

3.Chinese Medicine and Other Treatments:

Traditional Chinese medicine has some effect in treating gastritis.But it needs to be treated based on the differentiation of the syndrome.PresentThere is a lack of high-quality clinical research results, and acupuncture treatment works to improve symptoms of chronic gastritis.Use warm moxibustion and moxibustion.It can reduce the symptoms of chronic gastritis patients with spleen and stomach deficiency and Erk?Effectively relieve respiratory syndrome.Suitable for home?doctors.

Fifth, disease management

(1) management process

The basic treatment process for patients with chronic gastritis is shown in Figure 2.

Note: Hp Helicobacter pylori; NSAIDs nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;aIncludingLich anorexia, Weight loss, At?mie, H?matemesis or melena

Figure 2 Prim?rer management process of patients with chronic gastritis

(2) screening

The symptoms of chronic gastritis are not specific,Few positive signsIt’s tough, it solely due to clinical manifestations of gastric ulcer, Stomach cancer, Liver-, Distinguish gallbladder and pancreatic diseases.Gastrointestinal endoscopy is required if you have recently had symptoms or signs such as progressive dyspepsia, Dysphagia, Weight loss, Melena, At?mie, Abdominal muscles, Jaundice, ?deme etc. occur.IncludingLich related laboratory tests or imaging tests,Are you looking for organic, systemic or metabolic diseases.初步 筛查 方法 包括 外周血 常规 、 尿 常规 、 粪便 常规 潜血 、 肝肾 功能 、 血糖 、 甲状腺 功能 、 ESR 、 CRP 、 肿瘤 标志 物 (CA199 、 CA125 、 CEA 、 AFP) 以及 腹部 超声 、 胃肠镜 检查 等.

(3) Follow-up examination

1.Comprehensive analysis of the anamnesis,Assessment of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the recurrence of symptoms and improvement in lifestyle; attention should be paid to new symptoms, not explained by the original diseasert can becan.And stubborn?chunky feetill treatment,Relate if necessary.

2.Assess the status of HP infection,For those, who have undergone eradication therapy13C or14The urea breath test assesses the success of the eradication.

3.Detection of serum PGⅠ, Ⅱ and G-17,The combination of anti-Hp-Antik?rpern can help to stratify the risk of stomach cancer.Identify people at high risk for gastroscopy.

4thIn patients with moderate or severe atrophy in the biopsy pathology, accompanied by moderate or severe intestinal metaplasia or intraepithelial neoplasia, should have regular gastroscopy, histopathological examination and follow-up care can be performed.It is widely believed that moderate to severe chronic atrophic gastritis has a certain cancer rate.Chronic atrophic gastritis, especially in the case of moderate to severe intestinal metaplasia or intraepithelial neoplasia; endoscopy, histopathological examination and follow-up should be performed regularly.To reduce the incidence of stomach cancer,Is it convenient for patients and meets the medical requirements?economy,Patients with chronic atrophic gastritis with moderate to severe atrophy on biopsy and intestinal metaplasia must once j?Must be checked regularly.Patients with chronic atrophic gastritis without intestinal metaplasia or intraepithelial neoplasia k?If necessary, they can be reexamined with endoscopy and pathology.Those, who have and demonstrate a low grade intraepithelial neoplasm that this sample is not from an adjacent cancer,Depending on the endoscopic and clinical conditions, the follow-up time is shortened to about 6 months. and a profound intraepithelial neoplasm must be immediately best?be done.Endoscopic or surgical treatment was best?carried out.

6th Pr?vention and health education

(1) Prim?rpr?vention

1.Health education in the general populationcarry out a resolution,To establish a good life and eating habits,Like avoiding overeating,Avoid spicy food,Do you eat less ger?grows, inserted, Food, which are rich in nitrite and nitrate,Avoid heavy drinking and smoking over the long term.Avoid strong tea, Coffee, Tobacco and alcohol.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

2.K?Maintain physical and mental health: To maintain a positive and optimistic state of mind,Habits,Get enough sleep. Anyone who takes anxiety / depressant medication should take the medication regularly as directed by the doctor.Stick to the follow-up.

3.HP is main?nally spread by mouth-to-mouth or feces-to-mouth contact in close contact with humans.Serving Essst?and the meal-sharing system should be compatible.be changed.Reduce the chance of getting infected with Hp.

(2) second?rpr?vention

For chronic atrophic gastritis, Intestinal metaplasia, Dysplasia,Individuals at risk of gastric cancer in first-degree relatives are included in the management.Follow up regularly.For patients with low folate levelsYou k?nnen fols?ure in a reasonable amountnzen,Improve the condition of chronic atrophic gastritis.People with HP infection should receive eradication treatment.Choosing the most effective eradication program and standard of care can help to increase the eradication rate of initial treatmenthen.For patients who are entitled to transfer,Contact a higher-level hospital in good time.

(3) Pr?vention on three levels

For patients with chronic gastritis,Guide to rational drug use,Control symptoms.Patients with chronic gastritis with HP infection,After the eradication treatment, follow the doctor’s advice.If the situation permits?sst, use drugs with caution, which the gastric mucosa sch?digen.For chronic gastritis with intraepithelial neoplasia or early-stage cancer who are undergoing endoscopic treatment?tigen,At the same time, regular follow-up examinations should be carried out according to the specific situation.Chronic gastritis with moderate or severe atrophy and intestinal metaplasia or intraepithelial neoplasia should be endoscoped regularly.

Seven, forecast

The forecast h?depends on the cause.After treatment, most patients have fewer symptoms,But repetitions are very h?often.Partial atrophic gastritis can improve or decrease.to be canceled intestinal metaplasia is usually difficult to resolveto make a slight dysplasia can go back?be made ng.Heavy F?lle k?However, they can easily lead to stomach cancer.

“Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment h?common diseases in medical and basic health care facilities “Project organization committee:

Chair:Rao Keqin (Chinese?medical association)

Vice Pres.sident:Yu Xiaosong (China Medical University’s First Affiliate Hospital), Zhu Chenzhu (Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University)

Committee member(In alphabetical order of last name): Chi Chunhua (Beijing University First Hospital?t), Du Xueping (Yuetan Community Health Service Center, Fuxing Hospital, Capital Medical University), Gong Tao (Beijing Hospital), Gu Yuan (Capital Medical University), He Zhong (Peking Union Medical College), Hu Dayi (Beijing University People’s Hospital?t), Jiang Sunfang (Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University?t), Jiang Yongmao (Chinese?medical association), Shi Rong (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Wang Shuang (First Member of China Medical University) Hospital), Wei Junmin (Journal of the Chinese Medical Association), Wu Hao (Fangzhuang Community Health Service Center, Fengtai District, Beijing), Zeng Xuejun (Peking Union Medical College Hospital), Zhou Yafu (Nanjing Medical University)

General Secretary?r:Liu Lan (Journal of the Chinese Medical Association), Hao Xiuyuan (Journal of the Chinese Medical Association)

Member of the Academic Steering Committee for the development of basic diagnostic and treatment guidelines for digestive disorders(In alphabetical order of surnames): Bai Wenyuan (Second Hospital of Medical University?t Hebei), Chen Dongfeng (Chongqing Daping Hospital), Chen Minhu (First Affiliate Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University?t), Chen Qikui (Sun Yat-sen-Ged?Sun Yat-sen University Medical Hospital?t), Chen Weichang (affiliated university?t Soochow); First Hospital), Fang Jingyuan (Renji Hospital, Medical Faculty?t the university?t Shanghai Jiaotong), Guo Xiaozhong (North Theater General Hospital), Li Jingnan (Peking Union Medical College Hospital), Li Peng (Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University), Li Yanqing (University?t Shandong) Qilu Hospital), Liu Yulan (People’s Hospital of the University?t Beijing), Lu Wei (Tianjin Second People’s Hospital), Lu Bin (Zhejiang University First Affiliate Hospital?t for traditional Chinese medicine), Lu Nonghua (Nanchang University First Affiliated Hospital?t), Qian Jiaming (Peking Union Medical College Hospital), Tang Chengwei (West China Hospital of Sichuan University?t), Tian Dean (Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University?t for science and technology), Tuo Biguang (Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College), Wang Jiangbin (Sino-Japanese Union Hospital of Jilin University?t), Wang Xingpeng (Shanghai Jot) First Affiliate People’s Hospital), Wu Kaichun (), Xie Weifen (Changzheng Second Military Hospital?medical universityt), Yang Yunsheng (Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital), Zhang Jun (Second Medical School Affiliate Hospital?t Xi’an Jiaotong University?t), Zhou Liya (No. 3 of Peking University?t) hospital); Zou Duowu (Ruijin Hospital of Medical Faculty?t of Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Expert group to develop guidelines for the prim?rdiagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system:

Team leader: Li Jingnan Zhou Yafu

Deputy Team Leader: Fang Lizheng Wu Dong

General Secretary?r: Wu Dong

Member of the Digestion Expert Group(In alphabetical order of surname): He Wenhua (University’s first affiliated hospital?t Nanchang), Ji Guozhong (Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical University?t Nanjing), Kou Yi (Liangxiang Teaching Hospital of Medical University?t Capital), Li Jingnan (Peking Union Medical College Hospital), Liang Xiao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Renji Hospital), Liu Yan (Fifth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital), Wang Hong (Guangzhou First Hospital), Wu Dong (Peking Union Medical College Hospital), Xia Lu (Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital), Xie Chuan (Nanchang University’s First Affiliate Hospital?t), Yu Yanbo (Shandong University Qilu Hospital?t), Zhu Yin (Nanchang University’s First Affiliate Hospital?t)

Member of the General Practice Expert Group(In alphabetical order of last names): Fang Lizheng (Run Run Run Shaw Hospital, Medical Faculty?t the university?t Zhejiang), Feng Mei (Shanxi Bethune Hospital), Liu Junxing (Fangzhuang Community Health Center, Fengtai District, Beijing), Wu Hao (Fang Fang, Fengtai District, Beijing) Zhuang Community Health Service Center), Xi Sen (Huairou City Community Health Center, Huairou District, Beijing), Yan Wenbing (Bianyuan City Central Health Center, Feicheng City, Shandong Province), Zhou Yafu (Medical University?t Nanjing), Zhu Lan (Xuhui District, Shanghai) Xietu Street Community Health Center)

Experts, who wrote this guide:Kou Yi Zhao Jing Reviewer:Lu Bin Li Jingnan

Edit this article:Liu Lan Bai Xuejia 

Can chronic erosive gastritis be cured?

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Su Dongxing
chief doctor
Nanning Second People’s Hospital

Good at:Diagnosis and treatment of liver and pancreatic diseases / in particular diagnosis and treatment of related diseases under digestive endoscopy.

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Hello,The symptoms of chronic erosive gastritis are main?pain in the upper abdomen, acid reflux, Heartburn and fullness of the upper abdomen.In severe F?llen k?nausea and vomiting occur,Even gastrointestinal bleeding like H?matemesis or melena occur,With the guidance of a doctor, the regular medication can be cured.It is recommended that you in time for gastroscopy in it?local regul?re going to hospital.Clear diagnosis,Combined drugs under the guidance of a doctor,Pay attention to the rest,relax,Small meals,Light and digestible foodsleadership.

2019-09-08 22:32


Li Jie
Head nurse
Affiliated with Yifu Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

Good at:Obstetrics and gyn?ecological diseases,Oncological surgery

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Hello,According to your description.Erosive gastritis can usually be cured, as long as she actively cooperates with the treatment.But if you’re not carefulIt is very likely that it turns into chronic atrophic gastritis.Cause serious consequences.Due to the insignificant therapeutic effect of drugs on erosive gastritis, therefore, for the treatment of erosive gastritis, a di?tetic conditioning recommended.It may be based on the differentiation of the TCM syndrome,Combination of Chinese and Western medicine.

2018-02-11 10:22


Qin He
Deputy chief physician
Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

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Erosive gastritis is a chronic disease,And easy to recur.Chronic erosive gastritis should be treated early,In order not to develop into stomach cancer,Especially in patients with gastritis and Helicobacter pylori infection.Consider oral administration such as rabeprazole, Compound bismuth aluminate,The side effects of taking medication hurt H?Often liver and stomach.Usually k?Can you drink clove amomum tea, to aid the treatment.Can stomach?to improveInhibition of Helicobacter pylori infection, etc.Drink regularly, to prevent the recurrence and occurrence of gastritis and cancer.It is recommended that you quit smoking and alcohol?ren, to nourish your stomachlisten.Because smoke heals the inflamed surfaceche influences,At the same time, alcohol can also cause inflammation.

2018-07-13 23:27


Cheng Zhenghua
Chongqing Great Wall Hospital

Good at:Surgical disease

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Chronic erosive gastritis,Also known as verruk?se gastritis or acne gastritis,In general, symptoms such as abundance, Pantothens?ure, Belchingen, irregular abdominal pain and indigestiononly got up after meals.
Usually the Di?t easier,Pay attention to the rules of lifeThe condition is greatly improved.,

2014-05-13 17:27


Jingfukang Pharmaceutical

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Erosive gastritis can be treatedCan it be healed h?however depends on the degree of erosion and whether it is to b?kind of ver?changes is coming.You must know, whether there is a Helicobacter pylori infection.When Helicobacter pylori treatment needs to be eliminated.

2017-10-26 16:23


Can I take etocoxib tablets if I suffer from gastritis?


Can I take etocoxib tablets if I suffer from gastritis?


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twenty four

2015-08-06 10:16:01
Can I take Etocoxib tablets if I suffer from gastritis?.Can I take Etocoxib tablets if I suffer from gastritis?

I have to ask questions

  • Smelly tongue,There are several times t?was superficialcommon gastritis and chronic colitis.
  • Sleep at nightIt feels especially good in words.
  • Surfacecommon gastritis.In addition to bitterness and S?ure.Burp.
  • Hello.I get a bitter gulp of saliva in my mouth every morning.
  • Gastroscopy showed superficialnormal gastritis with erosion,I have a stomach ache these days.
  • A feeling of inflation in the stomachTightening and back pain,Go to the doctor.


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Because I can’t give adviceThe advice?ge and physician drug recommendations are for reference only

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Wei Shujuan

Title: attending physician

Kaifeng Central Hospital
Internal Medicine

Expertise: h?common diseases of gastroenterology, acute gastroenteritis, Gastrointestinal ulcer, Digestion.

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  Helped users: 6

Case analysis: it is best to not to eatIn order not to cause stomach pain, Suggestionge: there is gastritis,You k?can eat some white granules,You k?You can also eat some domperidone.

2015-08-06 10:26:38

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Zeng Renren

Title: Doctor

The first affiliate hospital of Liaoning Medical College


Expertise: gastrointestinal diseases, Gastrointestinal bleeding Constipation, Stomach ulcer, acute stomach.

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  Helped Users: 17688

Case analysis:It is better, not to eatSo as not to cause stomach pain
Suggestionge:Do you have gastritis,You k?can eat some white granules,You k?You can also eat some domperidone.

2015-08-06 10:26:38

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askSmelly tongue,There are surfacecheek gastritis, chronic colitis and getting several times t?resembled bowel movements.

Yang Guizhi

Title: Chief Physician

专长 : 心力衰竭,动脉 粥 样 硬化,病毒 性 心肌炎,非 ST 段 抬高 心肌 梗死,冠状动脉 痉挛,心内膜炎,糖尿病 心脏病,高血压,心律失常,心绞痛

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指导 意见 :口臭 病 的 根本 原因 是 因为 机体 免疫力 降低,造成 内脏 功能 失调,治疗 上 就是 疏肝 理 气 、 调 肠 营 胃 、 养阴 凉血,使 人体 内分泌 平衡,全面 清除 人 体内 聚积 的 毒素,从而 达到 增加 机体 免疫,全方位 的 调节 人体 脏腑 经络,调节 内分泌 、 滋阴 降火 、 清热 解毒。如果 没有 效果 的 话,bod 那 还是 建议 采用 中医 要 来 整体 调理 一下。注意 口腔 卫生 ; 菊花 、 银花 等 清热 的 药物 经常 泡水 喝

2014-01-23 11:12:57

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ask晚上 睡觉 肚子 里 ,感觉 特别 是 心口 嘴 的 地方 好多 的 气体 都.


职称 : 医学 会员

专长 : 肺炎 球菌 肺炎,肺 水肿,肺炎,感冒,哮喘,慢性 支气管炎,?older emphysema,Acute tracheobronchitis,Gastrointestinal diseaseltung,Wheezing bronchitis

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Problem analysis:Chronic superficialcheek gastritis,Can be used as Bl?manifest hungerBurp,Acid reflux,Digestive reactions such as chest tightness.The physiological period of breast hyperplasia will increase,If the hyperplasia is mild,No bigthere problemA regular gyn?ecological examination is sufficient.
Suggestionge:It is recommended a spicy and stimulating meal at normal timesto avoid leadership.Massage or compress the abdomen before going to bed, to support gastrointestinal emptying and the bl?to reduce hunger.Suitable S?urehemmer combined with oral treatment with domperidone.

2015-01-21 09:37:21

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askSurfacecommon gastritis.In addition to bitterness and S?ure.Burp.

Wang Zhulei

Title: Doctoral Member

Expertise: skin allergies

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Problem analysis:Hello,According to the analysis of your condition, it is recommended that Taking omeprazole and Livzon Dele for one month.You k?can cure your gastritis.In Erg?nzung,You should pay more attention to this in normal times I suggest They eat more millet gruel and raw peanuts,Eat more fruits and vegetables,Eat less spicy food,Eat less sweet?ities,And train properly
Suggestionge:Go out, to relax moreReduce stress and worry in all aspects,All of this is helpful for your improvement.
I hope my answer is helpful to you,I wish you good health.

2014-11-03 21:29:39

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askHello.Every morning I get a sip of bitter saliva in my mouth which is a bit sticky.

Zhang Jiyang

Title: Doctor

Expertise: h?Common internal medicine diseases

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Problem analysis:In this case,It may be due to the above manifestations, caused by biliary reflux?sophagitis.In this case,It can be caused by backflow of bile into your mouth.
Suggestionge:The situation, that you said still has the benefits of pharyngitis,But according to the results of the inspection,It has that bige problem not explainedrt,In this case,You k?nnen domperidon, Longdan Xiegan pills etc. take for treatment,Look at the situation.

2014-11-07 03:17:44

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askGastroscopy showed superficialnormal gastritis with erosion,Stomach and abdominal pain these days,Exploded.

You Zhou

Title: attending physician

Expertise: An?mie,Leuk?mie,Lymphoma,Diagnosis and Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

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Problem analysis:Hello,According to your description k?can it be symptoms through the surfacecause gastritis.
Suggestionge:It is recommended Omeprazole, Amoxicillin, Metronidazole, Bismuth pectin, Use sucralfate and other medicines for treatment.Are you holding a light di?t,Stop?to smoke and drink.

2015-02-17 00:01:51

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A feeling of inflation in the stomachTightening and back pain,Go to the hospital to look and say yes.

Guo Xun

Title: attending physician

Expertise: Acute gastroenteritis,Acute gastritis,Gastrointestinal infections,Duodenitis,Pyloric obstruction,Ulcerative colitis,Viral diarrhea,Intestinal diseases,Stomach ulcer,Helicobacter pylori infection

向 我 提问
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Problem analysis:Hello, according to your description, consider chronic gastritis,Now if you have a crooked mouth k?Can’t you call your eyes?open, to rule out a cerebral infarction or facial neuritis?en.
Suggestionge:It is recommended go to the neurology department.If necessary, perform a CT scan, to rule out a cerebral infarction?en.Only when the diagnosis is clear targeted treatment can be used.

2015-06-07 11:47:11

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Can i eat chinese medicine if I have a burning sensation in my stomach after taking Chinese medicine?

The doctor recommends:This is a side effect of Chinese medicine,It is recommended to stop drinking Chinese medicine.At the same time light di?t,Avoid sharp stimulation
Follow up:I have erosive gastritis.Go to a doctor at a private doctor’s office in the morning After bringing me spicy food and eating it, did it feel hot? and painful at.Sp?ter he prescribed Xisifu Chinese Kr?utemedicine,I still have to eat
The doctor replied:Do not take Chinese medicineErosive gastritis requires oral omeprazole, around S?to suppress ure and protect the stomach
Follow up:What kind of drug is S?uresuppression?Ask for advice
The doctor replied:Omeprazole
Follow up:I took omeprazoleBut no effect
The doctor replied:Stomach diseases should l?be taken for less than 1 month
Follow up:Served in two months
Follow up:I’m sick,Vomiting heavily.I’m hungry for foodHungry after eating.
The doctor replied:Did the Helicobacter pylori experiment do?
Follow up:Done
The doctor replied:How woody
Follow up:Used to haveThere was no inspection after taking antibiotics for a month
The doctor replied:For checking,Helicobacter pylori is not eliminated,The stomach will not be good
Follow up:Helicobacter pylori is the one for the breath test,Helicobacter pylori can cause a lotIllness?
The doctor replied:Is a breath test
Follow up:At that time the doctor said it was a bacterial infection in the stomach.
Follow up:Erosive gastritis,Can it be cured by taking medication?
The doctor replied:Okay
Follow up:What medicine does it work with?
Follow up:Is there an advanced physical therapy now?
The doctor replied:It’s pointlessCan only take medication
Follow up:Physiotherapy doesn’t have much effect or?
Follow up:Then know not me, what I should do.I’ve taken a lot of medication but no effect
Follow up:I have gort, that kidney function is not good,Taking medicine is useless.
Follow up:Is that correct
The doctor replied:Only take medication to controlWhen medical treatment fails?gt, surgery is required
The doctor replied:It won’t
Follow up:It is not so, that you all need medicationUse the kidney to filter?
The doctor replied:Liver or kidney metabolism
Follow up:Will the surgery be removed?Or so?
The doctor replied:Partial gastrectomy
Follow up:Oh
Follow up:It’s tough, recover from the resection.To do it is the H?lfte your lifeI won’t live for a couple of years
The doctor replied:You are benign
Follow up:If it’s not stomach cancerShouldn’t be cut out
The doctor replied:The huge ulcer needs an operation
Follow up:Mine hasn’t boiled yet.
The doctor replied:Yes
Follow up:Bige areas of erosion.The H?Half of them will be removed for surgery.
The doctor replied:Yes
Follow up:Aren’t you just waiting to die?How to digest after the H?lfte the stomach was removed?
The doctor replied:always with Tranquillity,Do not worry
Follow up:Sorry,I took a lot of medicine with no effect.How do you treat?The operation can be done?scary.
The doctor replied:Some patients recovered after a year.excessive use of medication.you don’t have to worry about itIs going to be alright
Follow up:My illness is very serious.
The doctor replied:check the gastroscope again
Follow up:K?Can Internet Drug Ads Be Eaten?
The doctor replied:Do not eat,Prescribing medication in the hospital,
Follow up:The gastroscope had only been done for half a month
The doctor replied:Do not do that,Submit the report, to see
Follow up:I have been prescribed medication in the hospital for more than half a month.Not much of an impact
The doctor replied:Not so fast,How can it l?be effective for less than 1 month?
Follow up: (For data protection reasons,The picture is not displayed)
Follow up: (For data protection reasons,The picture is not displayed)
Follow up: (For data protection reasons,The picture is not displayed)
The doctor replied:Not particularly serious
Follow up:The main core is vomiting.serious.There is also a meal that is hungry and a meal who is hungry.
Follow up:Which medicine is good in the long term?
The doctor replied:That’s okay,Rate it sp?ter,Thank you?n

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Do you often feel a burning sensation in the dining area after eating?hear and in the stomach

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Han Zhifeng Zaozhuang Mining Group Central Hospital   Attending physician

Good in: gastritis,Stomach ulcer,Zw?lffectal ulcer,Stomach cancer,Gastrointestinal bleedingReflux

Free question

Help for Internet users: 24830Praise: 7

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2019-10-15 13:03:27 I m?about to complain

      Hello,Close your situationt does not prevent gastritis.gastritis can cause abdominal pain, Bl?hunger Belchingen, decreased appetite, nausea, Vomiting, etc. cause.There may also be a feeling of fullness after a meal,It is recommended go to the hospital for further examination of the gastroscope, to be clear.When you think of gastritis k?You can take omeprazole or other medications for treatment.


Yang Caoyuan Leida City Health Center   doctor

Good at: Good at pneumonia,Pulmonary heart disease,Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,Chronic bronchitis,

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2019-10-15 12:56:25 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Hello,According to your description,Your situation should be caused by Liver qi stagnation.CloseDo not exclude other reasons.
      According to your description,It is recommended that you pay attention to rest,Regular work and rest,Drink more waterSpeed up the elimination,Light food,Avoid spicy food,Are you doing more outdoor activity?th,Keep a good mood,Avoid getting angry.You k?When taking Shugan Jianwei pills orally temporarily,Muxiang Shunqi pills,Note the Kaixiong Shunqi pill,It is always recommended To go to the hospital in time for dialectical treatment to the gastroenterology department of Chinese medicine.I wish you a fast recovery.

See more about Heartburn di?t. The doctor replied >>


Fan Guixing Jinan Puji Hospital   doctor

Good at: chronic pulmonary heart disease,Coronary heart desease,Hypertension,Gastritis

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2019-10-15 12:56:47 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Hello,According to the situation you described, an over?statement are available.I have symptoms of a sore throatShould a Reflux?sophagitis not excludeden.
      In this case, the first choice of examination should be ?sophagus gastroscope can be very clear.Do you look at the feeders?listen and the stomach.
      The above is the suggestion for the problem “I often feel a burning sensation in the riser?hear and in the stomach after eating.”hope it helps youI wish you good health!


Meng Jianrong Botou City Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine   Attending physician

Good at: subarachnoid hemorrhage,Trigeminal neuralgia,Coronary heart desease,Diabetes,Cerebral hemorrhage

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2019-10-15 12:57:26

      Condition analysis:
      Hello,How long have you had this symptom?Do you usually smoke and drink?Do you like to eat spicy, greasy and irritating food?
      Hello,Your current symptoms need to take care of rest,The Di?t is light and easy to digest,Drink more water to increase the metabolismrdern.Tobacco, Alcohol and spicy, fatty and stimulating foods,Go to the Internal Medicine Department, to take a closer look.


Li Jie attending physician

Good at: ?sophagitis, Gastritis, Stomach ulcer, Cholecystitis, etc.Chronic gastritis,Type II

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2019-10-15 12:57:58 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Hello: After your description, the main consideration is: there is inflammation of the stomach, Reflux?sophagitis, Reflux pharyngitis, etc.You k?Medicines such as Dianxiangshapingwei granules, Sucralfate, Take Jinquan gastritis capsules and Kouyanqing granules.Go to a normal hospital to check, whether this is necessary.
      I suggest: keep your mood calm,Outdoor activity?increase appropriately,Improve the k?physical fitness,Pay attention to the rest,Don’t stay up all nightSt?open your stomach to keep warmSmall and h?frequent meals,Reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract,Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and raw fiber foods,Avoid raw, cold, spicy and fatty foods.


Zhao Yuqiu Chaoyang County Second People’s Hospital   Head nurse

Good in: gastritis,Stomach ulcer,Chronic enteritis,?sophagitis.Treatment and care of other diseases

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2019-10-15 12:58:30

      Condition analysis:
      These symptoms,Consider it, that it is due to gastritis or reflux?sophagitis can be caused.It h?nings with an unreasonable diettogether.The throat can be connected to the stomach?nong.
      It is recommended Go to the hospital gastroenterological department and do a gastroscopy.After best?Make the diagnosis Then treat according to the doctor’s opinion.Light food,Eat digestible foodsDo not eat spicy, greasy, raw or cold dishes.


Zhang Xudong, doctor

Good at: Acute perforation of gastric ulcer,Gastroduodenal ulcer,Zw?lffectal ulcer

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2019-10-15 13:01:05 I m?about to complain

      Condition analysis:
      Hello,They mean, that you after h?Feel a burning sensation in your stomach after eating frequently.And there is a foreign k?sensation in the throat.
      After this, what you saidCombined with the symptoms you describe,I think, this situation should be gastritis and pharyngitis,I suggest, on Tues?t to pay attentionDo not eat hot or cold food,Go to the hospital to go to the department of gastroenterology and ear, nose and throat medicine.
      The above is the suggestion for the problem “I often feel a burning sensation in the riser?hear and in the stomach after eating.”hope it helps youI wish you good health!

What is the difference between gastritis and gastroenteritis?

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Wu Wei
Attending physician
Jiujiang City Third People’s Hospital

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Hello,According to your description m?Know the difference between gastritis and gastroenteritis.Simply put,The symptoms of gastritis are the main ones?in the stomach,The main symptoms are abdominal pain, Bl?hunger acid reflux, Heartburn etc.Can gastroscopy be best?be done.Gastroenteritis is generally caused by eating unclean food, which causes bacteria to grow in the gastrointestinal tract.Cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract,This causes symptoms of abdominal pain and diarrhea,A stool test can be the best diagnosis?run.

2018-06-04 21:44


Chu Qingyan
Deputy chief physician
Yantai Haiyang Rongjun Hospital

Good at:Good in pr?vention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular?renal and cerebrovascular?ren diseases and diabetes.He also has experience treating other diseases such as respiratory medicine and urology.

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Hello: gastritis usually manifests itself as stomach pain and discomfort,Symptoms such as nausea, Belchingen, acid reflux, Bl?hiccups and hiccups.In addition to gastroenteritis, clinical manifestations such as pain around the umbilical cord, irregular stool or diarrhea and increasedh low stool frequency H?often on.Gastroenteritis is divided into acute gastroenteritis and chronic gastroenteritis.Acute gastroenteritis h?sucks?with the consumption of cold or contaminated food.

2018-09-05 21:55


Yu Xin
Deputy chief physician
Southeast Community Health Service Center, Shunqing District, Nanchong City

Good at:The combination of Chinese and Western medicine treated h?ufige, h?Common and difficult diseases in internal medicine such as fever, To cough, Asthma, Pulmonaryhunger A headache, Dizziness, Palpitations, Insomnia, Stomach pain, Diarrhea, etc.

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Gastritis is mainly related to?for diseases, through the gastric mucosa?sions and cause stomach upset.Gastroenteritis,Usually refers to the subpyloric gastroduodenum of the stomach,Even the position of the colon.Both gastritis and gastroenteritis h?with poor earningstogether with bad habits.Usually by gastroscopy,Can make a clear diagnosisGastroenteritis also requires routine stool inspection,Usually the main thing is develop good eating habits.

2018-08-11 22:29


Wu Huazhong
Attending physician
Feidong County People’s Hospital, Hefei, Anhui

Good at:H?ufige p?diatric diseases occur h?often onAcute upper respiratory infection in childrenUnterern?guidance in children,Anorexia in children,Diarrhea in children,Rickets etc.

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Hello,Is gastritis the main one?a symptom of the digestive tract,In addition to gastroenteritis, there are both gastrointestinal and intestinal symptoms.Complaints such as diarrhea.

2016-08-09 00:25


Heartburn, acid reflux, Burning behind the breastbone,Treatment of gastro?sophageal reflux disease with Huayu Qingwei decoction in TCM

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Gastro?Sophageal Reflux Disease Is Related To Symptoms Or Tissue Sh?the, caused by the reflux of gastric or Zw?contents of the intestine in the feederbe caused by various causes;

Main?manifested as heartburn, acid reflux, post sternal burning pain, etc.His condition is complicated Lingering is hard to cure.

Traditional Chinese medicine is used to break the stagnation?and to cleanse the stomach (basic recipes: Bupleurum, Cyperus rotundus, Turmeric, red Paeoniae Rubra, Evodia, Coptis, chicken Gold, Yuanhu, Fructus aurantii, L?wenzahn, Amomum villosum, Baiji, Sichuan pepper, Jiao Sanxian, etc.),Refine honey into pills, 3 times t?resembled9 g each timeTake it after meals.

Chinese medicine believes that their pathogenesis is mainly?contains emotional internal injuries.Liver failure,Liver and stomach discord, Stagnation and heat endogenous;

Irregular eating,Gastric function testtion,Sch?dilation of the spleen and stomach: phlegm qi obstruction,Chronic illness and blood,Accumulate in stasis,Mucus, Qi, Stasis and heat mutually condense.Block gas,The Qi f?doesn’tPl?This disease developed suddenly.

Like “Su Wen · Zhizheng Da Lian”: “All vomiting S?ure,Violence?term bets,All goren to the heat. Overshoot everythingen,All goren to the fire “.

Most of these diseases believe that liver and stomach stagnation heat, Liver and stomach st?are the main symptoms of this disease.therefore,Calming the liver and regulating qi, the elimination of stagnation and the elimination of W?rms are one of the main treatments for this disease.

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Huayu Qingwei 

Main?consisting of bupleurum, Cyperus rotundus, Turmeric, red-whitehe peony, Evodia, Coptis, Composition of Gallus gallus, Yuanhu, Citrus aurantium, L?wenzahn, Amomum, Bletilla, Sichuan pepper, Jiao Sanxian and other medicines,Has the function calm the liver and regulate the qi, Inferring Depression and W?derive rme The effectiveness ofit has been clinically used to treat gastro?used for sophageal reflux diseases. 

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