How I Freed Myself From Heartburn

I went through my childhood with my share of digestion related problems which manifested themselves in different ways as stomach problems. The first issue I was diagnosed with was acid reflux which, at the time, was diagnosed as being regurgitation. The primary cause of the problem? As our physician put it, I ate too much spice, and I needed to tone it done if I were to fix the problem.

I have to admit that it was an uphill task for me to change my diet considering that the area in which I was growing up in, spicy food was a delicacy, and I couldn’t just stop eating. This assertion, however, would years later turn out to be completely irrational because I had everything in my power to stop eating what was making me sick.

As time went by, I developed more vivid symptoms of digestive problems. For instance, my acid reflux becomes regular, something that pushed me to seek medication. I put myself on a Prevacid dosage and even decided to engage the use of some proton pump inhibitors. However, my interventions only made it worse, and my complications flared on. My stomach problems would tone down after a few weeks and completely level down for a few months after which they would erupt again. My family decided to make their assessment of the situation and decided that I had a sensitive stomach.

The Low stomach acid theory

Going by what some professional health blogs say, backed up by scientific research, most digestion problems and the inherent conditions like acid reflux and heartburns are as a result of low stomach acid. A low level of acid in the stomach encourages the growth of bacteria that are detrimental to the well-being of the stomach. The problem kicks in when the food cannot be acted upon efficiently and as such might easily reflux in the throat. Moreover, the bacteria also releases some gasses that are responsible for the flatulence that comes with the reflux.

The uncomfortable nature of the condition pushed me to try out new interventions. I decided to take doses of Apple Cider Vinegar coupled with certain changes in my diet. I must say that it was the best decision I ever made because it’s like all my problems suddenly went away, the acid reflux was gone, and the heartburn faded. However, as much as the medicine has worked effectively for me over the years, I’m not still entirely sure whether it is the best solution to the other digestive problems like GERD.

The healing process

As much as the Apple Cider Vinegar was useful in initiating my healing process, the real changes occurred when I made some diet changes. The ACV was some “coolant” that didn’t solve the problem passé; rather it only made it easier to live with the problem. According to the Heartburn No More, by Jeff Martins, a long lasting cure for all the digestion problems can be derived from a particular diet that will ultimately obliterate the disease. After carefully reading the book, there are certain Issues that I can now consider long gone and done with. These are sinus and allergy Issues, Low energy levels and a dry and rough skin, all gone.

Jeff Martin’s Heartburn no more gives clear guidance on what is supposed to be done to initiate a curing process for the various digestive problems. It provides a holistic program comprised of five steps that seek to completely obliterate heartburns and acid reflux. The writer of the book had an experience with acid reflux and the intervention developed saw him triumph over the disease. Therefore, to prove its feasibility, I took it upon myself to test whether the program works as Jeff said.

Committing to the program

The program, which comes packaged in a 150page eBook requires determination and resilience to read through thoroughly. It’s holistic in nature such that one needs the previous information to make sense of the next information. As such, one cannot just decide to skip pages and read whatever interests them. To achieve the results that one desires, one has to commit to reading the book from cover to cover.

After completing the ebook, an individual must strive to put into practice whatever it is that they have learned from the information. Even if the ebook suggests an overhaul of the current lifestyle, you have to adhere to it for your benefit. Even though it requires much effort, it is important that the instructions are followed carefully.


Acid reflux occurs when the stomach acid or the ones in duodenum rises into the esophagus that then leads to a series of heartburns. It is highly discomforting as the burning sensation can be quite overbearing. It is a common problem all around the world, and people are implored to seek medical attention as soon as they see the signs. Acid reflux, most often, sets a precedence for the development of more severe complications like asthma, dental erosion, dysphagia, and regurgitation.

Final Heartburn No more review

Jeff Martin’s Heartburn No More is an effective guide to the eradication acid reflux. The Five Step program elucidated in the book is a natural solution to serious health problems and as such, has received several recommendations from professionals. The process has no known side effects and has been proven to be 100% efficient compared to a medicinal approach which usually has some side effects. It is seen in the cases where people are subject to drugs that have not been conclusively tested.

What we say

Heartburn No More has proven its worth and is worth the price tag that is slammed on it. At a cost of $40 only, one can expose themselves to an effective program that sets them on the path to a cure and subsequent recovery from the digestion conditions. Even if it might be able to devour completely conditions like heartburn, it significantly cuts down on its effects and exposes the conditions to medicinal; treatments that completely cures it. However, if you decide to buy the eBook, just make sure that you are adamant in following all the instructions because a miss step will result in a half-baked solution to your problem.

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